Sunday, July 30, 2017

Paper dolls again

As you can see, I have more paper dolls instead of more Prince Diary. Sorry everyone.

 Anna Corkilin from "The Dragon-Slayer Trilogy" although she only appears in the last book. She is one of Robert's cousins. She is a year older then her brother Dominic, who is one of the main allies in the trilogy.

 Edward, from "The Golden Arrow." He is an outlaw and has a twin sister who is also an outlaw.

 Endal from "The Red Lion." It's been so long since I wrote the "Red Lion" books that I'm not even really sure who he is. I think he is the sword trainer's son, and only appears in the second book.

 Nathaniel Hades from "The Captain's Orphans," which I'm co-writing with a bunch of friends. He is a deaf orphan.

 Young Sammy from "Smoking Bombs," which is basically "Sword of Light" turned into a sci-fi story.

Young Vian from "The Mad Prince."


Friday, July 28, 2017

ICK Camp

So if you have all been wondering what happened to me, well, between no internet and a five day, which happened to be a six day summer camp, I didn't have much time to post anything.

Anyway, I was the counselor for the Brown team. I had eleven girls to take care of, ranging from ten to seventeen. But Teresa, my captain, was really good, so I didn't have to do much.

Here is what I wrote for a diary
I apologize for any misspelled names!

Sunday, July 23
So we have arrived at Girl's camp. My mom, Poppy, Marigold, and Galadriel, helped set up the tent, before departing for home. Since then we have sat doing nothing much. I wrote some in Rosie's birthday book and she and Eleanor colored for a bit. Now Rosie is writing to Claire S and Eleanor is looking around. I have about twenty minutes before going to the counselors meeting. I'm a bit nervous. It's windy and I keep thinking the tent is going to fall over. 

Fifteen Minutes!

It's now actually day two, but I shall finish recounting what happened yesterday.

At six, I went up to the house to look for the counselor meeting. There was no one about, except some people who were clearly not counselors. I asked this girl, people call Fuzzy if she knew where the counselors were meeting. I had the feeling she thought I was dumb not knowing myself! Awkward! I got her on my team! Just what I needed! I girl who thought I didn't know anything! :I Ten to fifteen minutes after six the bell rand and we went up to dinner in the house. I felt like a I shouldn't be in there. We had spaghetti. Afterwards Canon Huberfeld talked to us about what we would do and what we will not do. Apparently being a counselor gives you the privilege of taking a shower in the house. Afterwards, we ripped name tags apart and numbered them, then stuck them in the pouch things with the pin. Then I pinned all my name tags to the bandannas on the water bottles. Once this laborious task was done, I wrote names on the waters bottles. Eleanor put tape over the top of the names to keep them from rubbing off. Then I went to bed.

Monday, July 24
I got up at six thirty. We could sleep in today, because we won't be needed until 11:00. That is if you call 6:30 sleeping in.

7:17 now, so I'm just waiting for the opportune time to fetch breakfast!

Tuesday, July 25
I'm dying!

Thurday, July 27
It's hot! I'm melting.

Friday, July 28
Finally, on the way home! My team won third place at the camp. The Bronze! HOORAY! We also got third in the Olympics! And first in the Flag Wars! This year dark side/European won the flag wars for the first time since they changed it!

My amazing team!
Ana Maria

Rosie's team won first in Olympics, first in banners, and second in flag wars. She was on stripes.

Eleanor's team won second place in banners.

Some random pictures from camp.
 The campground

 My mom, Galadriel, and Marigold in front of the tent I shared with Rosie and Eleanor.

 My messy sleeping spot! It was cold at night so I wish I brought more blankets, but never learn!

 My team preparing my banner.

 Clare is on this side, JoAnna with the backwards hat and Phil all working on the banner.

 The girls that had nothing to do, scribbled on our plastic throwaway table covers. One of the girls wrote brown team in fancy letters then we all signed our names above it.

 More completed banner.

Putting the banner on a stick.

 Planting the banner.

 Eleanor's gorgeous banner


 Finished banner! It looked better in real life! But I believe we should have gotten points for the most interesting banner! It's kind of hard to tell, but the men laying on the ground have their heads off and the bishop/St. Denis is holding his head.

 Rosie's gorgeous blue ribbon banner!

 This picture didn't turn out. :(
Well, Abbe Kevin carved this on the first day. Yes, he just sat down and carved it. Then he stuck it on the pull of the "Black Team's" banner.

 The theme this year was Basilicas, so the Abbes and oblate seminarian Raymond made a banner for the soon to be Basilica (their seminary). They were dubbed the black team, and participated in most of the events, much to the amusement of the campers. 
Their silly war cry was 
Leader: "Rose are red, Violets are blue."  
Rest of the group: Black team is better then all of you!

Rosie brought the Rosary home.

 You can kind of see the little statue on the top. They also had a neat stand which I brought home. :D Actually, Rosie, this girl called Beth and myself divided this into three parts.
Rosie: Rosary
Beth: Banner
Myself: stand.

The black team gave the neat statue to a generous camp worker for her birthday. She deserved it as she had the worst job!

 Ana Maria, Isabella and Clare. I think Anna is behind Clare, but I'm not sure. There is someone sitting in front of Isabella. Judging by the sleeve length, I'm guessing Phil.

 Brown Team table during cooking contest. We made it to the desert round before being chopped.

 Purple team presenting one of their courses to the judges. One of the Abbes is wearing the Roman soldier hat. That was his chef hat, of course.

 Brown team waiting to  find out who gets chopped.

The last round was the table setting round. As you can see no one can compete against the Black team. They literally took the Mary statue from the chapel. But then they were being funny. I don't think I have a front view picture. But it was truly impressive.

 Uh-oh! Someone stole the Abbe's chef hat! In the background is Canon Huberfeld in his chef garments. A black chef hat and Darth Vader apron. No, I don't watch Star Wars. Next to him is the other Abbe. I can't spell his name, sorry! Raymond is standing next to the young thief. You can kind of see the fancy table setting.

 I tried to get a picture of the poor judges, but as you can see the easiest thing to see is not what I wanted to take a picture of!

 Free time! My Captain is the one leaning on the other girl. Isabella is their too.

 Teresa is still there, but now Isabella has joined the group and a different girl has left.

 The day, mine and Eleanor's teams had to build the campfire, the fire refused to light. Raymond  is trying his best but it's not really working. The stack ended up falling over.

 I tried to take a picture of my team on the benches, but all you can see is part of Elena's head and some of Clare's shirt, then a bunch of polka dots and a couple reds.

 The design on the water bottles.
 No idea!

 The view from the food tent.

 Alison, Mureen, and Anna.

 Mureen, Anna, and Ana Maria. I'm not sure what the event was.

Heading for home!

I notice I didn't get any pictures of the events! Oops!

God Bless you all

Friday, July 21, 2017

Prince Charming's Diary, part 4

Prince Charming's Diary
Prince John

Day 11
Ella Marie was waiting for me when I rushed into the clearing today. I had gone straight from horse lessons, so I was still in my white and gold riding outfit. It was an expensive silk one. But luckily for me my horse had thrown me into a mud patch so it was a lot less white then it had been, and little less easy to tell that I was nobility. Just imagine how terrible it would be if Ella Marie found out that I was really a prince. She would probably think I had lied to her all along. I did not mean to deceive her into believing that I was common peasant. But it is to late to change that now.

Ella was carrying two enormous baskets, that were simply stuffed with all manner of food. They were way to heavy for one girl to carry. I took them from her, and very nearly fell over. They were three- no five times as heavy as I had expected. I staggered around a bit, biting my lips to keep from cursing.
“You do not have to carry both.” Ella said quickly. She tried to take both the baskets from me. No man should allow a girl to carry all that weight by herself, especially a prince. I would not let her take the baskets. We played tug-a-war briefly. I won!

After the tug-a-war battle Ella led the way to her house and I limped after her. I discovered that I ached all over before arriving. But I shall attribute that from my sudden plunge off the saddle. Ella's house was almost like a miniature castle. It was white and blue stone, and had light blue banners flying from the many turrets.
“Nice.” I commented.
“Lets use the back door.” she muttered. I was surprised. I have never used the back door before. But it was very interesting to sneak through the back gate, through a garden full of fat orange pumpkins and into the house through the kitchen door. I had never been in a kitchen so I was really excited.
“Nice!” I told her, as a way to convey my excitement. She gave me a really odd look.

The day was so wonderful. I never had so much fun. I believe I would have found it the best day of my life except for two facts. The onions made me cry and Lady Miranda and her two daughters were evil. I was just sweeping the table off with the broom when a tall lady came sweeping into the room. I blinked. She was very tall and really bothered me.
“Who in the blazes are you?” she snarled, “And why do you have that dirty broom on the table?”
“And where is Cinders?” her yellow haired daughter snickered. I stared at them.
“Get out of my house!” Lady Miranda screamed and threw a cat at me. I am allergic to cats! I left. On the way out I bumped into Ella in the yard.
“What happened?” she cried.

“There is a witch inside!” I yelled and streaked for the woods. Afterwords I felt a little ashamed of my conduct. But what can one do with a witch and her two mangy apprentices?

Prince Diaries test

Finally another one of these tests. This one is from the Prince Diaries. Now at least most of you will recognize the characters and can complain how unlike them you are.

Anyway, which one of these characters do you share the most characteristics with?








A. When trapped in a flaming tower with nothing but a mirror, a bed and a quiver full of arrows, what do you do?
1. Calmly rip the sheets up and use it to tie the arrows into a makeshift ladder
2. Sit and think about it for a long time
3. Admire yourself in the mirror. Who cares, you can live with just yourself
4. Jump head first out of the tower
5. Throw the bed out the window then jump down onto it
6. Ask yourself what your wise brothers would do
7. Scream for help
8. None of the above

B. Your dearest in danger of death, what is your reaction
1. Save him/her against all odds
2. Reluctantly think up a plan of rescue
3. Bash the enemy then demand praise from said dearest
4. Shoot the enemy, from behind your dearest. I'm sure they will be happy to protect you from any returning arrows
5. Get help
6. Ask your brothers to save him/her
7. Rip the enemies eyes out. No one touches your love
8. None of the above

C. Pick a book
1. Guide to the history of your kingdom
2. The Sword of Camelot
3. The story about yourself
4. Three hundred different ways to kill a person
5. School book (something your supposed to read)
6. Heroic Quests
7. Romance
8. None of the above

D. Pick a love
1. Someone you can argue with constantly and always win
2. Someone who will criticize you, forcing you to become a better person
3. Someone who worships the ground you walk on
4. Someone to have adventures with
5. Someone nice
6. Someone who will listen when no one else will
7. Someone who will always be there for you no matter the odds
8. None of the above

E. Pick a Hobby
1. Tracking criminals
2. Thinking
3. Yourself
4. Hunting
5. Cooking
6. Talking
7. Being bossy
8. None of the above

F. A random stranger is about to be killed, what do you do
1. Make sure none of your own friends are in danger before rescuing the stranger
2. Try to reason with the killer and make things worse
3. Make sure you are not at risk before rushing to the rescue
4. Jump into the fight without even a thought of the consequences
5. challenge the killer to a one on one battle and hope to win
6. Shriek insults, until the killer leaves the person alone in exchange for your silence
7. Scream for help
8. None of the above

G. What's your thoughts on reading
1. If I have time
2. YES
3. If it is about me
4. Books make good campfires
5. I love reading but it takes me forever to get through one book
6. Who wants to read when they can talk
7. If it's a romance
8. None of the above


More paper dolls

Due to the lack of internet out my house, I'm posting from a library. So I'm going to post several posts today.
Yes, I make a lot of paper dolls. It's a form of currency in my house.

 Elthia from "The Firestone Saga."
Elthia is handed over the care of the Firestone, by the rebels in the hope that she will take it to safety.

 John Raswel from "The Adventures of a Pirate."
John is Ben's oldest nephew, the son of Matthew and Alice. Matthew being Ben's oldest brother.

 Nancy Clerk from "I Believe," a WW1 and suffrage diary.
Nancy is growing up admidst the first world war. Meanwhile the rest of her family is divided about weather or not  they believe in woman's rights. Nancy is not sure what side she is on. But in the end she does not think it really matters.

 Rothgar from the "All About Dragons" series.
Yes, this person is in a couple of the Sky books. His main role was distracting the raiders so Sky, Dill, Pepper and the twins, Basil and Berry could sneak aboard the ship. Sky is the only one who knows that is imaginary dragons are real. She can see them too.
But anyway, in his first book "The Boy and His Dragon," Rothgar is the youngest of an enormous family, and the weakest of the bunch. Even his sisters can beat him up. It doesn't help anything that he can see and hear dragons that no one else can see and hear.

Samuel Lewis from "Light on the Horizon." My fanfiction sequel to "Across the Wide and Lonesome Prairie."
Samuel is my own character.


I still got more paper dolls coming. They just aren't finished yet.