The Author

My Name is not Eowyn, I wish it was, but for this blog, my pen name is Eowyn.

Well, hello, I am a Traditional Latin Mass Catholic. That means I go to the Latin Mass instead of the English Mass.

I love writing stories. Mostly fantasy stories that take place in my flip side world. I have written a couple of Historical fiction, most of which need more research. I mostly write for fun, so that I can practice enough to be able to write a really good novel some day. I have finished the first draft of a ton of books, sixty-something last I checked, but none are up to publishing standards yet.

My Sky and Companions books are my longest series so far. I am currently on book eleven, I think.

My Adventures of a Pirate Series is the series I started writing four years ago, when I actually took a program called One Year Adventure Novel, to get better at writing. I am currently on book three. Unfortunately Ben is only a little closer to finding his family then he was in book one.

I am not a FAN of Frozen. In fact I really despise the story. I'm not a big Disney fan. But I did write a fanfiction sequel, called Burnt, for a friend. It was a lot of fun to write. It was mostly about Rowana (Hans' little sister) and Evan (Elsa and Ana's brother, who has Fire powers).

I'm not a big FAN of Superheroes either. But I enjoy writing about Justice Heroes (my version of Superheroes) who don't like to  be called Superheroes and aren't serious at all.

I love fantasy series like the "Ranger's Apprentice," so I write a lot about Rangers. The Ranger's Bow books aren't really based off of Ranger's Apprentice, but they still have a lot of main character Rangers in it.

I think the Ranger's Apprentice spinoff series Brotherband Chronicles is better then Ranger's Apprentice. Dragonbrothers Chronicles is my own version of Brotherband, written for my sister.

I love fairy tale retellings. I know, I'm weird. I have written several different Retellings. The Prince Charming Diaries are my favorite.

I am a fan of the villain turning out to not be the villain and it was someone else all along. Actually I did this the first time because in the Sword of Light, Emiline's father was the villain, but I decided there had to be some happy reunion at the end, so I turned her fiance into the villain and made the dad the victim of a plot.

I really like Pirates. I find the 18th Century the most interesting time period. They had such awesome ships, and cut use cutlass. Not to mention the hats. I love the hats.

We must not forget Lord of the Rings. I love Lord of the Rings. THis is not a Lord of the Rings painting, but I actually used a Turial and another elf action figure to draw then paint this couple. They are supposed to be Luthia and Dalin from my second longest series "Misgard."

I'm a FAN of Pride and Prejudice, so I have my Regancy Period three part book about Miss Isabella Dalton and Mr. Lawrence Shelby.

Everyone likes Narnia, right? I actually used the DVD case for Prince Caspian to draw this picture.

Farm Livin' is the Life for me! Keep Manhattan, just give me that Countryside! ~Green Acres Lyrics. Living in the country on a farm is awesome. Although I prefer watching someone else take care of the animals.



  1. The 18th century is me favorite time period too! With its ships, costumes, books, wars, pioneers, victorians, courtesies, and customs. Yes, yes, the 18th century was the best!!!

    Is there any way you can send me some of the other books you have written? Maybe by email?

    God bless ~A

    1. Ships, costumes, books, wars (if they happened before my time) pioneers and Victorians are awesome! So much fun stuff! :D

      Of course! I would love to send you more. I'll email the list of ones that I have finished/started and you can chose.

      Warning: It's a long list.