Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Diary of a NOT so Charming Prince part 4

The Diary of a Not So Charming Prince
Prince Joseph's diary

Day 7
Dear Lonely Me,
I am in so much trouble! Mother has forbidden me to leave my bed chamber. She has assured me that I am grounded from everything fun! It is so not fair! Elise came by to see me, after the first long hour.
Mama, says you are a very naughty boy!” she said coolly. Girls are really big pains.
I am hardly a naughty boy, anymore!” I snapped, “I'm a grownup!” She cocked her head, in that irritating girlish way.
Well, then you are a very evil Prince!” she said, “The kind that try to kill their nephews, in all the stories!” Not that I care what my little child sister thinks of me, she made me nervous. The evil princes in the stories, always came to a really bad end! Jailed for life! Hanged! Beheaded! Banished!
Get out of here!” I yelled at her, “I don't need to kill Jaden to get this rotten castle! I got my own princess!” I was sorry as soon as the words had left my mouth. OOPS! Elise is the biggest gossip too! I am so doomed!
You? A princess?” she laughed scornfully.
You would be surprised!” I snarled.
Not really!” she said with a sneer, “After all, Justin married that merchant's daughter!”
Because no princess would have him!” I snapped.
And James married Princess Eleanor!” Elise continued.
And Jaden married the brataroo!” I cried impatiently. Elise raised her eyebrows.
If they could get married, I have every belief that you-”
You know what.” I interrupted, “Elaine is not as big of a brat as you!” She glared at me.
MOTHER?” she screamed, then went running down the corridor, “MOTHER? Joseph is calling me a brat!” Me and my big mouth! I am so doomed to spend eternity in this chamber! Blast! Well, the minute I am allowed out, I am heading right back to the forest! I would rather fight sweet darlin' what's its name then be bored to death!”
Joseph the ill-treated prince
Day 8
Dear still lonely me,
I am bitter again. I am really bitter! I mean really really bitter! Should I capitalize it? Yes? IT! HAHA! I am so funny! To bad no one else thinks so! Anyway, I had plenty of time yesterday to think up some funny jokes. I tried a few on John when he came up for bed, but he has no sense of humor.

I actually forgot what I was going to write. Oh yes, mother said I could go hunting if John went with me. She says I need a chaperone. A chaperone!!!??!! John is my twin brother! My younger twin brother! I am so offended! Besides he hates hunting! UGH! It is so not fair! She was basically saying no!

After lunch, John comes into the chamber for his dancing shoes! DANCING SHOES? Why would a fellow need dancing shoes! He hates dancing! For a person that hates everything, he certainly is dedicated to everything!
John drop those high heeled ladies shoes and go hunting with me!” I tell him in my nicest voice.
You could say please!” he replied without even looking at me. I do not need to worry about my manners until he has gained a few! UGH!
Never mind the please, lets leave right now!” I said. When a fellow is in a hurry, he can't waist time being polite.
Goodbye!” John says and takes off, leaving me to suffer another whole day in our bed chamber. I am so going to kill him!
Joseph the prince who wishes he did not have a twin brother
Day 9
Dear clever crafty me,
I am so smart! Oh wait, let me get the part over with, where I am not so smart! Somehow or other Elise spread the story throughout the entire castle that I had a secret love in the forest! Girls are so small minded! I said I had a princess, I never said I had a secret love! Where did she get that idea from? Mother wanted me to tell her weather or not my love was a princess, and if she was going to inherit a glorious kingdom. Mother always thinks about the details like that.
I shall be sure to ask her.” I told mother.

Then Jaden comes in. He has this stupid look on his face. It is the, I am older then you and so much smarter, look.
Joseph, I know you rarely think and act impulsively.” he said. I recognized the beginning of an elderly brother lecture.
I'm not the one that got himself turned into a frog!” I told him. He left. Sheesh! One would think he was offended.

Then James comes in the room. Whatever advice he plans on giving me, about my secret love is sure to be terrible.
Joseph, when you propose to your darling, just because she says no does not mean, you won't get her if you ask about twenty more times.” he told me. That's actually pretty good advice. But apparently the merchant's daughter didn't think so. She grabbed him by the ear and told him he would make a terrible father! UGH! I'm to old to be an uncle! I feel ancient! I'm going to die alone and unloved! I could cry!

I shut the door in Justin's face before he could give me any advice. They think that just because they are married, they know more about courting then me! But I know twice as much as them! James was a beast. He scared Belle into excepting him. Justin courted a sleeping girl. And Jaden was a frog. Elaine couldn't get anyone else to marry her! She's probably sad that I turned her down flat!

Oh, I believe I forgot about my cleverness. Allow me a moment to bask in all your admiration. Now I shall tell you what I did that was so gloriously clever. Hold on a second, I have to think. Blast it all, I cannot remember! BLAST! I got sidetracked! Oh well! Anyway, father said I was free. So I am going to ride back up to the tower and camp there again! I just need to collect Lasso from the butcher shop. Mother sent him to be made into dog food! CRUEL!
Joseph the wisest of the wise

Monday, May 29, 2017

Gollum sings Let it Go

I'm not sure if this youtube works.
But Rosie and Eleanor found this song, and it is so funny! Way better then the original.


Marian Trading cards

The http://ponderedinmyheart.typepad.com/ blog did a Marian trading card swap for May, and my family, or most of them did it.

These were mine
 Our Lady of Fatima

 Our Lady of La Salette

 Our Lady of Lourdes

Our Lady of Pontmain
Madonna of the Streets

these were Maria's cards. My favorite is either the Immaculate Heart or Our Lady of the Rosary.

These were Theresa's cards. My favorite is the one on the far right of the bottom row.

These were Jacinta's cards. I like her Our Lady of Lourdes the best.


Sunday, May 28, 2017

Which Justice Hero are you?

Hey everyone, here is another test.
Which Justice Hero are you the closest to?
There is only two girl Justice Heroes, so anyone can do it. And all you girls might get a boy.
Also this test was harder then the princess one, because I haven't actually written much with some of these characters.

Here are the Justice Heroes.
Captain Justice
The leader

Star Queen
The motherly type

The loyal friend

Iron Fist
the short tempered one

The secret villain

the crazy one

Captain Thunder
the thinker

Shooting Star
the supporter

Shadow Man
The deadly shadow

The dancer

And here is the test

A. What would you do if your toaster didn't work in the morning?
1. Shoot it
2. Ask someone to fix it
3. Send it to another planet
4. punch it
5. Take it apart, then put it together as something else
6. Jump on it unless someone was in the room, then you would pretend to be fixing it
7. Fix it
8. find a different breakfast
9. skip breakfast
10. still stick the bread in it and pretend to toast it, then eat it
11. None of the above

B. All your friends got invited to a party except you, what do you do?
1. Never speak to the person hosting the party again
2. Forgive and forget
3. What party?
4. Crash the party
5. Make the party person's life miserable
6. come up with an elaborate plan to make the person feel guilty
7. Try not to care
8. complain about it then forget
9. Wouldn't have gone anyway
10. Throw a tantrum
11. None of the above

C. What kind of pet do you want?
1. a dog
2. rabbit
3. your own child
4. someone else's child
5. snake
6. You don't need pets when you already are the master over everyone else
7. a friend
8. a cat
9. something more intelligent then your brother
10. a animal that can dance
11. none of the above

D. What kind of power would you choose?
1. None, big guns work better.
2. Fire
3. Flight
4. None, fists are the best weapon
5. Poison
6. Animal shifter
7. Electricity
8. Transportation and flight
9. Speed
10. None, you prefer to dance your enemies to death
11. None of the above

E. What kind of Instrument would you play?
1. Crossbow (Wait- what?)
2. Harp
3. Piano
4. Bagpipes
5. Vocal cords
6. Instrument? HAHA! I am the master at everything!
7. Flute
8. You're not musically talented.
9. Violin
10. Boombox
11. None of the Above

F. Chose a book
1. Newspaper
2. Pride and Prejudice
3. Book of Magic Tricks
4. You don't read
5. Book of Poison
6. Only the most sophisticated Newspaper
7. Something Useful
8. Lord of the Rings
9. The Art of Unseen Movement
10. Books on Dancing
11. None of the Above

G. Your Companions were Getting Slaughtered, what do you do?
1. Rally your men and fight back
2. Fry the villains
3. Fly for help
4. Bash everyone, ask questions later
5. Laugh, you were the one that betrayed them
6. Lose your temper, and really make the villains suffer
7. Come up with a quick plan
8. Try to save your friends
9. Use superspeed. The villains will never know what hit them.
10. Do the Knife dance. Somehow that is sure to help
11. None of the Above


The Diary of a NOT so Charming prince part 3

The Diary of a Not So Charming Prince
Prince Joseph's diary

Day 4
Dear Me,
It was very early this morning, I mean really early. The sun was only just starting to come up. Well, I was awakened by someone talking.
Rapunzel? Rapunzel, you selfish brat, wake up?” someone with a very good pair of lungs was screeching. This selfish woman was destroying my beauty sleep. The nerve! Well, anyway, I got up, and grabbed my bow and arrows. You never know when the odd chance will come, where an arrow will accidentally slip of the string and kill someone you are angry with. I did not want to spoil my very possible chances. After all this person who dearly wanted Rapunzel to wake up, ought to know that there could be other sleeping nearby.

Standing at the foot of the tower was a woman. I would not know if she was young or not. But her face could have soured sugar! I think her hair was either black or blond, I am not really certain. A fellow cannot be expected to know everything. I believe she had some sort of gray cat. Or it possibly was a brown dog creature. As I sad before, a fellow cannot know everything.

I was still staring at this rather impressive woman, who was screeching her fool head off, when a second woman appeared in the window of the tower.
Oh sister Gothel?” she calls, “Are you returned?” Now this is really stupid, since this sister Gothel has obviously returned.
Rapunzel, throw down your hair or you shall get no dinner!” sister Gothel retorts. Her little beastie yowls and curdles my ears. But anyway, I could have been hearing things. There is know way this Rapunzel would take off her hair and throw it down, just by lemon face's say so.

You will never believe what happened! Not in a thousand years! Rapunzel threw her braid out the window! It was literally fifteen feet long if not longer! I am serious! I knew you would not believe me! WOW! I am really shocked! Phew! This is literally insane. WOW! It also happens to be very blond, and shines like gold! WOW! I could totally get used to staring at hair like that, no matter how ugly the face was.

I was still admiring that rotten hair, when Lasso goes charging out of our hiding place and starts barking wildly.
Wild dogs, sister!” Rapunzel screeches. Sister Gothel puts down her mutt.
Sic him darling Lolo, my sweet little pet!” she coos. As I escape on Polo I wonder who would be fool enough to name their good for nothing cat, or is it a dog, Lolo? Sappy!
Joseph the informed
Day 5

Dear exhausted Me,
Sweet darling little Lolo, who is really an evil vicious reincarnation of the black lord, chased poor me, Polo and Lasso all the way to the edge of the forest yesterday. It took forever to get back. I believe I shall lodge a complaint with someone or other! I am seriously put out! But I shall go back and believe me, as soon as I retrieve my bow and one arrow, I shall put an end to darling sweet little Lolo.

I reached the tower by late afternoon, but some jerk had stolen my bow and arrows! I shall really file a complaint now! But HA I know the secret to getting into the tower, and believe me, I shall use it! Can you guess what I am about to do?

I found myself a nice stout stick, then marched up to that crummy tower. Polo and Lasso trailed a long behind me. It feels good to have a little backup, even if they are only a horse and a dog! They are my best friends! All those of you who are dumb enough to remember that I have a twin brother, don't you dare ask why he isn't my best friend! If he was my best friend, he would be right here with me, getting torn to pieces by Lolo the evil little thing!

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, I found the stick. It was nice and stout, remember? Well, I banged on the side of the tower with it.
Rapunzel, oh Rapunzel let down your braid! Your very long braid!” I yelled. The girl's face appeared in the window.
Who in the name of Gascony are you?” she shrieked.
I don't know this Gascony.” I told her, “But I have a bone to pick with dear sister Gothel witch and her disgusting rodent! Now let down your hair, a ladder would be preferable, but hair will do just fine!” She slammed the shutters on the window! Without letting down her hair. Lasso growled at her. All I could do was bend down, pet him and call him a good dog.
Joseph the very angry prince
Day 6
Dear still angry and slightly bored me,
I am yawning! I am so bored! I had to come home, because the wedding was today. Did Jaden and Justin really have to have their weddings in the middle of my busiest day? Ugh! I hate weddings! I was late arriving home, so I did not have time to change. I ran straight to the chapel. To make matters worse, I forgot to lock Lasso in the stable with Polo, so Lasso followed me into the chapel. Justin was saying his vows when I burst into the chapel. Lasso ran straight up the isle and jumped up on Princess Eleanor. Her gown isn't very white anymore. She started screaming.
What am I supposed to to do?” Justin asked with a shrug.
Say I do!” James yelled. His wife, that merchant's daughter, hit him! Quite satisfying.
Joseph!” mother screech, nearly bursting my eardrums.
I do!” Justin yelled.
Mama, Joseph is ruining the wedding!” tattle tale Elise screeches.
Joseph, stop!” Jaden yells, “Get this mutt off your new sister-in-law!”
I think she looks good with mutt prints on her!” Brateroo Elaine says. I have to agree with her.
Oh boy, some real fun!” Jerome yells.
Boo!” my cousin Kane jeers. My aunt starts yelling at him. Lasso and I slink out of the chapel. I really hate weddings.
Joseph the grounded and very much in trouble prince.

Friday, May 26, 2017

The Diary of a Not so Charming Prince part 2

The Diary of a Not So Charming Prince
Prince Joseph's diary

Day 2
Dear Me,
I peeked inside Jaden's froggy diary, man was it dull and BORING! Some talented frog, he was writing! Mother was making a big deal about my writing, and I am a man! Jaden writing would have blown her mind! Say, I just realized something! I'm hysterically funny!!!! If you ignorant people, who will read my diary in about say a hundred and two years, do not know what that means, I shall explain. It means that I am more funny then you and you are just a stupid clod! HAHA!

I am not sure where I was going with this whole thing- oh yes, as I was saying, Jaden's diary was boring, because he did not address it to anyone. As for me, I shall began mine with, Dear Me. Is that not sophisticated. That my dear future clods, means important and better then you.

Anyway, the news of the day is that I went for a walk in the woods. Oh to be sure I avoided Prince Brataroo's summer palace. It was even easy to do. All I did was go in the opposite direction. Easy! I bet you never thought of such a thing! But I'm getting side tracked again.

Well, I was walking in the woods. Not really, doing much. Just scuffing leaves and wondering why Jaden would ever want to marry Princess Brataroo, even if she did turn him back into a man. Suddenly, I see this. A tower in the middle of nowhere. Literally! It was in a big empty patch, which was surrounded by a tight ring of rocks, boulders and brush. Almost like a natural wall. I wonder who lives there? Perhaps, I shall go back one day. Who knows.

Signing off
Joseph Son of Jasper the VI
Day 3
Dear Me with a capitol M,
So today I returned to the tower. How wonderful, I got right on topic today. I feel proud. Now where was I? Oh yes, the tower. Anyway, my glorious return was combined with a little hunting trip. I brought Lasso and Polo too. Who is Lasso and Polo, the ignorant fool might ask. Well, Lasso just happens to be my own best friend. A hound dog, which I raised all by my old self. Polo is my horse. I never go anywhere without him. You want to know why? Well, I say it is because if I did not take little old Polo with me, I would have to walk. That would be terrible. Hmm... I believe I may have gotten off topic. I guess I better get back on.

Well, I rode up to the tower, then hopped off Polo's back and looked for a door. Believe it or not, there was no door! So I have a little mystery on my hands. A hidden tower with no door! I think I love mysteries! They are so exciting! I am a good detective too! I figured out that there was someone inside the tower. You want to know how I know? Well, I think I shall tell you anyway. I was walking around the tower for the hundredth time, when I heard someone singing. Something about wishing on stars and other such rubbish, but that is not the important bit. Anyway, if there was singing, then logically, there must be a person, therefore the tower is occupied! See, brilliant! Now I just have to figure out how to get inside the tower. Not to mention figuring out, how this mysterious singer got inside it. There must be a door somewhere.

Do you know what I shall do? I shall make a hunting trip of this venture and stay the night in the forest. I shall camp I think I shall camp by the tree. That way I can keep an eye on the tower. Perhaps the singer has wings. Maybe she will fly out and introduce herself. Anyway, I plan on being right here, so I can get a good look at her. Maybe she is a bird. This is going to be fun!

Signing off

Joseph the curious detective

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The diary of a NOT so Charming Prince part 1

Finally, I have completed a plot for the next prince charming diary. Not that any of the brothers are really charming. Anyway, I feel as if I should give you a list to keep track of the timeline.

The Beast Diary-  James age 19
Justin's diary (slightly overlaps with the end of Beast Diary)- Justin age 19
The Frog prince's diary (Takes place at the same time as Justin's diary)- Jaden age 21
Joseph's Diary (Doesn't overlap with any of the earlier ones)- Joseph age 18

And now for the story
Yes, I am being mean and only giving one entry!

The Diary of a Not So Charming Prince
Prince Joseph's diary

Day 1
My life is one complicated problem! Normally, when I discover an irritating problem, I snatch up my bow and ride out into the forest with my favorite horse. But I feel as if I need something bigger now. Hence the diary.

James married a merchant's daughter! What is wrong with him? He did not even invite us to the wedding! Selfish beast! Jaden and Justin are marrying princesses! Mother is proud at least! But Jaden is marring a spoiled brat, and he courted her disguised as a frog! What on Royaume is wrong with him? Hold on, I am getting ahead of myself.

Jaden, is my oldest brother. He is twenty-one and bossy. He is marrying the princess Elaine, a spoiled bratty princess. Justin and James are twins. They are nineteen. Justin is lazy, but he kissed a princess and now they have to get married. James is a selfish beast and he somehow tricked or forced a merchant's daughter to marry him. I am Joseph and nearly had to marry Elaine. Luckily Jaden got her instead. I am Eighteen. John is my twin brother, he hates everything. I doubt he will ever get married. Jerome is my youngest brother. He is sixteen and is just a big baby. Elise is my little sister, she is pretty babyish too. She's only fifteen.

Now that I have introduced my siblings, lets get back to the topic of me- wait, I do not think we were ever discussing me. Whoops! Well anyway, Jaden and Justin are having a double wedding in six days. James will be coming home for the first time in several months. I am so not looking forward to that.

Man, I keep getting off topic. What I am trying to say is that I got slapped in the face by a fairy today! I am not sure what went wrong, but it did! She is the same dumb fairy who keeps bothering my brothers too! No wonder Justin hated her! Can't blame him! I don't really remember the particulars! So I guess that is all for today.

Signing off
Joseph Son of Jasper the VI

Monday, May 22, 2017

"The Cloaked Raider" drawings

These are for the book I gave my brother, Frodo for his birthday. There is a wide range of expressions in these drawings, because I have been practicing emotions

This is the cover. (Yes, I can do really fancy writing if I want)
From Left to Right: Stephen holding a Spearax (literally, a spear and ax), and the twins Bedwalk and Bedvera.

 The Cloaked Raider. I think he is supposed to look more grim or determined, not sad.

 The Groom.
He isn't happy that his wedding might be interrupted for a wolf hunt. He shouldn't be looking so scared though.

 The nervous Bride.

 A surprised and disgusted Stephen Gathron.
He just offered his help to someone and literally got beaten up for it.

 A gleeful Bedwalk Gellison

 Bedvera Gellison
I'm not sure what the face she is making is supposed to mean. Pretended innocence maybe.

A grim Gared Whotion
One problem out of his students and he plans on tossing them out into the streets.

A surprised and slightly terrified Daniel Gathron
Can you guess which one of my brother's I drew this from?

William Gathron
Daniel's father, and Stephen's brother.
He's laughing so hard that he's crying.

Liam Gathron
William's twin brother.
He is cheering for Stephen in a duel.

An angry Mortsam Bensell.

A stuck up Sargorn Bensell.

a younger version of him
I posted him earlier this month (or was it last month)

An excited Bedrin Gellison
Bedwalk's younger brother

Stephen's father, happily blowing smoke rings.

Bedwalk's father lecturing someone.

Bedwalk's mother is a little indignant.

Disgusted Luth
The Bensell brothers' henchman.

An angry Stephen Gathron

A distracted Bedwalk Gellison.

An embarrassed Bedvera Gellison.

A happy battle frenzied Gared Whotion

A sad blind little girl

Her terrified twin sister.


Sunday, May 21, 2017

Old pictures

I was charging my camera up, and realized that I had pictures on it from Fire on the River last year. 4th of July! (It was probably more like the 3rd or 5th, but really) Well here they are in no particular order.

 Rosie and Poppy.
(I was trying to make the picture less blurry and it ended up black and white)

I'm her confirmation sponsor.

Marigold and friend Claire. 

We were playing UNO in the shelter outside the Mixing Bowl Bakery.

 Hmmm... Marigold must have seen something interesting.

 Friend Elizabeth and Marigold. 
Marigold is still looking up... hmm.. I wonder she sees up there.

 Eleanor and Rosie.

 Friend Claire and Marigold.

 Friends Emma and Elizabeth.

 I believe Eleanor was bored because she beat all the rest of us big time and none of the rest of us could get out.

 Emma and Elizabeth again.

 Eleanor again.
This is in front of the bakery by the way.

 Claire looks concerned.

 Eleanor, Rosie, Claire, Emma and Marigold.

Fire on the River