Sunday, December 10, 2017

New Drawings

Here are a bunch of new drawings.

 Name: Stephen
Age: 13 (I think)
Series: Star Warriors Chonicles
Genre: Fantasy
Backstory: Stephen was actually sold by his 3-4 year old sister when he was a baby, so he was raised on an island of orphans.

 Name: Johnathon (Jalhir)
Age: 12
Series: Star Warriors Chonicles
Genre: Fantasy
Backstory: Well, he's an elf that was raised on Misery Island.

 Name: Rubin
Age: 14
Series: Star Warriors Chonicles
Genre: Fantasy
Backstory: A noble by birth. He was kidnapped and taken to Misery.

 Name: Peter
Age: 18
Series: Star Warriors Chonicles
Genre: Fantasy
Backstory: The Leader of the Star Warriors. Before that he was raised on Misery.

 Name: Hansel
Age: 18
Series: Star Warriors Chonicles
Genre: Fantasy

 Name: James (Jahir)
Age: 18
Series: Star Warriors Chonicles
Genre: Fantasy
Backstory: Johnathon's brother. An elf left Misery before his younger brother.

 Name: Marian
Age: 9
Series: Star Warriors Chonicles
Genre: Fantasy
Backstory: Raised on Misery. A triplet.

Name: Katerine
Age: 9
Series: Star Warriors
Genre: Fantasy
Backstory: Raised on Misery, a Triplet.

 Name: Agnes
Age: 9
Series: Fantasy
Genre: Fantasy
Backstory: Raised on Misery, a Triplet.

 Name: Merlin Crystal
Age: 30+
Series: Pendragon Saga
Genre: Fantasy
Backstory: Merlin is the youngest boy in a family of four. Two girls and two boys. He is a cheep wizard who spends his time between his two houses. One on Roseside, and the other in the Cornbridge Mill. When he was about nineteen he was given the care of a baby, whom he called Arthur. After his house in Roseside burnt, he brought Arthur to Cornbridge, took in two more wards and started a school.
(This is like my favorite character ever. At least in the first two books. Not so much the third book)

Title: Abandoned
Series: Star Warriors
Genre: Fantasy
Characters from left to right: Johnathon, Rubin, Peter, Hansel.
Top to Bottom: James, Sir Andrew, Marian, Katherine, Agnes.
Full character: Stephen.
Synopsis: Stephen is just a miserable orphan from Misery. Then he is selected to join the Star Warriors. While on a strange mission, the warriors uncover a plot against the Pendragon.

Name: Kalis LaFay
Age: looks about 50 or so
Series: Pendragon Saga
Genre: Fantasy
Backstory: Kalis had a bitter life. His parents were cruel. His twin sister was evil and always got him in trouble. Only his little brother was decent to him. Then Kalis' father died and his mother remarried. She married the Pendragon, who had two children. Uther and Kalis clashed bitterly. Mostly over the throne. Between his brother and halfbrother Kalis might have conquered his own evil side. But then he ran away and met a girl. Morgan Crystal. She, was similar in many ways. The two were both bitter and had a poor family relation. They married and together succeeded in stealing the throne from Uther. But the last straw that snapped Kalis was Morgan deciding he was evil and fleeing from him. She joined sides with his number one enemy. Uthram Pendragon. Uther's son and the true heir of Camelot.


Week 2 of Advent

People of Sion, behold the Lord
shall come to save the nations:
and the Lord shall make the glory of
His voice to be heard, in the joy of
your heart. (Paslm) Give ear, O Thou
that rulest Israel: Thou that leadest
Joseph like a sheep.
Is. 30:30; Ps. 79:2

Happy Advent!

God Bless You All,

The Diary of an Uncharming Prince, Part 4

The Diary of an Uncharming Prince
Jerome's Diary

Day 12
I really planned on leaving yesterday, but then I realized that I probably would not find another place with so few girls, so I decided to stay. I worked out a plan during the night. If I packed myself a lunch and supper right after breakfast, I would only have to worry about seeing little Miss Tar during breakfast. What kind of name is Tar Feather anyway? It kind of matches her description. She has Tar colored hair and feather colored skin. I bet she is dying of some kind of wasting disease. Once the funeral is over I do not have to worry about her any more. I have so much to look forward too.

Today Jalik showed me how to bend iron to make rims for around shields. It is difficult and my burnt arm hurts every time I put it near the heat. But of course I did not complain. I am far to superior to complain. Out loud anyway. I will not mention what I thought inwardly. I was tapping my iron smooth after finishing one side, when who should come waltzing into the cave. Tar! I have never met anyone so annoying as her. How dare she come into the cave.
Oh what lovely things!” she cried.
Oh what lovely things!” I mimicked. Marik immediately gave her one of his shields and one of mine.
Which is better​?” Jalik demanded as he peered past Marik. Mine was obviously far superior to Merik's shield.
This one!” Tar said. Guess whose shield it was not? Yours truly. I have never been so insulted in my life. I know she was trying to ruin my day on purpose, because Hendrick let her go into the mines with me and Fenrick. Tar found more precious stones then both Fendick and I put together. I did not care so much about myself, but Fenrick is a fully trained dwarf. How could this have happened? Alright, yes I am furious. I had to stick my head in the stream to cool down. Believe me I needed it badly. I might have done her some damage.

Day 13
Today Sanick would not let me go to the cave. He said it was time for me to learn to wash the dishes. I thought that it must be better then Tar beating me in everything. I was never more wrong. Tar was scheduled for training today too. Before I could blink, she swept all the dishes into a tub and dragged them outside.
What are you doing?” I demanded. I may not have had much experience washing dishes, but I was pretty certain people did not take them outside.
Washing the dishes!” she replied.
Outside?” I growled.
To be sure.” Sanick grunted, “It is sure to rain this evening, then we shall have clean dishes again.”
You wash them in the room?” I yelled.
No, we let the rain wash 'em.” Sanick explained.
Disgusting!” I shouted, my stomach started to churning. Who knew what had crawled over the dishes I had been eating on.
You like 'em dirty?” Sanick asked.
You lug those dishes right back in here!” I shouted. Grumbling, Sanick obliged me. “Tar, you put a kettle of water on, and I will show you how to really wash the dishes.” Once I poured the kettle of mostly hot water into the tub, Sanick went outside and Tar sat down to watch me. After I had washed, scrubbed and rinsed two plates, I began to see the usefulness of letting the rain do the work. There probably were not a lot of crawly animals out during the rain anyway.
Are you really going to wash all those dishes?” Tar asked, her eyes widening.
Shut up and help me carry this tub outside.” I growled. Sanick smirked when we came outside. I threatened to drown him in the tub. He kept right on smirking. Why does no one take me seriously?

Day 14
Today Marik and I took a few deliveries to a village at the foot of the mountain. Everyone stared at me and giggled. One little boy told me that I was the tallest dwarf he had ever seen. A little girl asked me why I didn't have a beard. Well, I did have a beard. I have not shaved in a while, so I do to have a beard. I told them so. She giggled and said the other dwarfs never answered when she talked to them.
That is because I am not a dwarf!” I yelled at her. She ran off crying. Then her father would not buy anything from us. I hate people. I am glad I live with a bunch of of dwarves, and a weird excuse of a girl child.

Later as we were climbing up the hill, we met an old lady with dried up prune like skin. She had a dark cloak wrapped around her and a basket full of lace, ribbons and other such stupidity.
You buy a bit o' lace from an old woman!” she croaked.
Go away hag!” I growled. At court my manners would have been frowned upon. Luckily I was not there. Not that I would have been any more polite there.
You be sorry!” the hag croaked after us.
Tar might like.” Marik mumbled.
Tar not like!” I retorted, “I mean, Tar will not like that garbage!” Marik shrugged. Inwardly I knew Tar would love that basket of frippery. Well I was not paying for any of that trash.

Day 15
Tar made breakfast today. Burnt oats and the most delicious cream puffs ever. I ate ten of them. In my defense I have to say they were tiny. Only about three inches tall and four inches wide. That is small, right? I tried to take an eleventh one, but she took the tray away and told me I had to eat my oats if I wanted more. Well Hendrick ate thirty and Jalik ate twenty-four. The others all ate at least fifteen. It is so not fair. I told her so.
But you are a growing boy.” she said pertly, “My sister Snow says growing boys need to eat lots of healthy food.”
This is what I think if your healthy food!” I growled and scraped all the oats on the floor. She scraped the entire pot onto my plate.
This is what I think of you!” she said.
Hendrick!” I yelled, “Tell her to leave me alone!” I really wished Tar was a boy, so I could punch her.
Shut up and eat your food!” Hendrick barked. I was so mad I stormed off. But unfortunately I forgot to pack my lunch. Milik told me I had to go back and eat with everyone else. I swore I would rather die. It grew late and the lunch bell never sounded.
I knew I should not have left Tar to do the cooking alone. Milik mumbled. I thought Tar was sulking, so she probably had not even started lunch. My temper had cooled so I elected to go see when we would be eating, Malik went with me.

When we got to the cottage, there was no smoke coming out the chimney and the place was strangely quiet. I mean Tar had not stopped talking since she arrived, so that silence was creepy. I thought that maybe she had actually left. It was a joyful thought, but it did not last long. We opened the door, and there was Tar lying on the floor. Looking more pale then usual, her eyes closed. There also appeared to be something different about her clothes. But I did not think much about that. Clothes were not important at the moment.
She dead?” Marik gasped.
Get the others!” I shouted and grabbed a pail of dirty dishwater. I dumped it on Tar's head. The only thing that did was make her wet. I smacked her cheek. Nothing. I tried to feel her pulse. I was not sure what I was supposed to feel, but I did not feel it. Marik rang the lunch bell and the other dwarves came running. I was certain they would be angry to find a dead girl and no lunch.
That is no lunch!” Milik said.
Jerome, have you kilt her?” Jalik demanded.
If we have a funeral then everyone would have to where black.” Fenrick grunted.
Who murdered her?” Anlick demanded.
I guess I have to do the dishes again.” Sanick grumbled.
Why is she wearing black?” Hendrick demanded. Hendrick was right. Tar only wore bright colors.
Did she get skinnier?” Sanick asked, “I think she needs food!”

It was about then that I realized she was wearing some kind of corset. She probably could not breath out. Some girls did life threatening things to look beautiful. I did not find it very attractive. What was so special about looking like you had been rolled out like a skinny sausage? I rolled Tar on her side. Then I drew my knife and slit the draw strings on her corset. She immediately started choking. Anlick bathed her face in questionably clean water.
Wha-what happened?” Tar gasped, as she tried to sit up.
You fainted!” Hendrick grunted.
Where did you get this?” I demanded, as I tossed her the article of questionable clothes aside.
An old lady was selling it. She needed money to ransom her grandson from the fairies that kidnapped him.” Tar explained, her eyes growing wide. I rolled my eyes. Even an idiot should have seen through that stupid little plot. “She helped me try it on.” Tar admitted.
She tried to kill you!” Fendrick growled.
Oh dear!” Marik moaned, “A murderer!” I looked at Hendrick.

“Why would an old lady try to kill Tar?” I asked. Secretly I wondered if it was the hag I had seen the previous day. Maybe she was trying to get even with me for my poor manners.
Oh she was not really old!” Tar cried, as she stood up, still breathing heavily, “I see now, that she was my stepmother in disguise. She wants to be the fairest so she sent me to die in the forest, but her huntsmen let me escape.” I snorted. What a completely unbelievable story. Tar's stepmother must have been tolerable ugly to want to compete with Tar. Milik poked me in the ribs.
Little Tar is quite beautiful as far as human girls go.” he grunted. Tar beautiful? What a stupid thought. But it was true that she was in danger of losing her life. I rolled my eyes. Girls were so dumb. She must have angered a witch or most likely a fairy.

Day 16
We made a mistake today. We brought Tar to the mines. Hendrick said we had to watch her every minute of the day. I even had to sleep with the goat so I would be near enough if anything happened. Well, we brought Tar to the mines, and who should show up? But the miners corporation of Royuame. They needed to make certain the mines were safe. When Hendrick brought them down, I was tapping out rubies with my back to Tar. A clerk came up to us with a huge ledger.
Are you two married?”
Someone is married?” Tar shrieked, “I call dibs on the third slice of wedding cake.” I leaned against the wall and howled with laughter.
You sir are an idiot!” I snickered.
Then are you brother and sister?” the clerk continued.
Do we look like it?” I asked still laughing. Immediately the detestable little man rushed over to the others.
So much trouble, master.” he shouted, “An unmarried couple working in close confinements!”
Hey!” I shouted. I was no longer laughing.
Unthinkable!” one of the other men said.
Is there a chaperone?”
That would be me!” Fenrick boomed.
Oh right!” the clerk snapped, “It is not like you will be watching them every second!”
Stop, you rodent!” I yelled and rushed at them swinging my pickax. They fled.
Highly unwanted, Jerome!” Hendrick growled.
But most satisfying!” Fenrick cried.
So who got married?” Tar asked, “And why did no one tell me?” I hate her!

Day 17
Well today we decided to keep Tar away from the mines. Anlick took her to the stream to wash laundry with him. when neither came back, we drew straws to see who had to go and find them. I got the short straw of course. I think Fenrick rigged it. Well I went down to the stream and found them. Now I am really mad. There was clothes floating down the stream. Tar was sitting up to her shoulders in water, telling a goggle eyed Anlick a story of monsters, trolls, dragons and other such stupidity. Well she did not get me all goggled eyed over that garbage. When I wanted to hear a fairy tale I would read one of my brothers' diaries.
You two are in so much trouble!” I yelled, “I am telling Hendrick.” Girls are such morons. They cannot think properly.

Day 18
Well after yesterday, Hendrick called a conference. Everyone voted to have Tar stay at the cottage with one other person. That is everyone voted in favor of that except Fenrick and I. I think Tar should learn to take care of herself.
Since you two have failed to be cooperate, Frenick will be her guard today and Jerome tomorrow.” Hendrick growled.
Hooray!” Tar cried, “I shall teach you both to cook and wash laundry.”
I can hardly wait!” Fenrick snarled. I glowered. Tar is worse then Elise, Ella and the fairy combined. She is inconveniencing me.

Day 19
I woke up very miserable. Today I am to be tortured. I have to babysit Tar. I used to work so hard to escape babysitting my nieces and nephews. Now I have to take care of someone much worse then them. I went into the cottage with Tar. I totally planned on making her so uncomfortable that she would never want me near her again.
Jerome, your clothes are a mess.” she told me. She was one to talk. The whole bottom of her dress had been ripped off just below the knees, making a sort of a tunic. She looked like a gypsy. “I took great care to sew you something better.” she said. I laughed. There was no cloth in the dwarf cottage. I was wrong. She had used a torn sheet to make me a clean shirt. Out of some old leather aprons she had sewed a pair of breeches. Then she made a jacket out of a woolen blanket. She had even blacked my boots with soot and water. She practically forced me to go and try on the wretched garments. They fit perfectly. How would she know my measurements? When I slouched inside to show her, she made me wash my face.
Do I look presentable now?” I growled. She shook her head.
Sadly no. what you need is a haircut and a good combing.”
Good thing the dwarves do not carry combs.” I snapped. She shrugged and picked up some bowls and began to juggle them. “Can I change?” I whined.
Only if you are working in the mines.” she said and added two cups to her juggling without stopping. I stuck out my foot and tripped her. I wanted her to drop the plates and get into trouble for braking them. Yes, I am very mean. She fell over, but did not drop a single dish. She juggled them as she fell and kept doing it even from her back. The world so hates me.

Day 20
Freedom! I worked in the smithy today with Hendrick and Jalick. The others went into the mines. By and by a young man with dark shaggy hair and a scruffy beard came in. He was dressed like a raider. But was slightly built, unlike the common Flagrin raiders. He leaned against the wall of the archway and breathed heavily. Jalick doffed his green cap.
Marrow stranger.” he grunted.
I-I heard you sell weapons.” the man gasped, “And have your own mine.”
Depends, who is buying!” Jalick said evenly. The man stood.
I am Hyacinth.” he said, “I've been sent to bring a star flower back to Flagrin. I-I heard they grow in Mines here.”
Flowers do not grow underground.” I sneered. The man stared at me. I shrugged. “Common knowledge.” I could not resist adding. He flushed.
Far as I knew, the the star flowers only grow in the blood mines.” Hendrick said, “They be further south.” the man turned away cursing.
He was an idiot!” I said as I went back to the bellows.
Not really.” Hendrick grunted.
The Star flower is a kind of gem with supposed heeling nature.”
Oh.” I mumbled, feeling like an idiot myself.

We worked in silence for awhile. Then we had a second visitor. I have never seen anyone so beautiful as this woman. She had thick glossy golden blond curls, that hung in a river down her back. A black ebony comb covered with flashing gems was stuck in her hair. Her bright blue eyes sparkled wildly. Her skin was pale with just the faintest tinge of color. Her clothes were simple and there was a cloth covered basket hanging over her arm. her red lips parted and she smiled, revealing glistening white teeth.
Excuse me good sirs.” she said sweetly. Her voice was rich and musical. I realized my mouth was gaping open and closed it quickly.
Look at what chippers dragged in.” Jalick sneered as he picked up a squirrel that had frisked in. The Woman's cheeks grew a shade redder.
We don't buy looks 'ere!” Hendrick snarled.
I prefer stouter smaller ladies!” Jalick said, flashing a grin. His teeth were yellowed and chipped, nothing like the woman's perfect set. She turned to me. I took a step backwards, a thrill of terror running down my back. For a second her eyes narrowed, then it was gone.
Come, sir.” she trilled, “You are a human man, surely you would not let these oafs insult me.”
Oh yes he will!” Tar shrieked from behind me. I jumped and fell against the forge burning my hand. Tar and a very meek looking Marik emerged into the light. They were coming from the direction of the Mine entrence. The beautiful woman scowled.
My dear child.” she hissed, “Is the boy yours that I-” Tar snatched up a poker. I was to busy doing my version of a high step dance to care what was going on of course. I accompanied myself with prefect pitch high notes. Tar chased that woman from the smithy. Hendrick and Jalick laughed. Merik said nothing. He was probably trying to avoid punishment for letting Tar come to the cave. I of course did not care one way or another. And now my hand hurt. But I could swear I saw that woman before.

Day 21
the smithy staid closed today as the seven dwarves and myself tracked down into the mine to examine and strengthen it if necessary. We worked steadily for several hours.
Say, Hendrick.” Marik said suddenly, as he paused in the act of digging a hole for a support beam.
Get to work!” Fenrick barked.
But Hendrick-” Marik began.
You heard Ol' Black!” Jalick shouted.
You could listen to me sometimes!” Marik yelled.
Give the kid a chance.” Milik said.
You are only three years older then me!” Marik exploded.
Simmer down!” Hendrick ordered gruffly. I leaned against my spear.
So what is the problem?” I asked, my curiosity had been aroused considerably.
Who is watching Tar?” Marik shouted. We exchanged looks. We had been so eager to come, none of us had thought about her.
You could have been watching her.” Fenrick growled after an awkward pause.
I did it yesterday.” Marik cried in an outraged voice. I dropped my shovel and rushed towards the ladder. I was willing to bet Tar was in trouble. I wanted to be the first to see it. The others stampeded after me.

Sure enough when we reached the cottage Tar was lying unconscious on the steps. This time she was wore no corset. But she was breathing. But it was very ragged breathing. Her cheeks were scarlet and their was a sickly sweet smell in the air. I wrinkled up my nose.
Touch 'o fever?” Sanik grunted.
Could be.” Anlick replied.
Poison to be sure.” Fenrick barked.
I think you're right.” Jalick grumbled.
It must have been her stepmother.” Hendrick sighed.
I should have staid with her.” Marik cried mournfully.
No, one of them should have.” I said nodding at Sanick, Anlick, Jalik, Milik and Hendrick. We carried Tar inside and put her in one of the beds. She wore nothing on her feet so we did not have anything to take off. Jalick pulled a comb out of her hair. It was black and covered with red jewels. It was the same comb the beautiful lady had worn yesterday.
It is heard to compare those two, but it looks like our visitor is the hag who tried killing Tar last time.” Marik babbled.
You mean we missed the witch again?” Fenrick bellowed.
Never mind that!” Anlick cried, “Tar needs attention.”
I think her stepmother is mean.” I grumbled, “Is she trying to turn us into nursemaids.” no one answered.

Day 22
I surprised myself when I nominated myself to take care of Tar today. She is still unconscious. I sat in a chair by the bed and tried to write, but my thoughts kept wondering. Who was Tar? Why was her stepmother trying to kill her? Where was her father? Why did he allow his daughter to be ill-treated? Tar groaned. I glanced at her. She stirred slightly, then her eyes fluttered open.
Tar, you are awake?” I yelled. What was wrong with me? I did not care whether or not she slept forever.
Where am I?” she mumbled, “Who is Tar? My name is-” she stopped talking and her eyes closed. I cursed wildly. I had almost found something important out. I scowled. Then I gently touched her head. She cried out in pain, but did not open her eyes. I inspected her hair. There were several red marks behind the hair. It looked like someone had jabbed the comb into her head then dragged it. I rushed to inspect the piece of jewelery sure enough there was a little dried blood on the prongs, along with some strange blackish substance. I had found the source of the poison. Because, I could not leave her, I stood in the cottage door and hollered for Anlick and Hendrick. All seven of the dwarves came running.
Is the witch back?”
Is Tar dead?”
No, but I found how she was poisoned.” I said, “And she did wake up for a bit.” Hendrick inspected the comb.

I think we pulled it out of her hair in time.” he said, “Only a few minutes longer and it would have killed her for good.”

To Be Continued 

Friday, December 8, 2017

Feast of the Immaculate Conception

Happy Feast day to Our Blessed Mother.

December 8th should be an important Feast for all Catholics everywhere. Unfortunately I spent most of it lying in my bed reading Garfield comics and Bobbsey Twins. (Only light reading for when I'm sick) I believe I read some other stuff too. Little Orphan Annie and Family Circus. But I did get to Mass today.

Hail Holy Queen, Mother of Mercy,
Pray for Us!

God Bless You All
Happy Advent!


I'm giving blogging up for Advent, so only expect posts on Sundays for special Feasts.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Another scribble.

Well, I got another short story clip thing. My sister's sick, so she won't be typing up the Prince Diary for awhile. There are a lot mistakes in here. As I also wrote this about a year ago and never edited it.

Personal Advice

I slammed my backpack into the locker. I winced as my knuckles knocked against the metal door. I heard giggling behind me. Just leave me alone. I thought bitterly.
“Oh Millie!” a singsong voice called. It wasn't a pleasant voice. Slowly, I turned to face the three Ss from my class. Samantha, Samara and Sannah. Who would name their kid Sannah anyway? The girls smiled at me sweetly.
“Want to go for a walk?” Samantha sneered. She had beautiful blond hair. Unlike my own wispy black hair. I shook my head, grabbed my inhaler and raced for the back stairs.
“Come back!” Sannah screeched, “We need to show you something interesting.” Something interesting like a black eye. Or a punch in the nose. I thought. I reached the stairs and jogged down them, pausing once on the landing to inhale.

I reached the bottom of the stairs, pushed open the door and stepped out into the main floor of the school.
“Just another five weeks and school will be over.” I whispered to myself, “Stick it out, Millie, you can do it!” I became aware of someone watching me. I glanced over my shoulder. Their was a boy leaning against the wall near the door. One of his eye brows was raised in an inquisitive look. I hated that look. People always got that look when I talked to myself.
“You talk to yourself?” he asked. His tone sounded mocking in my ears. I winced.
“Of course I talk to myself!” I snapped, “Sometimes I expect advice.” Idiot! I scolded myself. You're just giving people the idea you are a bigger idiot then they thought.
“You give yourself advice?” the boy asked, “Is it good advice?” He raised both eyebrows in a perfect arc. He's just making fun of you! I thought bitterly. I turned my back on him, and stumbled towards the stairs. The boy followed me.
“Go away!” I muttered. I reached for the door. He grabbed the handle, twisted it open and held it for me. What a perfect gentleman. I thought sarcastically.
“What did you say?” he asked. I didn't look at his face. Afraid I would see the familiar mocking smile or perhaps the pitying look grownups favored. I could not stand the pitying look.
“I said, go away!” I sniffled. Don't cry! Not here, not in front of a boy! Why should I care what he thinks? Not him or anyone else! I wiped my hand across my eyes and ran down the steps towards the sidewalk. I ignored the footsteps which followed me.

“Just because, some fool doesn't burst out laughing the minute he sees you, doesn't mean you need to blubber like a baby!” I admonished myself, “He thinks you're an idiot like everyone else. Get a hold of yourself.”
“Giving yourself advice?” the boy asked as he caught up to me. I nodded. You didn't need to confirm it! Inwardly I kicked myself.
“What kind of advice?” he asked. I scowled. Of course I could not repeat the advice to him. “I could really use some advice now!” he persisted.
“Ask yourself?” I hissed. And started to jog. He easily caught up to me.
“But I'm not a pro in asking or giving advice.” he argued. I glanced at him. This guy is either trying to make me seem like an idiot or he's a nut! I thought. His face looked dead earnest. I decided he was a nut.
“What kind of advice you want?” I asked stiffly. He shrugged.
“Math mostly!” he shot me a lopsided grin. I hesitated. I wasn't sure what I was expecting, but it sure wasn't that.
“Why ask me?” I countered.
“You're one of the best Math kids in the school!” he said.
“Yeah, but Sannah is better.” I muttered. He made a face.
“Boys don't ask their girl relatives for help with Math.” he said briskly, “That would be the same thing as telling them, they are better then us.”
“You related to Sannah?” I asked, disinterestedly. I slowed down to a walk, but could feel the need for more air in my lungs. My hand gripped the inhaler in my pocket. I desperately wanted to use it, but not in front of him.
“Yeah, she's my cousin.” he said.

He made another face and pulled out a notebook. I touched the inhaler again. But stubbornly refused to pull it out. He flipped the notebook open to a random page, which was filled with Ms. Baxter's crisp handwriting.
“I have to have all of these done by tomorrow.” he sighed, “And to tell the truth, I haven't the slightest idea how to do half of them.” I felt a grin tugging against the corner of my mouth. But I refused to let him see me smile. The problems were all rather simple.
“Sure, I'll help.” I said coolly, “You want to come to my house?”
“How about the library?” he asked after a pause.
“Sure!” I said again. Inwardly I kicked myself for not thinking of the library first. It was the ideal location, not to far from either of our houses.

We walked towards the library in silence. Then he reached under his sweatshirt and produced a small fanny pack.
“You won't be disturbed working with the weird boy?” he asked. He looked uncomfortable. He probably didn't expect me to agree, and now is trying to dump me! I thought.
“Who is weirder then me?” I asked lightly. Once more I could feel a smile tugging at my mouth. But this time it was pained one.
“Me!” he said, he tapped the pack, then cleared his throat, “I have diabetes.” I paused for a second and stared at him. His gaze dropped.
“What did you just say?” I whispered. He shuffled his feet awkwardly
“You don't have to help me if you don't want too.” he muttered, “I'll understand. I should have told you sooner. I know some people don't like working with health problem people.” I pulled the inhaler out of my pocket.

“Well, I have asthma.” I said slowly. I held up the inhaler.  

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Week One of Advent

It's the first week of Advent.

Only four weeks until Christmas.

Come, Oh Come Emmanuel.


Saturday, December 2, 2017

Short story clip

I used to write a lot of these short story clips, which were based off of prompts I got. I'm not posting the prompt because I don't remember if it was copyrighted. I believe it was a picture of a young lady in a cafeteria with her head resting on the table. But anyway, I'm posting this because I haven't posted anything in days, and the next part of Jerome's diary hasn't been typed up yet, but I did finish some more of it. (Beware of typos I wrote this a year ago)

To Drown One's Sorrows

I started wiping down the tables. The little cafe looked like it had seen its last costumer and I was eager to get home. I pictured a warm chair in front of a comfortable fire. A tray of tea at my side. A comfortable robe around my shoulders. Pleasant picture, right? Actually, I only had a cold cheerless attic room with only one hard backed chair, no fire and definitely no tea. A patched and faded robe, which hardly kept out any cold.
“Move it, Andy!” my boss yelled. I winced and flicked a crumb off a table. When the bell on the door jingled, I looked up. Not another costumer! My brain screamed. I felt my legs wobble. I had been on them all day, now I would have to be on them longer. I felt a dull throbbing in the back of my head. I just wanted to lie down and go to sleep. I wiped my greasy hands on my dirty apron and turned to stare at her.

The newcomer was a strange looking young woman. Her light brown hair, was pulled back in a messy bun. Her face was pale, dejected and dirty. She wore a faded brownish jacket, greyish t-shirt and torn jeans. She plopped down at one of the tables. I stared at her through glazed eyes. My boss threw a plastic spoon at me. I caught it, shoved it into my apron pocket and limped over to the girl. The message had been clear- Get your skinny self over to that table and get her order!
“Can I help you Miss?” I asked quietly. The woman stared at me.
“Two lemonades and two ice creams!” she said dully. I blinked then looked at the empty seat across from her.
“You expecting someone?” I asked. Her eyes narrowed.
“That's none of your business, waiter!” she snarled. I shrugged painfully and stumbled towards the kitchen. I guess she was right, it was none of my business!

I caught the boss's eye. He scowled at me. I grabbed two metal cups and pumped them full of ice cream then stuck spoons in them. Then I filled to glasses with lemonade. I did not put the lemon slices on the rim. I stuck straws in the lemonade. Then glancing around, I saw my boss was not watching me. A small smile tugged at the corner of my mouth. I knew that I would probably get sacked if he saw the sloppy way I was serving the girl. I slammed the stuff on her table. Then I stomped back to the kitchen.

I finished cleaning the stove and counters, then moved on to empty the coffee machine. The girl had started on her lemonade but was still alone. I began to pray that her friend would show up or she would leave. I glanced over at the boss. Maybe he would let me go home while he stayed with the girl. The boss tossed me the keys.
“Lock up when she leaves!” he said.
“What?” I yelled, “You can't leave me here!”
“I just did!” the boss said coolly. Then he grabbed his jacket and left. I stamped over to the girl. I held up my wrist, looked at my watch and began tapping my foot. The girl stared at me with bright blue eyes.
“I think you should be sacked!” she said coolly. I felt my eyes narrowing.
“Well, thanks!” I snapped, “But you do realize this cafe has to close?” The way she was looking at me with unblinking eyes was beginning to get on my nerves.
“When is that?” she asked her gaze finally drifting away from me.
“Midnight!” I admitted. I could feel my face growing hot. The girl turned back to me, her eye brows raised.
“You do realize that it is not even ten?” she asked.

I stomped away from her. Everything was going wrong. If I had not needed the job so bad, I would have quit long ago. The work and the pay were lousy. And the boss was totally unfair. I grabbed a rag and began to wash the windows. I had just done that yesterday but I decided I might as well do them again.
“Don't you want the extra pay?” the girl asked suddenly.
“Huh?” I growled.
“Don't you get paid for working over time?” she asked.
“I get paid the same whether I work for twelve or two hours.” I said curtly. The girl raised her eyebrows.
“Are you serious?” she asked.
“I am always serious!” I snapped. She rolled her eyes and took a sip of her lemonade. I scrubbed at the windows. I was determined not to talk to her anymore. She was an annoying little creature. I just wanted to go home.

“What are you doing here?” I finally asked after I could bare the silence no longer. She sipped her lemonade in silence then poked at her ice cream. I repeated the question. She looked up.
“I am drowning my sorrows in lemonade!” she said curtly. I winced.
“That is not funny!” I hissed.
“I am serious!” the girl cried angrily. I raised my eyebrows.
“Does it work?” I wished I had bitten my tongue off the minute the words left my mouth. She slammed her lemonade glass down onto the table and buried her face in her arms and began to cry. I stood there holding the rag and feeling totally helpless and stupid.

I slunk into the kitchen, rung the rag out and dropped it into a tub of soapy water. Then I pulled some biscuits out of heater, put them on a tray and walked back to the girl. I dumped the tray awkwardly onto the table.
“You hungry?” I asked awkwardly.
“I can't afford it!” she screamed, “Take it away.” This was getting worse every minute.
“Well I figure since I am being underpaid the boss owes me them anyway.” I said nervously. The girl lifted her head and stared at the food. Her face was tear stained and miserable. I looked away.
“Why are you giving them to me?” she asked in a quivering voice. Her eyes never left the biscuits. I figured she must have been starving.
“You looked like you could use them.” I said lamely. Her eyes narrowed.
“And you couldn't use them?” she asked bitterly, “I am no beggar!
“I'm not hungry!” I lied. My stomach immediately started growling. I coughed to cover it up with a cough. She made a face.
“Do you always cough in front of your customers?” she asked. I whirled and stomped towards the kitchen. I was not going to talk to her anymore.

I began shutting down the machines, I did not care if I had to throw her out. I was not going stay one minute longer.
“I am sorry!” Startled I dropped a box of coffee beans. They scattered all over the floor. I winced. Then I glared at the girl who was standing in the kitchen door.
“You're not supposed to be back here!” I said curtly.
“I know!” she sighed as she pushed stray wisps of hair out of her face, “But I felt like apologizing. I was not very nice to you Mr. er... sir.”
“Everyone calls me Andrew.” I sighed, “Don't have a last name.”
“I am Lisa.” the girl said quietly, “Lisa Holder.”

Their was an awkward pause. She stared at the floor and I stared at the ceiling. My eyes followed the pattern of the squares on the drop ceiling. I heard Lisa scuffing her feet. I looked at her. “Care for some more lemonade, Lisa Holder?”
“I still have a glass of it.” she said bitterly.
“It takes more then two glasses to drown one's sorrows!” I said. I could feel a smile tugging at the corner of my mouth.
“What about the other glass?” she asked.
“Drink it and I will bring you more!” I said staunchly.
“Don't bother!” she said curtly, “I doubt my friend is coming, so I might as well go home!”
“If no one drinks it, all this lovely lemonade will go to waste!” I said as I held up the pitcher. She frowned.
“Put it in the fridge idiot!” she said coolly. I shook my head stubbornly.
“No room for this pitcher.”
“I can't drink it all!” She protested.
“I will help.” I said casually, “I have plenty of sorrows to sigh about.”

We sat down at the table and finished up the entire pitcher of lemonade. Then we ate all the ice cream that was in the tin cups. I think that was the only time the small Westerly Cafe was opened until midnight. Of course their was no doubt about it, that it was the only time I ever enjoyed working there.