The Beast's Diary (1)

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Day One
Today begins my punishment for insulting a fairy. I mean seriously, I was quite a handsome fellow before the curse. You would think the old hag would have been too blinded by my awesomeness to do such a thing. I am very displeased. Besides it is hard to write with paws instead of my handsome smooth and charming hands.

Day Two
Can you believe this, I am so handsome that everyone is blinded by my gorgeousness. But it's all gone, hidden under the disgusting shape of a monstrous beast. I am very, very displeased with the fairy. I have also decreed that she shall never set foot on my land again under pain of death. I have made a list of all the drawbacks of this curse
  1. It hides my handsomeness.
  2. It is very hard to write.
  3. I will die in a hundred days, when the last petal drops, unless some maiden agrees to marry me.
  4. I cannot wear all my gorgeous clothes.
  5. The servants keep spilling things on me. Clumsy fools.
  6. It is very annoying to have a dogs for foot men, and cats for servants.
  7. I cannot go anywhere. I just know I am missing out at a party.
  8. The rose flaunts itself in front of me! I mean seriously, a rose with a hundred petals. One which drops off everyday. I will be dead when the last one drops. All because a stupid maiden won't come and marry me. I think I am still handsome, in spite of my shape.

Day Three
I am extremely vexed. All the servants came running to me, yapping and meowing. They were all babbling about a stranger in the castle. I was all excited, excepting it to be a woman. It was only an ugly old man, who got lost in the forest. I would have thrown him out, but the servants wanted news of the outside world. Selfish creatures. I am determined not to speak to the peasant. Horrid creature.

Day Four
Can you believe what that swine of a peasant did? He stole a rose! He stole one off of my favorite bush. I told the servants I was going to kill him. When I charged at the man he fell down on his face screaming. He probably never saw anyone so handsome as me. But I managed to worm out of the excitable man, that he had three daughters. Also in exchange for sparing him, he would send one to me. Looks like I shall live to see myself the handsomest man in the universe again. Not that I ever stopped being that.

Day Five
The man has left for home. My steward bet my housekeeper ten gold coins that not one girl would show up at the castle door. I realized I have been tricked. I started sharpening my claws. I told my men, that if some girl does not show up at the castle in the next six days, we will hunt the man down, tare him to shreds and eat him raw. My steward turned green in the face. It that is even possible for a white wolf. My housekeeper laughed at him, which looked stupid since she is a cat. I am excited for this hunt.

Day Six
My steward and the rest of the pack have been taking turns scouting the roadside. They intend to watch for the girl. I have been trying on different cloaks, for style. Just in case she does show up. I must look my best. Not that she would turn me down anyway.
I cannot believe it! There is a girl sitting in a chair in front of my fireplace! In my sitting room. My men- or should I say- dogs? Wolves? Chased her here. She has really pretty curly hair and dark eyes. I do not think much of her dress, it is not stylish. I sent my housekeeper to bring her hot chocolate. The girl is very rude, she screamed when the housekeeper asked her if she was hungry. The grouchy cat dumped the hot chocolate on the floor and stamped out of the room. Some people do not know the meaning of manners. So I sent my steward in. The girl climbed up onto the mantel piece screaming for help. Then my housekeeper strutted back into the room and demanded the money. The steward growled, and the housekeeper scratched him in the face. The steward paid up. Then the girl asked if they were enchanted. She had pleasant musical voice. Then the steward told her she was enchanted not them. I must put aside my pen and dress myself up, so as to astonish and awe her. She will barely be able to stand for awe and love of my person. But I must say it has been a very satisfying evening. I just think it is a pity that I have to marry a peasant girl, instead of somebody rich and gorgeous.

Day Seven
Today, the housekeeper served the girl her breakfast. I put on my velvet cloak, which is lined with fur, then I swept into the breakfast parlor. I bowed gracefully. Not that she deserved a bow. I asked her how she was enjoying being a princess. She looked at me. Her eyes glazed over. Here it comes! I thought. She is literally going to beg me to marry her. Her head slumped forward into her porridge bowl. I was amazed. I had not expected her to be so carried away. The housekeeper wanted me to leave the room. I picked her up by the tail and tossed her out a window.
“Unfeeling monster!” I roared after her, “This poor girl, is obviously suffering from love at first sight.” I heard the steward laughing, an irritating, short growling barking sound. I threw the tea set at him. He went off howling. I then dumped cold lemonade over the girl's head. She sat up choking and spluttering. I took her hand in my handsome paws. Then nodded at the kitten orchestra, they stared playing their violins, which did not sound quite as good as when they had been people.
“Sweet Beauty, will thou marry me?” I asked in a soft voice. The girl screamed jerked away and jumped on the table. She actually yelled something about a monster who was trying to kill her. The nerve! I stomped out of the room. If she wanted to be rude, she would have to do without my company.

Day Eight
Woman! Humph! How can that insane woman have turned me down? I mean, I am so handsome... at least I was superbly handsome before a wicked fairy cast a spell on me. I am still handsome! Yet she turns me down!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is a false woman! I gave her a castle to live in! Gorgeous silk dresses! I feel like killing something! She better stay out of my way! I seriously feel like slitting her throat! She should be bowing down to me! Me the great, handsome and powerful!

Day Nine
I entered the breakfast room this morning. I was watching the girl warily. What is a fellow supposed to do with a girl who just refused him, but is still eating breakfast with him? I sat down at my end of the table. She stared me. She looked scared. Probably thinks I am going to kick her out of the castle. I ordered her to stop looking at me. Which was probably a bit harsh. Who can help looking at me? I am just too awesome! When she started eating, I started telling her all about my heroic feets in battle. My charming smile, how ladies always swooned when I looked at them, and so on. She no longer looked scared, but she had a peculiar look on her face. Perhaps she was awed at so perfect a man talking to her. Then she fell asleep. It must have been somewhere between two or three hours after I started talking. Clearly my voice is so soft and soothing it can put someone to sleep.

Day Ten
Today I did not join the girl for breakfast, I wait until lunch. I was making my plans. I planned on telling her about my wealth. She pretended to be annoyed when I entered the luncheon room. She is quite skilled at drawing her eye brows together and pinching her lips together. But of course she was flattered that I would grace her with my company. I had taken care to put a thick gold chain around my neck and wear my most elegant cloak. I caught her staring at my chain. She must not have realized I was so wealthy. I told her that I realized she had refused my offer made out of the generosity of my loving heart because she had not realized that I was so wealthy. I lifted up the chain and let it sparkle in the light from the window. She got up and stomped out of the room. Obviously not able to look at such wealth any longer.

Day Eleven
Today I escorted the girl into the sitting room. Then I paraded the servants into the room. The steward led the menservants and the housekeeper led the girl servants. It was all very elegant. The girl was so impressed that she actually stood up on the sofa and screamed with joy. Of course one of the more outgoing boys dogs decided to play a joke and he nipped one of the girls- I mean kittens. When the kitten screamed the housekeeper scratched the dog, who jumped and landed on top of some of the more ancient cats. Then the dogs started chasing the cats and I think a kitten jumped in the girl's hair. It was around then that she started screaming her appreciation.

Day Twelve
I think I have impressed the girl enough for now. I was up early dressed in my best and riches finery waiting for the girl to get up. Once she entered the breakfast room, I bowed gracefully. It was not my fault that the table happened to be in my way and tip over throwing dishes everywhere. Nevertheless, I asked her in a flowery speech if she would marry her. Since girls supposedly like flowery speeches. I have enclosed a copy of the speech.

I love gold!
I love satin cloaks!
I love my food!
But you are just as good too!
I rank you just below the gold!
You of course wish to be queen!
You shall be my queen!

Is it not beautiful? I even sang it for her. My voice is just about the best sound ever. Actually it is the best sound. I do not understand why the housekeeper ran screaming from the room. Followed by the howling steward. I threw a broken tea pot after them. I told the girl to ignore them then finished the song. Then I bowed gracefully again and asked her to be my wife. She was overcome with my generosity and ran crying from the room.

Day 13
Woman are evil creatures! They deliberately turn down men they secretly admire. Men they secretly mean to except. The housekeeper told me to give the girl some space. I told her to get out of my sight and threw her out the window again.

Day 14
I do not care what the housekeeper says, I have given the girl plenty of time alone. It is time to show her the garden. After all girls like flowers. Maybe my gorgeous rose gardens will soften her cruel selfish heart. The steward is brushing my fur and reading over my shoulder and I do not understand what he is yapping about. Dang! He just poked me in the eye with the brush. The rose gardens were a success in an otherwise terrible day. The girl actually smiled at me. HA!

Day 15
The girl was out in the rose gardens and I decided since she smiled at me she is ready to except. The steward and the housekeeper tried to stop me. I am beginning to wish that I had listened to them. The girl saw me coming and tried to run and great me, but not knowing the way really well she got lost in tunnel of the vines. Of course knowing the garden as I do I had no trouble catching up to her and proposing to her. I also told her she better except because I would not ask again. Do you know what the little shrew said? She said good!

Day 16
Despicable creature! How dare she come into my castle, eat my food, wear the clothes and jewels I give her! I wish I was was a real beast so I could eat her and so be rid of her!

Day 17
Woman! I offered to show the girl the glory of the castle, all of its splendid beauty. She refused! I think she is trying to push me to lose my temper. I told her so much and she laughed.

Day 18
I do not plan on ever speaking to that vixen ever again. Seriously, she has dared refuse me. I am beginning to think she is in earnest. Which can only mean she is mad, since no one in their right mind would refuse me anything.

Day 19
Today I went to the mirror room after admiring my flawlessness I took a look in the magic mirror. It was so sad. I could see myself as I used to look. I hate this miserable form! Why did that horrible fairy have to do this? It is not as if I was evil!

Day 20
I went out into the woods today and got caught in a rain storm. When I returned cold and wet I went to the kitchen to get warmed. You will never guess what I found! That two faced girl was singing with the servants! I am so angry. She has a horrible voice! It left my ears ringing! I yelled at her! I called her ungrateful, selfish and rude! Then she ran off crying. All of the servants are glaring at me. I feel confused. How dare she disrupt my home!

Day 21
I was sitting on the sofa in my room getting my claws polished and sharpened by my footman when the housekeeper came in. Her hair was standing up on end. She carried a piece of paper in her mouth. I took it from her and told her not to be disgusting. She told me the girl had run away and left the note. I felt a funny feeling in my heart. Here is the note.

Sir, I cannot stay here any longer. It is not what you look like or the way your servants are, nor your horrible manners that bother me. It is your selfish thoughtless behavior. You are so self-centered I can no longer look at you without feeling disgust.

Once I finished reading the note, I asked my housekeeper who Belle was. Her eyes looked they were going to pop out of her head. These are her exact words. “My lord, you proposed to that poor girl like three times and you do not even know her name?” I do not understand why I feel so uncomfortable. Although I did tell the housekeeper to mind her own business and that the girl would come back when she got hungry.

Day 22
The girl- Belle- is still not back so I looked in the magic mirror. She is quite lost in the forest. I am pleased to see that she will not be making it back to her father's home. But I am also have this other feeling. Discomfort maybe? She cannot get back to the castle either. I will let her wonder around for another day as punishment then I will send the steward for her.

Day 23
Trouble! I looked in the mirror today to see how she was doing. She was sitting in a tree surrounded by wolves. They were not my wolves either. How dare they attack someone under my protections. I collected the steward and some of my men and we chased those wolves out of the forest and brought the girl back to castle.

Day 24
I stomped around the castle today. I do not feel very good. My throat hurts. Maybe its from all that roaring and yelling at the wolves then at that girl! She kept saying- “I am sorry!” But I kept yelling at her. Why did I not shut up? Now she locked herself in her room. I think I will lie down.

Day 25
Ugh! There is nothing worse then being a monster and having a fever. Unless of course you count that all your attendants are animals and do everything clumsily.

Day 26
I hate being sick! The housekeeper made me drink a vile liquid! I am positive that she is trying to poison me. The girl brought me dinner. It was much better then having the housekeeper drop the tray on my head. Maybe if she will not end up excepting me, she will stay on as a servant. Wait- I will be dead. I guess it does not matter. Nothing matters except this fever.

Day 27
I think I am getting better. Belle offered to sit with me while the housekeeper went to take a nap. I have to admit she is kind. But I am not happy with the housekeeper for taking a nap while I am suffering so much!

Day 28
I felt well enough to sit in the garden today. Belle sat with me and I told her about all of the battles I have been in. How I have defeated great warriors and great kings. Then the housekeeper came out and spoiled everything by telling her not to encourage me by listening.

Day 29
I have decided I am to impatient with the girl, so I shall give her a few days before proposing again. Today I showed her the library since she has been looking bored. When she saw the room she just started clapping her hands and screaming. I do not understand why I feel so happy.

Day 30
Today Belle read to me out of a book. It was something about a boy who plants a giant plant, climbs up into the clouds and gets filthy rich. Totally my kind of story.

Day 31
I got the beanstalk story out of the library and spent the entire day rereading it. Looking for clues as how to plant the beanstalk and get into the giants castle. Their was not much to go on.

Day 32
I went for a walk in the garden. Belle found me and thanked me again for letting her use my library. I told her no one ever used it anyways. She looked shocked. The housekeeper came by and hissed at me to give her a flower. What would a girl want with a dirty plant? Nevertheless, I pulled up a dozen roses and dropped them into her arms. She looked abnormally pleased. Who would want all those dirty thorny plants in their arms anyways? Girls are so weird!

Day 33
I decided that it was time to ask the girl again. The housekeeper told me she need more time. But I am sure she will except now. After all I do know her name. In spite of all the servants protested I asked her. Well, at least she looked uncomfortable when she refused. She asked me to stop bothering her. I decided she must have a man in village she wants to marry, otherwise she never would have refused me.

Day 34
I am so tired of being refused. She smiles at me, she takes my roses and reads my books, then when I ask her to marry me she refuses. She is so fickle! I shall never speak to her again.

Day 35
When I saw her in the breakfast room, I decided not to go in. She is just making my life miserable! So I went hunting in the woods. Their was a group of woodsmen out hunting as well. I took great pleasure in terrifying them. I believe they did not stop running until they reached the sea! HAHA!

Day 36
Today I threw a banquet for the girl. After all I have been avoiding her for the last two days. She has been watching me with a strange look on her face. Discomfort I think. I heard the housekeeper tell her I was fickle and self-centered. I threw a jug of wine at her.

Day 37
I got up early this morning and got Belle to spend the entire day reading to me in the garden. We ended the day with me asking her to marry me again. She just walked off without answering. It is starting to get really annoying.

Day 38
I want to smack her! She just thinks she can eat my food and spend her days living in comfort but not marry me! Well, I am going to teach her a lesson. I am going to destroy her favorite books! Rip them into shreds and dump them outside her door! Ah just the though of if is cheering me up. Actually, I doubt I would have done it if I had not seen her chattering and laughing with the steward and the housekeeper. I destroyed the books and left them on the library.

Day 39
I am still mad! That little snip of a girl called a barbarous beast when she found the books! So I stomped through the castle and went to the sitting room and ripped my family portraits off the wall, tore them to shreds and threw them into the fire. They all seemed to be laughing at me. Mocking my pains! Belle caught me doing it. She accused me of destroying the only wonderful things in miserable castle. I ripped all the rest of the portraits down, tore them up and threw them at her. I hate the world! And the world hates me!

Day 40
I stayed in the magic mirror room all day. I will not speak to that girl ever again! The steward is reading over my shoulder and laughing at me. I just blackened his eye. Now I really mean this time I shall not speak to her. I am tired of being a beast! I just looked into the mirror. That girl is poking around in my castle. What? She is going up the back stairs! Why does no one stop her?

Day 41
That foolish girl is exploring again. She has uncovered the painting of my entire family in the secret sitting room. I am furious but I will not speak to her. None of the servants will tell her to stop either. I am becoming more and more angry. I feel like killing something. Preferably that miserable fairy, who dared to curse me!

Day 42
I looked into the mirror today and saw a horrible sight! She found my rose! The rose of the hundred petals. She was touching it! I hate to admit it, but I totally forgot my promise never to speak to her again. Well I did not really talk to her. I screamed! I told her she totally wrecked my life and now was trying to kill me as well. She locked herself in her room. Of course this was after I stormed from the mirror room and rand all the way across the castle to the rose room.

Day 43
I paced my room the whole night. I had not looked at the rose since the fairy gave it to me. So when I saw it yesterday the pile of petals at the foot of the stem were unnerving. The housekeeper just brought me the news that she has run away again! I sent the servants after her with the orders to bring her back immediately.

Day 44
Well they brought her back today. I ordered her locked in her room. I have the uncomfortable feeling that if I see her I will strike her. I had never had problems striking someone before. What is wrong with me? Maybe I am growing ill again.

Day 45
I watched the rose today, I counted the petals that lay scattered on the table. There are forty-five of them. Horrible pieces of nature! I wanted to stuff them down the girl's throat. Impossible creature, what more does she want?

Day 46
I staid up all night with the rose and around midnight I saw a petal drop off. I realize that I only have about fifty-four more days. I tried to stick the petals back on. I had this vague hope that they would give me some extra time to live. I DO NOT WANT TO DIE! The evil possessed rose just shook the petals back off! I would tare the horrible thing to pieces, but that probably would kill me.

Day 47
I cannot bare it any longer! It is quite obvious that Belle has no intention of helping me so I rushed out into the woods. It is time to stop being a fool! It is time for me to find that stupid fairy! I crashed through the forest, I even got a cut. Oh the thinks I suffer!!!!! SOMEONE GIVE ME A BREAK, ALRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 48
I continued looking for that overgrown snake with bat wings. But she continues to elude my highly impressive hunting skills. I found just about every other kind of fugitive though. I killed three lions and two wolves! But I need that miserably hunk of a repulsive fairy!

Day 49
I returned to the castle today! My cloak is ruined! Ruined, I say! And no one cares! Why me? Nobody cares about me! The housekeeper and the steward wanted me to take a bath, but I cannot stand the smell of wet fur! Besides who cares what I look like?

Day 50
Half the rose petals are gone! I must admit I feel terrified! I went and banged on her door until she opened it. Then I pleaded with her to marry me! I actually got down on my knees and pleaded with her. She slammed the door in my face! The nerve! She is so insulting!

Day 51
I rushed through the castle today, collecting all the servants for a quick meeting. We discussed what to do. They suggested I tell the girl the truth! Can you believe it? She will probably celebrate our upcoming deaths! It suddenly dawned on me that all the servants are going to die too!

Day 52
I sent everyone of my male servants out to hunt for the fairy. The housekeeper led the female servants in hunting throughout the castle. After all I would not put it past that creature to hide in the castle and watch us all die! Filthy swine! Belle finally came out of her room. She must be hungry. I showed her the way to the kitchen and said she had to fend for herself.

Day 53
I was up all night again. I really must stop making a habit of it. But I was thinking about the girl. It has at last entered my mind that no girl in her right senses would marry me! I hate to admit it, but I am seriously ugly. Ugly enough to cause anyone to drop dead! All because of a female butterfly with a dragon heart! But I do not want Belle here when the last petal drops. She came to me and told me she had an important request to make. I felt a thrill of hope in my chest. Then she asked to go home! HA! It was my turn to slam a door in her face! But my feeling of pleasure at such an act was lost because she wanted to go home and the petals are dropping like crazy.

Day 54
She asked me again! This time I told her no to her face! I need someone to talk to! Namely the steward! I tried the housekeeper but she just told me to let her go! Does the fool not understand that she is going to die too, unless Belle excepts me?

Day 55
UGH! She asked again! And this time she threatened to run away! UGH! I told her I would consider it! Consider it for ever obviously! I will never give her my consent! NEVER!

Day 56
I have been avoiding Belle all day! Which is hard because every time I see the rose I want to run to her and propose. I am determined not to let her go home!

Day 57
DANG! She cornered me and demanded an answer! I told her she could go home for three days! Why did I say that? WHY? WHY? How could I have been such a fool! DANG! But she does look happy and did promise to come back!

Day 58
She left today! The castle feels so bleak! The housekeeper insisted on me recalling the menservants back to the castle. She said we could at least get the place looking decent before Belle comes back. I told her I liked the castle the way it was. She said that was not the point. I called the menservants back. Why have I become a slave to the demands of women?

Day 59
I stomped through the castle today! The housekeeper and steward tried to get me to eat but I am not hungry. I would rather stare at the walls gloomily.

Day 60
I am denied the comfort of staring at my walls. The servants are scrubbing them as if their lives depend on it. Their lives probably do as they are trying to impress Belle. I had to wonder through the woods after the housekeeper told me to stop getting muddy footprints everywhere.

Day 61
Belle is supposed to come home tomorrow! I helped catch a wild boar and get the banquet hall decorated. I do not understand this excitement, she is only a girl who is trying to ruin my life.

Day 62
We waited up until midnight watching for Belle, false proud deceitful shrew never showed up! We went to bed leaving the entire banquet hall in all its glory.

Day 63
This morning I hoped to find an apologetic Belle. But no! I destroyed all of our preparations. I tore the banners and tapestries to pieces and threw the food at the wall, then I took and ax and slammed it through the boar's head severing it in two! I hate girls!

Day 64
I sat with the rose today! Only thirty-six days left. I do not know what to do. It is obvious the girl does not want to marry me. It is also obvious that I can not force her too. What must I do? All the servants are expecting me to do something about this mess. Not that it is my fault of course.

Day 65
Actually, it is my fault! I admit that I was rude to the fairy and she punished me accordingly. I probably am not a very pleasant person either. My brothers would all have been much better at fixing this mess. Actually, I doubt they would have gotten into it in the first place. Well maybe Jaden would have. Wait- what on earth am I writing about?

Day 66
I can not bare it any longer. I sent the steward and two footmen to see how she is doing. I must know if she is happy. But of course she is happy. Why should she not be? Of course I cannot force her to return, which is strange since sixty-six days ago I would have had no qualms about dragging her back. Maybe I just want to die!

Day 67
My men came back late. They told me that the villagers were keeping Belle locked up in a little dark room. I have never felt so angry and happy! How dare those swines keep her locked up? But at least she did not intentionally brake her promise. I no longer feel depressed.

Day 68
I gathered the servants and we headed out for the village. Everyone of my servants! Not one wanted to be left behind! I am so proud of them. They are good people... well animals anyway! They are all true and loyal.

Day 69
We reached the village this evening. The first person to see us was a fat man in a white apron and a funny hat that looked like a cream puff. He took one look at us and his just rolled. Then he fell to the ground in a dead faint. This little venture might just be fun.

Day 70
We retreated to the woods for the night. Then before we prepared to reenter the village, I told my servants to kill no one. The steward looked rather disappointed. We then moved into the village. No one even faced us. They all fled. I ordered my servants to find Belle. But when the steward led us to her prison, it was empty. We practically tore the whole village up looking for her. But she was gone!

Day 71
Our sleep this morning was disturbed by a loud explosion. When we got up their was a wall of cannons in front of us. We barely had time to get out of the way before the ground we had been sleeping on was torn to shreds. One of the page boys... puppies... got one of his legs shot off. His father jumped on the man who had fired the cannon and tore him to shreds. This is not a matter of not killing people. This is war!

Day 72
We forced the soldiers back to the village yesterday. But then this morning while we were licking our wounds they surprised us. We were forced to retreat further into the forest. Then do you know what those arrogant snakes did? They kept on chasing us! And most of us wounded by their cannons.

Day 73
They are still chasing us! Why do they not just turn around and disappear? The steward said they were calling us demons. The nerve! I think we should tare them to shreds. But that is not very probable with most of us limping or suffering from massive injuries. We will be safe in the castle!

Day 74
We reached the castle today! We barely had time to close the gates before the soldiers caught up to us. They spread out in front of the gate. We are under siege! Well I say let them rot! I inspected my servants. Three wolves, a puppy, one cat and four kittens were killed. Two puppies with severe injuries were captured. And one kitten had disappeared. She was probably captured too!

Day 75
We have been defending the castle for a day and a half now. It is harder then it would have been if we were all human. I am the only who can really hold a sword or dump tubs of hot oil on their heads. So it is quite obvious that I am doing most of the work. Me a prince! A PRINCE! Who would not so much as get his hands dirty a few weeks ago.

Day 76
I watched the rose again today as the soldiers seemed to be content to let us starve. Watching the rose always depresses me. Only twenty-four days! Perhaps I do deserve this punishment. But do I deserve to die as well? And what about my servants? They are innocent, it is not their fault that I am who I am! If you ask me, that fairy was selfish and unfair! And I my opinion is very good! Is Belle really worth all of this misery? I have been thinking about it and have come to the opinion that she is!

Day 77
So Belle is worth it! It is time to get rid of those ignorant swines who dare to trespass on my private property. The steward, four of my biggest wolves, three half grown wolves and myself opened the gates and attacked the soldiers! They were soon fleeing! The miserable cowards!

Day 78
We chased the soldiers all the way back to the village! But even when we stopped chasing them, they kept running! We then tore the village apart, chased all the remaining soldiers away and rescued my servants who had been captured! At long last I feel good! They were so happy!

Day 79
We searched the village more carefully today, while the villagers coward under tables and in closets. We found a man who had been locked in a cage. I broke the bars and he stumbled out trembling with terror. He looked familiar! The steward sniffed at the man then told me he was the merchant, who had stayed at the castle so long ago. Belle's father! He told us that a soldier called Gaston had taken Belle away and planned on marrying her. And what's more, she did not want to marry him!

Day 80
I sent the servants back to the castle, except for the steward. We chased Gaston's little party! What right had he to force a girl to marry him! Even I did not stoop so low! Who is this disgusting swine? How dare he!

Day 81
We caught up with Gaston and Belle today! Actually we crashed the wedding! It was the most fun that I had ever had! Gaston looked like he was going to die! HAHA! I also raked my claws across his face to give some pleasant scars! After it is not right that he should look so handsome and be so evil! I got punished for it, he can get punished for it! Belle looked happy enough to see us. At least she did not plead for me to spare Gaston, which I did anyway. I had forgotten that she was so pretty!

Day 82
On our way back to the castle I had a serious talk with Belle. Serious, I mean it! I told her should had a choice, either marry me or go home! Because I did not see the point of her staying at the castle if everyone was going to die. Not that I told her we were going to die. No sense in doing that. After all who wants to hear her laugh at our troubles! She told me she would consider. At least she did not refuse.

Day 83
It came as kind of a shock when Belle told me she wanted to go home. I mean after she promised to consider I had such hope. Now I just want to die! But I still have to wait nineteen more days. Besides what about the servants? I am sure they have no wish to die or remain animals.

Day 84
Today I returned Belle to her village. When I saw her embrace her father... well.... I see my own family maybe wealthy royalty, but in truth we are poorer then her. Then a poor merchant and his daughter. Why is the world so mixed up? What use is gold? It cannot make you happy!

Day 85
We returned to the castle today. What else can I saw?

Day 86
I looked over all my early entries in this diary. I feel like I am a disgusting pig! No wonder she refused me! No wonder she wanted to go home and ran away so many times! I am such a failure! I realize now even if I do die or become as handsome as anything, Belle will be the only girl I ever will love!

Day 87
Almost every single servant asked me to return to the village and tell Belle the truth. Not one of them wants to die. I told them that I cannot force someone to except me, even if I will change back into a human again if they do. I could only promise to ask the fairy to spare them when she comes at the falling of the last petal. But knowing her, I doubt that shrew will be so kind!

Day 88
I wondered through the empty rooms today. Rooms I had once heard her singing in. Heard her laughing in. It is such an ugly world! I entered the secret sitting room and studied the family painting. My father, mother, my five brothers and one sister. I wanted to tare the picture to shreds but instead I just covered it again. My family is as selfish as I am. Carrying only for their own pleasures. Whether clothes, dancing, bugs, hunting, or doing nothing.

Day 89
Eleven more petals left to fall! I counted them! What else is there to do? Nothing! So I sit in front of the rose and stare at it! But why? Am I expecting the petals to grow back?

Day 90
Ten more days! Three of the servants collapsed today. Everyone else is just lying on around doing nothing, including me. I have never felt so weak. Not even when I had the fever.

Day 91
Gaston and a gang of villagers attacked the castle! I ordered the gates closed, but nothing else. We will all be dead in nine days anyway. Who cares if they rot outside our gates? Not me! Although, it would be nice to have Gaston die with me!

Day 92
The servants have been trying to defend the castle! Gaston and his men have broken in. The steward rallied the men and managed to drive the invaders out. But I fear they will not be able to hold them for much longer. Only eight days until sweet death!

Day 93
I tried to get up this morning and felt like my head was going to explode. Gaston and his men forced my servants into the keep. They locked themselves in. We all just lie around waiting for death to relieve our misery. Oh if only she had not left! Oh Belle! One week left!

Day 94
Oh horrors! Gaston has broken in! I was thinking that since we were all going to die in six days anyways, why bother to fight. Then Gaston attacked me! Impudent swine! As if he ever learned to fight! Whereas I have been trained by champions! I soon threw him out! Even if am a dying beast, I can still throw him out!

Day 95
Gaston has renewed his attack! Apparently a beating from me has not changed his decision to destroy us all! Oh well, we only need to hold out for five days and then- sweet revenge- we die and he is left with no one to kill! Some how that statement seems wrong! We end up dead anyways, that is nothing to rejoice about! We fortified the doors, barricading ourselves in!

Day 96
I can barely stand! Some of the smaller servants have not even opened their eyes today. I am afraid they have all given up! If it was not for the housekeeper and the steward we would have all surrendered. Four days! I am terrified! I wish I could see my brothers one last time. Especially Justin! I wonder what they would have thought about Belle. Would mother like her? Mother wanted all of us to marry real princesses. Oh well who cares, we are going to die!

Day 97
Blast those stinking men of that swine! They have broken in again! We all hid in the tower while they destroyed my home! I do not care! If for some reason a miracle occurs, I am going home to my family. Grandfather's miserable castle can go to waist for all I care! Just because I was the oldest, does not mean I had to inherit the castle! Three days left! The rose's petals are brown and crumbly looking. I hope Belle is happy!

Day 98
Gaston and his men rounded up what servants have not escaped to the secret room! I wondered the halls for a long time! Well it was not that long, maybe five minutes before I dropped in exhaustion! Dying would be all the more bearable if I had the assurance that Belle would never marry Gaston! Who will rescue her when I am gone? Unless her father was wrong and she really does want to marry him! He is much more handsome then I am! NO- what am I saying! Never! Two days left!

Day 99
Tomorrow we die! We gathered in front of the rose and stared at the single petal! Not one of us had the strength to get to his or her feet. Tomorrow we will be free of this torment! Tomorrow! Oh I long for it! To be free of this wretched shape! To be free of the pain in my heart! To no longer weep for her! I hope we die without Gaston finding our hiding place!

Day 100
Well, I really do not know what to say! I feel like a complete idiot! It was only dawn when Gaston found our hiding place! He burst in on us and attacked. Seeing him attacking my helpless servants was enough to give me an extra burst of strength. For some strange reason I felt stronger, much stronger. As if my strength was coming back. We started to fight, when in walks Belle. The servants began to go crazy. I was to shocked to do anything. I have never been so amazed before in my life. And I am not so easily amazed. Gaston grabbed Belle by the arm. Then he poked his knife into her throat. He then ordered me to surrender. All I had to do was take a step forward a snap his head off. Instead I lifted my paws above my head. Dang! Why did I do that? Gaston pushed Belle away from him and stabbed me. I felt the cold bite of steel as it entered my heart. Ouch! The steward jumped on Gaston and I fell to the ground. Then Belle was kneeling beside me. Here is the whole confusing scene.
Gaston screaming foul words mixed with wild yells and triumphant cries of revenge. Belle pleading with me not to die to live that she loves me. Me not sure whether to bellow in pain or die or ask Belle if she is serious or if I am hallucinating. All of the servants are screaming and howling. The steward is snarling at Gaston not to move. There is a bright light over my head. I think it is death.

Then the housekeeper yells- The rose! I twist my head although it is hard to see. The last petal is falling off the rose. What a time for that to happen. Now the entire room is going crazy. I feel horrible. Like the time I had the fever only worse. Now the room is very quiet and Belle is screaming- Who are you? Stupid girl! She is looking right at me. As if anyone could not recognize this horrible shape! I try to lift my paw to signal her to shut up and realize that it is now a hand. I lift up both of my hands! Then I realize that I am person! I am so shocked that I do not know what to do! I know longer feel ill. My mortal wound seemed to have healed itself. Then I look up. The steward is staring at me in a funny way. But he is now a man too.
“Prince James?” he says. I start to get to my feet. Gaston tries to but the steward sits down on him. He groans.

Then the door flies open and there is a bright light. The fairy walks in. Automatically my hand went to my belt. But of course I was not wearing a sword. The fairy laughs. She says she is surprised to see me alive. I glare at her. Belle jumps in front of me. She demands to know what is going on. The fairy asks me why I did not just tell her that I was under a spell. I ask what good that would have done. Then the fairy says- You know you would only have been very uncomfortable for a few days, not die when the last petal dropped. I accuse her of tricking me. She just laughs. And says at least you got it done. I am furious. Then Belle laughs. She asks if I have changed or if she is still ranged just below gold in book. I feel myself blushing. Then she asks when I really start to like her. I say when I learned her name. She asks when that was. I say when I got her note after she first ran away. Belle is scandalized. She wants to know why I proposed to her three times without knowing her name. I say I am not big on names. She rolls her eyes and asks me if I know my best friend's name. I look at the steward and say no. She rolls her eyes again then laughs. Then she says that being my wife will be interesting. I say meeting my family will be interesting.

I take her hands. She looks me up and down. Then she says- You know you have been bragging almost every time I saw you about how handsome you were, I really thought you would be a way handsomer. I tell her that I am! She grins and asks me what I consider to be plain. I just grin. Then the servants crowd around cheering and thanking me for rescuing them from the curse. I glance at the fairy, she winks. Impossible creature! We probably would have gone back to our human forms at the end of the hundred days. It was just a plot to get me to think of others! Well.... HUMPH! At least Belle has agreed to marry me!


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