Friday, August 18, 2017

"Dark Lord" drawings, by me with Eleanor's help.

When I draw pictures it's like a requirement that I darken them too. Usually with pen. But it is really boring to be doing the same drawings twice, so I had Eleanor darken some of the pictures for me. But the drawings will change even if the tracer is following the lines, that is why some of the later pictures look like they were drawn by a different person.

 Baby Tarin and his dying mother, Nasha.
From the prologue of the book. Nasha makes her brother Gorson promise to watch her son for a period of fourteen years (or was it fifteen) then if the danger at Passhaven was still not over, Gorson was to turn Tarin over to their brother Entstino, who would then become the guardian.

Shadow Warrior trainee. It doesn't say anything about Louis' family in book one so no spoilers. Actually, I haven't decided yet.

Louis' mentor, also long lost brother of the king. His real name is Enstino, but he changed it, so he would have the same name as a city in the kingdom of Crsles. What can I say, Honstino is weird.

Mysterious palace guest. Sworn enemy of Honstino. He doesn't get much of a role in the first book. But he is a traitor, that is working on the downfall of the Seven Kingdoms.

Lady Elina.
Baron Londino's secratary. She also gets a bigger role in later books.

Chief Shadow Warrior in Aldunia. I'm not sure about his backstory yet.

King Gorson.
King of Cresthaven, uncle of Tarin, brother of Honstino, son of the emperor. Gorson lamed his leg, making him unfit to serve at the boarder. So instead he had to relocate to Castle Aldunia and take over as regent for his father the emperor.

Sir Paul Shanarze.
Shortest and most deadly Knight in the Seven Kingdoms.

Prince Tarin.
His mother died when he was a baby. His father is supposedly patrolling the boarder near Passhaven. But the whole story will come out in book two.

Garin's nephew. Shadow Warrior. He doesn't have a backstory yet. But his fief is Cresthaven so he had the bad luck to be captured by the warriors of the Black Land.

Garin's other nephew. Shadow Warrior. He may or may not be Gilis' brother. If not they are cousins. I haven't actually decided yet.

Linis. (Pronounced: Linus)
Garin's trainee. He doesn't have a backstory yet.

Also known as the Dark Lord or the King of the Black Land. He likes to wear black but his hair his blond and his skin is pale. The main reason he is called the Dark Lord is because he is the King of the Black Land. It is only called that because the land is covered in ash, and everything is literally black.  There is more about that in the books "The Watchers" and "The Sword of Light." Yes, all my books hook up in some way or another.

Lady Elina's maid. One of the only people that has ever dared to laugh at a Shadow Warrior and live. She couldn't help it. Louis walked into a tomato cart and made a mess of himself.

A page at Castle Aldunia.

Maltkalm's Sword.
This is book one. I can't say who Maltkalm is until book two "Maltkalm's Heir." Also the sword is covered with a cloth, not stuck in a stone.

 Baron Londino.
A Baron stationed at Castle Aldunia. He is a good warrior, although Honstino would complain that his fashion sense is what kills his enemies.

A cruel horsemaster at Castle Aldunia.

 Sir Elcidor.
A treacherous knight. Elcidor, Honstino, Louis, and three others went to cresthaven to check up on a rumor only for Elcidor to turn traitor and try to kill them all.

 Squire Neil.
Elcidor's squire. Neil is loyal to the kingdom and is quick to give up the chance of being a knight if it means remaining faithful to his king and emperor. Neil eventually finds the perfect job. Not as a knight, but as a Shadow Warrior.

Silgor's abused apprentice. Honstino didn't like the way his master was treating him, so he had Louis "kidnap" Ben and drag him along to Cresthaven, while saying that he was part of the master plan.

Valin Migaroo.
Archer from the Black Land. Valin has little love for Mordron and is more then happy to take a shot at him and help his enemies.

 Honstino in battle.
Honstino had a chance to use Maltkalm's sword to duel Sir Elcidor, upon figuring out that the knight was a traitor.

 Gilis as a prisoner.
Located at Cresthaven, Shadow Warrior Gilis is quickly seized and mistreated by the enemy.
 Gilis' fellow prisoners: Sir Shanarze and Tarin.
Shanarze does not trust Gilis, even though he is barely strong enough to stand up. Tarin does not think Shadow Warriors are as bad as people make out.

 This is a very lazy version of what the warriors from the black land look like. I can't draw helmets to save my life.

 Castle Cresthaven.
Their are four Fief's in the Kingdom of Aldunia, which is one of the Seven Kingdoms. Cresthaven is at the foot of the Alabaster Mountains on the North side of the Seven Kingdoms. The other three fief's of Aldunia are: Passhaven, Birdhaven, and Riverhaven

 The warriors of the black land use weapons similar to this.

 Louis' bag of sand.
One of the biggest weapons of the Shadow Warriors is fear. The people of Aldunia believe they are evil and practice sorcery. Honstino loves that and is quick to play up the drama. But it is Louis who has a bag of sand and throws a little in the air, scaring the warriors of the Black Land into thinking he is cursing them or something evil.

 Gilis is still a prisoner.
Mordron tried to use the battered Gilis as something to barter with. But Gilis argues for his own death rather then have his friends save him.

 Valin is ready to take on the dark lord.
Valin has a grudge against the Dark Lord and when he sees his own homeland army trying to take Honstino and friends prisoners, he is quick to send out a few helpful arrows.

 Honstino having a snack.
By the time Neil returned to Cresthaven with an armed force, everything was over and Honstino and friends were roasting prairie chickens over a fire.

 Three Shadow Warriors is worth an entire army.

 Seal of the Shadow Warriors.

The mysterious leader of the Shadow Warriors. He is so old and no one remembers him ever being younger. But if you read "The Watchers" you will get an idea of who he really is.


Thursday, August 17, 2017

Two random drawings.

I shall get back to work on the "Prince Charming Diary" soon, and I also have a drawings from two different books coming soon. "The Dark Lord" and "The Disappearance" but until then, I only have two random drawings.

 Kraken attacking ship.
Drawn by Eleanor.
On top of all his troubles, the ship Ben was sailing on got attacked by a kraken. In the first version, Ben escaped by swimming to shore. In the second version he escaped in a rowboat. In the third version the kraken turned the Silver Dawn into matchwood and Ben floated to shore on a raft. But anyway, Ben dropped a cannon on this creature's head and stood on its head for a bit.

This drawing was drawn by me and is the cover for "The Disappearance" book one in the "Dragonbrothers" chronicles. If you have read the "Brotherband" chronicles, this is kind of like that.
When they turn fourteen, Flargin Raiders, send their sons, to learn how to become a raider. Leif Igorson, was chosen the leader, even though it was his first year. The team he picked turned out to be all first year trainees, with the exception of two twins who were the sole reason their team lost the previous year.
On the cover is Eirik Foehammer, the mentor. And Leif Igorson the captain of the Dragon.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Paper Dolls

What can I say, I'm still making paper dolls!

Claire Corkilin.
From: "The King of Corkin Island," which is the third book in "The Dragon-Slayer Trilogy." She is the hero's cousin.

 William Benson.
From: "The Night Thief." I can't seem to draw this person well. He is the six year old brother of the heroine. Plus a big pest.

George Mac'Dal.
From: "Katie and the Harp," a historical fantasy. George is the brother of Katie. His sister is captured by a viking raider, who actually had a someone selfless motive.

Gina Prune.
From: "The Desperately Unfortunate Orphan Trilogy." Yes this was going to be a total ripoff of "A series of Unfortunate Events." Gina is the younger sister of the Heroine. I don't remember what was going to happen to Gina, but I do remember a bunch of the siblings died or were kidnapped.

Bartholomew Bright.
The second oldest of a family 11 boys and 1 girl. The book is called "Fading Roses" and is a "Snow White" retelling with a bit of "Cheaper by the Dozen" and written kind of like the Regina Doman books.

Emmett Talkan.
His cloak is supposed to be dark blue, but I couldn't find the appropriate pencil. Oh well. Anyway, Emmett is from a series called "Emmett, Rosilia and Eustace." This series is based off a pretend game, Galadriel, Frodo and I used to play, that was actually based of the Narnia books. We were Clormenes. (Or however you spell it).

Joseph from "The Diary of a Not so Charming Prince." You all know who he is. :D Actually he gets to wear this costume to the Pirate themed ball in the diary I'm working on now.


Friday, August 11, 2017

"The Little Mother" drawings by Rosie

Yay! I finished C.E.'s birthday book.
It's basically a story about a girl who knew St. Maria Goretti. A lot of the story and characters are fictional. But some of it is true.

 Cover art.
Drawn by me.

 Francesca Agnello.
At age eight, Francesca becomes the mother of her family.

 Mia Agnello.
Mia, the smart one in the family, got a job in town, at age fourteen, leaving her younger sister Francesca to take care of the family.

 Giuseppe Agnello.
The second oldest Agnello.

 Leronzeo Agnello.
The youngest Agnello boy, who wants to be of help.

 Carmilla Agnello.
Don't get attached to the youngest Agnell. I killed her.

 Antonio Agnello.
Poor Antonio lost his wife and has to care for five children on his own.

 St. Maria Goretti.

 Assunta Goretti.
St. Maria's mother.

 Lugi Goretti.
St. Maria's father. He dies too.

 Angelo Goretti.
St. Maria's older brother.

Mariano Goretti.
St. Maria's middle brother.

 Alessandriano Goretti.
St. Maria's youngest brother.

 Ersilia Goretti.
St. Maria's second youngest sister.

 Teresa Goretti.
St. Maria's youngest sibling.

 Alessandro Serenelli (I forgot how to spell his last name)
St. Maria's murderer.

 Giovanni Sernelli (Spelling?)
Alessandro's father.

 Teresa C.
A friend of the Goretti family.

 Mario C.
Teresa's husband.

Mario's brother.

 Carmilla's grave.

 Francesca's First Holy Communion.

 Giuseppe's First Holy Communion.

 Mia again.

 Leroenzo placing flowers on his sister's grave.

 The Goretti Family.
Angelo, Maria, Teresa, Mariano.
Ersilia, Alessandriano.

 Alessandro's arrest.

 St. Maria's First Holy Communion.

 Francesca and Mia weep for Maria.

 Francesca bringing food to the workers.

 St. Maria Goretti.

 Her Murderer.