Friday, June 23, 2017

More Sky and Companions drawings by Eleanor

Because there is nothing better then when someone else draws your characters, here are some of my Sky and Companion characters, drawn by my sister Eleanor.

 Sky Heavenview

 Dill Clearwater

 Fall Laughingbrook

 Spring Sweetwater

 Fall Farsight (he looks like a Hobbit)




 Captain Carver

 Princess Valency

 Dominic Corkilin

 Robert Corkilin

 Buck (Prince Francis Andrew Daniel Joseph Stephen Peter Meldrum)





Elbert (He looks like a Hobbit too)

The Diary of a Not So Charming Prince, part 14

The Diary of a Not So Charming Prince
Prince Joseph's diary

Day 32
Dear Joseph,
Well you dear prince sat staring at the fire today, a fairy appeared. She was dressed all in blue and looked smug. Father fell flat on his face and started babbling about how he only stole to support his dying family. The liar! Joseph stood up, and screeched at the fairy to give him his eyesight back. Good Grief! How could he dare yell at a fairy? He must be mostly stupid! We all expected her to turn him into a frog. Instead she told him the cure was at hand, but that you must seek her out again and find hidden love. Then she disappeared. Joseph, you started crying. Men do NOT cry! What is your problem?

Once the fairy had vanished, father got up and grabbed Joseph by the shoulders and started shaking him.
Listen prince.” he bellowed, “If we help you find the cure, then will you have us pardoned for disturbing your gracefulness?” The prince sneered at my father. I could hardly blame him.
Find me the cure.” was all he said out loud. It's most astonishing watching ten grown and almost illiterate thugs pouring over bejeweled books looking for the way to cure one crazy prince. I could have saved them the pain by telling them that the books were about manners, fashions, and foreign countries. The usual trash you steal from travelers. Not remedy books. But it was to amusing.
Rowan Thief's boy
Day 33
Dear Joseph,
Well, the crazy prince finally had enough. He got up today and said we could all go to the fiery place, and that he was off on his own. He left this silly little book in my hand. So I grabbed my slingshot and ran after him.
Rowan!” father screeched after me, but I forgot to reply.
Stop following me!” Joseph screeched, drowning out father's voice.
I'm not.” I told him stiffly, “You just left your book behind.” he sighed.
Well?” he asked.
Will you?
Will I what?”
Will you keep writing and being my eyes?”
Yes!” Oh man, this is going to be so much fun. I am off on an adventure with a blind prince, to seek out a fairy, a cure and a love. What could get more exciting then that?
Rowan Thief's boy
Day 34
Dear Joseph,
I am used to wild living, but the nutty prince makes it more wild. Joseph is killing me. How can a blind spoiled young man go taring through the countryside, through forests, through rivers, through anything and still live? UGH! I woke up this morning shivering. What new deaths was this prince dreaming of defying today. Surely not tree hopping. I did that once, but it was not a blind man leading me. Well, guess who just got up? I knew you would never guess. It is the prince, of course.
Morning Rowan.” he told a tree on his other side. I am rolling my eyes now. “I decided, fairies have got to hide somewhere that people do not like, so I figured we should look for a cave.” I did not have the heart to tell him that the only cave in the forest or for hundreds of miles around it, was the one my father and the rest of the gang lived in.
You will fail.” I told him kindly.

I am sure there is a saying somewhere, that if fools and wise men cannot do it, by all means send a blind man to get the job done. Well, that saying applies to me, right now. I told Joseph he would fail, and guess what he found? Some people are just determined to prove you wrong. The annoying prince found a cave!
A cave?” I screeched, sounding like an annoying little girl, who has just been given a cute little baby doll.
Where? Where?” Joseph yelled. Idiot! He was the one who found it. How annoying can one person get?
Right there in front of you!” I retorted. Joesph bounded forward and ran into the wall.

It was cold damp and ugly in the cave. Not to mention at least a hundred and five bats were flying in there. It was nothing like my cozy little thief cave. Also, I feel the need to mention that there was a woman in there. A creepy black haired woman, who was holding some kind of hairless little beast. Joseph was groping around, one hand clutching at his face, and was going to walk right into her knife. She had a big butcher knife pointed right at his heart. I will admit, she scared me. I was ready to run. Joseph stopped one fraction of an inch from the knife and looked all around. His eyes seeing nothing. The small beast let out a yap. The prince jumped and knocked his head against the ceiling.
Gothel!” he screeched, “Murderous mullet mouth!” I am not sure what a mullet mouth is, but I think it fits this Gothel person, quite well.
Well, well, if it is not prince Joseph.” she sneered, “Your horse is gone, your dog is gone, your eyes are gone, your girl is gone, you have nothing!” Joseph pushed me behind him. That surprised me. He did not strike me as the chivalrous type.
Polo is waiting for me at home!” Joseph shouted, “He is all comfortable in his stable!” Gothel sneered.
You wish.” she said.
Thorn- I mean Dog is at this moment fetching my brothers to rescue me!” he shouted. I was surprised. Really? I thought his dog's name was Punz or something lame like that.
What about your eyes?” Gothel sneered, “I would love to hear how you plan to get out of that?”
I have my ways!” Joseph said mysteriously, “I have already been told there is a cure and I am currently fetching it.” Gothel looked pained. I smirked.
What about your love?” she asked, after an awkward silence.
She is currently rotting with your mama witch in the tower.” he said, “And just as soon as I get my eyesight back, I am off to rescue her.” Well, this is awkward and mushy.
But what is to prevent me from killing you first?” Gothel asked, her teeth flashing in the semi-darkness. I shuddered.
This!” Joseph shouted. He raised his stick, and hit the roof. There was an avalanche. Rocks came rumbling down. I barely had time to grab his shirt and drag him backwards, before there was a solid wall between us and Gothel. I am kind of annoyed. How did he know that would work?
Rowan Thief's boy

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Old drawings part 1

I was cleaning out my desk and I found tons of old drawings. I'm going to post some of them. Hopefully my artwork has improved. Expect more soon.

 A scene for "The Burning City." Prequel to "The Red Lion" books.
Let me see if I remember who everyone is.
Precantes, with whoever he married. Expecto holding the starstole, his sister (Who I forgot the name of) at his feet. Patrono in the cage.

 Elizabeth-Rose from "Cabin Boy." After her family was killed in a fire, she disguised herself as a boy and became a cabin boy.

 A scene from "The Red Lion, the King's Assassin." Ecclecio is about to shoot the assassin. The other thing is a Nodymiun.

 Old cover for "Attic Secret." Bartholomew and Jacinta exploring the attic.

 Really old cover for "The Burning City." Unfortunately when I scanned the picture on the other side of the page showed up.
The three boys are Patrono, Expecto and Pracantes. I don't remember who anyone else is.

 The old cover for "Clues."
Edmund Peacock is the boy with the magnifying glass.
Top row: Col. Mustard, Mrs. Peacock, Mr. Green, Mrs. White, Pro. Plum, Miss Scarlet.
Bottom Row: Mr. Silver, Emily Silver, Maria Silver, Andrew Silver, Peter Peacock, Susan White, Lucy White
Yes this is based on the board game.

 Miss Peacock in the conservatory with the revolver.
(No she was not the murder)

I think this was also from "Cabin Boy." Elizabeth-Rose is the standing person. Sandy is the sitting boy. I don't remember who the man is. 

 The original cover for "The Dark Lord." Book one of "The Shadow Warriors." On the cover is a Shadow Warrior in a cloak, and an evil shadow creature peeking out from behind a tree.

 An old terrible self-portrait.

 A hideous cover for "Emily of Trinity Acres." Mary is the girl with the braid. Emily is the other girl.

 A newer cover for "The City" book one of the "Firestone. (The book is now called, "Cities of Fire."
From right to left: Malie, Mala, Aren, Elthia, Lethia, and a Guide.

 The original cover. (I suppose I could have cut it, so only the people were on there.)
From right to left: Black cloaked one (think Shadow warrior), Arendir, Rainor, Malie, Elthia, Mala, Aren, Guide, Yolanda.
Top right corner: Baron Smerit. Bottom left: placing the shield. Bottom right: the kidnapping. (There was this poor kid/Arendir who was kidnapped twice while still a baby. The second time by his own father)

 Old cover for "The Red Lion, The King's Assassin."
Top: Precantes and Expecto, the two suspects.
Bottom: Arthur, Vilkra, Ecclesio, Venturus, Ecclesia, and Factus (I think).
Do you notice that their names are all Latin words?

I was drawing pictures for my "Dragon-Slayer trilogy." This is the only one that is not totally hideous. It's for book two. I won't say what the words say, because that is not how the story ended up going. Robert is the boy with the boy. I'm not sure who the girl is, probably Elizabeth.

 (I'm now on my third cover for this book)
Book two of "The Adventures of a Pirate."
This scene is when Ben and gang have just rescued James from the gallows. Now they are defending themselves. Juliana is lying on the ground shooting. (out of a bent pipe, which is supposed to be a pistol.) James is protecting Annette. Ben is the other person.

 I haven't the faintest idea what this is from. I kind of think maybe "Misgard" but if it is, I'm not sure why the boy is carrying that thingy, or why the girl is crying. I really got to reread some of my old books.

This one is definitely "Misgard."
From right to Left: Dalin, Elamund, Thor, Sif, and Freya. 
Yes, this was orginially based off Norse Mythology.


Monday, June 19, 2017

The Diary of a Not So Charming Prince, part 13

The Diary of a Not So Charming Prince
Prince Joseph's diary

Day 29 that really is day 31
Dear Joseph,
On a side note here, my name is Rowan. Because of an awkward thing that happened two days ago, I am now writing for Joseph, as he is unable too. I shall first catch you up on what happened in those two days.

So Joseph says he went to the tower and banged his head against it. I mean he banged a stick against it. He just tried to strangle me! Well anyway, he starts hollering for his lady friend. She throws her gross disgusting pile of dirty blondness out the window. Can you believe how stupid this person is? He actually climbed the disgusting stuff! I would rather have died. Much rather.

Well, he says, that when he reached the top, there was no girl attached to the other end of the braid. Believe me when I say, I would have jumped right back out the window. But Joseph was obviously too dumb for that. He says he grabbed the end of the braid and started screaming for the lady. Then a blond witch, the same one that supposedly bought my sister for a bellyful of cabbage, grabbed him and stabbed his eyes out with a thorn, then she threw him out the tower. This woman is sick! Definitely a witch! I mean who goes around and stabs random boys in the eyes with thorns! Revolting! She then proceeded to toss him out of the tower.

So Joseph lay at the foot of the tower for a long time, with no eyes and a broken leg. He was in really bad shape. Poor man! I almost feel sorry for threatening him the other time we met. Almost, but not quite.
Signing with a flourish,
Rowan Thief's boy
Day 30 which is still actually day 31
Dear still very much blind prince,
I just found out Joseph is a prince. This is rather awkward. Well, maybe I shall be less rude in my entries. Prince's have a way of getting over there difficulties, it would be terrible if he got his sight back and read what I wrote.

Anyway, after the prince lay at the foot of the tower with his broken leg, possibly broken arm and bad eyes, all night, he finally came too, and got up. He says he wandered around for quite some time, without any clue of where he was going. He wept and moaned for his lost love, the pain was nothing to him compared with the pain of loosing her. On a side note, I think she is actually my sister, the one father exchanged for the cabbage.

Oh great, Joseph is grabbing me by the neck again. He wants me to write that he did not spend a whole day weeping for Rapunzel. He says she is probably in better shape then him. My, he is really unromantic! I am disgusted. Well, that is all that happened on day thirty. Hmm.. I wonder why it is day thirty. What happened on day one? Hang on a second, I will ask Joseph.

Guess what this crazy prince said happened? He said on day one the important thing was, that he started this diary! How come I did not think of that?
Signing with a flourish,
Rowan Thief's boy
Day 31 which is really the right date
Dear sad prince,
So something really important happened to our dear prince Joseph today. Today was the day my uncle Gastiff and I found the poor fellow wandering around and basically starving to death. Now he is in a cave. His leg and arm bound up nicely, and hot food in his belly. He even has a bandage around his eyes. Father says if he lasts one more day he will survive. Now that is a pleasant thought.

The first thing Joseph did once he had been patched up, was to ask me, bright boy that I am, to write for him in his journal. This is so much more fun then running through the forest and setting snares. Besides, he cannot stop me if I steal his food.

Oh whoops, I am supposed to be writing what he dictates. He wants me to write, that the floor is to hard, the bandages to scratchy, and that there is a filthy smell in the air. What can I say? Princes are known for complaining. Besides I have to agree with him. I wonder if father and uncle Gastiff will make him pay for food, lodgings, and doctoring? Should I tell father, that the girl he threatened to hang is really my sister? No, I will not, he is already in a foul mood. Joseph brings up that rope every five seconds. I think if father had really tried to hang the him or Rapunzel, Joseph would have killed him. Princes are also know for their swordsmanship. Anyway, lets see what tomorrow brings.
Signing with a flourish,

Rowan Thief's boy 

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Guess Who?

Hello everyone. So I have these two drawings, which don't look a whole lot like the original people, but I'm curious to see if you can guess who they are. Most of you who look at this blog will have met them.

Person 1
(The whole thing of her skirt isn't colored because she was originally standing next to her sister. But I didn't color her, because she didn't turn out right.

Person 2


Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Diary of a Not So Charming Prince, part 12

The Diary of a Not So Charming Prince
Prince Joseph's diary

Day 26
Dear flabbergasted me,
I planned on heading back to the tower today, but something happened, and I could not. I mean I could have, but I did not, because it would have been rude and insensitive. I had to stay, no matter how ugly, red, bald and wrinkly she was. Wait, I think I am getting ahead of myself, I forgot to tell you what I was talking about. Well, anyway, Belle had a baby! An ugly baby! A really ugly baby! She looks exactly like, how one would imagine a peasant baby to look like. It is not hard to guess that her mother is only a merchant's daughter.

I was feeling much better today, so mother said I could leave my chamber at look at my niece. She was born in the night so I missed that too. I tell you, I took one look at that hideous child and nearly died!
Oh James I am so sorry.” Jerome told our older brother, as he patted him on the arm.
Isn't she beautiful?” James murmured. I stared at him. He hated anything ugly. John twirled his finger in a circle by his ear. Justin and I nodded emphatically. James was clearly in denial.
She is so adorable!” Elise cooed.
Elise, do not encourage our nutty brother!” Jerome cried.
Maybe Elise finds her adorable because she is a girl instead of a boy.” John suggested.
Boys, how can you be so insensitive?” Elise barked, and kicked Justin.
Ouch!” he yelped. My sisters-in-law turned and frowned at us.

“Who wants to take the first turn holding her?” James asked proudly, as he picked up the creature and carried it towards us. There was a mad scramble towards the door as we all tried to escape the horrible creature.
Sorry, got to dash.” Jaden gasped, “I have a counsel meeting.”
That was canceled.” father protested, but Jaden was gone.
I have to meet a- a person.” Justin gasped, “Very important, James, I will touch the little thing later.” he rushed after Jaden. John and Jerome did not even make an excuse. I shrugged.
Really? No one?” James asked looking surprised, “What about you Joseph?”
I might break her!” I yelped and slipped out the door.
Joseph the prince who had his narrowest escape yet
Day 27
Dear me,
I have been spending nearly two whole days avoiding James. I have discovered my worst fear. Do you want to hear it? Sure you do! It is listening to a new father rant about his gorgeous beautiful daughter, when you know she is anything but gorgeous and beautiful! Justin puts up with it the most. I suppose because James is his twin brother. Jaden is very good at pretending to listen, but actually changing the subject. Elise and mama talk about the creature nonstop! It is so killing me. Anyway, I am going to go back to the tower tomorrow, I do not care how insensitive it is. This time I am bringing a sword. I will be ready to fight off robbers, terrifying cabbage selling mothers and evil sharp tongued sisters.
Joseph the handsome
Day 28
Dear relieved me,
Thorn, and I are back at the tower. I wish Polo was with me, but he is still missing. Anyway, I went up to the tower.
Rapunzel?” I shouted, “Are you there?” she appeared in the window. I was relieved. She looked alright.
Joseph?” she cried. She had never sounded so sweet.
Can I come up?” I asked, then thought to add, “Please?” She hesitated for a minute, then nodded.
Let me lower my hair.” she said.

Once I was up in the tower, Rapunzel flung her arms around me, and started crying. I awkwardly patted her hair.
I thought you died.” she cried.
Your cabbage mother cannot get the best of me!” I said with a smirk. But I was pleased that she had been upset. She stepped back. I felt rather disappointed, I think I like hugs.
You must leave!” she cried. I felt my eyes bulging.
Why?” I demanded.
If you stay here, mama Gascony will kill us both!” she gasped. My eyes narrowed to thin slits.
I will leave, but only if you come with me.” I told her sharply. She lifted the hem of her dress. Some low down sneak of a swine had put an iron ring around her ankle. A chain was attached to it, the other end was attached to an iron ring in the wall.
Blast!” was all I could say. She grabbed my arm.
If you brought a file maybe I could free myself, then we could escape.” she cried.
At once, fair lady!” I told her, then hastily climbed down her hair. Tomorrow, when I come back, I shall leave the file with her, soon she will be free, then I can rescue her.
Joseph the jubilant prince

The Weaver's Apprentice drawings

A book the first in a five part series called Apprentice Warriors.
From right to left: Goblins hatching, Kelsie, Nathan and Beechun.

A random drawing I made of Kelsie instead of playing volley ball.

 Young Kelsandra, right before she is kidnapped.

 Kelsie, orphan of Misery Island, who is sold as a weaver's apprentice.

 Maya, fellow orphan. Outlaw's Apprentice.

 William, another orphan. Physician's apprentice.

 Evan, another orphan. Ranger's Apprentice

 Michael, another orphan. Gardener's Apprentice.

 Gareth, another orphan. Knight's apprentice.

 Nathan, the weaver's nephew.

 Sir Ravmirk, a twin and villain.

 Sir Krimvar, a twin and villain.

 Elizabeth, the weaver.

 Beechun, the tree spirit.

 Cederisa, another tree spirit.

 Morte, white fairy assassin.

 Ranger Chief.

 Lucias the Outlaw master.

 Old Master

 Rogue Knight.


 Ald, the wizard.


 Kelsie and Nathan.


Kelsandra turning on her friend.