Saturday, September 30, 2017

ENFP characters

Of all my friends, I only know KN is a ENFP, so if you are an ENFP these are my characters that are the same personality type as you. All call these people my happy characters.

 Sky Heavenview
Book: Sky and Companions series
Sky does not really like living on an island. She wants to see the world. But once she sees the world, she wishes she had staid home. There is like twenty to twenty-two books in her series. She is the main character but isn't really in all the books.

From: Prince Charming Diaries
Joseph is the crazy one in the family. Sorry all you ENFPs. He is Rapunzel's prince.

 Gwen Lancelot Pendragon
Book: Pendragon Saga, A Ranger's Quest
Gwen and her brother James were orphaned while really young. Both were raised by the miller alongside Arthur Pendragon. Before she realized that Arthur was the Pendragon heir, she was literally invited to come to Camelot to be his bride. At that point Arthur was still living at the mill, so she thought she was engaged to someone else. Yes, my stories are way to complicated.

 Emiline Migaroo
Book: Queen of the Black Land, Also the last two Sky and Companions books
Emiline was raised by the Baron of Vengard, which is part of the Region of Alister. When the threat of war breaks out, the baron sends Emiline to the capitol where she supposedly will be safe. Don't worry, she would have been far safer if she staid at home. At one point she gets a finger cut off.

 Emmy Cornwallis AKA Emmy Zinc AKA Butterfly AKA Emmy Bennet
Book: Justice Hero Books
Emmy was kidnapped by her great uncle while still a baby and raised in a villain school. In spite the anti-good atmosphere Emmy is drawn to Frederick Dulzer and the rest of the "heroes" After the academy is destroyed, she is adopted by General Zinc. Emmy's real name was Emmy Cornwallis. Zinc was her foster name. Butterfly is her justice hero code name and Bennet is the name of the man she marries. (Don't worry she's not a little girl when she gets married. She's in her late twenties)

Polly Towers
Book: Warrior Princesses of Fairy Land
Polly is the daughter of a Fairy, who was transported to our world. Polly does not discover her fairy blood until after she has returned from her first trip to the Fairy Realm. No Polly does not have magic hair. She is actually imprisoned in a tower with the only food source coming from a magic dish. The food causes her hair to grow.

Clara Snow
Book: Fading Roses, Night Thief, Smuggler's Apples, Alone in a Tower
No her hair is not green, I actually just used a green pen to draw her, then for some odd reason I scanned her in color.
Clara is sort of a Rose Red (from Snow White and Rose Red) so she is obviously from a fairy tale retelling. But she is the more outgoing sister. Makes friends easily in school and with the new neighbors.


Thursday, September 28, 2017

ESFJ characters (updated)

Yeah, I know, I haven't posted any of John's diary in forever. I just pulled that notebook out, so I should be having more soon.

But anyway, my friend E.S. is an ESFJ. (That's right, right?) And here are a bunch of my main characters who match her personality.

Annette Dalston
From: The Adventures of a Pirate
Annette meets the hero in book one. Her father is the villain so she was naturally drawn to believe that he was bad. But she comes to realize that what her father was doing was not okay. Eventually she goes on to marry the hero's older brother. I think she is the only character besides Ben, to appear in every book.

 Winter Farsight
Book: Sky and Companions series
Winter is the long suffering friend of Sky Heavenview.

 Richard Alecson/Marcusson
Book: Queen of the Black Land series
Winter is the long suffering friend of Emiline Migaroo (Incidentally, both Sky and Emiline have the same personalities. What's it with these matches?)

Isabella Dalton
Book: Sutherland Ball/Winter in Town/Kingston Brides (a three part book, not sure what the official title will be)
Isabella is the heroine of my Romance period novel.

Book: Queen of the Black Land
Oh, that's why Richard and her have so much in common. She's Emiline's most devoted friend.


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

INFP Characters

Because I just couldn't be doing anything better at the moment, I took this Test to see what personalities some of my characters had.

I'm an INFP- Mediator as are the famous characters, William Shakespeare, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Johnny Depp. And the famous fictional characters, Frodo Baggins, Anne of Green Gables, and Arwen.

But anyway, here are a few of my characters that share my personality.

 Benjamin Raswel
From: The Adventures of a Pirate.
This kind of took me by surprise. It's also a bit embarrassing since everything thinks he is the dumbest hero ever. :D Maybe I did it wrong.

From: The Prince Charming Diaries
I guessed he would have the same personality as me. After I took the character quiz, I made, I realized we had a lot in common.

 Arthur Pendragon.
From: The Pendragon Saga
I think this is fairly reasonable. :D But lets say he is a bit smarter then Ben.

If you give me your personalities, I can tell you some of my characters that match yours. 😀😀


Randomness, mostly paper dolls.

I haven't posted in awhile, so here is a couple of paper dolls, and a book cover.

 Name: Bartholomew
Age: somewhere between 8 and 10
Book: Attic Mysteries
Backstory: Bartholomew is an orphan in the 1940s, who is sent to an old house in the country because of the air raids.

 Name: Grass
Age: 9
Book: Sky and Companions
Backstory: Grass is one of Sky's missing cousins. He doesn't show up until halfway through the series. But he was living on one of the other Naturite islands.

 Name: Princess Livia
Age: 16
Book: A Ranger's Quest (A younger version of her may appear in the "Pendragon Saga")
Backstory: Livia is King Arthur's eldest daughter. She puts together a quest to rescue her youngest brother from his kidnappers.

 Name: Red
Age: Probably 15 or 16
Book: An Apprentice's Revenge
Backstory: No idea, I haven't started this book yet.

 Title: Ships Under the Sky
Series: Sky and Companions
Book: 10
Synopsis: Sky, Dill, Pepper, Basil and Berry, stow aboard the Wolfbane with the help of raider Trig and his nephew, Rothgar. But they are found right away, and imprisoned in the hold, where they are surprised to find Winter and Hyacinth.

Name: Sky Heavenview
Age: Currently 19
Book: Sky and Companions
Backstory: Sky is a restless girl from the Naturite Islands, who gets into a whole lot of messes and adventures.

Name: Nancy Clerk
Age: 16
Book: I Believe
Backstory: Nancy is tired of being the only girl in the apartment house. She detests boys. But she when her brothers leave for the war, she does admit she misses them.


Thursday, September 21, 2017

Stormy Sky drawings

Drawings for "Stormy Sky" Book 9 of the Sky and companions series.
The Synopsis (Might be a little outdated)
Sky and companions have returned home. Summer and Cypress are planning their wedding. Everything is just as it was before. But then Sky receives news from Skara. Hyacinth has fallen into worse trouble, and needs help. He is back in the clutches of the pirates. But when Sky asks her foster parents for permission to go to him, they refuse. Sky goes to the mayor. He refuses and threatens imprisonment. Enraged Sky steals the mayor's horse and escapes through the tunnel. She is pursued by the furious mayor and the rest of the Naturites. Her old friends Dill and Pepper, catch up to her and offer their help. Sky gladly excepts their help. But when they are captured by the island eaters, and meet two peculiar twins, Sky discovers Daisy was not the only rotten Naturite. Lichen taunts her with the news that Winter has been kidnapped by a man called Redjack.

 Sky Heavenview.
Sky is nearly twenty, and as rebellious as ever.

Cypress and Summer.
I cannot draw wedding veils to save my life, so this is really ugly.
Cypress and Summer get married and move out of the village.

 Winter Farsight.
Winter has grown rather bitter. He is still quarreling with Sky.

Syrenia somehow belonged to the mayor, even though horses didn't belong on the island. When Sky steals her, Syrenia proves to have a mind of her own.

 Water Redsun.
The strange boy who works for the mayor.

A cruel Naturite Bully. The Mayor tells Sky he is the perfect match for her.

 Dill Clearwater.
Sky's younger cousin.

Dill's younger sister.

Basil and Berry.
An odd pair of twins that rescue Sky, Dill, Pepper and Syrenia from the mayor.

 Mayor Lichen
The cruel pompous mayor. He never liked Sky.

 Raider Trig and his nephew the dragon seeing Rothgar.
Trig is the raider that rescues Sky and companions when the reach Flagrin. Rothgar is his nephew.
Rothgar has his own series, which is called "All about Dragons." He can see dragons that no one else can. Except Sky. She saw one too.

Hyacinth's young friend. Sky's cousin. Peony's brother. Radish is rather bitter because Hyacinth got married, and moved on without ever telling him.

Dr. Raindrop and his wife Mulberry.
Sky's foster parents.


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Prince Charming diary play

I would like your opinions on the first rough draft for act one of my play. It's based off my Prince Charming diary, which I've been neglecting.

~Lady Cinderella and Prince John~

The scene is dim, the backdrop is of a house and garden. Ella Marie's father and mother are standing still. Ella is between them.
Narrator: Once upon a time... all good stories begin with once upon a time, so I shall begin this one so. Actually not all good stories begin so, but that is beside the point. Anyway, the point is that I am saying once upon a time now. (Clears throat nosily) Well, Once upon a time there lived a little girl called Ella Marie. To her mother and father she was a princess, to the world she was a merchant's daughter. (Ella Marie's father hugged her and her mother, then puts his hat on. The mother waves, as he walks away. Ella runs after him waving too.) Her father traveled constantly. (Ella and her mother leave the stage) But he always returned with more love and gifts. (Ella's father comes back on and takes off his hat. He is carrying a sack)
Ella Marie's Father: Hello, where are my lovely girls? (Ella and her mother come running the three hug)
Narrator: But Tragedy strikes even the best of people. (Ella's mother starts coughing and staggers. Ella and her father help her off the stage looking sad.) Ella Marie and her father were very sad and mourned for Ella Marie's beautiful mother. (Ella and her father come back on stage with black on. They go to the corner of they go to the corner of the stage and cast flowers on onto a grave, then they walk off stage again) But as time passed, Ella Marie's father decided that it was time for a new family to start. So one day, he returned from his travels with a new wife. (Ella rushes to meet her father, then freezes, as Lady Miranda sweeps grandly in, escorted by Ella's father, and followed by young Hazel and Blanche)
Ella Marie's father: Ella child, this is your new mother.
Young Ella Marie: How do you do? (Curtsies)
Lady Miranda: (Looks down her nose at Ella) Charmed. (Young Hazel and Blanche giggle. Everyone walks off stage)
Narrator: For a time the new family treated young Ella Marie with as much kindness as they could. (Young Ella walks onto the stage carrying a cage of mice, she sets it down with her back to the audience and pretends to shoe the mice out. Young Hazel runs on stage. She sees the mice and screams. Young Blanche runs on stage.)
Young Blanche: (Crossly) I thought sure a bear got you! (She pushes Ella, who gives a cry and falls. Young Hazel and Blanche run off laughing)
Narrator: More time passed. Ella missed her mother more and more. Her father spent more and more time on business trips, spending little time with his Ella and the new family. (Ella sits down and cries) Then one bleak day Ella revived a letter from one of her father's friends. (Servant carries letter in. Ella stands up and wipes her eyes quickly)
Servant: Here ye go ma'am. (Hands her the letter. Ella thanks him inaudibly and the servant leaves the stage. She starts to read it, then gasps and falls to her knees. Lights dim)
Narrator: Many that live deserve to die, many that die deserve to live as Gandalf once said! And so Ella Marie's father died.

Act One
Scene 1
The scene is a twofold stage. One half is the garden of Cinderella's house, the other is the training room in the palace. Light goes on in the prince's half.

John: (John comes into the room, he is clutching a sword, and stomping. A shorter man in black comes after him, grinning.) Master Won, we already-
Master Won: (Holds up his right hand and draws his sword with his left hand) Fight, your highness, fight!
John: But-
Master Won: In a real fight, young prince, you would be dead before you could say but! (They start fencing. Master Won pushes John back, but at the last moment, he rallies and begins to gain some floor. The two duel back and forth) Ah, see what practice does! (He sends John's sword flying)
John: (gritted teeth) I did practice.
Master Won: Not enough! Give me five pushups! (John drops and starts doing pushups. Maid comes in, stops, stares at the prince, and coughs. John looks up) Not now Lucinda. (Master Won waves elegantly at the maid)
Lucinda: (Looking at John) If you please your highness, your royal mother wishes me to remind you to see the tailor!
Master Won: (Looks critically at John's gym suit) He does need a new suit. This one spells poverty as they would say in my country. (John glowers at his boots, and briefly considers biting Master Won's boots)
John: (Getting to his feet) What do I need to see the tailor, for?
Lucinda: (Surprised) To try on your new suits for the balls of course.
Master Won: (Waves his fingers at Lucinda and John) Alright, shoo both of you. I have my class to bore. (John and Lucinda leave. Master Won swaggers after them. Then John, Master Won, Male servants and tailor reenter the room. The Servants are carrying armloads of clothes. John is clutching at his hair.
Master Won: Three. (he holds up his pointer, ring and pinkie fingers) Three little balls, my prince.
John: (Angrily) Why? (He tugs at his hair)
Master Won: (Reaches over and picks an imaginary speck of dust from John's jacket and flicks it away) Because how else can someone like you meet and marry yourself a bride? As they say in my country, What else can you possibly do? (Dabs at his eyes with a bit of lace) Ah, my people are so skilled with the tongue.
John: (Raises one eyebrow) Really? You could have fooled me.
Master Won: (Smiles) Ah yes, we are the masters of disguise. You never recognize what is really going on. (John looks pained. The tailor attempts to measure him. John brushes him away. Elise comes in)
Elise: (Clapping her hand) Johnny, just think, three balls. (She spins in a circle)
John: (Groaning) Please do not remind me. (The Tailor measures his waist) Get off me. (Pushes the tailor away)
Elise: (Giggling) Give him a sash.
Tailor: (Inspects the measuring tape) A nice silk with his peacock cloak, your highness?
John: (Aghast) Peacock cloak?
Tailor: (Inspects a piece of cloth) This seems rich as cream.
Master Won: (Waves his hands wildly) No, no tailor. The sash must go with the desert robe.
John: (Loudly) Desert robe?
Tailor: (Impatiently) Yes, desert robe. Ah master Won, you have excellent taste.
John: (Even louder voice) Peacock cloak? Desert Robe?
Master Won: (Looks at him) Of course.
Elise: (Clapping her hands) Yes Johnny! They are going to be themed balls!
John: (Horrified) What? NO!
Elise: (Singing) What? YES! Oh Johnny how exciting!
John: (Upset) Stop calling me that!
Master Won: (Dabbing his nose) The first ball will be the theme of the different desert tribes. It shall be most exotic.
John: Er- there is more then one tribe?
Master Won: (Annoyed) Study your history, my prince. You of course cannot expect everyone to dress exactly the same in the desert.
John: (Also annoyed) Why not?
Elise: (Annoyed as well) Who stop arguing, John!
Master Won: (Bows to Elise) Thank you, my princess. (Turns to John again) The second ball will be Pirate themed and-
John: (Interrupts) Pirate theme? (horrified) Our people have been battling the pirates for centuries! Why on Royaume would we have a ball honoring them! This is an insult to our warriors.
Elise: (Pouting) Spoilsport!
Master Won: (Irritated) Your lady mother has decreed that there shall be a pirate themed ball, so by Non So there shall be one!
John: (Stiffly) I see! What does my father say.
Master Won: (Coughing awkwardly) He was not certain whether he could attend that particular ball or not. (Growing excited) But your royal mother has decreed anyway.
John: (Tugging at his hair again) Just tell me what the third ball is. Please, do not try to spare me.
Elise: (Screeching) Peacocks! (She starts jumping up and down and clapping)
John: (Shocked) But I am allergic-
Elise: (Singing) Big pretty beautiful peacOCKs!
John: (Covers his ears) I am going to take a walk. (he walks offstage)
Tailor: I make him lovely sash!

Scene 2
Cinderella's house. The house is painted on a backdrop, but the door is one that the actors can come in and out of, it is standing open. Cinderella comes out of the door. She looks sad.

Cinderella: (Humming a lullaby softly) Sleep little one, sleep. Close your eyes. Don't make a sound. (Blanche comes outside. Her clothes are bright and her hair is in a really weird hairdo)
Blanche: Oh Darling Ella, I seemed to have misplaced my taffy skirt. Please be an angel- there is a darling.
Cinderella: (Sighing) Since you asked nicely, Blanche.
Blanche: (dabbing at her hair with a brush) I prefer Lady Blanche, it has a nicer ring. The very charming and beauteous lady Blanche.
Cinderella: (Unbelieving) You want me to call you Lady Blanche?
Blanche: (Laughing) Of course not, you silly thing. (Cinderella looks relieved) I want you to call me, the very charming and Beauteous Lady Blanche!
Cinderella: (Gasps) I beg your pardon?
Blanche: (Snickering) I shall pardon you if you tie my ribbons. (She pulls up her skirts. She is wearing ballet slipper type shoes. Looking upset, Cinderella starts to get down on her knees. Hazel comes running out. Her hair is lose, but she is wearing silly bows and a lot of makeup. She is also carrying a bucket)
Hazel: Ella sweetheart (She giggles. Ella stands up. Blanche pushes her down again)
Blanche: My ribbons, stupid!
Hazel: (Angry) Leave her alone, Blanchey! (Cinderella stands up and looks gratefully at Hazel. Blanche scowls) Ella darling. I heard that ashes are good for the skin. But my complexion is so delicate that I was sure you would try it for me.
Cinderella: (Worried) Of course, sister. (She stares at the bucket ruefully)
Hazel: (giggling) Here! (Dumps the ashes over Cinderella's head)
Cinderella: (Shrieks) Oh sister! (Blinks back tears.)
Blanche: (Snickering) Hazie you are so cunning!
Hazel: (Smirking) I know! (The two sisters link arms and swagger off.)
Hazel and Blanche: (Chanting) A certain girl called Ella, lacked the certain talent of washing, so we called her Cinderella!
Cinderella: (Whispering) That doesn't even rhyme. (Lady Miranda enters. She has a fur lined cloak and many rings on her fingers. Her nose is tilted upwards)
Lady Miranda: Ella girl, what have you done to yourself?
Cinderella: (Wipes her face) Nothing ma'am.
Lady Miranda: (Dabs at her face with handkerchief) Oh my lands, get out of sight child. I cannot be seen in the company of a ragged servant girl.
Cinderella: (Shocked) But ma'am-
Lady Miranda: (Angrily) Address me according to my station, you little brat!
Cinderella: (Bows her head) Yes my lady.
Lady Miranda: Excellent. (Swaggers off stage)
Cinderella: (Clenches her fists) This is MY house! (Kicks ash bucket) Ouch! (Hops around on one foot) Oh bother, why does everything happen to me? (Blanche comes back on stage with baskets)
Blanche: Oh Cinderella.
Cinderella: (Ignores her, and starts folding laundry and singing) In the time of the Pendragon, there dwelt a- (Blanche grabs her hair) OUCH!
Blanche: (Angrily) When I call you, you answer! (Gives Cinderella's hair a vicious tug, then lets go)
Cinderella: (Rubbing her head and smiling sweetly) My name is Ella Marie not Cinderella, so I did not realize you were speaking to me.
Blanche: (Furious) After YOU get back from market, mother is going to whip you for sassing me!
Cinderella: (Mock terror) Oh dear, I better not every come-
Blanche: (Shoves the baskets at Cinderella) Go to Market. (Storms off stage)
Cinderella: (Looks at the baskets) Oh, well in that case I will take the long way, take my time and get only the worst food I can find! (Walks off stage)

Scene 3
A thick woods. John comes whistling on stage from the right, then off the other side. He is dressed in plain peasant clothes. A second later he comes back on stage still whistling and walks off the other side. Then he comes back. This time he stops and looks around, then continues walking, whistling uncertainly. He exits then reenters. He stops in the middle of the stage and looks around again.

John: (Frowning) I could have sworn I passed that tree five times already. (Scratches chin) Or was it four? (He walks in a circle looking in every direction) Hmm.. I think I came from (looks to the right, then to the left) that way. (Points in the wrong direction. Starts going to the left. Cinderella enters carrying loaded baskets and staggering under their weight. John steps aside with a bow as she passes. She stops and looks at him)
Cinderella: Good morning sir.
John: Oh is it still- I mean good morning, fair lady. (He bows again)
Cinderella: (Grins) Yes, it is still morning.
John: Oh. (He looks up at the sky, then down at his feet, then to the side)
Cinderella: (Concerned) Are you lost, sir?
John: (Quickly) No! (Cinderella looks skeptical) I am just not certain which way is home.
Cinderella: (laughing) If you come with me, I can show you the main road. It runs past my house.
John: Thank you, my lady.
Cinderella: This way, Sir. (She gestures to the left)
John: Oh right. (Looks a little embarrassed) You needn't call me sir, my lady.
Cinderella: (laughs) And I am not a lady. Just plain Ella Marie.
John: (Laughs too) And I am just plain John, Miss Just plain Ella Marie. (He takes one of Cinderella's baskets and the two of them walk off stage laughing).

Scene 4
A Medieval kitchen. There is a big table in the center of the room. Food and dishes are spread out over it. Buckets and baskets line the walls. John and Ella enter and put their baskets on the table.

Cinderella: Thank you John. (Turns back towards the door) Now I can show you the road.
John: There is no hurry, Ella Marie.
Cinderella: (Smiles) Alright. (She gestures at a chair) Would you like to sit down? Shall I fetch you a cup of water?
John: (Looks around) So this is a kitchen.
Cinderella: (Confused) Have you never been in one.
John: (Still looking around) What? (Realizes what she said) Oh- (looks to the side and speaks to himself) Blast, she does not know I am a prince. If she finds out she will treat me like royalty.
Cinderella: (Concerned) John?
John: (Blinks) Sorry about that, I was thinking. Yes, I would like a drink of water.
Cinderella: (Smiles) I will fetch- oh- MOUSE! (She reaches for a broom)
John: (Grandly) I will get the rat. You fetch the water.
Cinderella: (Hesitantly) Alright, John. (She leaves the room. John approaches the corner where the mouse is)
John: (Reaching for the broom) Say your last words my little friend! (Hits the floor with the broom. A series of loud squeaks fill the room. John runs around hitting the floor) Come back here you little rodent! I have to kill you! Hold still for a second, will you? STOP! (He trips over a baskets, does a flip and lands on his back.) Ouch! (There is a loud squeak. John leaps to his feet and grabs for the kettle hanging on the fire. He touches it then freezes) OOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW! (Starts jumping around waving his hand wildly. Walks into the corner of the table) Oof! (Starts gasping and clutching his ribs and drops into the chair) Kitchens are dangerous! (Glowers) A few warning signs would be helpful! Watch out for this pot, it will try to kill you! Or: Tables have corners so doctors stay in business! (Gasps a little bit more, then stands up and goes over to the table) What is this? (He tastes something in a pan. Immediately he makes a face and starts fanning his tongue) EWW dithuthing! Blew! (Lady Miranda, Hazel and Blanche enter the room. They stop and stare at John in shock)
Lady Miranda: (Snarls) Who in the blazes are you?
John: (Dignified) Who are you?
Lady Miranda: (Screams) I am Lady Miranda, you clod! I own this barn!
John: (Confused) Barn? I thought it was called a manor? Does the horses live in the manor then?
Hazel: (Giggling) Mum, Cinderella must have found this fool at the market. Maybe she is going to marry him.
John: (Angrily) Yes, I AM!
Lady Miranda: (Angry) Over my dead body!
John: (still angry) We shall see about that! (Looks around) Oh look mouse! (he points)
Blanche: (Screams) Save me! (jumps onto chair)
Hazel: (sighs) Oh dear! (Faints into her mother's arms)
Blanche: (Screaming) Mum, Hazel fainted again! (she fans her sister with her hands)
Lady Miranda: (shouting) I can see that, fool! (She tries to stand Hazel up, but the girl flops back into her arms again)
John: (Moves towards the door) I think I shall be leaving now.
Lady Miranda: Stop right there! (She tries to slap John. He ducks backwards and falls against the table. Some food slides off. Hazels stands up.
Hazel: (Screeches) Mum, that is our dinner! (Blanche screams)
Blanche: Get off our food! (John flips over the table and runs towards the door.
Lady Miranda/Blanche/Hazel: Cinderella! Get back here! Cinderella! You monster! Cinderella! I shall call the town watchmen! CINDERELLA! (As John runs out, he bumps into Cinderella coming back in with a cup of water)
Cinderella: (Surprised) Oh, what happened? (Holds the cup up so it won't be spilled) You look like a-.
John: There is a meeting of evil queens inside! (He runs off)

Cinderella: What? (Looks over her shoulders) Oh. (Her shoulders slump)

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Sky and Winter drawings

I was editing book 10 of the Sky and Companions series, when I decided to draw Sky and Winter in their Vengard costumes.

The story is that Sky, Winter and a bunch of others were basically kidnapped by raiders. They tried taking over the ship right before the raiders went to raid Vengard. The people of Vengard gave them clothes to change into.

 Winter Farsight.
There was a cape to go with this odd costume, but none of the boys could figure out how to attach it, so they left it off. The boys being Winter, Hyacinth, Dill and Basil. Heaven forbid that they should ask for help.

Sky Heavenview.
Naturites do not like long flowing sleeves. At least not on themselves. Sky is no exception. She cannot stand this dress.


You will never guess- MORE paper dolls!

All these characters were made up by my sister Rosie. I just stuck them in random books that fit their description.

Christine Shast.
Sixteen year old pretty maid. She doesn't realize she is pretty. Hates sewing and prefers to be out in the woods hunting with a long bow, which she is quite skilled at.

The book she will be in is called "The Beast of Grimsdale Forest" and is the third book in "The Warrior Princesses of Fairy Land" series. Christine is one of the unlucky people from the Realm who was cursed. Prince Anton charming, who was turned into a beast, found her and brought her to his fortress, where he had brought a lot of similar people.

Francisco Malse.
A fifteen year old pirate who is quite good with the cutlass.

Francisco makes an appearance in "The Crimson Stone" which is book one of the "Trident of the Pentagon" fantasy pirate series. He was a pirate on the Blue Rose, but after his ship and fellow crew members were captured, he was sentenced to be set adrift on a sinking ship, while chained to her side. This dumb punishment was the governor of Jamaica's idea. Unfortunately, for the governor, their was a stowaway on the sinking ship, who helped release all the prisoners before the ship sunk.
Sylvia Green.
Sixteen year old adventurer, who doesn't like being a lady or bossed around.

Sylvia Green will make an appearance in my Gold Rush diary called "Gold Hunters." She is a runaway, who is eager to seek her fortune.

 James McDowle
Fourteen year old James likes to be in charge, and doesn't like to be bossed around. He feels like he should be good at everything and it's an insult for anyone to better then him. He never likes to be left out of anything.

James will appear in "The Lands Between." The first book in the "Scottish Trilogy." He is a proud highlander, who would like nothing more then to duel with the scummy lowlanders. If someone told him he would one day play postman between a highlander and a lowlander secret peace pair, he would have been insulted.

Edison Thompson.
Edison's parents named him Edison in hopes having one smart child after there four other children turned out super dumb. Edison at first seems really stupid. The mother get's very sick and she is afraid that her generation is about to end and her poor nerves. He is ten when his mother gets sick.

Edison will make a brief appearance in "Life is Short" at a Christmas party and a wedding. His relatives like to give their kids odd names. Like Mr. and Mrs. Johns named some of their kids: Matthew Mark (his confirmation was Luke) Johns, Johnathon Johns. But anyway, Edison isn't important to the story.


Saturday, September 16, 2017

New paper dolls

I know what some of you really want, is more Prince Diary, but well sorry, I got paper dolls instead.

 Joseph Nash.
Ten year old stable boy from my early 1800s three part book. Sutherland Ball/Winter in Town/Kingston Brides. It doesn't have an official title yet.

 Luke Gavin.
Seventeen year old bully from my WW2 book called "The Promise." Luke's dad is the villain, who is a Nazi sympathizer. They live in Wisconsin near Roxbury.

 Polly Towers.
This is what Polly normally looks like, except her hair is a little more even. While riding on a dragon she fell off, but because her hair was tied to the creature, she was kind of stuck. An elf cut her free. But in doing so, he made her hair lopsided.

Polly Towers.
This is Polly in her Fantasy clothes. After being sent into the fairy tale world she was imprisoned in a tower, where she ate off a magic plate that made her hair grow like crazy.

Robert Howard.
This is the hero of the book "The Promise." Robert attends St. Nobert's Catholic School in Wisconsin. Some of you will know where that is. Yes, that is a real place. But Robert is a fictional character, he's not related to me. ;) Anyway, Robert has a twin brother, and an older brother. His family has endured a lot of rude comments because they have no family members fighting overseas. The oldest brother is almost blind, and the twins are only seventeen. Also their was something wrong with the dad, but I forget what it was.


Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Forbidden Tower drawings by Rosie

I really have to get back into the habit of doing all my own illustrations. 😳 But Rosie and Eleanor do a really good job.

 The stunningly detailed cover.
Sir Henry, Lydia, and Captain Wolf.


 Lydia is the youngest sister of the Earl of Lakes. She has a twin brother, an older sister and two other brothers. She also happens to be an annoying tomboy.

 Earl Sam.

 Sam is the Earl of Lakes. After his father's death, he finds the duty of being earl and taking care of his siblings crushing. Of course it doesn't help that he is arrested for a murder and suspected by his own siblings of being guilty.

 Lady Gloria.

 Gloria is the second eldest in the Earl's family. She is the beautiful lady like sister.


 Benjamin is Lydia's twin brother. The two do nearly everything together, until Benjamin is poisoned. Hmm.. maybe I'll end up killing him in book two.


 William is the earl's youngest brother. The only reason that keeps him from getting in as much trouble as his siblings is because he is lame.

 Sir Henry.

 Sir Henry is the cousin of the Duke of the Blood Mines. Henry is older and handsomer then his cousin, not to mention "nicer."

 Captain Wolf.

 Captain Wolf previously known as Ōkami from the flip side of Royaume, known as Pègre, was cast out by his own people. World banishing is the worst punishment anyone could receive. It's even worse, when you are really innocent.

 Duke Francis.

 Duke Francis, inherited the Blood Mines and allows the world to think him an incompetent fool. He does not try to be nice to his fiance's family, openly insults Lydia, who he thinks is a spoiled brat. But in the end, Henry proved himself a man, by taking a blow for someone else.


 Grant a mysterious woodsmen, that throws his lot in with the troublemakers. At first glance he might seem like a normal troublemaking woodsmen. But when he starts shooting fire out his palms beware!
(Some of you have read "Protector's of the Kingdom" well, he is Dan's father. Also, an even younger version of him is going to appear in my second "Apprentice Warrior" series).


 Ketsueki is the leader of the scout party from Pègre. Grant tries unsuccessfully to melt him. Eventually one of his own followers melts him.


 At ten Ritorudoragon is the youngest Pègrean scout. He is also a prince.


 Akuyaku is another member of the scout party. His own sister overpowers him in the fight.


 Kanojo is Akuyaku's sister. She was also a member of the scout party. But she decided it would be more worthwhile to side with Wolf.


Ōjo is Ritorudorgan's sister, so of course she is also a princess. She is also a member of the scouting party.


 Kemono is a beast creature of the underworld. He obeys only two people. Wolf and Ōjo. It is he who ends up melting Ketsueki.


Lit is Wolf's squire. He is only briefly in the first book, but he's going to get a bigger part in book 2.

 The Rura.

 The Rura is basically the ruler (Rura is Japenese for Ruler) of a kingdom in Pègre. It was never said in the first book, just hinted at, but he is Wolf's father, the weak minded ruler.

 The Kuīn.

 The Kuīn (Queen) is Wolf's stepmother. She is strong minded and the real power behind the throne. She hates Wolf and got him banished from Pègre.

 Prince Taiyo.

 Prince Taiyo is Wolf's halfbrother. Taiyo, unlike his mother love's Wolf. He would be the first to defy her, if it came to a rebellion.

 Princess Tsuki.

 Tsuki is Taiyo's sister.

 Princess Hoshi.

 Hoshi is Taiyo's other sister.

 Akachan Prince (Baby Prince)

Akachan is Taiyo's little brother.