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Timeline 1


Awhile ago I made a Justice Hero timeline for my books, and recently I started making one for Royaume. The Justice Hero one was considerably easier. The Royaume one will probably take me quite a long time.

Some of you will recognize names and things in this timeline. But most of you will not. Just beware, there are lots of spoilers. I have a story, written or planned for most of these events.

Justice Time Line

East India Company is founded to secretly keep the pirates at bay.

Time agency begins.

The Pandleton is built.

The Pandleton leaves earth

The Civil War begins

East India pretends to go out of business, but secretly changes its name to OVERWORLD and moves its operation to America.

World War One breaks out.

World war two breaks out. Alfred and Bernadette Blue help the agency rebuild one of their space craft.

Richard and Muriace McDonald found the first OVERWORLD organization, disguised as a fast food restaurant.

Culvers is founded.

Emerson captures and forces a homeschooling group to work for him.

Homeschooler's once again go back in time. Four Passengers set out for a four hour tour aboard the Slippery Mouse.

World War three breaks out.

The Pandleton returns to earth. World war four breaks out.

World war five breaks out.

World war Six breaks out.

World War seven breaks out.

Vincent and Christina Shoes teach Bernadette and Alfred Blue about time travel. The Blue Lantern is returned to the museum.


Cornwallis is born.

Maximus Cornwallis is born.

Igor Shelman is born.

Nickolas Zinc is born.

Kristoff Disney is born

Frank Douglas is born. Igor Shelman starts working at Douglas Towers.

Jeremiah Dulzer is born. Igor Shelman begins his snake experiments. William Disney is born.

Igor Shelman's first successful experiment.

Alice Douglas is born.

Johnathon Dulzer is born. Igor Shelman experiments on himself and gains snake powers.

Francis Carbions is born.

Rose Parker is born. John Green is born. Katherine Dulzer is born. Fire marries Igor Shelmen

Jeremiah Dulzer begins to work on a secret project. Alan Shelmen is born.

Rachael Remy is born.

Jeremiah Dulzer gets recommended to Douglas towers Inc. Imposter takes Jeremiah's place. Jeremiah and Johnathon Dulzer go to jail. The green stone is imbedded in Johnathon's chest, and he becomes a shapeshifter. Alice Douglas gets fire powers. Moth comes to earth. Moth gives Kristoff iron fists.

William Cowin marries Tina Rivers

Frank Douglas joins the FBI.

Marco and Heidi Marks are born on star ship. Maximus starts Herbermiester's Academy. James Cowin is born on Venus. The Wall School in Desert City is founded. Starsole discovered in iceberg. Steel Claw and Hannah Ray starts working at Herbermiesters.

Frederick Dulzer is born on Mars. The great fire of Mars. Justice Heroes disbanded. Mr. Smith adopts Frederick Dulzer. James Mothson is put in an orphanage. Captain Justice and the Star Queen are imprisoned on Freedom. Captain Remy marries Agatha Marks. Agatha Marks steals the Starsole. Socrates starts working at Herbermiesters. Eva Rune is born.

Agnes Remy is born on a Star Ship. The Starsole is hidden in Agnes' cradle. Hannah Ray finds Beast. Mr. Smith and Frederick Dulzer go to America to live with Ashta. Mr. and Mrs. Cowin adopt James Mothson. Dr. Bolt is sentenced to death.

Dr. Bolt is survives the electric chair and joins Maximus at Herbermiesters. Hank becomes Mr. Smith's chauffeur.

Mr. Casper wakes up after a three year coma, with no memory of his past. Mr. Hunter marries Lilia McGuire. Marco and Heidi Marks start battle school. Dr. Bolt's three sisters and two cousins join Herbermiester's staff.
Mr. Casper starts working in the library. Mr. Mardren marries Zena Myers. Mr. Verdeen takes on the Dulzer case.

Emmy is born in the Cornwallis manor. Frederick Dulzer goes to his first school. Paul Irons wakes up after a five year coma with no memory of his past. Lane Hunter is born. Justin Mardren is born. Mr. Verdeen wins the Dulzer case. Frederick Dulzer becomes rich. Stephen Cowin is born. Frank Douglas takes over the FBI.

Agnes starts battle school on the star ship. Frederick experiences his first bully. Paul Irons takes on a job at a saw mill in Northern America. Hamish Squalder is born. Sarah Hunter dies two days after birth. John Mardren is born.

Emmy is kidnapped by Maximus. Marco Marks meets Fluffles. Fluffles destroys the star ship. Heidi is launched into space in escape launch. Agnes Remy's parents are killed. Frederick starts a new school. Louisa Hunter is born. Mrs. Hunter dies. Mr. Hunter marries Nicole Dean. James Mardren is born. Marco steals the Starsole and becomes the slave of Fluffles. Nickolas Zinc joins Government.

Agnes Remy and Marco Marks are taken to Earth by her aunt. Frank Douglass founds Silver. Frederick is homeschooled. Jason Hunter is born. Joseph Mardren is born. Marco runs away to America.

Lewis Bennet is born. The second American revolution brakes out, and the practice of only one president is restored. Frederick Dulzer and Mr. Smith leave America and go to England. Frederick attends a boarding school. Jane Mardren and Mildred March are born. Paul Irons leaves America and heads to England. Marco loses the Starsole. Fluffles takes him back to England to hunt for it. Ashta marries Mr. Verdeen.

Frank Douglass becomes the governor of New York and buys the Statue of Liberty. Cornwallis converts his manor into the Cornwallis Institute. Aileen Cowin is born.

Falstaf, Eliza and Lewis Bennet goes to Cornwallis. Snakeman starts teaching Math at Herbermiesters. Paul Irons begins his search for strange orphans. Silver Organization discovers the Starsole.

Elizabeth-Susan Myers, and Mr. Hunter go to Cornwallis. Frederick Dulzer is expelled from boarding school. Starsole base is built under Liberty. Mr. Verdeen dies. Ashta goes to England and becomes Mr. Smith's housekeeper.

Cornwallis visits the Jemson home. David Jemson goes to Cornwallis. David begins his training. Frederick Dulzer goes to Public school for half a year, then is homeschooled. Heidi reaches earth. Eliza Bennet is killed in the test room at Cornwallis, Falstaf blames Lewis.

David is targeted by the Skyers and Graylers. Heidi is pursued by Government to England. Lewis and Falstaf Bennet move to Milwaukee.

David Jemson and Cornwallis found DATH. David changes his identity to Danny Brenton. Frederick goes to a private school. Snakeman's son Rodney is born. Hailee and Vincent Cowin are born.

Emmy goes to Herbermiesters. Mr. Marco starts teaching at Herbermiesters. Jimmy Myers is taken over by the voice and instructed to take over DATH. Heidi becomes Mr. Smith's maid. Katherine Dulzer joins Government.

Mr. Smith and Frederick Dulzer move into the Marks Masion. Frederick attends two different schools in three weeks. Frederick Dulzer, Agnes Remy and James Cowin go to Herbermiesters. Paul Irons finds Gash and Flyboy. Mr. Casper and Paul Irons regain their memory. Eva Rune dies. All the Justice Heroes except Mr. Casper are sent to the Freedom. Mr. Casper moves to America and remarries.

Frederick Dulzer goes to New York with Frank Douglass. Herbermiesters is closed for good. Frederick attends art class in New York and meets David Jemson. James Cowin wanders the world. Louis “Dragon” Casper is born. Mrs. Casper leaves home in a panic. Frank Douglas and Katherine Dulzer are married. Frederick goes to Cornwallis. Smith and Rachael Remy lead a revolt on the Freedom. Justin Mardren starts working at the Shadow Enterprise.

James Cowin starts working at Shadow Enterprise newspaper company and playing Shadow man at night. People begin to notice that DATH is corrupted.

Lewis Bennet's rubbish invention is discovered. Rose Parker begins her search for the inventor. Teo Douglas is born. Smith discovers Jimmy Myers. Smith is confined to deep prison for attempting to rescue Jimmy. President of the World is chosen. Cornwallis dies.

Fake war between the USA, Russia and United Kingdom begins

Frenza Douglas is born.

The World is launched into the ocean. Katherine Douglas is promoted to Captain.

Ecclesio comes to America. Starsole returned to Royumne. Jane goes to Moldrin. Bernadette and Alfred Blue steal the radiation cap. James Cowin and Elizabeth Bolshim are married.

DATH attempts to destroy Moldrin and revert history. Frank Douglass catches Hunter and Bennet. Lewis Bennet decides to lead a colony on Moldrin. Hamish Squalder and Louisa Hunter are married on Moldrin. Leander “Ray” Cowin is born. Mr. Cowin disappears. Louis Cowin goes to live with James and Elizabeth Cowin. Frederick pays a call to Moldrin. Marco Marks kills Fluffles and falls ill. Maria March and Lane Hunter are married.

Jason Hunter and Jane Mardren are married on Moldrin. Bennet and Emmy Zinc are married at Liberty. Frederick Dulzer and Frank Douglass open the Miners digging Archeologists. Frank Douglas makes and appearance on Justice Heroes TV show. Frederick goes into a coma. James and Leander Cowin are kidnapped. Marco takes an ax to Freedom.

Mildred March returns to Moldrin and marries Lewis Bennet. Coma patients wake up. Mildred and Lewis make short trip to earth. Frederick Dulzer meets his parents. Mr. Smith and Frank Douglas have duel. Frederick becomes vice president of the OVERWORLD.

Frank Douglass attempts to discover the reality of other worlds. Paul Irons and Beth Dean get married.

Frank Douglas is put on trial

Frank Douglas retires to Cornwallis.

The Great Desert City


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Trivia Cards and other stuff

At one point I started making a trivia game for one of my books.
This is a sneak peak at what the cards would look like.

Other stuff
I recently started editing this book, "Prairie School."
This is the original cover. I never finished the second cover.
The boy with the ax is Charlie Mortage. The boy with the dead bird is Martin Raswel. The boy with the suspenders is Brown Bear. the girl with her back towards the others is Annie Raswel. The girl with the book is Miss Anne Hazel the teacher. The girl between Annie and Anne is Sara Long. Alice  Hazel is the girl with ribon at the end of her braid. Beth Carmel is the really short girl.
The book is about Anne Hazel who takes her sister West after her brother is kidnapped to escape her father's enemies. She looks for work in a small Western town and becomes the school teacher.

 A drawing from the original "Prairie School" story. (I wrote it on the computer and it didn't save correctly so I lost it, that's why I like to write in notebooks)
I don't remember what they were doing in the original story. But in the second version, someone burned down the Mortage barn, so they had a barn raising party. Charlie played his fiddle. Anne is sitting in front of him enjoying the music.

In the original "Prairie School" story, the Tucker boarding house brunt down in the middle of the night. It burnt down when they were at the barn raising in the newer edition. 

 Mrs. Alice Gardener dressed up as Madame Margret Raswel for a play which takes place in "The Other Gardener."

 Benny Gardener dressed up as John Raswel.

This is either Philip or James Wilder (can't tell them apart, as they are twins) dressed up as Louis Worely.

I have no idea who this is.

Mrs. Kaitlin Wilder from "The Gardener Children."

Characters I drew for other people


Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Random drawings

New drawings.

Book: The Line in the Sand
Genre: Fantasy Adventure
Characters from left to right: Dock, Taara, Ram, Jasmine.
Synopsis: When one turns sixteen they must enter the first survival game. Taara despises the three others in her group. Dock is the richest person in her tribe, but dresses like the poorest. Ram is a practical joker, have to be perfect at everything annoying prince. Jasmine is the most beautiful person in the tribe.

 Name: Excalibur
Book: Pendragon Saga
Owner: Arthur Pendragon
Info: When LaFay Pendragon melts Arthur's Pendragon Sword, the lady of the lake gives Arthur the fea sword Excalibur, a legendary dragon slaying blade.

Random doodle drawing.
Characters: Sir Abalard Gawain, the Green Knight, and Sir Alexander Gawain.
Info: I'm not sure if this is going to happen yet.
Book: Key of Avalon (Third Pendragon Book)

I probably already posted this, but I'll do it again. It's one of my favorite drawings. Tor is just awkwardly petting Meirda on the head, his expression glass eyed.


Sunday, November 5, 2017

The Diary of an Uncharming, part 2

The long awaited part two.

The Diary of an Uncharming Prince
Jerome's Diary

Day 2
This morning the Fairy woke me up when it was still dark out. It must have been midnight. What was she thinking?
Tootles princy boy!” she chirped, “I have a convention at noon! So we must work now!” Is it really that hard just to cancel the lesson or give notice a weak earlier? Besides it was Tuesday. I had sword training on Tuesday, not dancing. I started to protest but she threatened to turn me into a cat. I am smarter then James and Jadan. I know when to shut my mouth. But now I have to do both lessons today. Elise is laughing at me. If she laughs one more time, I am going to do something violent. No one wants to be awakened in the middle of the night and forced to spin around in a circle for the next hour and a half. Besides, the Fairy was just being mean. She did not make Elise get up. When I complained about it, she told me, that my sister needed her beauty sleep! I need my beauty sleep!

Day 3
Hendrick let Elise take a sword lesson. Then Elise invited Ella to do one with her. Now the girls are invading my special private sword fighting lessons. I never get to do anything fun. The one little class I have a little bit of interest has been invaded by rotten girls! It is not fair! I am leaving today, right now! No one here likes me and I do not like anyone!

Day 4
I have proof that I am not as stupid as my brothers. When I left home, I brought, food, a map and a sword. They all had to stop on their quest of getting lost, to find food. The idiots. It will be amazing if I never see them ever again. For once, I feel free.

Day 5
I have officially left the kingdom. Crossing to the mainland was not to much trouble, as their was a tree down. I used it as a bridge and crossed right over the falls where Joseph had once hung by his feet. That is a long story, which I refuse to share. Mostly because I am writing about me, not him! He probably lies one hundred percent of the time, anyway. The mainland is almost exactly the same as the kingdom. How boring is that. All I see is trees and more trees.

Day 6
I hate maps. This one must have been written backwards, upside down and inside out. It got me lost on purpose. Now I have no idea where I am. I do know for certain that the map moved a stream to the other side of the mountain. A balancing rock to the other side of a valley and added a clearing. I swear it. Now I have to untangle this mess. Why is the black rock cave on this side of the purple rocks? What a mess!

Day 7
Blast! I ran out of food. I learned from John that I never eat roots. I guess I will have to ask for directions. I am going to check on the other side of the mountain first, though. I bet I can find food on top of the mountain. If not at least I can get my bearings.

Much Later
I am now on top of a mountain and can see very far away. I see the spirals of Ella Marie's house and the window on my tower bedroom. I do not miss that place at all. I hope I never see it again. I was still staring at what used to be my home, when a fairy appeared out of nowhere. I took it calmly. Once the echoes of my surprised words disappeared and the birds stopped screeching at the sudden shrieks, the fairy approached me. At least she was not thee fairy.
Tut, tut. You need not scream, young man.” she scolded. I glowered at her.
Can an honest man not look for work without any Susan, Rachel and Larry popping out of nowhere?” I yelled. She coked her head.
Work?” she repeated, “Hmm....I heard the Smiths in the house in the spruce woods are hiring.”
On my way!” I yelled. I used that as an excuse to run away from her. One had to be very delicate with fairies. They will turn you into a frog or a monster for no reason at all. I like to think I handled that fairy with great tact.

To be Continued

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Ships Under the Sky character drawings

It's been awhile since I posted any character drawings from one of my books. These drawings are from "Ships Under the Sky" book 10 of the "Sky and Companions" series. 

 Name: Sky Heavenview
Age: 19
Rank: Hero
Sky has been the heroine for the majority of the books.

 Name: Dill Clearwater
Age: 13
Rank: Ally
Dill was the ally in the very first Sky book. Since then he has aged about three years.

 Name: Pepper
Age: 10
Rank: Ally
Pepper is Dill's younger sister. She is a more recent character.

Name: Basil
Age: 9
Rank: Ally
Basil and his twin sister Berry just met Sky in the previous book, "Stormy Sky." They are Dill and Pepper's younger siblings.

 Name: Berry
Age: 9 (Yeah, I made her look to old)
Rank: Ally
Same as Basil.

 Name: Hyacinth
Age: 19
Rank: Ally
Hyacinth is Sky's twin brother. He is married to Skara, who is somewhere in Flagrin with a talking horse.

Name: Winter Farsight
Age: 21
Rank: Depends on who you ask
The long suffering friend of Sky. He has known her since before the first book.

 Name: Captain Gram
Age: Somewhere in his 50s or 60s
Rank: Villain
Captain Gram is the owner of the Wolfbane. He plans on selling Sky and companions to the pirates.

Name: Trig
Age: somewhere in his 40s
Rank: Mentor
Sailor on the Wolfbane. He randomly helps Sky and Companions.

 Name: Rothgar
Age: somewhere around 14-16
Rank: Side character
I forget, he is either Trig's cousin or nephew. But he distracted Captain Gram and the rest of the crew so Trig could sneak Sky and companions on board. Rothgar is one of the three prophesied who can truly hear dragons. He can also see them, when no one else can. People think he is crazy.

Name: Redjack
Age: late 20s early 30s
Rank: unrevealed
Redjack appeared in the prologue of this book and mistook Winter for Hyacinth. Winter hasn't found out why, yet.

 Name: Baron Engle
Age: 60s
Rank: side character
The Baron of Vengard, a fief in the region of Alister. He is Emiline Migaroo's foster father. She is the heroine of a different series.

 Name: Sir Alec
Age: 50s
Rank: side character
The Baron's battlemaster. Sir Alec is Richard Marcusson's foster father.

Name: Will Shepson
Age: 13 or 14
Rank: Side character
Will Shepson is Sir Alec's squire. He is another character from the "Queen of the Black Land" series.


Thursday, October 26, 2017

Cinderella play, Act 4

 Act 4
Scene 1
The ball room, servants are taking down the peacock decorations. King and Queen are sitting in their thrones. John, Jerome and Elise, still wearing their ball clothes, are standing to the side. Master Won is standing in front of the thrones, turned slightly towards the audience. He is holding a pillow with the shoe on it.

Master Won: Your majesties.
King: (Under his breath) What rottenness is he going to suggest now?
Queen: (To King) Hush dear! (To Master Won) Pray continue.
Master Won: This elegant specimen of a slipper is made of pure glass. The mysterious princess who wore it, is obviously magical.
John: (Coughs) Actually-
Elise: (Sighs) How beautiful!
Jerome: It's an ugly shoe!
Master Won: (Frowns at Jerome) As I was saying this slipper is obviously magical. (To John) Have you inspected it?
John: Yes. While I was running after the Lady.
Queen: (Frowning) John, this is a serious moment.
Jerome: Why?
King: (To Master Won) Just finish the story.
Master Won: Well, the lines are perfect. Flawless. Sublime.
Elise: He must have been a really good shoemaker.
Jerome: Glassblower!
Elise: What?
Jerome: Shoemakers don't make glass.
Elise: What has that got to do with anything?
John: The shoe is made of glass.
Elise: What has that got to do with anything?
King: Hush up you three!
Elise: Yes father.
Master Won: As I was saying-
King: Get on with it!
Queen: Dear?
King: Sorry.
Master Won: This shoe is perfectly molded to fit one foot.
John: (Smacks his forehead) Oh no!
Jerome: So everyone has to try it on?
Elise: How romantic!
John: (Clasps his hands) Please no!
Master Won: With your permission, your majesties, I will put together a search. The maiden who fits the slipper will become the prince's bride.
John: (Groans) I knew it!
Elise: (Claps her hands) How exciting.
Queen: What an excellent plan.
King: (Sarcastically) Really?
Elise: Mother, isn't it romantic?
Queen: (Smiling) Yes darling.
Jerome: (Shouts) No it's not!
Queen: (Frowns) Jerome, we don't shout!
John: This is so stupid! Just look at her face. Can't you tell from her face whether it's the right girl or not?
King: Where's the fun in that?
Queen: (To the King) Dear, please. (Pats his hand. Turns to John) John, dear, this is for your own good.
John: (Groaning) Yes mother.
Queen: I need to talk to you alone.
King: Nothing simpler. (Gets up and runs towards the door) I think I'm going to go kill a few pirates.
Queen: Dear?
King: Nothing. (Exits)
Master Won: (Pats shoe) I believe I shall go and make a few plans.
John: Don't rush with them.
Master Won: Don't worry, I will be done by tomorrow. (John Groans. Master Won bows and exits.)
Jerome: (Moves closer to the throne) What do you want?
Queen: (Frowns) Go help your father.
Jerome: (Pouts) Alright. (Stomps from the room)
Elise: Can I stay?
John: No!
Elise: Mother?
Queen: Elise.
Elise: Yes mother. (Leaves the room)
Queen: (To John) You will be the next king.
John: But Jadan is the oldest.
Queen: Jadan's father-in-law made him his heir. He told your father he didn't want two kingdoms.
John: What about Justin?
Queen: (Sighs) His father-in-law made him his heir too.
John: What really? What about James? He didn't marry a princess.
Queen: (Crosses arms) He and Belle have expressed the wish of remaining at your grandfather's old summer palace.
John: That's cheating. But what about Joseph?
Queen: (Glares) We don't talk about him! That boy is not mentioned here!
John: (Protesting) But he is my twin brother!
Queen: Hush!
John: (Sighs) I suppose that leaves me.
Queen: Of course!
John: What if I resign in favor of Jerome!
Queen: Don't you dare!
John: Alright. (Master Won comes back in)
Master Won: Your majesty. I am all prepared to leave.
John: Uh oh!
Queen: Excellent! You may begin your quest tomorrow. (Elise comes back in)
Elise: (to John) Jerome and I are going to follow him.
John: I'm with you!
Elise: Alright.

Scene 2
In front of the closed curtains. Various girls, and a few boys are sitting or working. Some carry buckets. Others carry shovels or hoes. Some girls are standing in the corner tittering behind fans. There is a trumpet blast. Every turns towards the sound. The procession enters. A man with a banner enters, with someone carrying a trumpet alongside him. A with a spear come next. Then two servants carrying a litter with the shoe on it. Then another guard. Then master Won carrying a scroll, then another guard. The girls curtsy and the boys bow.

Master Won: (Steps forward and waves the scroll) Here ye, here ye. (John, Jerome and Elise tiptoe on stage and crouch in one of the isles) Good people of this little filthy town, come and bring your maidens. Quickly now. The glass slipper had arrived. The damsel who fits yon slipper shall be the next queen of our sweet kingdom.
John: Ouch!
Elise: Sh! (Jerome starts grinning)
John: No one is going to answer that! It's degrading!
Elise: Just way.
Girl #1: Outta my way! (Charges at the slipper)
John: What? NO!
Girl #2: (Grabs girl #1 and shoves her aside) Me first! (Pulls off shoe and wiggles toes in Master Won's face)
Master Won: (Weakly) the shoe. (Turns away and starts fanning himself)
John: Oh no!
Jerome: HAHA
Elise: Sh! (Servant hands girl #2 the shoe. She snatches it and tries to cram it on her feet)
Girl #2: I got this!
John: No! Please No!
Jerome: (Doubles over) HAHA
John: QUIET!
Jerome: I can't help it! HAHA
Elise: (Jabs him in the ribs) Sh!
Girl #1: (Shoe from girl one and kicks her away) Mine! (Girl #3 runs forward and forcefully tries to take the shoe from girl one) OH no you don't!
Girl #3: Give me that! (Jerome takes a banana out of his pocket and starts eating)
Elise: I place bets on the first girl.
John: What? No we aren't betting on this.
Elise: We aren't?
Jerome: I bet on the third girl!
Girl #4: (Runs forward and grabs the shoe from girls 3 and 1) Stop quarreling you two!
John: Finally someone with sense.
Girl #4: This slipper is mine! I am the mystery princess!
John: What? No!
Elise: I'm betting on her now! (Jerome keeps eating banana)
John: Stop betting! This is serious! What if one of them fits the shoe?
Elise: That will be your problem!
John: No! That will be bad for the kingdom!
Elise: Oh, right.
Jerome: Oh look! (He points towards the side isle. Hazel is swaggering up it)
John: NO!
Elise: I'm betting on her!
Jerome: You already bet on three people!
Elise: No I didn't! I only bet on two!
John: Be quiet! (Hazel spots John and run towards him)
Hazel: Your highness! (John scrambles to his feet)
Girl #1: I saw him first. (Tries to shove Hazel away. Hazel does a side fist and girl one falls over)
Master Won: Your highness. (Bows) So glad you could join us.
John: (Growls) The pleasure is mine!
Hazel: Where is the shoe princey?
John: Over there! (Gestures towards the horizon)
Girl #4: I have it! (Snatches if from girl three)
Hazel: Ah ha! (barges to the front of the line and grabs the slipper)
Girl #4: (Whines) I didn't try it on!
Hazel: Tough nuggets! (Crams the slipper on her foot)
Elise: (To John) Tell her to go away! (Master Won taps his fingers together and pinches his lips tightly in disapproval)
John: (To Elise) Sh!
Jerome: I finished my banana!
John: (To Jerome) Sh!
Hazel: I can fit it! (Falls over and begins to huff and puff. The shoe will not slide onto her foot. She begin to roll around)
Master Won: My dear lady, you are getting all muddy!
Hazel: It fit me yesterday at the ball!
Girl #3: That was me you fool!
John: But neither of you look anything like Lady Cinderella!
Hazel: (Sits up) Her name was Cinderella?
Elise: I thought you said she was you?
Jerome: Liar dress on fire!
Hazel: I do fit this slipper! (Begins puffing again)
John: (To Master Won) Get rid of her!
Master Won: (To the guards) Gentlemen! (Two guards grab Hazel and forcefully take the shoe from her)
Hazel: It's mine! Give it back!”
John: (Angrily) No!
Hazel: (Sniffing) But you danced with me at the ball!
John: Yes, and it was a nightmare! (Guards start to escort Hazel away) When you greet your mother for me, be sure to tell her to get a cat! Mice in the kitchen are truly horrific! Also take a lesson in the proper way to treat guests.
Hazel: (Screams) You aren't very charming! (She is escorted off stage)
Elise: What was that about?
John: A private grudge!
Girl #4: Your highness?
John: It's going to be a long day!
Elise: Can we stay?
John: (Stares at her, then grabs Jerome's arm) No, we need to go home, right now!
Elise: What? Why?
Jerome: But I was having so much fun!

Scene 3
A parlor in Cinderella's house. Off to the side is a small room with a stool. There is some kind of door blocking it from the rest of the room. Cinderella is scrubbing the floor in the parlor. Lady Miranda is eating cookies on a chair, her feet rest on a table. Blanche is staring out the window.

Blanche: (Yawns) Mama, do you think perhaps I could fit the slipper? (Cinderella looks up. Then she puts one hand in her apron pocket and half pulls out the other slipper)
Lady Miranda: (Chewing) Of course darling! That nice man said he would make sure one of you fit the slipper.
Cinderella: Excuse me?
Lady Miranda: Silence you!
Cinderella: Yes ma'am! (Glowers)
Blanche: Poor Cinders, she missed all three balls! (Hazels bursts into the room)
Hazel: Mama! I have been grossly insulted!
Blanche: Oh you poor dove!
Lady Miranda: (Sits up) By whom my sweet?
Hazel: The prince!
Lady Miranda, Blanche, Cinderella: The prince?
Hazel: (To Lady Miranda) He said to tell you that you need to get a cat, because mice in the kitchen are horrific and you need to take lessons on how to treat guests!
Lady Miranda: (Gasps) He said that? (Cinderella smiles)
Blanche: (Smugly) He must be fond of me, not you then!
Hazel: (Sticks her tongue out at Blanche) I detest him!
Cinderella: So you don't want to marry him any more?
Hazel: Mind your own business, Cinders! (Gasps) Oh mama!
Lady Miranda: (Angrily) What now?
Hazel: He said the name of the mystery princess is Cinderella. (Everyone turns and looks at Cinderella)
Lady Miranda: So, you are the wretched-
Cinderella: Wretched?
Blanche: (Squeals) The slipper is here! (Begins to bounce up and down)
Hazel: Don't let Cinderella try the slipper on!
Cinderella: You cannot stop me!
Lady Miranda: Oh yes we can! (She grabs Cinderella's arm and grabs her off stage. Around the backdrops to the side door, where she shoves her through the door)
Cinderella: No please, Stepmother.
Lady Miranda: Here you will stay until they have left. (She locks the door and pockets the key. Cinderella bangs on the door, then sits down and starts sobbing. Lady Miranda goes back to the parlor. Master Won's procession process down the isle. John, Elise and Jerome are gone)
Master Won: Open up for the glass slipper in the name of his Majesty, the king.
Lady Miranda: Girls this is your big moment! (Glides to the door and opens it) Gentlemen! (Curtsies. Master Won bows) Won't you please come in?
Master Won: (Kisses her hand) It would be the pleasure. (He singles to a guard) You stay here. The rest of you come in. (They all enter the parlor, where Lady Miranda offers them cookies. Blanche and Hazel smile and wave fans. A hooded and cloaked figure slips on stage. The guard bars his way. John pushes back his hood. The guard starts bowing. John rushes past him and into the house. He crouches behind a couch)
Lady Miranda: Shall we get to work?
Master Won: Of course, my lady. These are all your daughters?
Lady Miranda: Of course! (Glances at Blanche and Hazel)
Hazel: Me first! (Snatches the shoe from the servants)
John: Not again! (Once more she huffs and puff. Lady Miranda sits down and smiles at Master Won, then frowns at Hazel)
Hazel: I got this! (Blanche kicks her)
Blanche: No you don't! Your feet are to fat!
Hazel: I'm the mystery princess!
Blanche: I know you are lying because I am her! (Hazel whacks her with the shoe. John crawls behind the sofa, slips behind a table and crawls towards the back door) MAMA! She hit me!
Hazel: She started it!
Lady Miranda: (Clapping her hands) Girls, girls!
Master Won: (Smiles) What delightful young ladies.
Lady Miranda: (Forces a smile) Why thank you! (Guards start snickering. Master Won scowls at them. They shut up. John army crawls past Hazel, is rolling on the floor again and creeps behind Lady Miranda's chair)
Blanche: Mama, tell her it is my turn now!
Lady Miranda: Blanche sweetheart, show your excellent patience! (John reaches the back door and slides out. People on stage start talking in muted voices. Hazel rolls into a table and knocks it down. John gets up and runs to the door. He stops look both ways. Peers under a table then knocks on the door)
John: Ella? (No answer) I guess I will check the cellar. (He turns to go)
Cinderella: (From other side of the door) John? John is that you?
John: (Confused) Um- are you Ella Marie or Cinderella? (To himself) I can't tell.
Cinderella: John, get out of here, my stepmother is plotting something with that evil Master Won.
John: (Tries the door) It's locked.
Cinderella: Get out of here.
John: Not without you! (Rams against the door with his shoulder)
Master Won: What was that?
Lady Miranda: I heard nothing. (Looks at her daughters) Right, girls?
Hazel: We distinctively did not hear that thump!
Blanche: Honest and cross my heart. I heard everything except that thump!
Lady Miranda: (Glowers) So glad to know that.
Master Won: If you aren't concerned I- (John bangs against the door again) Alright, shouldn't you be concerned?
Lady Miranda: (Nervously) Alright, I have a confession to make.
Blanche: Huh?
Hazel: Don't tell!
Master Won: Tell me what?
Lady Miranda: We were giving the dog a bath when you got here. We hid her in the hall closet.
Hazel: (To Blanche) We have a dog?
Blanche: Shh!
Master Won: In that case we should- (John bangs against the door again) finish up here!
Blanche: Yes! (Grabs the shoe from Hazel)
Hazel: I wasn't done yet! (Blanche crams the shoe on her foot. John finally breaks the door open and goes flying into Cinderella's prison)
Cinderella: Are you alright? (John scrambles to his feet)
John: Ella?
Cinderella: And Cinderella.
John: I'm confused.
Cinderella: My Fairy Godmother made me unrecognizable at the ball.
John: My family is always getting in trouble with Fairies!
Cinderella: You have to leave!
John: Not until you put your blasted slipper on!
Cinderella: What? (John grabs her hand and pulls her down the hall)
Master Won: It is to bad about your daughters. But trust me, I know how to arrange everything so that one of them can fit the slipper.
Lady Miranda: Excellent!
Master Won: And when we find the real girl, we will dispose of her quickly.
Hazel: But-
Blanche: Hush!
Lady Miranda: Of course.
Hazel: But-
Blanche: (Pokes her) Keep quiet! (John pushes Cinderella into the room, but hesitates himself)
Cinderella: I would like to try on the slipper.
Master Won: But- What?
Guards: It's her! I would know that face anywhere. Why is she in rags? Well, I'm glad this is over.
“Hazel: Cinders cannot do it! Mama, make her go away! (To Cinderella) Keep your ashy cinders off this slipper! (Hazel snatches the slipper from Blanche and hugs it to her chest)
Lady Miranda: (Honey sweet tone) You try on a slipper? I suppose this particular slipper belongs to you?
Cinderella: No! Of course not!
Blanche: We are all glad to know you have a streak of honesty in you.
Cinderella: May I try on the slipper?
“Master Won: What slipper?” (Throws the shoe across the room and off stage. There is a sound of shattering glass Oopsies! (Snickers. Guards gasp)
Cinderella: That was my fairy Godmother's slipper! (John draws his sword)
Master Won: Guards, remove this girl from the premise!
Guards: But- Sir? This girl? She is the-
Master Won: (Shouts) Do as your are told! (Guards grab Cinderella)
Cinderella: Let me go! (Starts to struggle. John runs in. Everyone freezes)
Master Won: Unfortunately the priceless slipper was destroyed so I am afraid we must send this maiden away.
John: You broke the slipper?
Master Won: The young maidens grew violent in their enthusiasm!
Cinderella: This might help. (She pulled another shoe out of her pocket)
Lady Miranda: (Gasps) What? No! Give that to me! (she tries to grab the shoe. John slid between her and Cinderella)
Hazel: (Squeals) It is mine! MINE!
Blanche: Not it's not! (Both lunge at Cinderella. John points his sword at them. They draw back shrieking. Hazel snatches up a stool and hurled it at John. He ducks. Cinderella catches the shoe. Hazel tries to grab John's throat)
Blanche: (Screams) Hazel, stop it! (John spins away from her. Master Won draws his own sword and blocks John's way)
John: (Yells) Ella, put on the shoe! (Glares at Master Won) You are so going to be banished. (Glances at Lady Miranda) You too! (Lady Miranda pulls a dagger out of her skirt)
Lady Miranda: Not it I have something to say about it!
Blanche: Mother?
Cinderella: John get Won, I will take care of Madame! (She kicks Hazel's stool into Lady Miranda, knocking the woman over. Won attacks John. John parries the blow, and does a follow up attack. Won dances out of reach, then jabs backwards. John sways to the side, and leaps forward. Won jerks around and does a side thrust. John kicks at his hand.)
Master Won: Ouch! (Drops his sword) You will pay for that! (John rushes forward. Won draws a dagger and stabs John in the stomach. John staggers backwards, clutching at a bleeding hole in in stomach)
John: Ouch! ( Looks down at the knife, that was protruding from his stomach) What a rotten way to die! (Groans)
Master Won: (Stands up) Yes now you die! (John falls to his knees)
Lady Miranda: (Screams) Do not drip on the carpet! I just paid good money to get that cleaned. (Cinderella throws her glass slipper at Master Won's face. It hits him then falls to the floor. There is the sound of shattering glass)
Master Won: What on Royaume? (Stumbles backwards. John pulls the knife out of his stomach and stands up)
John: (Weakly) Come and fight me like a man? (he clutches at his wound)
Master Won: (Stands up and shakes his head) Woah! (Hazel grabs John from behind)
Cinderella: Oh no you don't! (She grabbed Hazel by the collar and spins her around)
Blanche: Let her go, Cinders! (Grabs Cinderella's hair)
Cinderella: Ouch!
Hazel: Let me go! (Won jumps at John. John blocks the blow)
Master Won: Stop blocking me you monster! (He does a series of attacks on John, forcing the prince to back into a corner)
John: (Gasps) I won't let you win!
Master Won: I'm not giving you a choice!
Lady Miranda: (Stands up) If any of you get blood on the carpet, I will slice you into mincemeat! (John jumps backwards, and slams into the wall. Hazel hits Blanche over the head with a tea tray, knocking her out)
Master Won: (Laughs) Got you! (John leans against the wall and kicks Won in the ribs)
John: Your counting your gold a bit early!
Master Won: Wha-? (Goes flying backwards. He falls over and does a back roll, coming up on his feet, his sword still in his hands. Won kicks a table at John. John ducks to the side. Won throws a knife at John. John catches the knife and shoves it in his belt. Master Won turns, shoves Hazel aside and grabs Ella. He pokes his knife against her neck. Hazel trips over Blanche, hits her head on the stool and falls to the floor unconscious. Lady Miranda jumps up onto a chair)
Master Won: You know what happens next? (John lowers his knife)
John: Yes sir.
Master Won: Excellent! (He starts to move towards John, dragging the struggling Ella. John suddenly moves forward and kicks part of the broken slipper at Won and Ella. Won sways to the side, just as Ella does a pull up on Won's arm. To stop himself from falling, Won lets go of Ella. She falls flat on her face. John leaps over her, and slams his shoulder into Won, who falls over. John puts one foot on Won and pulls Ellaher to her feet.)
John: I guess you are saved.
Cinderella: I think you might be right. (Then she starts crying. John puts one arm around her. Guards cheer. Curtains close)

In front of the closed curtains. Two servants bring out the thrones. King and Queen come and sit in them. Jerome and Elise come in.
Jerome: Where is John?
Queen: (Sighs) I am worried about that boy.
King: (Pats her hand) Don't worry, you said everything will be alright.
Elise: (Points off stage) Oh look, here he comes now. (John and Ella process in holding hands. The guards come in escorting Lady Miranda and Master Won, who are tied up. The two servants are helping the giddy Blanche and Hazel stumble along. The last person in the group is trailing the shoe banner)
King: What is this interesting scene?
John: Public enemies one and two (Points to Master Won and Lady Miranda) were plotting against the kingdom.
King: Won, I demote you to simple soldier.
Queen: Just banish him!
King: But this way, he has to go fight the pirates.
Master Won: (Sullenly) But I'm not a soldier!
King: You are now!
Queen: (To Cinderella) What happened to you?
Cinderella: I've decided to leave home!
Queen: What? (Fairy Waltz in)
Fairy: And then John married Ella and everyone lived happily ever after....I think. But there was a big mess to clean up first. John has grudge against me because I thought it would be funny if he didn't recognize Ella at the ball. I still think it's wildly hilarious! Don't you? The king banished Lady Miranda and sent Master Won to sea to fight pirates. Blanche and Hazel were allowed to stay, provided they got married quickly and moved far away from both John and Ella. Hazel moved several kingdoms away, where she is currently in the process of trying to turn a frog into a prince. The poor old toad. Blanche did much better and married a nice man and had a nice family. Jerome, well, he decided to be a blacksmith, and got stuck protecting a strange girl from her evil stepmother. To bad the girl likes apples so much.

(End song places. Extras come forward and bow. Then the King and Queen come forward. Then Elise and Jerome. Then Hazel and Blanche. Then the Fairy Godmother. Then Lady Miranda and Master Won. Then Prince John and Cinderella. Then King, Queen, John, Jerome and Elise come forward for another bow. Then Lady Miranda, Hazel, Blanche and Cinderella come forward)

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Paper dolls, drawings and book cover

Random paper dolls, drawings and a book cover.
I have the next part of the "Diary of a Uncharming Prince" it just needs to be typed, so expect that tomorrow maybe.

 Name: Agnes
Book: Royal Heart
Genre: Pirate/American Revolution
Synopsis: Unstarted

 Name: Arthur Pendragon
Age: about 19
Book: Pendragon Saga
Genre: Fantasy
Meet Arthur: This is how he appears in book two "The Pendragon Heir." He returns to Cornbridge and gets into more trouble. Trouble likes to follow Arthur around.

 Title: Sword of Camelot
Genre: Fantasy
People on the Cover: Arthur holding the sword. James Lancelot on his right, and Gwen Lancelot on his left. The girl in the mirror is Elaine as a fea. Then of course we have a dragon wrapped around the drawing. This is a very dragony book.
Synopsis: Merlin Crystal, the odd mill keeper and his three foster children, live in the drab village of Cornbridge, one of the many ruled by a group of selfish stewards and overseers. The people of Cornbridge share one unique ability, they always have peculiar dreams, which more or less come true when they grow up. Only one boy does not have the dreams, Arthur, Merlin's mystery ward. Morgan, Merlin's strange prophetess sister and her ward, Elaine show up in the village, looking for a key, a gate, a sword an heir and a dragon. Morgan immediately shows a strange dislike for the boy. She can see the future of all her brother's students but Arthur. He is the only one she can't predict will be a knight when he grows up.
 Name: Thrack Pandleton
Age: five hundred twelve or so.
Book: Giant Slayers of Outer Space
Regeneration: Tenth (Second in book one)
Meet Thrack: Self obsessed, violent, Debater personality.

Name: William Freedom
Nickname: Billy
Age: About twelve
Book: Trident of the Pentagon
Meet Billy: Twin brother to Richard. From a family of five. Billy is a blacksmith's son, who accidentally gets entangled in with his favorite pirate story characters, namely the Redhand.

 Did I ever post this drawing?
Title: Raven
Characters: Raven Murcie and his pet raven
Book: The Raven
Meet Raven: The most hated man in Silvin, the most famous tracker and hunter, son of the most famous swordsman. Also the most annoying person ever.
 I orginially made this drawing for one of my brothers, but now I'm using it as one of my characters, as I used the same modal.
Name: James Scarlett
Nickname: Jimmy
Pirate Name: Redhand
Ship: Crimson Skull
Book: Trident of the Pentagon
Meet Jimmy: He couldn't remember anything except his name. Apprenticed himself to a blacksmith. Accidentally revealed himself to his enemies. Is often underestimated.

 No idea who this is. I'll probably say he is one of my characters later.

Don't know who either of these people are either. I also drew them for my brother.

I'm pretty certain I posted this cover before, But why don't I post it again. :D

Title: Protectors of the Kingdom
Series: Kingdom Chronicles
People on the Cover: Top row: Evil wizard Ald, who disgusied himself as a good wizard called Rand. Dan with the short sword. His hand is on his stepbrother Steve's shoulder. Elvin Grant is in the corner. He is Dan's uncle. Below Steve is Bechun the tree spirit. Next to him is Raven Grant, Dan's father. Morte, Steve's uncle is below him. At the bottom is Silvia, Steve's mother, and Dan's stepmother.