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Name Generators

It's been awhile since I posted. I did do a writing prompt today and yesterday, I just never finished them. Maybe I wasn't very inspired. Also I finished writing the Diary of an Uncharming Prince, so you can expect the rest of it soon.

My mom just did an interesting post with four generators on it on her blog. I took them all. This is a link to her blog post. It has the generator links on her page.  Here

My special 2018 saint is Saint Cosmas

I believe this is the right picture. I think he is the one with the twin. I forgot to click on read more before I deleted the generator.

Anyway, he is the patron saint against Blindness and Pestilence. He is the patron of Apothecaries, blind people, chemical manufacturers, hairdressers, midwives, physicians, pharmacists, and surgeons.

My inspirational word was "giggle." Really? That really didn't inspire me at all, I don't really like giggling. Maybe I'll have to think about it.

Now for the Lord of the Rings name generator.
I took it with just my first name then again with my first, middle and last name.

Hobbit: Eglantine Diswell of Fair Downs
2nd name: Ruby 'the Magnificent' Jumpswell of Buckland

Elvin: Elvorfindra, Lady of Lórien
2nd name: Unindra, of the House of the Golden Flower

Dwarf: Dynoic of Erebor
2nd name: Subrylla the Simple

Wizard: Corumo, Powers of the World
2nd name: Uinen, the Dark Power

Human: Nydiran, Queen of Rhovanion
2nd Name: Galaerwen of the Fírimar

Now that I have all these nifty names, maybe I need to write a fanfiction.


Thursday, December 28, 2017

Writing prompt day 4 and drawings.

Here is the new prompt.

You have just been sentenced to a lifetime of invisibility.

I'll probably add more to this and make it an actual short story. I plan that with most of my drabbles though. :D

The Punishment

You would think over the course of 5,000 years, someone would have come up with an efficient way to stop crime. But apparently the world is too full of dumb people. My bosses come to mind, for starters. In the past 2,000 years the intelligence rate of the lawmakers went from practically non-existent to extinct. What people that had any brains left had to suffer for it. Those that actually worked for these slugs in human bodies suffered the most. I was one of those unfortunates.

Every day I would roll out of bed, pick up my to do list that day, read it, then I would get out the list of laws, and find out what I had to do to keep my own self out of jail. I was in charge of hauling in the criminals. Believe me when I say it was difficult job. Mostly because I had to find prison space for them. My pay was crummy compared to the difficulty of the job. But believe it or not, I could not ask for a raise. That was against law 5,789 article 2.

One day the power flipped in my sleeping lot. I woke up only to discover that I would be half an hour late for work. I leaped out of bed, threw some clothes on grabbed my work list and plowed out of the building. Here is a good time to notice that I didn't read the law cheat sheet. Traffic was slightly better then usual. I made five miles in an hour. I reached the station 45 minutes late.

“Sam Ragan, what is the meaning of this?” Professor B growled as I scrambled into the room. I did not feel the need to explain myself to the Professor. He had the life and intelligence of a dinner bun. I am serious. He was soft, white and pudgy, with the perfect golden glint of a nicely cooked bun. His brain was more like uncooked bun, because it was so mushy. He believed everything anyone said. I think some obnoxious twit actually told him the world was a box, and the sky was the floor of the next room up.

I had to pick up an international prisoner from a gambling house. That would be a cinch. Unfortunately I had never raided that particular gambling house. I hope they didn't have any special rules. A lot of buildings.
“I hope you read your law chart thoroughly, Sam.” my partner Gabe commented as we suited up. I gave him my twisted, wolf slash shark slash spider look. When I looked at people like that, their hair usually stood up on end. Gabe was quaking in terror as he tightened his belt and spat a mouthful of tobacco on the floor, breaking a minor rule. Thou shalt not spit in public!
“You're going to get it Gabe.” I said cheerfully as I stuck my gun into my belt. He smirked.
“That's what you think, buster!” he said. I wondered why he was so obnoxiously cheerful.

We were about halfway to the gambling house when I noticed that Gabe hadn't brought his gun. In fact he hadn't brought anything. I snickered. He was going to get in such big trouble. Then I noticed that he was snickering too. Did he think I was going to get in trouble? For the first time I began to feel the shadow of doubt.

We burst into the gambling house, and found our criminal without much trouble. He was the one that was waving the gun in the air and shooting terrified people.
“Lets get out of here!” Gabe yelled heroically and dashed towards the door. I grabbed him by the collar.
“Get back here you sniveling coward.” I growled, “Let this be a lesson to you never to go anywhere without your gun.”
“But guns aren't allowed in here, it's against a major law!” Gabe howled. No wonder he had been snickering. I nearly brained him. But the punishment for hitting a co-worker was to pay his taxes for five years. Freeloaders always tried to get their co-workers to hit them. I was still paying Gabe's taxes from the last time I hit him.

I whipped out my gun and shot the criminal's gun out of his hand. He let out a yell. More screams filled the room. He just stared at me in shock. I suppose he thought he would be safe as the only one with a gun in the room.
“I am going to sue you officer.” the proprietor that miserable place bellowed as I handcuffed the criminal. Talk about the ingratitude of some people. That place was littered with dead and wounded. I had just saved the lives of a good three dozen people. I booted that man in the stomach.
“Why don't you complain about him, ye ingrate?” I snarled.

Guess who joined the criminal on trial? Yours truly! Apparently bringing a gun into a shady gambling house was a worse crime then murder. I saved the lives of most of those people and they repaid me by pressing charges. Does anyone wonder why I hate people?

The judge leered down at Wilson the criminal and I. I gave him my nastiest shark look. He hastily looked away.
“Samuel Ragan we are quite disappointed in your performance today.” the judge said. I steeled myself. What horrible punishment did the veggie brains think up today. “Both you and Wilson will have to take the punishment for braking a code one rule.” I winced. Don't Murder was only a code 2 rule.
“Well?” I growled, “Get on with it!” An angry murmur ran through the room. That was a code 5 rule. Never interrupt a judge.

“The punishment for bringing a gun into Maxie gambling establishment is a lifetime in invisibility.” the judge said coldly. I don't know who laughed louder. Me or Wilson. We were laughing so hard we were leaning on each other. The judge slammed his little hammer thing into his desk. “Take these clowns away!” he bellowed, “To the chamber.”

We were each put in a tiny cell. It was about the size and shape of a bathroom stall, except it was completely shut in. The walls and floor were made of metal. At least that's what it felt like. I couldn't see, it was pitch black in there. Some joker turned a shower head on and I was soaked. Then after nearly an hour of misery the water turned off and a heater turned on. I felt like I was on fire. I swear there was electrical sparks shooting off of me.

The dryer finally stopped and the door opened. I staggered out. Everything was blurry. I blinked a few times, then stumbled towards the group of soldiers. They didn't even look at me. I shrugged right past them. I was going home. If anyone tried to stop me, I fully intended to punch him, and NOT pay his taxes. No one stopped me.

As I stumbled into the building where I lived, I nearly ran into Lisa. She lives across the hall from me and can be a bit annoying. But she does have nice hair. Really thick dark curly hair. She's not pale like other girls either. I think she came from Jamaica. But it could be somewhere else, I seldom listen to the gossip at the boarding house.

“Out of my way, Lisa!” I barked, “I've had a red alert day today.” Lisa's hair very nearly literally stood up on end, and she let out a bloodcurdling scream. I clamped a hand over her mouth. She began to struggle wildly. I dragged her into the elevator and pressed the button for the tenth floor. I couldn't let a crazy girl run wild, then I let her go. She backed into the corner of the elevator and her head started twitching wildly.
“Wh-where- where-?” she stuttered over and over again.
“Cut that noise!” I growled, “One would think you never saw man who took a shower in his clothes then was blow dried.
“Sam?” Lisa said, her voice still quavering, “I hate your jokes.”
“Good, because I'm not in the mood to joke!” I growled.
“Then where in blazes are you?” Lisa screamed.

It would now be safe to say my hair stood up on end. Some people just use that as an expression, but I was serious. She couldn't see me.
“I'm right here in front of you!” I yelled wildly. Lisa shook her head nervously.
“Um- I can feel you.” she poked me, “But not see you. What happened?”
“UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!” I screamed, “I'm invisible!”

Do you know what the worst part of discovering that the judge hadn't been joking, was? Well, it was the horrible realization that there was a master murderer running invisible in the streets. I probably couldn't see him either. UGH! Everyone is going to die! I'm going to die! HELP! HELP! Someone save me!

“Sam, please.” Lisa cried, “There are people staring.” I realized that I may have actually been voicing my thoughts out loud. The elevator door had betrayed me and opened. Half a dozen of my fellow tenants were staring at us.

“It's just another one of Sam's jokes.” someone said. A murmur of agreement ran through the hallway, then everyone walked off. How dare they think this was a joke. Say, since I was invisible I could pretty much do as I wanted. Believe me, I fully intended to take the chance. It's not every day one can tell their bosses exactly what they think about them, without getting punished.


These drawings were done for my book "Justice Begins" by my sister Rosie. Thank you Rosie.

 Jeremiah Dulzer
Captain Justice

 Johnathon Dulzer

 Alice Douglas
Star Queen

 Kristoff Disney
Iron Fists


 Igor Shelmen

 Katherine Dulzer

 Emma Dulzer

 Orville Dulzer

 Frank Douglas

 Mr. Douglas

 Aladdin Disney

 Beth Dean

 Elizabeth Ra'negir

 Thelma Ra'negir

 Fre'delthir Shelmen

 Alan Shelmen

 Phillipa McLean

Agent DT


Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Writing prompt day 3

The next writing prompt.

A burglar breaks into an old lady's home. The occupant invites the burglar to tea and biscuits, and won't take no for an answer.

Tea with Grandma

I had fallen on a lot of hard luck. Since some insane unthoughtful fool had invented the burglar alarm, or brought them to Hicksville, I'm not quite sure which my work had become a lot harder. I'm a burglar by trade, and a tolerable good one too. When ever I get short on cash I pay a visit to the bank. She loans me quite a luscious stack. But the bankers didn't realize what a meaningful relationship I was having with the bank. They installed burglar alarms. Once I got out of prison, I found everyone else in Hicksville had alarms too. How did they think I was supposed to live?

I lived poorly. My neighbors all eyed me with suspicion, that they reserved just for people who had been in jail. Some of them commented on how straight I was going. Well, that was hardly my fault. There were one to many burglar alarms in Hicksville. At the moment I was currently taking Nell Fright's online class for dismantling alarms. It was very interesting and informative. I actually able put an alarm back together after two classes. I'm still confused as to the actually dismantling though.

Money got extra tight. I probably had only about two dollars in my secret bank. A lose floorboard you would call it, if you knew about it. But I decided it was time to take some desperate measures. A new family had moved in just across the street from my boarding house. I'm not sure if they had figured out the alarm system yet. They probably didn't think they need it because I hadn't tried to rob them.

I carefully selected my clothes for the heist. A serious burglar takes pride in his clothes. Only the finest for burglars. Once I had my jeans and t-shirt on. I pulled on my patched jean jacket, grabbed my crowbar and simply walked through my neighbor's front door. Who cares about clothes anyway. Besides the idiots had forgotten to lock their door. Who doesn't lock their door by six o'clock?

The place was full of boxes. These idiots hadn't unpacked yet, they also conveniently left the lights on. Of course that might be because no one goes to bed before seven thirty PM. I peeked in the boxes. BOOKS? Who reads books? Books are for unintelligent people like- well I don't know, maybe the president. Or other world leaders. I don't think most of them are very intelligent. But I could be wrong.

I made my way through the hall and found nothing more valuable then a whole box of pens. My favorite kind. I decided that a nut must live there. Then I found myself in a dining room. There was an old lady pouring tea into some tea cups. An old lady? I was robbing an old lady of her collection of pens? What kind of man was I? I started to sneak back down the hall.

“Hold on there young man?” the lady said gently, “Where are you going?” No burglar wants to hear those words, even if it's a small frail old lady saying them.
“Just back the way I came.” I said, as I pointed over my shoulder.
“Not until you have had some tea.” she said.
“Listen grandma.” I growled, deciding to play harsh, “I ain't takin' tea with no nut, now-”
“Such manners.” Grandma lady says, “Well, we'll just have to take care of that.” she stood up. That old lady was taller then me. I could already see the headlines.

Hicksville Thief mugged by old lady with a teapot!

I shuddered, what a horrible way to go out. Grandma lady pushed out a chair and gestured at it. Surely she was not going to force me to drink tea with her. I might feel more guilt for stealing her pens.
“Uh- no thank you.” I stammered. This time I remembered my manners.
“Listen, young man, I say sit, so sit down.” Grandma lady cried, “Didn't your mother teach you to respect your elders.”
“Listen lady,” I barked, “I got a gun-”
“Sit, sit, sit.” Grandma lady ordered sternly, “You are a very naught boy.”

I sat down, my face pinker then the curtains on the window. Grandma lady smiled and poured me a mugful of tea. I made a face. I hated tea.
“Have you forgotten your manners again?” she demanded.
“Thank you ma'am.” I muttered sullenly. She smiled and nodded. Then she picked up a plate of cookies. Now that was more like it.

I was on my fifth cookie when I heard the door open and voices in the hallway. No thief would wait to find out who those voices belong too. I scrambled to my feet, causing the table to shake.
“You haven't been excused yet.” Grandma lady said crisply.
“Maybe I be excused, ma'am?” I gasped. She shook her head.
“Certainly not! My daughter and granddaughter are here, you must meet them.” she said. My hair literally stood up on end. This was a nightmare.

Who should coming walking into the room, but Officer May Dalooth in civilian clothes. The horrible female officer who had arrested me last time. Behind her was a skinny girl with sandy blond hair. She was probably seventeen or so. Possibly eighteen. Who cares, she was younger then me anyway.

“May, my dear.” Grandma lady cried, “You got here at last. I want you to meet a good friend of mine.” she gestured at me.
“You?” Officer Dalooth shrieked. She reached into her bag. I don't know if Officers carry guns and warrants around in the purses, but I wasn't going to find out. I grabbed the kid, and poked my own gun into her face. She screamed.
“Now, now, put that gun down.” Grandma lady ordered sternly, “That's my little grand-”
“I don't care what she is!” I growled, “I just know this girlie is going to stay here. Grandma you pour the tea. Mumma sit down, and gossip with grandma. This girlie and I are going to take a short walk.”

“Paul Bolt, you already have a record of thefts a mile long.” Officer Dalooth cried, “I beg you, don't add kidnapping to the matter as well.”
“Who said anything about kidnapping?” I asked as I started backing down the hall, “This girlie is happy to take a walk with me. Isn't that right girlie?” I jabbed her cheek with the gun.
“I-I- of course.” she stammered.
“Show more enthusiasm.” I argued. Why hadn't I thought of taking hostages long ago? They made things run so much smoother.

We reached the front door. I made the girlie open it, then I pushed her down the hall. She fell sprawling. Officer Dalooth whipped out a gun.
“Stay down, Mary!” she shouted. I leaped out the door just as it was plugged full of bullets. I slammed it.

“Haha!” I laughed. I bullet slammed through the door, and into my leg. I howled with pain. Then I miserably took off down the street. People were staring. I had to hide. I can't believe I had tea and a bullet for a bunch of miserable pens.


Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Writing prompt day two

Here is Alley's next writing prompt: 
The King now lies on a bed of stone without a crown, without a home. 

I have actually heard this one before, so I have an older story of it. Neither of them are a bit the same. Nor my best work.


As long as anyone knew the dwarves and the elves had been at war with each other over the land of Aligasian. First the dwarves would be winning, and the common folk would run to pay them homage and swear to spit at all the elves. Then suddenly the elves would rally and drive the dwarves back, leaving the people to face their wrath. As one can imagine, it was the the people who suffered most for this frightful way of living. Rivers ran red with blood. Fields were piled high with the dead. Aligasian was torn with strife and misery. Famine and plagues spread through the land, adding to the death.

But one day a barbarous dwarf called Aldrick slew his king and seized the crown for himself. He formed a deadly army of his most skilled dwarves, then rushed at the elves. Stories said it was a one sided slaughter. The bodies of the elves were so numerous that no one believed there could be a single elf left alive in Aligasian.

With no one to contend his right for the throne, Aldrick set himself up as sole ruler of Aligasian. The poor miserable peasants cheered. For one day Aldrick was the hero. He had brought the much longed for peace to their world. The long war was over. Or was it. Aldrick was cruel. He was harsh. He taxed the people outrageously. Those who could not pay were cast into the mines. Aldrick grew rich, but the people grew poorer. Famine continued to claim its victims.

It was not long before mutters of rebellion began to rise. Aldrick crushed those who had dared to rebel. The people grew desperate. But there was nothing they could do. They were starving and Aldrick's spies were everywhere. A feeling of distrust spread throughout the land. No one trusted each other. Aligasian had never been so vulnerable.

Then one day a woodsman from the Northern boarders of Aligasian came with a report that the neighboring countries were growing hostile. There were talks about war. Aligasian was not in the best position at the moment. But Aldrick did not care. His dwarf army had defeated the elves. He was confident that they could defeat an army of men too.
“Begone wretch!” he growled, “Do you think I fear any man?” Galian, the woodsman was silent. He had done his duty for his kingdom, but the people suffered still. He bowed, turned and left the king.

Galian returned to his home, and took out his father's armor. Galian had a secret. A secret that would get him killed. He lived alone and kept to himself. But now he was ready to reveal his secret. Galian was an elf. Well, a half elf anyway. But he was an elf. One of the last in the entire Third World. He planned on liberating the people. Giving them a chance to live and choose their own king.

That night Aldrick received a message, addressed to him from Voor the last king of the elves. To the dwarf's horror, it was written in the hand of the dead elf.

Greetings usurper of Aligasian,
You may have seized the scepter but not the heart of the land. There will be no respect for a cruel tyrant as thyself, until the heart is in your hands. But beware, hidden deep beneath the lowest dungeon, are those who would do much to protect the land from tyrants such as thyself. The stone is well guarded. My spirit will never rest until you are dead and the heart is displayed for all.
The true king,

Aldrick grabbed the boy who had delivered the message had hurled him out the window. The window unfortunately happened to be ten stories off the ground. After the dwarf had cooled his temper by smashing everything in sight. He snatched up his axe and headed for the lowest dungeon. He planned to trample Voor's spirit underneath his iron toed boots.

To Aldrick's surprise there was no spirit awaiting him. The man who stood in the likeness of Voor was very much flesh and blood. He stepped out of the dungeon and approached Aldrick. The dwarf frowned. The man was obviously elf or mostly elf, and he looked very much like Voor. Surely the dreadful elf king had no surviving son.

“Who are you, you dog?” Aldrick snarled as he smashed his axe into the ground. The flagstones splintered and the floor shook.
“I am Galian.” the elf said, “Perhaps you do not remember me. I warned you yesterday that Aligasian was in danger. You heeded not my words.” Aldrick scowled.
“So you dress up as an elf to mock me?” he growled.
“No.” Galian said, “I am the son of Voor and a human woman! I came here to ambush you!” Aldrick laughed.

The dwarf king stopped laughing, when the spear plunged through his heart. He dropped to the floor silently. His crown fell from his head and clattered to the floor. Galian dragged the king to heap of stones and cast him on it. The king now lies on a bed of stones, without a crown, without a home. No one missed him.

The first story I wrote for this prompt

 The Lost King

“Looks, there is crazy old Max.” Daniel said as we walked past the white bearded old man, who was staggering down the streets. I stared at the old man wearing a pair of goggles over an old fashioned pilot hat.
“We should stay away from him.” I muttered nervously. Crazy Max, was pretty crazy!
“I'm not afraid of him!” Daniel said smugly and swaggered over to the old man. Max shot out a bony hand and grabbed my cousin by the collar of his fancy shirt.
“It ain't wise boy!” he croaked. My hair stood up on end, and someone started screaming like a banshee. It took me awhile to realize that it was myself that was making the noise.
“Get your paws offa me!” Daniel yelled. I did my best to help. After all it is very helpful if a skinny ten year old boys in glasses dances around yelling his fool head off. I heroically took the job. Crazy Max shoved Daniel down on someone's front step then grabbed me by the collar and slammed me down next to him.
“Shut yer screaming, lil' boy!” he snarled. Then he leaned closer. Daniel nearly choked me. So I was forced to shut up.

“Did ya hear about what happened to the king?” I sneaked a look at Daniel. As far as I knew we only had a queen. No king.
“What?” I croaked. Daniel hit me.
“Them bony fellows attacked him, hundreds and hundreds of 'em!” Max hissed.
“Bony fellows?” Daniel sneered. He was obviously getting over his fright.
“Skeletons!” Crazy Max hissed. I bit my lips. I didn't like skeletons unless they were safely packaged inside a person.

“The king fought and fought, but all his friends and warriors abandoned him!” Crazy Max cried, “They ran like cowards and the army of bones surrounded the king and took everything from him.”
“Wh-what happened to the king?” I stammered.
“The king now lies on a bed of stone. Without a crown, without a home.” Crazy Max said with a shake of his head.
“Really?” I asked leaning forward.
“Simon, don't listen to this idiot, he doesn't know right from left!” Daniel yelled and cuffed me. I winced.
“But the king will wake, an' when he does- beware to all that betrayed him!” Crazy Max hissed, “Vengeance will be harsh and swift.”
“You give me the creeps!” Daniel yelled and he grabbed me and pulled me to my feet, “Come on Simon lets get out of here.”

As we walked away, Daniel continued jabbering about Crazy Max and mental institutions. But I was not listening to him. I was staring at the skeleton that hung in Harvey's Costume shop window. It appeared to be moving.
“D-Daniel, was what he said really just barmy?” I stuttered.


Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas!

Happy Birthday Baby Jesus!

Joy to the World
The Lord is Come!

Picture copyright Trinity Acres

Merry Christmas from my family to yours!
I'm the one holding the book, of course. And yes, that is Gollum!

 I got a nice array of amazing gifts. My camera doesn't take the best pictures, but you should still get the idea.
The fan was from a lovely friend. Thank you Eve! Eve's blog She is an amazing person!
The little jar is full of writing prompts, which was accompanied by a notebook. They were from another friend. Thank you Alley! If you have gotten a book certificate from me, you should thank her. She was the one that gave me the idea for book certificates. Now three or four years later, I am still using them. The weird screw thing is some kind of puzzle, which is supposed to come apart. It came from my grandma along with a hat, a pair of socks, and an awesome shirt which has EBH #3 on it. To those of you that don't know what that means, it is my initials and the 3 stands for third grandchild. Of course my dad and brothers solved the puzzle screw and I did not. I'll get it one of these days. Thank you Grandma! The piece of paper is an airplane ticket. My sister Galadriel and I are going to Washington for a couple of days to stay with an aunt AND go to the March for Life! Whooo hooo! Thanks mom and dad you are the best! The book is one of my own books. My brother arranged to have one of them printed up in book form. I have a whole box full of them! MY PRECIOUS! Of course since I wasn't in on the plan it never got any series editing, so this is mostly a fun edition! Thank you Frodo! And the others that helped! I also got some candy, money and cards from other people. Thanks everyone!

 Box full of my treasures!

Notebook and writing prompts.
I decided I was going to do one prompt per day until they were all gone, then I was going to have someone refill the jar.

This was the prompt I pulled out this morning
"Here's what I know about sibling rivalry."

The drabble

"Here's what I know about sibling rivalry." I told my grandson, "My sister, the Spider; and I were deep in a heated debate one year involving some serious bruises and now then a clatter of anything breakable. Our mother had stepped out for a moment, otherwise she might have showed her enthusiasm for our little debate by helping it along with a swinging broom. Mothers can get carried away sometimes."
"Hey, is this some kind of joke?" my grandson whined, "That's the same thing I do with Toad, Cow and Piggie, when we're trying to kill each other!" This kid had no taste whatsoever. You don't try to kill your siblings, you have gentle debates with them.

My wife peered into the room and frowned. I figured she was blinder then I realized because she looked at our grandson instead of me.
"Don't encourage him, you fool!" she yelled, "He'll grow up even worse then he already is!"
"I'm doing my best grandma." my grandson said. I wonder what he could have meant by that crack. My wife was obviously talking to me.

"Shut up you two and listen while I explain how to take care of sibling rivalry!" I barked. Sometimes I have to be a little rough, when I'm not given the proper respect. I have threatened not to tell my stories to them, but for some odd reason that usually makes them double over.
"We're listening!" My grandson said as he started flipping through a magazine. I would have smacked him with it, except I couldn't afford to crunkle it. That was my brand new gun magazine.

Just then my oldest and biggest, not to mention ugliest granddaughter came into the room. Having so many grandchildren has dimmed their names in my memory, perhaps it is actually my brain cells rotting with age, or because I beat my head against the tree after failing to hit a dear who was right in front of me, my aim is usually off by 90 degrees. I don't know why, it just is. Anyway, my grandson and I call her the Toad. She resembles one too. Warty face, muddy brown hair, thin complexion, evil eyes, power sucking lips. In short she was nearly as ugly and evil as my sister, who was definitely a Spider.

"Grandma tell grandpa not to start on his silly stories of experience." Toad cried, "He's teaching Billy to call us names." I like to pride myself on the fact that I had drawn my grandson's attention to the fact that his three sisters looked remarkably like a Toad, a Cow and a Pig. My wife reached for her broom. I moved to the couch so the rocking chair was between us. You can never get to coutious when it comes to swinging brooms. Particularly if it is bigger then you. Both the broom and the woman. Not that my wife was bigger then me, except in temper. I'm a nice kind of guy though.

"When I was ten years old, I figured out how to take care of sibling rivalry." I began. The broom twitched. I picked up a cushion. As I said before one could never get too careful.
"Get on with it grandpa!" Billy shouted, "I got a baseball game, so the sooner I figure out how to make the Toad drive me, the better." That boy just loves my stories. I think I could just detect a certain amount of affection in the downward curve of his mouth. My stories are so amazing. Every word is the absolute truth too.
"Your game is at the other end of the street!" Toad barked.
"What's your point?" Billy asked.

"Gramps!" the Toad said sharply, "What exactly do you know about sibling rivalry? You didn't have any siblings." I could have sworn the Spider was my sister. Maybe she was my cousin or aunt or something.
"Are you trying to teach Billy and Teresa not to fight?" my wife asked. She lowered her broom. I knew she would thaw out towards my story.
"Naw," I drawled, "I was just going to tell them that sibling rivalry is really just an excuse to fight. Kids like to keep their parents on their toes!"
"Hey, I knew that!" Billy shouted.

My wife threw the broom at me. It hit the rocking chair bounced off, hit my cushion and swung up in an almost human way, right into my face. Bullseye! Luckily it didn't take all my teeth out. I think that will be the last time I educate my grandson in front of my wife.

Yeah, I read to much Patrick McManus.

You can see my shirt and hat in this very blurry picture. The hat has an E on it.

 Our big Nitivity set. It has been in the process of enlargement for over twelve years now.
This picture was taken near the beginning of Advent, so there isn't a lot of people up yet.


Sunday, December 24, 2017

Which is better? Double covers and more

I made a cover for this book forgetting that I had started another one previously. So now I have too.

Which one is better?

Justice Begins cover two but finished first.

Justice Begins cover one but finished last.

I asked a couple of siblings, and all them pointed at the second cover, stopped and said, "No wait." Then we start comparing people.

Double covers 
I suppose you all remember me posting this cover. Well, I made the mistake of drawing it before I wrote the book. It could work for the book, I suppose, but Peony was hardly in the book at all, and there were two other boys and a horse who deserved to be on the front more then her so I made another cover.

Cover Two.
Invaders in the Winter.
From left to right: Bark Hardwood, Radish, and Fall Laughingbrook. Winter Farsight is standing in front of Radish.

There should be a horse on here two, but I'm terrible at drawing horses so, I didn't do it. Sorry Syrenia.

More New covers
Title: Rebellion
Genre: Fantasy
Series: Star Warriors book 2
Characters: Stephen.
Top row: Johnathon, Rubin, Pascal.
vertical row from top to bottom: Ral the Doborman, the Twins, Shore and Bay.
Synopsis: Stephen, Johnathon and Rubin return to Misery and find things just as bad as ever. They decide to start a rebellion and kick all the grownups out.

Title: The Ranger's Apprentice (No this is not anything like John Flanagan's series, they aren't even the same kind of Rangers)
Genre: Fantasy
Series: Apprentice Warriors
Characters from left to right: Kelsie, Elvin, Elsa, Morte.
Synopsis: Elvin is being forced to train and become a Ranger. His worst trainer is the Fairy Morte. Fairies and Rangers don't mix. Then one day while going for a walk in the woods to cool some steam off, Elvin meets old friend Kelsie, and discovers that he has a fire power. He fails to tell the rest of the Rangers and laughs at them while the wonder why he has not gained any power. But Elvin is about to learn the disturbing truth about his family. Of course it is extra odd, that the girl Kelsi that he grew up with, is actually his niece, and the villain that tried to kill his friends is actually his brother.

Explanation of Rangers: The Rangers of Trendland are not like the normal rangers that people are used too. I believe I came up with them before reading John Flanagan's series. They are like wizards, but born with their powers. The Wizards of Trendland are bad, and have spent years learning from books what the Rangers know by instinct. There is no love between these two groups. Normal Rangers are born with one power each. But their is legend that one with multiple powers will be born. Elvin had two powers, but it was actually his nephew Daniel Grant that the legend talked about. This book takes place maybe a few months before Dan's birth.

Character Drawings
I had a bit of help from Galadriel with these drawings.
 Name: Jeremiah Dulzer
Age: Fourteen
Justice Hero Name: Captain Justice
Skill: Scientific inventions (Whatever they are called, I wouldn't know, I'm not scientific)

 Jerry's first Captain Justice uniform. A Douglas Towers uniform over his prison pajamas and a hat pulled low over his eyes. He invented the wrist crossbow himself. Although in the book he didn't wear the the crossbow when he wore that outfit.

Name: Johnathon Dulzer
Age: 11
Justice Hero name: Mask
Skill: Everyone would say it is being annoying. But besides having a quick mind, he can also shapeshift, a skill that he gained after an accident.

 Johnny's first Mask costume. A battered green rain coat and a hospital Mask. He was one that came up with Justice Heroes and the names for all his friends.

Fun fact: Some of you might remember a grownup version of this man as Mr. John Smith from "Thunder in the Academy." 

Fun fact 2: I used a picture of the little brother of some friends of mine, to draw what you can see of Johnny's face.

Name: Alice Douglas
Age: 12
Justice Hero name: Star Queen
Skills:  The Same accident that turned Johnny into a shapeshifter also gave Alice a fire power. Something that she was not really thrilled to get.

 Alley's first Star Queen costume. A bulky winter coat and thick gloves. This was supposed to help her stop from shooting fire everywhere. It didn't really work though.

 Name: Katherine Dulzer
Age: 3
Other: While Kathy will not go on to join the Justice heroes, she does join Government as an agent and later a Captain. She is Jerry and Johnny's sister.

 Name: Kristoff Disney
Age: Seventeen
Justice Hero name: Iron Fist
Skills: He has cyborg hands and arms made out of Venus Iron. So he has a powerful punch. He deserved it after getting his hands squashed by a pair of very heavy shoes.

 Kristoff's first Justice Hero suit, was actually a ripped suit coat, and bandaged arms. He is wearing broken glasses, just because he got in a car crash and that's what happened to his glasses.

 Name: Ra'negir
Age: Who knows, he is an alien from Venus
Justice Hero name: Moth
Skills: He can fly, and is an alien.

Moth's first Justice Hero costume was a suit with a moth design cloak. He is the tallest in the group and maybe the most intelligent. Jerry might argue otherwise because he probably still resents Moth throwing his phone out the train window.

 Name: Professor Igor Shelmen
Age: somewhere in his late 20s or early 30s, I don't want to look it up right now.
Justice Hero name: Snakeman
Skills: He did an illegal experiment on himself giving himself nifty snake powers.

I'm sorry for all of you who have read "Thunder in the Academy" none of you will like this character.

Name: Emma Dulzer
age: She is a mother
Other: Emma and her husband Orville had five children, but after their two oldest girls were killed, Orville sent Emma and the three remaining children to a small town in IL where he thought they would be safe. The only problem with that was they never got to see Orville any more. Emma is Jerry, Johnny and Kathy's mother.

Name: Orville Daniel Dulzer
Nickname: ODD
Other: Orville is a Government soldier who is stationed in California. He is part of the Overworld staff. The people charged with the protection of the planet. Their number one enemy is Underworld. A group that is trying to take over the planet. The Underworld agents started attacking the families of the Overworld workers, killing most of them. This was the reason Orville hid his family in Illinois.

Name: Frank Douglas
age: 14
Other: Before there was Liberty, Silver, and Governor Douglas, there was Douglas Towers. Frank lived at Douglas Towers, which were owned by his dad. But he had dreams about owning the world.

Fun fact: In the far future, Frank ends up marrying Katherine Douglas in spite of the eleven years gap in their ages.

Name: Mr. Douglas.
Status: Owner of Douglas Towers, millionaire.
Family: Frank and Alice.
Other: Mr. Douglas and Frank are quite similar. The two biggest regrets of Mr. Douglas' life are that he didn't shoot Johnny Dulzer when he met and he let Frank take over Douglas towers.

Name: Aladdin Disney
Age: 14
Family: Father: Jack Sparrow Disney. Sisters: Drizilla, Elsa and Kanga Disney. Brother: Kristoff Disney. (Are you starting to notice something here?)
Other: Aladdin has two loves in life, TV and food. Surprisingly he is very skinny. He wasn't very important in the book though.

Name: Beth Dean
Age: 17
Status: Prison guard
Other: Beth works in the prison at Douglas Towers, but she dreams about being a nurse.

Name: Elizabeth Ra'negir
Family: Husband: Ra'negir. Daughter: Thelma.
Other: Elizabeth is Ra'negir's first wife. She like Orville is very worried about Underworld attacking her family.

Name: Thelma Ra'negir
Nickname: Fog
age: 2
Power: Thelma because she is part Venusion has a power. She can create a fog, not that her power is very useful.

Name: Fre'delthir Shelmen
Nickname: Fire
Family: Husband: Igor Shelmen. Son: Alan Shelmen
Power: Fre'delthir is also an alien from Venus. She has a fire power.
Other: Fre'delthir was a princess on Venus. She can still be very bossy. Ra'negir is the only one who bothers remembering her rank. But that is just because he used to be her guard.

Name: Alan Shelman
age: 2 (I know he looks like a teenager, but I can't draw little kids)
Power: Can enter other people's dreams
Other: Yes, he is also from Venus.

Name: Phillipa McLean
Family: Husband Don McLean. Son: Jackson McLean
Other: As the town gossip, Phillipa is not above opening the letters in her husband's mailbag and reading her neighbors' letters. She does not get on really well with either Emma or Jerry Dulzer.

Name: Agent DT
Other name: JD
Other: JD stole Jerry's identity and pretended to be the Dulzer boy, so he could weasel his way into Douglas Towers.