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The Prince Charming Diaries volume two, DHP Part 3

Being the 1st Day of the Time of the Melting Snow
It is quite lovely to be home again with the whole family. No mention has been made of dear little Greda or Tarek. I have this odd feeling that people are afraid to talk about them. What really happened? Is brother Uli's story true. Although he admitted writing the story of the mirror to me, he refuses to talk about it. Has something else happened? Am I not to know the truth? Surely even brothers Yaron and Xander, who knew not the particulars said naught. I would think they would at least comment upon the fact that their youngest siblings were missing. I fear brother Xander was not even aware that they were gone. He does pay much attention to small details. Brother Yaron certainly asked discretely, but I have not heard what that reply would be.

More news on Captain Bluebeard. He has taken to giving veiled insults behind his flattery. Only our father, the king, and sister Cassandra like him, so his insults were returned with far less veiling. I fear once he takes my sister's hand a war will start. Brother Xander does not think twice about calling him fat, big and ugly. He is very indiscreet.

Being the 15th Day of the Time of the Melting Snow
The marriage of Captain Bluebeard and my sister Cassandra has begun. Now is the time for the seven night feasts. Sister Beatrice has been sullen and moody. She made little biting remarks about sister Cassandra and her life before our father, the king, adopted her. Sister Anne, brother Yaron and I took care that her remarks would remain unnoticed. It would not do for sister Cassandra to throw a tantrum at her wedding feast.

Being the 16th Day of the Time of the Melting Snow
We feasted again. I had the dubious luck to be seated by the other lords of the other Glittering Cities. I know my father, the king, is not well liked, but I am surprised that he has survived this long with such opposition. People hate him. It is not a pleasant thought to think that once I take my birthright I will be just as hated.

Being the 17th Day of the Time of the Melting Snow
I really am getting so tired of feasting and this is only the third night. I am thinking that perhaps Sister Cassandra is in need of a good spanking. I have this wicked desire to distribute it to her.

Being the 18th Day of the Time of the Melting Snow
My father, the King, is throwing a fit. Brother Varek saw fit to put a live peacock on the table. The bird never hinted that it was breathing until Captain Bluebeard attempted to sever the head. The bird flew up into the air sending food and dishes flying in many directions. Offended guests competed in volume with one another, to see who could display their anger the best. My father, the King, chased Varek throughout the palace with the platter, that the peacock had reposed on. Sister Deborah and Brother Waylan howled with laughter in a very naughty fashion. Brother Xander said it was a nice change. Madra cried and Sister Cassandra threatened to murder the culprit. I made certain I looked quite distressed. But I was secretly quite pleased with the episode.

Being the 19th Day of the Time of the Melting Snow
I had to play Throne Winners with Captain Bluebeard. It is a game of tack, deceit and luck. The winner gets the throne. I like to think of myself as an honest man. My father, the King, was furious that I lost the game. The whispers of the people are that I will never be king now. But I will never let Bluebeard be king either. He would destroy the entire Third World. Not to mention the game taught me that he is terribly deceitful. What the Glittering Cities need is a king who will unite all of the Third World under one banner of peace. Of course the winner of the game Throne Winners does not really get the throne. It is just a game.

Being the 20th Day of the Time of the Melting Snow
It is considered ill-luck to not feast seven nights before a royal wedding, but if I stuff myself to bursting one more night, I am going to be sick. Brother Xander threatened to drown Bluebeard and sister Cassandra in rich pastry soup if it was served to him again. I fear that I shall stand aside and do nothing. I am also beginning to think this diary will be testimony of the deeds leading to sister Cassandra's murder instead Bluebeard's murder. Perhaps she is well suited to Bluebeard after all. Not a day has passed that she has not whined that we are all jealous of her. How are we jealous of her? Not even Sister Beatrice would marry Captain Bluebeard. Perhaps Sister Cassandra has low taste because she is only adopted.

Being the 21st Day of the Time of the Melting Snow
The last night of feasting. I had to drink Bluebeard's toast and offer him land. I have a plot of farm land on the southern shore. As the eldest brother, I had to give it to Bluebeard as part of sister Cassandra's dowry. I am furious. But I did my duty and no one would have realized that I hate Bluebeard's guts with great intensity. My speech was very flowery. But every word was underlined with hatred and fury.

Being the 22nd Day of the Time of the Melting Snow
Sister Cassandra wedded Captain Bluebeard on this 22nd Day of the Time of the Melting Snow. Rupert, Yaron and I accompanied the groom. Sisters Anne and Beatrice accompanied the Bride. I refuse to say anything else on the subject except that Sister Deborah put a mud patty on the bride's cushion. Sister Cassandra did not notice, but the rest of us took great satisfaction in the ugly brown stain. Captain Bluebeard saw it and turned his terrible eyes on me. I ignored him. He knows I hate him. I believe he would take more satisfaction then necessary to squeak my throat.

Being the 23rd Day of the Time of the Melting Snow
Sister Cassandra is gone and tempers are flaring. Sister Deborah sassed one of the advisers and our father, the king, slapped her. Sister Deborah threatened to run away. I was called to smooth things over. But then everyone was arguing except me. Then my father, the king, got angry and started insulting my methods of fighting and leadership. Which had nothing to do with the present conversation. I had been injured in his service. I had never been so furious before. But I will not argue with him.

Being the 24th Day of the Time of the Melting Snow
I am returning to war camp for a little peace and quiet.


My late St. Patrick Day post.

Happy late St. Patrick's Day.

We celebrated as usual by having Rubens for supper which aren't Irish. :D

For a little something special I wrote a story based off the old CCC movie.

Fire in the Hearts

Based on St. Patrick: Brave Shepherd of the Emerald Isles

Sheila dipped her bucket into the pool of ice cold water and shivered. She could feel Fergus' narrowed eyes on her back. Fergus glowered at everyone, but today he had been watching Sheila for a long time, and she was getting rather nervous. Once he started towards her, but at that moment Milo came in and took Fergus aside. Sheila sighed with relief. It was never a good thing when Fergus took notice of any of the servants. But she knew it was worse for the slaves. They had no rights.

“Sheila?” one of the other women whispered. The young woman pushed aside her red hair and looked at the older woman.
“Lia?” she responded.
“Old Fergus has his eye on you, girl.” Lia whispered back, as she pretended to fill her bucket up, “Better make good this chance.” Sheila's gaze drifted over to Milo and Fergus, they were muttering. Milo was a big man with flaming red hair and a bushy red beard. Fergus was younger and thinner, but with fair hair and a closely cropped beard. Sheila did not like either of them.

As Sheila watched Fergus and Milo, a stooped wizened old man, who leaned on a stick, shuffled out of the stockade. Immediately all the women servants froze. The druid was a much feared person among the peasants. If anyone dared to cross him, he called the wrath of the gods down on them. Sheila frowned. Patrick had said that there was only one God. But Patrick had been gone for a long time and the horrible Lugud was still around. Sheila smiled sadly. She missed the runaway slave with his stories about the one true God.

Lugud turned towards Sheila and for a brief second their eyes met. His watery blue eyes narrowed and burned with hate. The druid had no proof but Sheila knew that he suspected that her family had helped Patrick escape Ireland. They had, but it would be a terrible thing if the druid, Milo or King Leree found out. Milo had been Patrick's owner. He was horrible and cruel man, but much esteemed at King Leree's court. Sheila picked up her pail and started hurrying down the path towards the farm.

As the girl walked through the trees, a young man with auburn hair leading a flock of sheep came from the opposite direction. Sheila did not know Sean very well. He was King Leree's cousin. His parents had died when he was small and Leree's father had taken him in out of charity. Sean had worked hard to earn a few sheep and leave the court. Rumor said the boy was to proud to except his uncle and cousin's charity. He was to poor to even own one slave. Sheila sighed. Sheep reminded her of Patrick. The slave that now cared for Milo's sheep was a bitter Irish slave. Sheila and her twin sister Islee staid away from him.

“Fair Morning.” Sean said, as he pulled his cap off and nodded. Sheila barely looked at him, as she fled past. Sean may have been taking care of his own sheep, but he was still of royal blood and certainly believed he could have whatever he wanted.

Sheila reached the small cottage, where she lived with her parents and brother and sister. Little Calchun was seated on the grass in front of the cottage playing his reed pipes and patting Rory, their old dog. Calchun waved to her. Islee was spreading wet laundry in the grass.
“You are late!” she called, “What detained you, sister?”
“Lia must talk.” Sheila said with a weary sigh, “And Fergus was there.” Calchun blew a sour note on his pipe.
“Lia talks far to much!” Islee giggled, “She would master even the druid in babbling.”
“Hush!” Sheila whispered nervously, “We mustn't speak of the druid.”
“I would!” Calchun cried and blew a shrill blast on his pipe. Islee giggled some more. Mum came out of the cottage and pushed her long black hair out of her face.
“Sheila, hurry.” she called, “Bring the water. We must finish our cooking before the sun sets tonight.”
“Tonight is the Feast of Darkness!” Calchun said solemnly. Sheila made no reply, but she looked at Islee. For once the other girl was not laughing.

“Girls?” a man's voice boomed from the forest, then a tall well built man stepped out of the forest. He was stooped under the burden of a heavy cart full of wood. Rory ran to greet him barking joyously. Sheila handed Calchun the bucket then rushed to her father's side.
“Da, let us-” she began.
“Help you.” Islee finished as she joined her sister. Da wiped his arm across his forward.
“Thank you girls.” he said wearily. Mum sent Calchun into the house with the water, then hurried to her husband's side.
“Dear, you work to hard.” she said sadly.

Sheila and Islee, Rory the dog, Mum and Da and Roster the sheep.

As Sheila and Islee started to push the cart from behind, a black ram darted out of the woods bleating wildly. Da bent over to pat the wooly head.
“Rooster, what are you doing here?” he asked, “You are supposed to be in the meadow.”
“I like Rooster.” Islee said, as she dropped to her knees beside the sheep, “He reminds me of Patrick.”
“Hush.” Mum whispered, “We mustn't talk about Patrick. What if Milo discovers that it was us that helped him.”
“I think he suspects.” Sheila said softly.
“Darling, it has been many years.” Da sighed, “By now Milo will have almost forgotten he ever had a slave called Patrick.” Sheila did not agree, but kept her mouth closed.

Suddenly a horse neighed. Rory growled. Mum cried out softly. Sheila and Islee clenched their fists. It was Milo and Lugud who were riding out of the forest. Sheila would have preferred a wolf any day.
“What is this?” Lugud sneered, as he eyed the wood. Sheila noticed with horror that two slaves were leading a cart behind Lugud and Milo. The cart was almost full of wood.
“Were you perhaps going to light a fire, before King Leree lights his?” Milo demanded.
“Oh no.” Mum protested in terror, “No one must light a fire before the king.”
“Can we trust them?” Milo demanded as he cocked his head.
“No!” Lugud hissed, “Besides all the people must donate wood for the king's fire.”
“Confiscate that wood!” Milo shouted. Da stepped back, his face pale, as the two slaves snatched his cart and threw the contents into their cart. A day's worth of work was gone.

Laughing cruelly, Lugud and Milo rode off. The slaves and the cart following behind. Sheila and Islee rushed into their father's arms.
“Oh Da.” Sheila cried.
“What are we to do?” mum sobbed.
“Why must we give our wood to the heathen gods' of the druid?” Islee cried.
“Hush!” Da and Mum gasped.
“You sound like Patrick.” Sheila said softly, “You know how he angered Lugud. Try to stay quiet, sister.”

Far off in the forest a bell began to toll. Rory barked. Rooster cocked his head, bleated then bounded off in the direction of the sound.
“Listen!” Islee cried.
“Can it be?” Sheila whispered.
“Patrick?” they said together.
“I know that bell anywhere!” Da shouted. The four of them dashed after the black sheep.

Patrick Returns to Ireland

Walking through the trees towards them was a tall dark haired man. In one hand he held a shepherd's staff. In the other hand was an old iron bell, which he was clanging gently.
“Patrick.” the four peasants cried in surprise.
“I have returned.” the man said calmly, “As I said I would.” he clanged the bell. Rory jumped up on him. “Rory?” the man cried.
“Why do you have a staff?” Sheila asked.
“Are you still a shepherd?” Islee asked.
“Yes, but now I am a shepherd of souls.” Patrick said calmly, “I have returned to teach you about the one true God!” Joy flooded through Sheila's heart. The loving God she had heard about when only a small child. The God of everything.

Suddenly a spear slammed into a tree, only inches from Patrick's head. The man turned around. Sheila and her family gasped in horror. Milo and Lugud were riding towards them.
“What luck!” Milo jeered, “The gods have returned my slave to me on the eve of the feast of darkness.”
“I am no longer your slave, Milo.” Patrick said gently.
“Oh ho.” Milo laughed nastily as he leaped off his horse and reached for his spear. It wouldn't come out of the tree. Sheila and Islee giggled as he struggled wildly.
“You fool!” Lugud snarled. Milo yanked the spear and the staff broke off of the shaft. He stared at it incredulously. Da chuckled silently and even Mum let a giggle escape.

Milo's face darkened and two red spots appeared on his cheeks. He hated to be laughed at. Now he was humiliated by a slave in front of three women and a groveling peasant scum. He swung the broken spear at Patrick. The ex-slave raised his own staff.
“Oh no.” Islee cried. Sheila gasped in horror and clutched at her sister. Milo's triumphant smile vanished as his spear staff broke in half across Patrick's staff. He cast aside the piece.
“You slave.” he spat, “We will return for you!” He mounted his horse and galloped off.
“Remember that tonight is the feast of darkness.” Lugud hissed and galloped after his friend.

“Patrick, they can make much trouble for you.” Da warned in a shaky voice, “You are not safe here.” Patrick smiled and pointed upwards.
“I am under the protection of the One True God. Lugud and Milo can not harm my soul.”
“Have you really come to stay?” Sheila asked.
“And to teach us how to go to your God's Heaven?” Islee added.
“Of course.” Patrick said, “Tonight may be the feast of Darkness, but it is also Holy Saturday and I know just how to celebrate it.” He glanced over his shoulder and gestured in the direction of some thick bushes. “Come on out John, we must prepare for the Easter Vigil.” A boy of about thirteen or fourteen slunk out of the bushes. He was carrying two large bundles. He looked scared. Sheila stared at him. He had blond hair and dark blue eyes. She wondered if he had come with Patrick from beyond the sea. He certainly wasn't Irish. But neither did he look like a slave.

Sean drove his ship into the stockade, ignoring Fergus' nasty look. The soldier was afraid of Sean, ever since the younger man had beat him in a wrestling feet. Sean hated wrestling, but he hated Fergus more and did not think twice of excepting the soldier's challenge. Nobody thought Sean would win. So Sean had won. He gloried in proving people wrong. If everyone thought he was going to win, he would have lost just to spite them. Sean would not be beholden to any man either. Every year he brought five ship to his cousin King Leere. He was going to pay off all the Charity he had received. Leere found Sean an embarrassment, but he never said no to the sheep, even though it was a steep price to pay for someone as poor as Sean.

Sean headed towards the door. Usually he just left the sheep then left, but today, for some strange reason, he felt compelled to see his cousin. The guards let him in reluctantly. Sean entered the hall. Leree was seated on his chair surrounded by druids. Milo was there too. Sean liked Milo less then Fergus. Milo was a bully, whereas Fergus had some decency.

“But this Patrick could make trouble, your majesty.” Lugud was whispering his his hateful voice. Sean hesitated.
“What is all this fuss for a runaway slave?” Leere complained, “Someone just go and get him.”
“It is not that simple.” Lugud murmured.
“The man is dangerous, he says he is here to turn everyone away from our gods.” Milo spat, “That man will destroy everything.” Leere turned and walked out the back door to the veranda. Lugud and Milo followed. The rest of the druids gathered together muttering angrily. Sean moved forward cautiously.

“Look!” Leere cried as he gestured across the darkening countryside, “Not a fire to be seen. Tonight everyone honors our gods. No one would dare light a fire.” Sean looked out the door and his gaze was immediately drawn to the hill of slain. Was that light he saw there.
“Huh?” Lugud gasped and pointed, “Fire on the hill of slain!”
“It must be Patrick!” Milo spat.
“I don't care who it is!” Leere cried in a rage, “I will deal with him tomorrow. But for now, just go and put out that fire!”

Sean was no longer listening. He turned and dashed back into the hall. The druids muttered angry curses as he plowed through them. Sean ignored them and bolted for the door. He had to get to the hill of slain before Milo and Lugud. In spite of Leere they would murder anyone on the hill.

“King Leere will kill us, Patrick.” Mum whispered softly as she knelt reverently on the hilltop beside her husband and three children. Patrick's fire was blazing will a brilliant light. It could be seen for miles.
“Mum, we must call him Father Patrick now.” Sheila reminded her mum.
“He is a Bishop.” Islee said proudly, although she did not understand what a bishop was. Calchun who hadn't been born when Patrick had last been in Ireland simply stared at the missionary in awe. John was quite superior to what he called the poor pagans. Sheila did not like him. Bishop Patrick held an Easter Vigil Mass and preached a beautiful sermon.

As the bishop offered the last blessing to the four pagans and John, there was a crashing in the thick wooded side of the hill. Rory growled, then a young man came scrambling up the embankment. Sheila recognized Sean and gasped softly. Islee grasped her arm. Mum clutched at Calchun. Da put his arms around Mum and Calchun. John hid behind the Bishop.
“Blessings on you my son!” Bishop Patrick said calmly. Sheila held her breath. Would Sean try to kill the Bishop? He had the right.
“Are you insane?” Sean yelled wildly, “Put out that fire. Milo and Lugud are riding this way. They will put out the fire and kill you all.”
“No they won't!” John said angrily, as he peered out from behind the bishop, “I'll protect you Father Patrick.”
“Hush, John.” the bishop ordered. He looked at Sean.
“My God will protect me.” he said.
“If they don't kill you tonight, the King has given orders for you to appear before him tomorrow.” Sean cried desperately, “Hide.” Sheila glanced at Islee. Was Sean actually trying to help them? Was it possible?

“Put out that fire!” Milo's voice boomed as he rode up the open side of the hill. Rory growled. Lugud was behind him on another horse. John pulled a knife out of his belt. Sean grabbed John and jerked him towards Sheila and her family.
“Fool!” he whispered, “He could skewer you with his spear.” John looked terrified. He started mumbling in Latin.

The Bishop picked up two pails of water and approached Milo. The big soldier pointed his spear at the Bishop.
“I'm afraid I cannot do that.” he said gently, “But you are quite welcome to try.” Grunting angrily, Milo snatched one of the buckets and tried to fling the contents on the fire. Nothing happened. Literally. The water remained in the bucket as if it were a solid lump.
“Huh?” Milo gaped. Sheila and Islee giggled softly, Calchun and John started laughing, Mum and Da smiled, Sean stared and Bishop Patrick made the sign of the Cross.

“You fool!” Lugud screamed, “Put out the fire. Are you a moron?” Milo's face darkened and he hurled the water in the direction of the fire. But this time the water left the bucket. Milo's triumphant cry died away as the water drenched the druid. Lugud's face was livid as he marched up to Milo, snatched the other bucket from Patrick and hurled the contents over the dismayed soldier's head. Sean snickered. No one was scared of the druid or soldier now. They seemed so foolish now.

Lugud whirled and glowered at the laughing people and the silent Bishop Patrick. Sean shrugged and kept snickering. Sheila stared at him in surprise. He was very odd. Then Lugud picked up Milo's spear and handed it to him.
“Here, put it out with this.”
“Lugud, age has crippled your mind.” Sean jeered, “No one can put out a fire with a little spear.” Milo snatched the spear and started poking at the fire. The end burst into flames and broke off. Milo tossed it aside and glared at Lugud.
“You put out the fire!” he growled, “Call on the god of the sea to send water, or the god of sky to send rain.” Lugud looked up then back at Milo.
“I- I- well- I could.” he stuttered, “But I won't. I must save my energy for tomorrow when we apprehend this slave and take him to King Leere.”
“That won't be necessary.” said Bishop Patrick, “I will be there.” Muttering angry curses, Lugud and Milo mounted their horses and galloped off.

“Oh Patrick you must go away. King Leree will have you killed.” Mum cried as she clasped her hands. Da nodded.
“Alright, lets go father Patrick.” John said.
“Have faith.” the Bishop said kindly, “God will protect us.”
“Which god is that?” Sean asked in confusion, “They all answer to Lugud?”
“God is supreme.” the Bishop said, “So there can only be one, and he does not answer to druids.”
“Patrick, you must let us go with you.” Sheila cried.
“Yes, you must.” Da agreed.
“Then come.” Bishop Patrick said, “God will protect us.”

The following morning there was quite a stir in the court of King Leere as Bishop Patrick entered the court. He was accompanied by John, Da, Mum, Sheila, Islee, Calchun and Sean. Patrick made the request to preach about God.
“Why do we need another god?” Leere demanded, “We have a god for everything?”
“But this is the One True God. The God of All Things!” Patrick said calmly. Leere considered. Lugud saw that Patrick was swaying him. He leaned over quickly and whispered in the King's ear.
“Would you listen to the god of slaves?” he whispered, “What can his God do that ours cannot?”

Leere stood up. The hall grew silent. Sheila clasped her hands and glanced at Islee. Her twin sister was watching the king intently. Sheila glanced at Sean his gaze met hers. He looked worried.
“I propose a contest.” Leere said. The assembly of druids gasped in horror.
“Do you think our gods would care to compete with this slave?” Lugud asked loftily as he crossed his arms and tilted his long sharp nose in the air.
“Are you afraid of losing, Lugud?” Sean demanded, as he marched up to the druid and his cousin.
“Well, Lugud?” Leere demanded, as he put his hands on his hips.
“What- I- I- no!” Lugud stammered.
“Then let the contest begin.” Leere cried. Everyone cheered.

Leere and his court followed Patrick and Lugud outside. Sheila grabbed Islee and Calchun's hands. John got down on his knees and began praying in Latin.
“You first Lugud.” Leere said and crossed his arms. Sean watched the druid closely from behind Sheila. Lugud looked up at the sky, so did Sean. He saw black rain clouds gathering. The young man's eyes narrowed. Lugud better not try and make it rain. The druid flung out his arms impressively.
“Oh god of the sky, open the heavens and send torrents of rain to wash away the stains of this false slave.” he shouted. Sean frowned. There was a crack of thunder and it began to rain. Lighting flashed, thunder crashed and the puddles began to form.

The shocked Irish people covered their hands and trembled in terror. Lugud looked triumphant. Sean glanced at the red headed twins. They looked worried.
“But the rain will flood the fields.” Patrick said, “And ruin the crops.”
“Yes Lugud.” Leere said, “Make it stop.”
“Yes- but- I- I- I already did my part. It's Patrick's turn.” the druid protested. Leere looked at Patrick. The Bishop bent over and plucked a single clover out of the grass and held it up above his head.
“In the name of the Blessed Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit I command the rain to cease.” he commanded. Sean gasped as the rain stopped the clouds parted revealing a brilliant sunlight.

“Patrick won!” Leere shouted, “I pronounce Patrick's God the One True God!” Sheila and Islee cheered and hugged each other. Sean, John, Calchun, Mum and Da cheered.
“That is not fair!” Milo barked, “Lugud deserves another chance. The rain was about to end, anyway.”
“What a poor loser.” Sean growled. Leere frowned at him then turned to Lugud.
“Oh very well.” he said in disgust, “One more chance.” The crowd became perfectly silent. Da took Mum's hand. Mum grabbed Calchun's hand. Calchun grabbed Islee's hand. Islee grabbed Sheila's hand. Sheila took Sean's hand. Sean took John's hand and they waited. Sean knew who was the fake. Lugud had cheated, yet Leere was letting him have another chance.

In the Name of the Most Holy Trinity

Another druid came up to Lugud and whispered in his ear. Lugud nodded and cleared his throat. Sean gritted his teeth. The wretched man was cheating again.
“How did he pull that rain trick?” John grumbled.
“It was going to rain anyway.” Sean said.
“The wretch!” John spat.
“Don't talk about druids that way.” Sean said automatically.
“But he did cheat?” Sheila whispered.
“Hush!” Islee hissed.

“Oh god of the underworld.” Lugud cried, as he got down on his knees and patted the earth, “I command you to send forth crawling creatures from the deep places.”
“Crawling creatures?” Sean gaped, “There aren't any around here.”
“Oh no.” Sheila murmured.
“My he is ambitious.” Islee whispered. Sheila heard a hissing noise and looked over her shoulder. Big ugly slithering snakes were gliding towards them. She screamed. Her cry was echoed by other people. There were snakes everywhere.

Soon everyone was dancing around screaming and running hither and thither in a panic. There were hundreds of snakes everywhere.
“Lugud has won!” Leere yelled, as Sean picked up a stick and clubbed a snake on the head. Another snake wrapped itself around Sheila's ankle. She screamed and fell over in a panic. The snake flicked it's tongue out at her.

Patrick stepped in front of Leere and raised his staff high above his head. Leere frowned. Lugud glared suspiciously from the branches of a tree, where he was avoiding the snakes.
“Snakes of the earth.” Patrick cried, “In the name of the most High God, I command you to leave Ireland and never come back!” Sheila gasped as the snakes slithered away in the direction of the coast.

“Patrick's God is the true God!” Da bellowed and dropped to his knees. One by one the other people followed his example. Sean had to help Sheila up first, through. Even Leere bowed.
“No fair!” Milo whined. Leere whirled.
“Chain these two up as slaves!” he snapped as he pointed to Lugud and Milo. Grinning evilly, Fergus approached the two men, who started backing away.

Suddenly Patrick leaped in front of them, and blocked Fergus' way. The soldier frowned and looked at Leere.
“No.” he said, “Let them go. No man must be owned by another.”
“Oh very well.” Leere grumbled.
“Lets get out of here!” Milo screeched. Then he and the druid fled. Rory barked and chased them to the edge of the forest then returned triumphantly. Sheila and Islee started laughing.


Character of the Week


As usual I started this post last week and didn't finish it.

This week's character is from a request fanficiton of Frozen.

Rowana of the Southern Isles
This is the first ever sketch I did of Rowana. (Right in the notebook)
She makes a journey similar to Anna's and gets the same outfit from the same place. She even has red hair. But she keeps her hair in one braid and it's longer.

Rowana in her Southern Isles costume.

Name: Rowana of the Southern Isles
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Greenish gray
Age: 15 or 16 sadly, I have forgotten
Books: "Burnt"
Genre: Fanfiction
Favorite Color: Blue
Skills: Sneaking
Personality: ENFP
Relationship to Frozen: Sister of Hans
Status in story: Hero
Siblings: Hans, Tor, Jon, Knut, Per and his wife Luna, Sigurd, Alf and his wife Mary, Jan, Jem, Svien and his wife, Petter, Andreas and his wife the Queen of Wonderland, Adalbert
Parents: The King and Queen of the Southern Isles
Earliest Appearance of Her:
“But why me?” I asked as I brushed my auburn hair out of my face and scowled.
“Don't question your mother, Rowana!” father snapped. He was a huge man, tall and broad shouldered. His traditional southern Isles uniform cloak was big enough for me and mother to use as a blanket and sheet. All of our family was tall and broad shouldered, except for mother, Tor, Hans and me.  

Full body drawing of Rowana

 Rowana and Anna and Kristoff's son Leif.

 Rowana dancing with Anna and Elsa's brother Evan.

Rowana and Evan.


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Prince Charming Diaries

It's out!

Amazon: Prince Charming Diaries

Barnes and Noble: Prince Charming Diaries

Six brothers must learn to become better Princes. James must win the love of a girl before the hundredth petal falls from the Rose or die as a Beast. Justin must learn to think for himself. He is the only one who can awaken the princess who has been cursed to sleep forever. Jadan the frog must convince the spoiled princess Elaine to kiss him so he can become a man again. Joseph discovers a tower where a girl with very long magical hair is imprisoned by a terrifying woman. Can Joseph prove himself a real hero and rescue her? John is forced to host three balls in search of the perfect bride. But his idea of a perfect bride is not the lovely Lady Cinderella. A depressed Jerome runs away and learns responsibility by caring for a young princess, whose stepmother is trying to kill her.

Includes two bonus stories

Kane's mother wants him to marry a real princess. She devises a series of nearly impossible tests. But sometimes a true princess is not the daughter of a king.
The six Charming Princes and their cousin Kane have been turned into swans. It is up to Elise to save them.


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Beauty and the Beast 2017


When I first heard there was a new "Beauty and the Beast" coming out, I was excited. I looked up the cast and they had lots of familiar actors. I planned on going with a big group to see it in the theaters. Then we found out stuff. Well, we didn't go. We don't support movies like that. But I was really disappointed. Much more recently, I got the movie from the library, and watched with my parents and some of my siblings. (Just the older ones) As my aunt said once, Disney way overrated things in it. Certainly it had stuff in it. But not like I expected. In fact most of it would have gone over my head.


It took me awhile to judge her fairly. She is famous for being in the (HP) movies and I have seen her in nothing before. But then after awhile I did begin to think she was really good for the part. She also looks like a friend of mine, mostly when she smiles, so I put that in her favor. :D
Complaints: She walked around with the hem of her skirt tucked into her apron/belt showing her bloomers. When she escapes prison and rides off to warn the beast she throws her yellow dress off and rides off in her white under dress/petticoat. To be fair the under dress wasn't much worse then the yellow dress. But that's not ladylike.


(Okay, I'm joking. That's not what the Beast looks like. That's just him before he turned into the Beast. Seriously! Is that hideous or what?)

The Beast
I thought he was the most interesting character in the movie.

I've seen him as Charles Dickens in "The Man who Invented Christmas," and Sir Lancelot from "The Night at the Museum: the Secret of the Tomb."

Who wouldn't be charmed by this smile?
His love for Belle felt real. He cared enough for her to let her go.

Complaints: At times he looked more animated then real, if you understand what I mean. He didn't act as impressive as I expected. I never flinched when he jumps out at Belle's father/Belle/wolves. I've shrieked when Gollum grabs Bilbo's neck in "An Unexpected Journey." In fact it was more tense seeing shadows when he's creeping up on the people. But neither of those are very hard complaints. I'm willing to overlook them. :D

He also sings the best song. It's not in the original version.

It's very hard to find a picture of him after his transformation. Well, that's him before he dresses up. He looked like he was wearing pajamas.


I've seen him as Bard in "The Desolation of Smaug" and "The Battle of the Five Armies." And Girion in "An unexpected Journey," and "The Desolation of Smaug. And the Sheriff's thug in the 2010 "Robin Hood" (Which I did not like)

I thought he played the part really well. But I liked him as Bard and seeing him playing a self-centered creep was weird. Gaston is like the complete opposite of Bard.
I don't have any complaints about him. His character is rotten already. :D Ah yes, I found one. In the song Gaston when he's supposed to pick up two giggly girls to show that he is strong, he picks up LeFou and a girl. Disney sure likes to stick hints in.


The gay character!
I've seen him as Olaf in "Frozen" and "Frozen Fever." (I don't like Olaf)

Even if he wasn't gay, I wouldn't have liked him. Just look at him. That picture says everything. He was just gross and yucky. Fat, greasy, and oily.

I hate to say it, but I did laugh over one of his lines. He tries to spell Gaston in the song Gaston and ends up singing in a monotone "It just occurred to me that I am illiterate. And I've never had to spell it out loud before."

The Enchantress/Crazy Marie

I thought it was interesting that the Enchantress lived in the village and sort of watched over everyone.

I also wanted to mention that she is Enid Fairley in "Lark Rise to Candleford" and Elinor Dashwood in the 2008 "Sense and Sensibility." I haven't seen either of those movies but I have friends that did.

Jean the Potter

I've seen him as Clark/Father Of Mine in "Doctor Who," Borachip in "Much Ado About Nothing" and apparently he is Lord Veneeri in the 2015 "Cinderella." I don't know who that is. He's also in "Lark Rise to Candleford." He's Mr. Paxton.

This was an interesting added in character. He is Mrs. Potts husband. When the enchantress cast the spell everyone forgot about the castle, the prince and the servants. Poor Jean forgot about his wife and son.


I've seen him as Norman Wayne in "Miss Potter."
He was just the same as in the original, I think. He was a bit of a flirt.


I've seen him as Gandalf in "Fellowship of the Ring," "Two Towers," "The Return of the King," "An Unexpected Journey," "The Desolation of Smaug," and "The Battle of the Five Armies." And the Great Intelligence in "Dr. Who." My sister saw him as Chauvelin in 1982 "The Scarlet Pimpernel."

He was pretty good too. Just like the original. Very stuffy. But in this one at the end he is reunited with his wife, who is very shrewish. He immediately wishes to change back into a clock again.

Mrs. Potts

I've seen her as P. L. Travers in "Saving Mr. Banks," Elinor in "Brave," Nanny McPhee in "Nanny McPhee," Beatrice in "Much Ado About Nothing," She's also Elinor Dashwood in the 1995 "Sense and Sensibility" which we own but I haven't seen yet.

Madame Garderobe

I just thought that this person should get "honerable" mention because she played an opera star in "Beauty and the Beast" but was the mother Abbess from the Carrie Underwood "Sound of Music." If anyone remembers that movie, they certainly couldn't forget her singing in there. :D

Also, I've got my complaints.
I believe her

This is google's definition of Garderobe
  1. a lavatory in a medieval building.
    • a wardrobe or small storeroom, especially in a medieval building.

But I believe they were going off the French translation that meant wardrobe, which isn't spelled the same. But I wish they could have found a better name. It's kind of bothersome, but most people wouldn't realize it I guess. Just history people. :D

While fighting in the battle, Madame flung the contents of her wardrobe at three men, putting dresses on them in the process. Two looked disgusted and fled, but the third man grinned. Later he ran into LeFou at the dance by "accident" and I believe they danced a bit. That bothered me.

But I guess that's all the people of note.
The overall feel of the movie was cartoony. Like they stuck to the original movie so closely that they didn't leave a lot of room for improvements or realistic changes. Although both Beauty and the Beast got backstories, which was neat. I think if I had seen it in the theater without hearing anything bad about it, I would have been very disappointed.


Sunday, March 4, 2018

The Prince Charming Diaries volume two, DHP Part 2

Being the 3rd day of the Bleak Time
The enemy has finally retreated back to their cursed land. We have no ships, so we content ourselves by blasting the warheads after them. Brother Xander kept them firing much longer than was entirely needed. But in the face of Victory I felt that he is entitled to indulge in his happiness. I retreated to the command tent to fill out the paperwork. Paperwork is so boring! I think it would be a most pleasurable idea to hire someone to do the paperwork. But presently my flag bearer, Rupert came into the command tent.
Mail arrived.” He said. He handed me a letter. I recognized the hand of Sister Anne.
Thank you Rupert.” I said and waved him away. Once he was gone I slit the letter open. I have enclosed a copy of the letter.

Dearest brother Zeno,
Greetings to you and our brothers, Yaron and Xander. I trust this letter finds you and them in the kindness of health and that you are unsullied by the War.

I wish that I had kind news for you in these harsh times, but I bring you an immediate concern of our family. Little Tarek, who has not even reached his sixth year has vanished. Our Father, the king, thinks little brother Tarek is a disobedient child. He also declares that he will not recall any of the men to search for him. As the seventh son, I fear our Father, the king, cares not about little brother. I pray you Brothers Zeno, return swiftly to River City. I am much afraid and seek your counsel. I fear little Tarek has run away for good. Our dear Madra has not stopped weeping and little Greda will not cease either.

With all my Tenderest love, your dear sister,

You can be certain that I was much beside myself. I would have rushed to my Madra and sister's aide immediately, but I had a commitment to the army. In view of our recent Victory, I have much hope that I will be home before long. But I hesitate to share this havey news with my brothers Yaron and Xander. 

Being the 4th day of Bleak times
Our enemies have much deceived us. I fear a traitor is among us. Dear friends of mine have been lost. Their blood spilled over the sands. The enemy slipped around behind us, now we are trapped on the beach. The enemy surrounds us on every side. I fear we may be ruined. Rupert raised high our standard and charged unarmed at the enemy. His three brothers followed close. They were killed, yet Rupert remained unharmed. Xander mangled the enemy Flagship with a warhead. I shall take note to honor both Xander and Rupert. But first we must defeat these Barbarian Warriors.

Brother Yaron counseled me to hold a Parley. My dear brother has a sound advice. Rupert, El Lee and I took the white flag out. We met with the Enemy Lords and discussed peace. I fear their demands are too steep. They demand the hand of sister Anne for their prince and half the kingdom. I told him our King will never agree to such harsh demands. Now brother Xander is angry. He says that we should have made demands too.
You make it sound like we are the ones surrendering!” He yelled. I made no response. We were the ones surrendering.

Being the 5th day of the Bleak times
Xander has been confined to Barracks. He secretly parlayed With the Enemy and told him that we would destroy them unless they gave into our demands. He demanded all of the enemy Kingdom and the hand of their princess for me. I was not happy with him. What would I do with a princess? I was still pondering this, when I received another letter from Sister Anne.

Dearest Brother Zeno,
Greetings, I trust this letter finds you in good health.
Oh Dear Zeno, you must come soon. Little Greda has run away now. Our father, the King, has called her a selfish impudent child, but does not seem to have much concern. Oh dearest brother, I feel as if only you can save them. I trust no one else to such a task.
In haste your loving sister,

I would give much to hasten home and relieve my frantic mother and sister. I supposed little Greda to have more sense than to run away. There was must be a deeper reason. Oh if only I were free to return home.

Being the 12th day of Bleak times
For the last week my poor regiment has had no peace. The enemy oppressed us mightily. Many of my soldiers have been taken prisoner or killed. I have requested aide from the Glittering Cities, but received no reply. I have much reason to fear that my father, the King, will not grant me aide.

Today brother Yaron lost his temper and called our Battle of adviser a tarnal fool. I have been meaning to say that for some time now, but I still rebuked my brother. It does not pay to insult the battle adviser. The adviser was really angry, he told my brother to advise the army himself. Of course I would never say this to the adviser but brother Yaron has more advice of sense than he did. With my brother's well-thought-out plans. We tricked the enemy into our camp. While they were destroying it, we circled around and attacked them from the rear. In the confusion many of them fled into the sea. We took more prisoners and slew the rest. I cannot imagine the enemy will try surrounding us on shore again. I believe this war is really truly over.

Being the 13th day of the Bleak Time
I receive many letters from home Madra and Anne pleaded for help in searching for our little lost Tarek and Greda. Anne also made mention that Captain Bluebeard has grown much more serious towards our sister Cassandra and that our father, the king, encouraged them. Sister Beatrice complained about the lack of eligible men. She wanted me to hurry up and complete the war so the men would return to the Glittering Cities. Sister Cassandra wrote a silly gushing letter about the many qualities of Captain Bluebeard. To heap insult on injury, she offered to find me a pretty bride so I would not be jealous of her. Sisters Beatrice and Cassandra really upset me. Here I was shedding my blood for my people and they write foolish little self centered letters. I have shed my blood too. I have a bad wound on my left leg, just above the knee. It makes it most difficult to walk. I have another wound on my right cheek, where I was grazed with flying shrapnel from a war hammer.

I was still seething from the last two letters, when I opened the letter from the triplets. Waylan, Deborah and Varek are quite naughty. Their letter was an amusing one full of pranks, silliness and general cheerfulness. Nothing shallow. By the time I finished, my temper had cooled and I was smiling. Easter sent me a letter. She is worried about her twin sister Fiona. Fiona is our true sister, but our father, the King, cast her out of the family because he wished to maintain the boy, girl, boy, girl pattern. He could not adopt a boy that could fall in place directly between the twins as he had done with Cassandra. The only time Madra has directly disobeyed her husband, the king, is when she hid Fiona at court instead of sending her away.

The last letter I received was from brother Uli. He confessed a terrible crime. He said that Tarek and he had found a mirror and played with it. The mirror had shattered and piece had struck Tarek in the eye. The little boy had claimed to be unhurt, but he started acting strangely. Only one day after that, he had run away. I was shocked and horrified. What enchantments had laid upon that mirror? The letter did not end there, but went on to explain that he had confided in Greda and she had run away to find Tarek. Poor sweet loyal little Greda. I must find her and Tarek

Being the 14th Day of the Bleak Time
I left the camp under the direction of brother Yaron and the battle master's joint command. I planned on returning as soon as was possible. The return journey was painful. My leg ached. It was starting to swell in the intolerable heat. I heard in the far North it snows at this time of the year. I could use some snow to cool my leg. I made a mental note to visit the doctor.

Being the 16th Day of the Bleak Time
I arrived home and had my wounds treated properly, but my relief was short lived. I had just stepped out of the infirmary, when sister Cassandra approached and started bragging about the attendance of Lord Bluebeard.
He has asked me to honor him by becoming his bride!” she sighed. My temper snapped.
Sister, he is old enough to be thy father!” I cried, “Besides he is not good!” Cassandra burst into loud sobs then ran off screaming. I wish I was back in the war camp. I hope father has the intelligence to realize the Captain should not marry Cassandra. She needs a real man like the soldiers in the army camp. Someone who could smooth out her spoiled nature.

Being the 18th Day of the Bleak Time
Captain Bluebeard has officially asked for Cassandra's hand in marriage. Our father, the king, has said yes and the engagement feast is planned for tomorrow night, where it will be officially announced. My heart is heavy. Sister Anne is worried, because she knows the Captain is selfish and cruel. Beatrice is angry because she is jealous. The triplets could not care less. Easter thinks the captain is too ugly to be romantic. Uli thinks marriage in general is disgusting. I fear this marriage will cause Cassandra to drift away from the family circle forever. Captain Bluebeard already hates me and will not think twice to turn my sister against me. I fear he may have already done as much. Fiona of course has nothing to say as usual.

Being the 19th Day of the Bleak Time
Every bite of food was bitter in my mouth. The only ones who seemed happy about the engagement were father and Bluebeard's friends. The common folk hate us all, so I fear they could care less. I shall return to war camp soon. But I swear if Bluebeard ever harms so much as one hair of my sister's head, I will kill him.

Being the 21st Day of the Bleak Time
I am back in the camp. Things are slow. The enemy sits in their ships and waits. Brother Xander wishes to do battle before they get reinforcements. I think his idea is wise, but brother Yaron counsels us to wait. I have much reason to assume he has a secret plan. I wish he would see fit to confide in me.

Being the 24th Day of the Bleak Time
Today would have been Little Tarek's sixth birthday. Wherever he is, I pray he has a most pleasant day with many happy wishes.

This day was marked in my mind. I led the army into the water. This is the first time occupants of the glittering city entered the water. Brother Yaron had sent for a load of trees. We set them afloat in the dead of night and clung to them while we floated to the ships. The enemy had not expected us, as we had never shown the inclination to go in the water before. We really need to get our own ships. We burnt all the ships but one and executed all the prisoners except ten. These ten we chained aboard the ship. Tomorrow Brothers Yaron, Xander, the rest of the captains and I will sail around the island to the Glittering Cities. That ought to make an impression on my father, the King.

Being the 25th Day of the Bleak Time
I despise sailing. I spent all day kneeling by the rail heaving my insides overboard. To be fair, so did all the others, except Xander. He single handedly kept the prisoners sailing the ship towards River City. We were met by armed men at the wharf. They looked shocked, when we disembarked instead of the enemy. I swear that I shall never set foot on a ship as long as I live and breathe.