Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Random drawings

I'm actually working on the next part for Prince Charming's Diary, but I'm not sure if I will finish it today, so I'm going to post some random pictures.

 Emiline Migaroo
At age sixteen, Emiline's father, the baron of Vengard in the region of Alister, sent her to the capitol in order for her to be safe from the raiders. Unfortunately, he sent her out of a bothersome but not especially bad predicament into a war zone. Emiline soon discovers a bunch of interesting facts about her past and the past of her escort, Richard. Not every thing is as seems.

 Emiline's companions.
From left to right: Prince Danjal of Nort, son of the high king. Glorian the mysterious messenger, who may or may not of had something to do with Emiline's abduction as a baby. Richard, Alec the weapon master's foster son. He is is also Danjal's older twin brother, so the heir of the highking. Lady Elinta, Emiline's companion. Kaimor, the guide and mentor.

 A pair of eyes, because why not.

 Ah- here is the rest of the face. I was taking a drawing course, and it never had me finish her.

 Juliana Howard from "The Adventures of a Pirate." She has very odd eyes.

 Random girl.

Jack Haywood, and Katerina Crow with the infamous Ferdinando the parrot.
From: "The Captain's Orphans," a book I'm co-writing with a bunch of friends.


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Prince Charming's Diary, part 3

Prince Charming's Diary
Prince John

Day 8
I returned home and found my blasted horse all nice and clean. Ben was combing his hideously smooth and shiny locks.
“Oh good gracious, your highness!” he gasped.
“Whatever you were going to say, forget it!” I rasped and rushed inside. My priorities were to find a piece of meat and a tub full of hot water. But unfortunately on route who should I run into, but Master Won and my sister Elise. UGH!
“John, were in the name of great wonders have you been?” Elise cried, “Mother is worried sick!” Master Won took a lacy handkerchief out of his belt and held it to his noise.
“Where ever you were, it sure stinks!” Master Won said coolly. Then he walked off with mincing steps. I am so going to kill him one of these days!
“Oh John.” Elise said, “You are a mess, just like-” she pinched her lips shut and marched off. Some welcome! But it is strange, but I have never been compared to my twin before.

Day 9
I brought two razzleberry tarts and jar of cold nog. I figured I should pay for Ella Marie's berries with food. Mostly because I suppose I had no idea how much everything costs. I usually get my food already served on a plate or just shoot it and leave it for the servants to take care of. Ella Marie was waiting for me in the forest. She was sitting with her back to a tree. In one hand she had a stick thing with what looked like a pile of fluff on it. A string of fluff was running down to a spindle thing which she was holding in her other and spinning. The fluff was turning into string. It was almost like magic.
“What is that?” I asked, setting the basket of tarts and nog down and running over to her.
“You look different, somehow.” she said, as she sat up straighter. I looked down at my clothes. They were my oldest pair. Maybe three months old, and their was gold string. Maybe it was my hair she was talking about. It was brushed after all.
“I do not really think so.” I said. I went retrieved the basket and handed it to her.
“What is this?” she asked.
“Lunch, I suppose.” I said, “But could you please show me how to turn that fluffer stuff into string!” she raised one eyebrow.
“You want to use a spindle and distaff?” she asked. The names did not sound familiar, but it had to be better then dancing.
“Sure.” I said. So we sat there in the ferns, under the shady trees, eating tarts and drinking nog, while using the spindle and distaff. It was a lot of fun. But for some odd reason she seemed to regard it as a chore. Perhaps she would prefer to dance all day and could use the thingamajig. It almost seems like an unfair deal, though. When the sun started setting, we said goodbye. I suggested she come back the next day and bring her toy.
“Toy?” she looked down at the thingamajig, “I would never have called it that. But I cannot come, I have to go to the market.” Well that was disappointing. I was starting to think she could be a real friend.
“How about the day after?” I suggested halfheartedly. She shook her head.
“I must prepare a banquet for my sisters.” she said.
“Then can I at least help?” I asked dismally. If I could not escape into the woods and use the spindle and distaff again, I would have to stay home and take dancing lessons from shorty.
“You want to help me cook?” she laughed, “All right, meet me here, and I will come get you.” She got up and left. I can hardly wait. I am going to go help cook. It will be amazing.

Day 10
Today passed so slowly, but I was careful to get all my sword moves right, otherwise Sir Patrono was sure to complain to mother or father and I would have to spend all my free time practicing when I planned to be at Ella Marie's house. I brought the subject of the mysteries of cooking, to Elise and Jerome when we were perched on the fence pretending to study Ben's riding techniques.
“Ew!” Elise said, “Cooking turns your hands red and makes them all hard.”
“Not to mention all the bloody animals you have to touch!” Jerome laughed, “You gotta rip out their innards! SLURP!” He pretended to be sucking a noodle. Elise's face turned an unhealthy color. I smacked Jerome, and he fell off the fence.

Later as I was rummaging through the books in the library for my favorite one on Jack and the giant stalk, Master Won came and told me that my mother wanted to see me. I was certain that Jerome had complained about me shoving him off the fence. Nevertheless I marched into her chamber. She was sitting on her chair with her maids all around her.
“John, Master Won needs to finish your portrait.” she said. The dreaded portrait was the most repulsive thing ever. I had to sit on a saddle, that was perched on the back of a wooden beam. It was supposed to give the illusion of a horse. It gave me the illusion of a nightmare. To make matters worse, I had to sit absolutely still with my drawn sword held above my head. It had taken almost two years so far. Now all that was left was the face. I had just begun to hope they had forgotten. The ridiculous horse contraption was in mother's own chamber. She wanted to to oversee the painting herself. I went and changed into my stupid jacket with the gold braid, then got onto the back of the most uncomfortable shiniest saddle in the kingdom. I held my sword up while Master Won pulled on his smock. He was humming a little tune about the victory that his people had achieved over something else, probably pigs, I do not know. Then he had to wet all his brushes, touch up various spots on the horrible painting, then he started on my face.
“Mother, why does it have to be done today?” I grumbled.
“Because your ball shall be announced in two days.” was the most unexpected of replies.
“My what?” I gasped.
“A ball is where you dance, of course.” Master Won said in his silly chirpy voice.
“No one asked you.” my mother said sharply.
“Or course.” Master Won said with a deep bow, which landed his head on his palette. Served him right.
“Why do I need a ball?” I asked.
“To find and marry a princess of course!” mother said quickly, “Your portraits are going to go to all the great kingdoms. You shall marry one of their most beauteous daughters.” I shuddered. How horrible. I would rather die then become the husband of a most beauteous princess with a silly name like Shaliezeralla. At least I had the tomorrow to look forward too.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Some drawings from "The Last Defender"

I got tired of scanning, so there are only a couple of drawings from Pippin's very belated birthday book

 I made this bigger so you could read the words.
Basically you weren't cool unless you were descended from "Longsword" in this book.

 Sebastian, the main character, is a troublemaker. He isn't a Longsword. In this picture he's going to scare Lady Tofu Longsword and her friend, by shooting the warning shield.

 Sebastian Reinhart

 Lady Tofu Longsword and her friend, who is also a Longsword. Judging by the look on Lady Tofu's face, anyone could guess that Sebastian is in big trouble.

 Lady Tofu Longsword, the most important lady on Corkin Island.

 Lord Tofu is very bored, he lets his wife tell him what is a suitable punishment for Sebastian.

 Lord Tofu Longsword, lord of Corkin Island.

 Sebastian being taught the ancient language (which turned out to be a fake), by Sir Arthur Longsword, his new master.

 Sir Arthur Longsword, who doesn't care if someone is a Longsword, but does care if they are kids or women.

 Sebastian cleaning Arthur's house.

 Lady Danielle Longsword. She was awarded that title because she married a Longsword. She is the ally's mother. I liked her picture better then his.

Sir Carrak Longsword, Arthur's brother.

Sadly, that is all because as I said before, I got tired of scanning, there was over fifty pages. Ugh!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Prince Charming's Diary, part 2

Prince Charming's Diary
Prince John

Day 5
Today, I decided that I had had enough! Enough as in enough! I was going to leave home. I was old enough! My patience has worn thin. If Master Won tells me to stop and smell the roses one more time, I am so going to kill him! Big time! Well, anyway I borrowed an old pair of Joseph's clothes. The pair he used when he was dropped in a rose bush, or whatever really happened. Once I put the clothes on, I rumpled up my hair, and looked in the mirror. I looked like a peasant My plan was working! I sneaked out to the stable and put the plainest saddle on my horse. Well, I got to say it was the plainest saddle, but it still had solid silver trimming on it. Stupid! Perhaps I shall write some more when I have something of interest to say.

Day 6
Well, I have something interesting to say! UGH! My aching back! Yesterday I achieved my greatest desire and got lost in the darkest part of the forest. There is a saying that says, “Adventures are not all picnics and singing under the stars.” Whoever said that would be right. Adventures are terrible. Today, my horse threw me. I swear it was the deepest puddle of quicksand on Royaume. I sank all the way up to my waist before I managed to pull myself out. Now only three short hours later, which is next door to an eternity, I feel like I was made of clay. UGH! What I would give for a hot bath, and a clean shirt. This peasant business is killing me! Now I have to trudge around on foot. I even lost a shoe in the mud, so I am currently hopping around on one foot. It is very painful. I hope the world ends soon. That would solve all of my problems!

Day 7
This morning I was shivering and very hungry. Whoever said one could live on berries and roots out to have his tongue ripped out. Does anyone realize if you are going to tell someone to live on roots, you better give him a seven hundred page manual with vivid pictures and hearty descriptions of what not to eat. I vomited after eating my first root, which tasted like a cross between a hunk of very dirty wood and something the cat dragged in. Do not ask who this cat is or what it dragged in. Anyway, I was cold and hungry, there was not a single berry in the whole rotten forest, when I saw her. Who is her? I do not know, it was just her. She was short, with wispy brown hair. Not very beautiful or very ugly, just plain. Her face was smudged with something black, and her dress was ragged and torn. She also had a basket of berries over one arm. Where did she get berries from in this barren forest? I trudged up to her, my eyes not leaving the basket. She jumped. I bet she was not used to meeting a man made of half clay.
“Good morning sir.” she said politely. She had nice manners.
“Good eve fair lady.” I muttered, hoping I sounded like a peasant. Her brown eyes started twinkling. I decided that she was pretty in her own way.
“You hungry?” she asked as she offered me the basket.
“Yes my lady.” I whispered and took a handful. I hate berries but believe me when I tell you that nothing ever tasted better. I ate two handfuls before I remembered my manners. Master Won would have starved rather then take the berries, the irritating quack!
“When was the last time you ate?” she asked quietly. I thought.
“Two days ago, not counting the root.” I admitted, “But by the time I had removed all traces of that from my stomach, I was even hungrier. The girl laughed. A warm pleasant laugh.
“Please eat more, I can always find more.” she argued. I gave in to the temptation of one more handful, before backing away again.
“Thank you my lady.” I said in what I hoped was a kind tone. She stared hard at me.
“You speak funny.” she said after a pause. I was scared that she would discover who I was.
“Come back in two days and I will bring you payment.” I gasped and fled into the forest.
“Wait, what is your name?” she yelled after me.
“John!” I cried.

“I am Ella Marie.” she called. Ella Marie? What an odd name. Why did I promise to go back?

Friday, July 7, 2017

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Rosie!
My sister turned sixteen today! 
Now she is sixteen going on seventeen!


Random drawings

Another bunch of random drawings, while I procrastinate on the "Prince Diary." I'm  pretty sure, I posted some of these before.

 The second cover (not finished) for "Warrior Princesses of Fairy Land" which I changed to "Beyond the Sunset."
From left to right
Top Row: Warren the younger elf prince, Jack the fairy Godmother's eldest son, Polly Towers/Rapunzel.
Middle Row: Blanche White/Snow White, Erick the older elf prince, Cassandra Rell/Cinderella.
Bottom row: the beast and Belle.

 The original cover for "Beyond the Sunset."
Cassandra, Belle, and Polly just stole the glass coffin right out from under Prince Erick's nose, and used it as a boat in the raging river. Polly's hair worked just fine for a seat belt/safety rope.

 Random drawing for the futuristic diary of Brent Kay. WW7 I believe.

The cover for "Thunder in the Academy" but without the title.
James Cowin is wearing the baseball hat. He's an alien from Venus, and run super fast and mess with people's minds. He is called Shadow Man. Frederick Dulzer is wearing the mask that covers the top half of his face. It would take to long to say what his suit does, but his main thing is electric bolts from his gloves. He is known as Captain Thunder. Agnes Remy has the shooting star on her tunic. She has a teleport and anti-gravity bracelet. She is called Shooting Star.  Mr. Smith/Johnathon Alvarez Smith Dulzer/the Mask is Frederick's uncle, and one of the old Justice Heroes. He can shift into any kind of animal. There is just one hitch, it's always green. Emmy is in front of James. She is a wannabe ballet dancer, and that's what she does annoys and dances her enemies to death. She is known as the Butterfly.

 The beast, from "The Beast Diary."

 Cover for, you'll never guess, "The Night Thief."
Rose Benson and Wolfgang Drew are on the cover, and of course Rose's colonel style house.

 Ecclesio shooting the King's assassin in the frozen country of Nodymiun.
From: "The Red Lion, The King's Assassin."

 Cover for "The Last Defender." Dragon, Sebastian, Gordon, and Arthur are on the cover. In this book, Sebastian and Gordon set off on a quest to loot a dragon's cave, so they can be rich. Instead of becoming rich, they wake up a dragon, which destroys their village. Of course everything turns out right, especially when Sebastian ends up becoming king.

 Cover for "The Last Shot." A western book. Alexander Fuller and Josephine Brian are on the cover. At twenty-four Josephine considers herself a hardened friendless old maid.

Cover for "The Destroyer." The destroyer, or Mr. Destruction or whatever his name was (it was in French and I don't remember the translation.) is at the top of the picture. William Martin, is just below him. George Keenan, is the other boy, and Jack Tagore is the loony detective in the hat.

 Cover for "The Fading Light." A little match girl retelling. 
From left to right: Mary, Nellie and Danny Seri. Nellie is the little match girl that dies. I detest it when the main character dies.

 Cover for "The Cloaked Raider." Stephen Gathron is the cloaked raider. His two crazy companions are the twins Bedwalk and Bedvera Gellison. (My brother came up with the name Bedwalk, his twin had to have similar name, hence, Bedvera.)
In this book, the three of them are raiding their enemies and driving them insane, until they are challenged to attack a fortress (just the three of them, but the mentor tags along later) and they take up the offer.

 Cover for "The Beast Diary."
The Beast and Belle, the merchant's daughter are on the cover.
James is a prince who is greedy, selfish, rude and vain. Belle is his prisoner who he is determined to marry so he become a man again. The only thing is, even if the beast was not so ugly, how can a girl marry a creature who rates her just below the gold! (You'll only get that line if you read the story. :D)

 Cover for "The Seven Daggers of Iske."
Back row: Mary, Prisca and Marcellus.
Front row: Gemma, Eusebius, and Felecity.
Prince Eusebius is determined to clear his mother's name. He doesn't believe she stole the seven daggers. So he inlists the help of a bunch of runaway slaves to track down the daggers and the thief or thieves. Every one of the slaves has the price they are willing to pay, and none of them are asking for freedom!

 Edited cover for "Planet of DEATH."
Derek and Rose are on the top.
Angus Cruthers/Scarface, Jason Hunter and Jane Mardren are on the bottom row.
Jason is thrilled to land a job at DATH, but realizes to late that he has made a mistake in his job choice. Jane, Rose and an alien called Dick have been ejected into deep space with no hope of return. Angus, Derek and all the other soldiers and aliens are trapped on planet Moldrin which is covered in radiation, they also have no hope of escape.

 The Time capsule, which will revert history and make it so Jane Mardren never existed. Whoops, Jason may have messed it up a bit.

Cover for "Protectors of the Kingdom."
Ald the wizard, Dan and Steve the boys, Elvin the red bearded man, Beechun the tree spirit, Grant (the man that looks like Bard) Morte the white fairy assassin, and Silvia the fairy queen.
Dan and Steve are ordinary boys, stepbrothers. At least they thought so. Then a wizard shows up in their village, fire comes out of the sky, they discover Steve's mother is a fairy queen, and Dan's father is something else and things are just about to get crazy.

 Old cover for "Planet of Death." Jane Mardren, and Jason Hunter are in the front, Angus Crutthers is in the back.
 Cover for "Lord Nobody," book one of "The Master of Time."
Peaking out from behind the door: Professor Pigwart, and Detective Gupe (called Teeth) on account of his buckteeth)
People in front of the door: Cyborg Hotfoot Bonebags, Jill Rice, Nottheoneto Nobody, Tegar, and Brooklyn Rice.
Bonebags is a twelve year old cyborg who has gone haywire. Nobody and Tegar, two alien police detectives are after him, when they run into two school girls, a professor, and a detective and gain them as bothersome companions. By following the trail left in three very famous paintings they track down the cyborg. But while looking for a Da Vinci painting Tegar is kidnapped, and they soon realize that it is him and their future selves leaving the clues. To follow them, they have to go back in time, by using an ingenious time door. Unfortunately when they catch up to Tegar in 44 BC he no longer looks like a happy young thirteen year old boy. He looks like a bitter middle aged man.

 Design for Captain Thunder's justice hero suit. Each of the buttons on his belt does something, but it would take to long to say.

 Design for the Shooting Star's Justice hero suit.

 Design for Shadow Man's Justice hero suit. Although the mask is wrong in this picture. He also got an  F minus for this design.

 Cover for "Flying Colors." a historical fiction novel. 
From left to right: Michael Smith, John O'Brien and Carlo Spinner. Three fictional marines in ww2 who were present at the battle of Iwo Jima.

 Cover for "Ghost Island."
Back row: Philip X.P. Marston, and James
Front row: Miranda Rayburn, William Preston, and Alice Keller.
Philip, James and William are on a ship that is attacked by pirates, and they end up as castaways on a ghostly island. I don't remember where Miranda and Alice came from, I wrote this book a year ago.

 Cover for "Burnt" my nonfanfiction. (I don't like "Frozen" and I don't recommend it, but it was fun writing a sequel)
Olaf and Elsa of course. Rowana (Hans' younger sister) and Lief (Kristoff and Ana's son) are behind them.  Elsa is fighting her brother Evan. (Yes I said brother). She thinks he and Rowana kidnapped her nephew (they did, but that's not the point).

Picture I drew for my little brother Kili. He used to be obsessed with Charlie Brown and Edmund. (Edmund from Narnia) So I believe this was a birthday present. Snoop and Charlie Brown fighting along side Edmund. It's called "The Chronicles of the Peanuts War."


Wednesday, July 5, 2017

More paper dolls

Hello everyone, more paper dolls, instead of part two of John's diary. :)

 Agnes, an outlaw, from "The Golden Arrow." A "Robin Hood" retelling.

 Ash, a ranger's apprentice, from "A Ranger's Quest."

 Bark, the heroine's foster brother/cousin, from "Sky and Companions" series.

 Bartholomew Forester, nephew of one of the hero's from "Prairie School."

 Dill Clearwater, heroine's cousin, from "Sky and Companions." 

 Dominic Corkilin, from "The Dragon-Slayer Trilogy." But this is an older version of him that appears in the "Sky and Companions" series. (Yes, I do a lot of a crossovers)

 Dominic Gardener, from "The Gardener Children" series. The interesting thing about the Gardeners is that they have twenty-one kids, and their neighbors have nineteen.

 Evan, from "Burnt." He is Elsa and Ana's brother. (I call "Burnt" a nonfanfiction.)

 Luthia from "Misgard." She's kind of like Tuariel.

 Milo from "Return of the Dragon-Killers." I don't remember if he was the king's son or nephew.

 Samuel Gardener, from "Gardener Children." He is Dominic Gardener's twin brother.

Stephen Bright from "Fading Roses," a Snow White retelling with a bit of "Cheaper by the Dozen" thrown in. Stephen is part of the twelve kid family. Those of you who have read "Warrior Princess" book one, Polly is in this book as well as "The Night Thief."