Friday, March 31, 2017

More drawings

 Rowana from "Burnt" She is Hans' younger sister.

 The same picture but after I made it into a paper doll for more younger sisters.

 A not so great drawing of Rowana and Ulf, who is Ana and Kristoff's son.

 A blurry drawing of Rowana. Yes, she wears the same outfit as Ana, she even gets it from the same place.

Sigurd, one of Hans' brothers.

 Francis from one of my really early books "The Golden Birds."

 Gilith a Shadow Warrior from my series "The Shadow Warriors."

 A more realistic drawing. Random girl with no name.

Juliana Howard from my Pirate series.

 Another picture from "Burnt." This is Oaken, he is trying to sell Evan and Rowana a baby toy for Ulf. That didn't go really well.

Per (Hans' brother) and Luna, who is either his wife or fiance. I don't really remember after all there is twelve of them to keep track of.

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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Random drawings

Here is a couple of random drawings.

A drawing from "The Ranger's Bow In My Enemies Land" the second book in the "Ranger's Bow series, which I am writing for one of my sisters.
The Two characters in the front are: Buck (Prince Francis Andrew Daniel Stephen Joseph Peter Meldrum) and Christina. The two in the back are just two random captives. They are all tied to a mast on board a raider ship.

 A drawing I did for my book "The Raven" The boy is Raven and the bird is his pet raven that supposedly died, but I think it came back to life again or something, I haven't written in that book in awhile.

 A drawing from "Burnt" Hans' brother Tor and princess Meirda from "Brave" Tor doesn't really no how to treat Meirda in the drawing he is giving her an awkward pat on the head.

Another drawing from "In My Enemies Land" Raider boy captain Narik, Ranger's apprentice Dan, Buck, who is also a ranger's apprentice and prince, and Christina. They are back on board Narik's ship but this time they are waiting to be attacked by pirates which are different then raiders.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Evan from Burnt

Last year for a friend's birthday I wrote an unofficial sequel to "Frozen" which I called "Burnt" These pictures are of one of the main characters. Evan, who has fire powers.

 This is my favorite drawing of him.

 The Fire Burns Red in the Forest Dark.
Not a Person to be Seen.

 A Kingdom of Fire,
And it looks like I'm the King.

 Elsa and Evan have ice and fire battle in the book.

 Rowana (Hans' sister) and Evan.

Rowana and Evan again.

There sure was a lot of redheads in that story. Ana, Evan, Rowana, not to mention Hans and some of his other brothers. The reason why you can see words through some of the pictures is I drew most of them on the back of the printed copy.

God Bless You all,

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Sky and Companions Series

 Book one of the "Sky and Companions series" called "Dangerous Sky." On the cover is Dill Clearwater, Sky Heavenview, and Winter Farsight.
Sky has grown tired of living on a small island with nature obsessed people and longs to see what is beyond the boundaries of her world. Unfortunately it is not exactly as she expected it to be. It is far more dangerous.

The Second book, "Under a Bleak Sky." Sky Heavenview and her twin brother Hyacinth are on the cover. Sky got a major hair cut in the first book, not by her choice though.
Sky and Hyacinth have been kidnapped by the evil Minotaur, Morin.

The third book, "Dragons in the Sky." Sky Heavenview and the dragons are on the cover.
After returning home from her last journey, Sky was surprised to find the sky full of dragons. But then a strange ship arrives on the island. Lord Sylvester convinces Summer Sweetwater's parents to send her to an academy of young ladies. Sky, Winter and Cypress, have their doubts about this academy, and Sky stows away aboard the ship, only to discover that their is deeper and more evil plot then she expected.

The Fourth book, "Snow Falls from the Sky." The Snow elf, Sky Heavenview and Fall Laughingbrook, are on the cover.
Winter Farsight has vanished from the island. Aided and abetted by the Snow elf and her dragon, Sky and Fall leave the island in search of him. Unfortunately if they leave, Sky will not be welcomed back. Nevertheless, she continues, only to run into a very nasty bunch of dragon-slayers. Can the three of them protect Starlight the dragon and still escape unharmed?

The Fifth book, "Frozen Summer" Peony Appleflower, Summer Sweetwater, Lily Cloudseer, and Pepper are on the cover.
Summer has finally arrived at Bleak Island. They meet a centaur guardian and enter a very grim castle. When Summer has a look around she encounters an evil plot and it's mastermind, the supposed dead Daisy Blue-Eyes has returned to continue her plot to wreck vengeance upon the heirs of Storm Greenleaf. Can Summer keep quiet about Pepper's heritage? Or will she give into her cowardly instincts?

These are the only covers I have made so far, there is still several more titles in this series. I will post those covers when I finish them.

Thank you and God Bless you all,

Monday, March 27, 2017

Moderator announcement

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I just set a moderator on the comments, so any comments you make should not post, until I publish them. They will go automatically to my email, and I can publish them from there. My mom who is a long time blogger. suggested it. That way if the computer sends me spam comments I can just delete them.

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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Self portraits.

Two self portraits I attempted. The second drawing looks worse then the first because I didn't scan it.

The Sword of Camelot: Chapter One

Chapter One
The first rays of sun light streamed over the island village of Cornbridge. In the center of the village the mayor's two story house proudly flew the banner of the stewards. On the outskirts of the village, built on top of the rushing Slipside river was a tall majestic mill. The wheel turned and churned up the water. A single man pushing a smelly brown burrow piled high with waste, was the single occupant of the streets. A brown cloth was tied across his nose and mouth. A cloud of flies buzzed around his head, but he did not seem to notice them.

The shutters of the attic window on the mill banged open and a girl with long straight blond hair stuck her head out. Her bright blue eyes widened and she flung out her arms and cheered.
“Wake up everyone!” she yelled, “Mister Crystal is coming home!” she let out another loud cheer. The window below her head banged open, a tall broad shouldered boy with curly blond hair and brilliant blue eyes stuck his head out.
“Gwen, please!” he moaned as he rubbed his eyes.
“Cheer up, James, the day promises to be beautiful and Mister Crystal is coming home.” Gwen cried. James yawned and leaned against the window ledge, his eyes started to droop.” Gwen frowned, then a smile spread across her face again. She disappeared into her room, then a few minutes later, she reappeared with a water pitcher. Giggling, she lifted it up and poured it down onto the boy's head. James started in surprise and started spluttering and coughing. Gwen laughed until tears came.

A window on a house opposite the mill banged open and a frowsy haired woman in a nightcap peered out.
“Would you two shut up?” she roared, and shook her fist at the two young people.
“Good morning, Madame Darmen. Mr. Crystal is coming to day!” Gwen yelled, too excited to be upset by the woman.
“It is about time he came back and disciplined you lot!” the woman shouted, “But that is still no excuse for waking people up at such an unlawful hour.”
“Be grateful that you did not get water dumped on your head, ma'am!” James called with a grin.
“SHUT UP!” the woman screamed, and slammed her shutters.
“I think I made Madame Darmen mad!” Gwen whispered nervously. Madame Darmen was quite a powerful figure in the village of Cornbridge. She was best friends with the mayor's wife and had a brother who was tax-collector for the stewards.

“What, you disturbed Madame la de da in the middle of her beauty sleep?” James scoffed, “She is just a bloated old cow drunk on her own self esteem.” he wiped his face on his damp sleeve.
“James, that's so uncharitable.” Gwen giggled.
“Oh is it?” James smirked, he shoved his wet hair out of his face and pulled his head in the window. “I am going back to bed!”
“Oh no you are not!” Gwen called, “Get dressed and get into the kitchen!” James stuck his head back out the window.
“Sister darling, you are so bossy!” he laughed.
“Hurry James, everything needs to be perfect before Mister Crystal gets here.” Gwen argued.
“Your wish is my command, fair lady!” James cried with great exaggeration, then he pulled his head back into the room.
“Oh, James do not forget to wake that lazy bones up, drag him down to breakfast!”
“Right you are!” James called from inside his room.

“Mr. Crystal is coming home!” he murmured as he grabbed his clothes off of a straight backed chair and hastily pulled them on. In spite of his not so enthusiastic conversation with Gwen, he was excited. Once he was dressed, he splashed his face on the washbasin, ran his figures through his untidy hair and made up his straw mattress. Then he started for the door. Then he paused and glanced around the small room. A thin stream of early morning light was the only light in the room. The furniture consisted of two straight back chairs, one had a neatly folded pile of brown and gray clothes on it, the other was bare. Two straw mattresses were leaning against opposite walls. One was messily made and the other had a large lump in it.

James rolled his eyes then grinned and ran over to the occupied bed. He quickly pulled the covers off.
“Waky, waky!” he ordered, “Half the morning is already gone!” a boy wearing a drab thread bare gray nightshirt was curled up in a the bed. A shock of dark brown hair was falling across his face.
“” he murmured and refused to open his eyes. James rushed over to the washbasin, which rested on a small stool. His grin widened and he hurried over to it and took out the still half full pitcher, then he slowly lifted the pitcher over the other boy's head,. He dumped the cold sparkling water all over the sleeper. The boy erupted out of his bed and plowed into James.
“I will teach you to dump water on innocent sleepers!” he screamed. James fell over backwards with the brown haired boy on top of him. The pitcher shattered against the floor and the boys started wrestling, both trying to get their hands around the other boy's neck.

Gwen, now dressed in a brown robe, which she was wearing over her gray shift, came dancing down the stairs carrying a flickering candle. She paused outside the boys room. The door was open an inch and she could hear loud grunting and scuffling noises. Gwen's smile became a little more forced. She rolled her eyes and leaned her head against the wall.
“Why? Why? Why?” she groaned, “Why can they not, just this once start the morning properly, with a proper smile and a proper good morning!” she banged her head on the wall in frustration. The noise in the room died away to silence. Gwen's frown darkened and she banged on the door frame with her knuckles. “James? Arthur? What are you two doing in there?” there was no reply. Gwen sighed and reached for the door. “Alright, I am coming in.” she cried. Immediately there was a loud scuffling.
“Where are my boots?” James yelled.
“No do not come in!” Arthur cried, “We are not ready yet!” Gwen smiled to herself, as a chair tipped over and she could hear someone hopping around first in bare feet then in boots. She jiggled the door threateningly. Immediately the two boys flung themselves against it.
“Go away Gwen!” they chorused. Gwen laughed.
“Then you better hurry.” she called and continued down the stairs.

The smell of cooking porridge greeted her as she reached the foot of the stairs. She smiled. Madame Velna always made porridge for breakfast, ever since Mister Crystal had given her the job of cooking for his three wards. Gwen loved the smell of hot porridge, but the boys always complained about it. Gwen skipped into the kitchen, blew her candle out and set it on a shelf. A tall thin woman with graying blond hair and a sharp thin face was stirring a large black pot which hung from the hearth.
“Morning Gwen, set the table!” she said sharply without turning around. Gwen danced around the round wooden table and opened up a tall cupboard, she grabbed a small stack of wooden bowls and spoons.

Madame Velna, Mister Crystal is coming home today!” she cried, “Does that not make you happy?”
“When I was your age I had to be content with learnin' how to sew, cook, and care for the youngin's!” Madame Velna said sharply, “If you must know, I do not approve of his learnin' ya.” Gwen scowled as she pulled some wooden mugs out of the cupboard and set them next to the bowls and spoons.
“You do not care for my guardian!” she accused. Madame Velna stiffened, but still did not turn around.
“He is lazy and shiftless!” she snarled, “Cornbridge deserves better then his kind.”
“But he does teach the boys of the village!” Gwen argued in her mentor's defense, “I do not see you doing it.”
“Also one girl!” Madame Velna growled, “Tongues are beginning to wag, one girl among so many men.”
“Mr. Crystal is old, James is my brother, and Arthur is just a boy!” Gwen cried angrily. “And if you ask me-”
“Ask you what?” James asked as he entered the room.
“Nothing!” Gwen said quickly as she set a jug of fresh goat's milk on the table.
“Oh really?” he replied in a disbelievingly voice.
“Shut up and sit down!” Madame Valna ordered as she set the porridge pot on the table.
“Yes, Ma'am!” the young man said meekly, as he sat down and helped himself to a bowl, mug and spoon. Gwen sat down opposite him and put a bowl in front of herself, then the other bowl at Madame Velna's stool. The woman sat down at her seat and poured a generous amount of goat's milk over her porridge before handing the pitcher to James.

“I must say, I have some very important things to talk over with Mister Crystal!” Madame Velna said as she blew on a spoonful of porridge. Gwen squirmed in her seat. She knew that she had not always been respectful to the older lady. She could recalled several heated arguments which the housekeeper was sure to drag up, while turning her report over to Mister Crystal. James gave her a reassuring look, which did not calm her at all. Madame Velna liked James, and he rarely got into trouble. He was tall handsome, smart and friendly, everyone liked him. Where as Gwen, who was also tall, but that was not something a woman was supposed to pride in. according to the snobbery of the overlord stewards, woman were supposed to be tiny, slender and dainty. Gwen was not any of those things. She was tall, often clumsy, she was not nearly slender enough to please the shallow minded fools and she had the habit of being to cheerful and bossy. Madame Velna, who was also very bossy, but not friendly, despised her. Gwen frowned as these thoughts came to her mind.

Then there was Arthur. Gwen froze and her gaze shifted to her two companions. Once more she had forgotten to count Arthur, while setting the table. One would think that it would be easy to remember four table settings, but for some reason, unless he was in the room, Gwen always forgot to count Arthur. Madame Velna and James always neglected to remind her, as well. Gwen started to get up, with the obvious intention of getting dishes for Arthur. But Madame Velna laid one hand on the girl's arm.
“Gwen Lancelot, we do not leave the table until everyone has finished eating.” she said coldly. Gwen slouched down on her stool, already feeling Arthur's disapproving gaze on her. “Gwen, sit like a lady, and eat your porridge.” Madame Velna barked. James shot her a sympathetic smile, which Gwen did not return. But she sat up straighter and started eating.

The door to the steps swung open silently and Arthur appeared in the door. As long as Gwen had lived at the mill, the door had squeaked for everyone but Arthur. Arthur was just under an inch shorter then Gwen and had ordinary straight dark brown hair and uninteresting brown eyes. His face was tanned from working outside. He appeared to have no muscles worth speaking of, and had a slim build. He stared at the three at the table with unblinking eyes. Even Madame Velna looked a little sheepish. Then he walked across the room, took a bowl, spoon and mug out of the cupboard. He set these on the table, then sat down himself.

“Sorry!” Gwen muttered. Arthur ignored her and concentrated on filling his bowl half full of hot porridge.
“You are late!” Madame Velna snapped, pointing out the obvious.
“Sorry!” Arthur said simply, giving no explanation, which was his typical fashion. Madame Velna scowled.
“Arthur....Crystal, I should not have to ask every little thing! Why are you late?” when madame Velna was especially annoyed, she liked to address the culprit by their surname as well as their first name. Only Arthur was a nameless orphan that Mr. Crystal had brought with him from his other village, where he lived mainly in summer. No one knew Arthur's real surname, unless Mister Crystal was just not telling. Madame Velna got over this difficulty by calling him by the surname of Crystal, as the boy was legally Mister Crystal's adopted son.
“Um-I could not find my boots.” Arthur said slowly. Gwen noticed he was still barefoot, so it was obvious that he had not found them. Madame Velna gave him a disapproving look.
“Your boots are wherever you left them last night!” she snapped.
“No they are not!” Arthur contradicted, as he took a bite of his porridge without blowing on it. Immediately he clapped his hands to his mouth and started grunting. Gwen hastily took a drink to hide her grinning face. Madame Velna's face grew darker.

“I suppose you think you are so funny?” she snarled, “But boots do not walk away overnight.”
“Arthur's did, and mine moved.” James said as he scraped the last of the porridge from his bowl. Madame Velna shot him a nasty look.
“What did you say?” she cried her face growing redder.
“Arthur was already in bed when I took off my boots.” James explained patiently, “I saw where he had put his boots. I put mine next to them. This morning I got up before him, his boots were gone and mine were at the foot of my bed instead of by the door.” Madame Velna glared at Arthur suspiciously
“Is this your kind of practical joke?” she demanded. Arthur dropped his mouth and started fanning his mouth. “Answer me!” Madame Velna screeched. Arthur's eyes widened, then he spat out a mouthful of hot porridge.
“No!” he said then grabbed the pitcher of goats milk and took a deep draft of it.
“Ugh!” Madame Velna howled. “You are disgusting!”
“Sorry, I burnt my mouth!” Arthur apologized as he put down the pitcher, his face red.
“I could tell that!” the by now totally enraged housekeeper screamed. Arthur shifted in his seat and looked uncomfortable.

The scene was threatening to get even more awkward, when someone banged on the door and called for Madame Velna. Glad of an excuse to leave the table, Gwen rushed for the door and found Mr. Dagonet, the blacksmith and his twelve year old son Caleb standing on the doorstep.
“Mister Dagonet, Caleb.” Gwen said with a quick curtsy. Caleb responded with a deep exaggerated bow, and a loud kiss on the older girl's hand. Gwen laughed.
“Who is it?” Madame Velna cried.
“Just the blacksmith and Caleb.” Gwen replied as she assured the visitors in. Madame Velna a typical Cornbridge widow, instantly smiled sweetly. Mister Dagonet was an eligible widower, if you could get past his half insane batch of children. Arthur and James exchanged looks. Arthur started coughing, while James hastily grabbed his dishes and headed for the washtub. After giving both boys a particularly nasty look, Madame Velna got up and extend her hand to Mister Dagonet.

“What brings you here so early, my good sir?” she asked. Mister Dagonet took her hand awkwardly.
“Caleb was up since the third hour ma'am, he is most eager to start school again.” he stammered.
“I can imagine!” Madame Velna said sweetly, she reached over and patted Caleb on the head. “Oh how I love a boy who like to learn!” Gwen hurried to clear the table, she dared not look at anyone else, lest she would burst into laughter. Caleb scooted past Madame Velna and hurried up to the three wards.
“I-is he back y-yet?” he stuttered. Caleb had a stutter, which was why he preferred to cause mischief then talk.
“Hello Caleb!” James said calmly, although his hazel eyes were sparkling with mischief.
“No he is not back!” Gwen said in a low voice, her eyes danced with laughter.

“James, Gwen, take Caleb to the school. Arthur please wash the dishes.” Madame Velna said in a soft pleasant voice, but the three wards understood the other meaning to her words. What they heard was James, Gwen get yourselves and Caleb out of my sight so I can entertain Mister Dagonet. Arthur wash the dishes as punishment for your bad behavior.
“Sorry Arthur.” James mumbled. Gwen looked a little embarrassed as she pushed Caleb towards the stairs.
“Wh-what d-did Arthur d-do?” Caleb stammered, his voice was cut off as James slammed the door behind him. Madame Velna led Mister Dagonet outside to show him her herb garden. He did not look overly thrilled at the prospect.

Arthur glanced around the messy kitchen. It was so unfair. It was not his fault that he could not find his boots and had to spit out his food because it was so hot. Something hot, wet and stinging slid down his cheek. Absently he lifted up his hand and wiped it away. His fist came away bloody. Arthur felt a cold shiver run don his back. Quickly he grabbed a towel and wiped his face. The towel came away all bloody and wet. Oh no! Not again! He thought in dismay.  

Planet Moldrin series

This was the drawing I used for the cover of a book I wrote for a friend. "Rise of the New World" is the first in a three book series. From left to right: Ears/Mark Phillips, Glasses/Mark Glatski, Oriental/Chang Loo, Shaggy/Barnum Bailey, Jane Mardren, Scarface/Angus Crutthers, Ponytail/Louisa Hunter. Sulky/Hamish Squalder is the tall boy in the back. Coffee/Raphael Camdor, and Lewis Bennet are sitting in the front.

This is the second book in the series, it's called "Planet of Death." At the top of the picture is Derek Haddington, who is really a shapeshifting alien. Next to him is Rose Parker, the villain. Standing below them are Angus Crutthers also known as Scarface, Jason Hunter, and Jane Mardren. They picture is drawn inside the DATH time bomb, which was supposed to blow up the planet they were on.

The third book, and final book with Jane in it. This one is obviously called, "The Rubbish Inventor" Since I haven't given this book to my friend yet, their me be a couple of spoilers. Captain Thunder/Frederick Dulzer is at the top of the picture. Right below him is the Butterfly/Emmy Zince. Lewis Bennet is at the top of the rubbish bin, below him is, Mildred March/Redhead, Jane Mardren, who got a hair cut, and Jason Hunter. On the other side of the bin, is the Shooting Star/Agnes Remy. This book is officially the last in the Planet Moldrin series, but not really the end because the characters show up in various other books I am or still planning on writing.

God Bless you all.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Sword of Camelot: Prologue

The Prologue for one of my books.
The Pendragon Saga
Book One
The Sword of Camelot
Written By Emily Howard
Started on the first of November two thousand and sixteen

Before you start reading this story, let me ask you you one simple question. Do you believe in dragons? Great ruby red blood dragons. Shimmering green grass dragons. Hulking black smoke dragons. And mythical pearly white dragons. Do you believe in them? Of course you do not, who has ever seen a dragon, before? They are pure myths! Or are they?

The great seemingly endless grass moors, stretched out as far as the solitary pilgrim could see. His blood red cloak flapped in the chilly breeze, irritating him. The man pulled his cloak tighter around his shoulders and shivered. The wind howled mournfully and blew his hood back, showing the boyish face of a young man. His long dark hair blew into his eyes, temporarily blinding him. He quickly brushed it aside. He scowled up at the darkening sky and shook his fist at it.

“Oh Merlin.” he moaned, “Why did you not remember to bring a companion?” Young Merlin often talked to himself, as other people rarely did. Usually because they found him to stupid to bother with. Merlin never seemed to notice that other people shunned him like a leper, until times like this. Lightening streaked across the sky, followed by a clap of thunder. Dark clouds blotted out the sun. Merlin shivered. “I would give anything for a bit of company.” he muttered. Merlin hated to be alone. Although he avoided crowded places too.

A single drop of rain splattered on his face, followed by a clap of thunder. Merlin glanced up at the sky in dismay.
“Why rain?” he screamed, as he flung up his arms in dismay, “Why the one day I leave Napis in a warm stall, it has to rain.” Napis was Merlin's beloved companion horse, who usually accompanied Merlin on his travels. Merlin always said he did extensive traveling, but in reality he only traveled between Cornwallis, the island he was born on and his other home in the village of of Roseside. In both places there was not a single person whom Merlin could really call family. He did not even have any friends, but Merlin did not care what people thought about him, as long as they kept there mouths shut and listened to whatever he was ranting about at the moment.

Once upon a time Merlin did have a family of course. One brother and two sisters. But all four children had been sent to different schools by their parents and hardly saw each other. Being sent to school was for rich people so that did not endear anyone to him. Another clap of thunder filled the air, then the rain came in torrents, thoroughly soaking Merlin. He pulled is hood back up and started to run. At that moment Merlin decided he despised water, more then anything. If I ever get out of this rain, I shall be content with staying home from now on! Merlin thought bitterly just as he stepped into a rabbit hole and fell down on his face. Mud and wet grass splattered all over his face. Slowly he sat up, spat out a mouthful of wet grass and wiped mud out of his eyes. Then he saw two people in dark pilgrim cloaks carrying a basket between them walking towards him.

“Mortals at last!” Merlin sighed and got to his feet wiping the mud from his clothes the best he could. Then he hurried foreword to great the newcomers. One was a tall broad shouldered man with a dark beard and black eyes. He looked tired and unhappy. His shoulders were slumped, dark circles around his eyes indicated that he had not slept in a long time. His black pilgrim cloak covered his clothes, so Merlin was unable to tell what part of Royaume he was from. The man's shorter slimmer companion had his face hidden under the deep cowl of his hood. The basket that they carried between them was covered with a blanket, that seemed to move of it's own accord. Merlin instantly made the assumption that they were going to the ceremony of offerings in the city of the stewards. He guessed that the basket contained their offering. A rabbit or a chicken, or perhaps a baby boar.

“Good day pilgrims!” Merlin called, forgetting the rain and loneliness of the moor. The man grunted, but made no reply. Merlin in his usual typical way, refused to be insulted, instead he made another assumption and decided that the man had taken the oath of silence until he had burnt his offering. So he turned to the other figure. “Good morrow.” he said.
“Good morrow, sir.” a high pitched feminine voice replied. Merlin was momentarily taken aback. Most pilgrims were men. He quickly came up with a plausible story that the woman was the man's wife and to afraid to stay home by herself.

“Tis a fine day to be going to the the city of the stewards.” Merlin said cheerfully. The wind grew stronger and whipped the three travelers cloaks and chilled them. The man gave Merlin a queer look then looked at the woman, she shrugged slightly. Merlin fell into step beside the man. The man started walking quicker, his grip tightening on the basket, which let out a wail. Instead of taking the hint that he was not wanted, Merlin started walking quicker too, so as to keep abreast of the two pilgrims and their basket. “You got a noisy one in there.” he said as he nodded at the basket.
“Yeah!” the man grunted. Merlin shot him a disapproving look. He was judging the man for breaking his vow of silence, even though he did not really know if the man had even made a vow of silence.
“I thought you were going in the opposite direction?” the woman said in a questioning voice.”
“I thought you could us my company.” Merlin said calmly.

The sky grew darker and it started raining even harder. The creature in the basket started screaming. Merlin, possessed a talent in magic, but was too lazy to cultivate it beyond cheep tricks such as filling the teapot and having it fly across the room to him, or clean his laundry. Now he took off his cloak shook it out. But when he put the cloak back on, it was still slightly damp. Humph! I am going to need to work on drying skill. He thought in disgust.
“So after the sacrifice, where are you going?” Merlin asked. The man muttered something unintelligible.
“Cliffs of insanity!” the woman said, as she bent over to place a corner of her cloak over the basket.
“I heard only fools hunt for the cliffs of insanity.” Merlin said, the woman stiffened.
“And some people have no manners!” she said haughtily. Merlin hesitated, her voice sounded vaguely familiar, but he could not place it. After a littler hard thinking, he decided he must have seen and spoken briefly to her at the pilgrim light festival in his village. With that thought in mind turned his attention to the woman's rude hint.

“I am well aware some people have no manners.” he said with a sigh. “Such as your husband.” he shook his head sadly. The man grunted. The woman snorted.
“Uther is not my husband, idiot, he is my cowardly, stupid, brainless brother!” Merlin frowned. He did not like for his thoughts to be wrong.
“Kayla is my sister!” Uther mumbled, “She was adopted to be my personal slave!” Merlin froze. He strongly apposed slavery, but adopting someone to make him or her a personal slave was even worse.
“Sir, that is an extreme outrage!” he bellowed, “I will not tolerate such wickedness!”
“Merciful beings!” Kayla cried, “Surely you do not take Uther seriously. Merlin frowned. He had no sense of humor, and believed joking was another word for the stupidest kind of lies.
“Idiot!” Uther mumbled. The creature in the basket drowned out the rest of Uther's words, with renewed screams. Merlin's frown grew.
“Put a muzzle on the little beast!” he said coldly.
“I would rather Muzzle you first!” Kayla growled, she pulled the hood of her cloak even lower over her face. Uther stepped in a mud puddle, then drew back with a curse.

“What foul weather!” Kayla muttered, “Does it ever do anything else besides storm and rain on the Twin Islands?”
“Oh tis not so bad as Cornbridge!” Merlin said, is cheerfulness returning. “The city of the stewards is only five miles further from here, then you can rest and grow warm in front of a hot roaring fire, while wearing dry clothes.”
“Listen you fool, I do-” Merlin patted Uther on the shoulder, stopping him in mid sentence.
“There, there my dear sir, five miles is not quite so bad as all that.” Merlin possessed that rear ability to twist every negative thing people said about him into a compliment or some passing remark that did not concern him. He absolutely refused to believe that anyone thought ill of him. He also believed all children worshiped him, as he once overheard a young mother tell her six year old son that he would turn out just like Merlin of Cornbridge. The boy had run to his mother crying. Crying for joy, Merlin was certain. Uther groaned softly. But said nothing more.

“Five miles seems a bit far, to walk in this weather.” Kayla said in a sugary voice, “Would there happen to be any place closer?”
“Depends what kind of place you are looking for.” Merlin said cheerfully, as he pushed his damp hair out of is face. Uther and Kayla glanced at each other.
“ about the stairs of infinity.” Kayla said slowly. Merlin froze, it had been so long since someone had mentioned that place to him, but he remembered it as if it had happened yesterday.

Merlin had been only twelve, and was about to be shipped off to school along with his older brother Mordrack. His two younger sisters had been dancing and singing. Mostly celebrating that there brothers were leaving. Morgan was dark haired with darker skin, while Merina was golden haired and pale faced. Merlin had grabbed his mother's hand.
“Mama please dinna send me away.” he had pleaded, his eyes filling with tears. His mother had taken his face in her hands and whispered,
“You have a gift Merlin, do not ever forget it! You must not stay here, but go out and make your own way in the world. Be who the stars sang you would be! Make this family revered and honored!” right there in his mother's kitchen Merlin made a vow never to marry and have a family. All they cared about was the honor you could bring them.
“Never!” Merlin had cried as he jerked away from his mother and ran for the door.
“See you on the stairs of Infinity.” his mother called after him. Her words had meant nothing to Merlin, and now only eight years later, he was hearing the same words again. His mother had died two years after he had left home so he hoped it did not mean he was going to see a dead body.

“Sir?” Kayla's voice pierced through his thoughts, “Sir are you alright? You seem rather pale at the moment.”
“The man is drunk, sister.” Uther growled, “Besides, him not talking is really delightful.”
“Peace brother!” Kayla growled. Merlin shook away his memory. The storm seemed to be calming down, but the setting sun had turned the sky bright red.
“Idiot!” Uther muttered.
“Sir, are you alright?” Kayla asked gently.
“Can you tell us where the steps of Infinity and Cliffs of Insanity are?” Uther rudely interrupted.
“I most certainly cannot!” Merlin said coldly, “What do you think I am a geographic?”
“You humans are rude and puny!” Uther bellowed.
“Calm down brother.” Kayla cried.
“If you are no human, what are you, an animal?” Merlin asked as he cocked his head.

Uther flung back his hood. Merlin felt a cold shiver run down his back. Uther's eyes had turned blood red. His hands seemed to curve into claws and he started to advance towards the surprised Merlin. A loud crash of thunder stopped him, and his eyes returned to normal, at least as normal as black eyes could look, his mouth dropped open and his tanned weather beaten face turned pale.
“Idiot!” Kayla screamed. Uther stammered something unintelligible. A prickle of fear ran down Merlin's back and a sixth sense warned him to turn around. Quickly, he glanced over his shoulder. It was not the setting sun which had turned the sky red. Rather it was the cracks which were appearing in the darkening sky and splitting open. Red glows were spilling through. Kayla screamed causing Merlin to jump.
“Uther, they found us!” she cried, “Plan B!”
“Never!” Uther gasped.

The cracks grew wider and a great flying lizard like creature wormed its way out of the biggest one. Merlin's eyes bulged.
“Impossible!” he gasped, willing himself not to believe what he was seeing.
“Here there be dragons!” Uther murmured. A blast of scorching air dried Merlin's clothes in two seconds flat. But it was to much for the young man. He had spent to long forcing himself to be happy and comfortable with his position. He did not intend to let that change now. Turning he fled in the opposite direction like a a coward.
“Stay alive, Uther!” Kayla was screaming, “You have to live for the kingdom!” Merlin glanced over his shoulder. Uther was clutching at the howling basket, staring after Kayla, who was running to meet the dragon.

“She is insane!” Merlin gasped, “She is virtually insane!” a second dragon wiggled through another crack. Merlin's mind screamed at him to keep running, but he found himself slowing down and turning around. Merlin you are a fool, get out while you still can! He argued with himself. But maybe it is time I actually helped someone! Kayla flung back her hood, her long brown hair streamed out behind her, and she drew a shining sword. Merlin felt a tingling in his finger tips. Desperately, he concentrated willing the power to grow. The two dragons bore down on Kayla. A dim glow came out of the palm of Merlin's hand and gently blew towards the woman and the two dragons. More power! I need more power! Merlin thought in desperation. He clenched his fists and took a deep breath, closing is eyes for concentration, while cursing himself for not making things easier by practicing.

Kayla sliced at the foremost dragon causing it to back up. Fire filled the air. The grass was scorched and the rain started to steam.
“Get out of here fool!” She screamed. The dragons let out horrible barking laughs. Uther, who she was really talking too, got up and started backing slowly towards Merlin. Kayla had the full attention of the dragons. Merlin could feel power building up in his hands, but is sixth sense told him it was not ready. Behind him the wind began to howl and tug at his cloak. In front of him, the dragons attacked Kayla, side by side. Unable to fight both, she made a suicidal move. She leaped directly into the face of one, bringing her sword into the creatures mouth. The dragon screamed and grasped the woman in his claws. She screamed and dropped her sword.
“Kayla!” Uther bellowed. Merlin flung out his arms, hot flames streaked out engulfing, dragons, Kayla and melting into the cracks.
“Stop!” Uther screamed.

Merlin had one awful vision of the hideous mask of a black dragon be fore he crumpled to the ground, his energy gone. When the fire cleared, the moor was empty except for ashes, scattered everywhere. The cracks had vanished.
“Kayla?” Uther whispered, he fixed his strange black eyes on Merlin.
“I-?” Merlin gasped.
“What have you done?” Uther cried an agonized look on his face.
“The dragons would have destroyed Royaume!” Merlin argued weakly.
“You have done two things fool, and that was save Camelot for a while longer and shown me the cliffs.” Uther said grimly. He put the basket in Merlin's arms. “This is your responsibility now!” he strode past the half lying half sitting Merlin, who was awkwardly trying to grasp the basket. Merlin's gaze followed him.

Something strange had happened, the ground seemed to have opened up, not two feet away from where Merlin was lying. Bottomless abyss of darkness. Merlin tried to yell, but was to weak to do more then give an undignified squeak. Uther paused at the edge of the cliff looked back and said quietly,
“The fate of Camelot, the fate of Avalon, the fate of the sword is in your incompetent hands, I would you were not the one, but you will have to do.” Merlin frowned. This was to obvious an insult for him to smooth over.
“Those are not even real places!” he argued, his grip tightening on the basket. Uther smiled sadly and jumped. Merlin heard an undignified screaming sound, which he realized was coming from himself and grew silent. The abyss closed before his very eyes.

Merlin shuddered. He had killed two dragons, a woman, and seen a man commit suicide, and saved the world all in one day, it was too much.

“Why? Why me?” he screamed. The forgotten creature in the basket let out a piercing wail. Merlin froze, then flung the basket away from himself in terror. The basket hit the ground and rolled onto its side. The blanket moved, then a tiny baby fist reached out, followed by a tiny child, in a light blue and white baby gown. Merlin felt a cold shiver run down his back. The baby lifted up it's head and stared at Merlin through big soft brown eyes, a trickle of blood was running out of the corners of his eyes, almost as if he was weeping blood. As Merlin stared at the child, his vow never to have a family faded and he became a father.  

The Dark Lord

This is a cover a drew then colored on the computer with paint, for one of my books. The first book in a series called "Shadow Warriors." The characters from left to right are: Prince Tarin, Honstino, his trainee Louis, Baron Londino, and the dark lord. Yes he has blond hair.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wolf drawing

The Wolf Hunter

One of my brothers asked me to draw him a picture of a werewolf. Don't ask me why. But this is what it looks like so far.