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The Diary of an Uncharming Prince, part 1

The Diary of an Uncharming Prince
Jerome's Diary

Day 1
Back when I had this really awesome teacher called Master Won, he game really awesome assignments, like writing songs. I enjoy wring songs. Mostly because I can thoroughly criticize people and get off without a punishment. But generally my rotten brothers have no taste in music. For example, once Master Won asked me to write a song for visiting royalty. This song was supposed to introduce my family. But before I sang the fist two stanzas my brothers had torn the song to shreds and smashed my mandolin. But since I need to introduce my family now, I shall write the song down in here, but tweaked so it is up to date. Are you ready to meet my horrible family.

I am the youngest brother in a large superb family of seven.
I am the most flawless of them all.
Want to know why?

Because I am smart, intelligent and funny,
I am handsome, charming and spectacular,
But they are all so dumb.

Jadan is the oldest,
He is also the stupidest.
He got slapped upside the face by a fairy,
Then turned him into a frog
But this would never happen to me-

Because I am smart, intelligent and funny,
I am handsome, charming and spectacular,
But they are all so dumb.

Jadan is dumb because-
He hooked up with a shrew,
Her tongue is sharp enough to slice the air!
He daren't say boo to her, yet his father-in-law made him king!
Yet I am better then him-

Because I am smart, intelligent and funny,
I am handsome, charming and spectacular,
But they are all so dumb.

Justin comes next.
I despise him! He can't say boo to a mouse.
His wife is afraid of Bunnies.
The pair are most obnoxious!
I am better then them both-

Because I am smart, intelligent and funny,
I am handsome, charming and spectacular,
But they are all so dumb.

Justin's father-in-law cannot bare him.
My brother would rather spend,
ten hours reading a book,
Rather then fight a dragon!
Yet, he is now king,
This is not fair-

Because I am smart, intelligent and funny,
I am handsome, charming and spectacular,
But they are all so dumb.

James is the worst!
Everyone should know better then to say no to a fairy.
He closed the door in her face.
Fury was her response,
when she turned him into a beast.

Because I am smart, intelligent and funny,
I am handsome, charming and spectacular,
But they are all so dumb.

Yet I must admit, James had taste.
He rated girls below gold.
He knew how to take care of himself.
But when the merchant's daughter visited,
He became a moran.
Unlike me-

Because I am smart, intelligent and funny,
I am handsome, charming and spectacular,
But they are all so dumb.

Joseph has disappointed me.
I thought he had taste.
A great personality.
But who turns down a crown to become a hunted thief.
Never me-

Because I am smart, intelligent and funny,
I am handsome, charming and spectacular,
But they are all so dumb.

Joseph met a weird girl,
She nearly strangled him with her hair.
He changed his dog's name,
and became a thief so he could be with her,
That is so lame
I would never have done such a thing-

Because I am smart, intelligent and funny,
I am handsome, charming and spectacular,
But they are all so dumb.

John hates shoes.
I cannot say I blame him.
He does not say much,
yet father made him king.
What is wrong with the world?
I should have been king-

Because I am smart, intelligent and funny,
I am handsome, charming and spectacular,
But they are all so dumb.

John met this quiet peasant
He liked her more then a rich princess
He hunted for someone with a shoe
and danced like a pirate
he hated it
but now he is king
It is not fair,

Because I am smart, intelligent and funny,
I am handsome, charming and spectacular,
But they are all so dumb.

I come next.
I Jerome am better then everyone
Only my baby sister debates the matter.
But I always win-

Because I am smart, intelligent and funny,
I am handsome, charming and spectacular,
But they are all so dumb.

I will never put a girl above myself
I will never marry,
except the person is admits I am wonderful

Because I am smart, intelligent and funny,
I am handsome, charming and spectacular,
But they are all so dumb.

Elise is the youngest
I have nothing good to say about her!

Because I am smart, intelligent and funny,
I am handsome, charming and spectacular,
But they are all so dumb.

My father hates pirates.
My mother- well she is dead!

There, I introduced my family. I miss mother. Father and John are always away. My other brothers are to busy with their own families to visit. So besides the boring servants, only John's fiance, Ella Marie and my rotten sister are here. Oh and the two new teachers. I could rant all day about them. I hate both of them. The dancing teacher is a fairy. To make matters worse, she is- well let me get out the list.

  1. The fairy who turned Jaden into a frog.
  2. The fairy who ticked Justin into kissing and marrying Eleanor.
  3. The fairy who turned James into a beast.
  4. Ella Marie's fairy Godmother.
  5. The original owner of Ella's horrible glass slipper.
  6. Elise's fairy Godmother.
  7. My dancing instructor.

She cheats when she dances too. She uses her wings. This makes it hard for me to keep up. Wings should be banned in dancing class. I also have a new sword instructor. He is a rotten dwarf called Hendrick. He is so grumpy and never talks except in grunts. If one more persons grunts at me today, I shall be guilty of man slaughter.

Cinderella play Act 3, scene 2

 Cinderella's pirate costume

John's pirate costume

 Scene 2
Second ball scene. Everyone is pirate style. The queen is already sitting in her throne. The king is standing in the corner trying to hide. Master Won is inspecting some decorations. Elise is peeking out the door.

Elise: (Excited) They are coming, they are coming! (Horn blasts. Master Won hurries to station himself by the door. A group of baleful looking boys come stomping in)
Queen: (To king) Where is John?
Jerome: (Loudly) Hiding!
Queen: (To Jerome) Well tell him to get in here right now!
King: (Mournfully) I do not blame him!
Jerome: (Runs out of the room yelling) John? Johnny? Get in here now or mother'll bust you!
John: (Offstage) I'm coming!
King: (Sighs) Poor John.
Queen: (frowning) Behave yourself! Now get over here right now! (Gestures at the other throne. King slinks over to it. Girl #1 comes sweeping into the room and hands her card to Master Won)
Master Won: (Grandly) Announcing the return of her royal highness the queen Air-i-veil- um- however you say the rest of it!
Girl #1: Air-i-veil-rill-lis-dir-e-bull.
Master Won: Yeah, that. (Girl #1 swaggers up to the throne and bows)
Elise: (Under her breath) Ew! (Makes a face)
Girl #1: My pleasure to be back! (John comes charging into the room, and slides to a stop next to the throne, making a partial bow)
John: (Out of breath) Sorry, I'm late. My hat gave me trouble! (He spins he tricorn hat around on his head. He can't figure out how it is supposed to go)
Queen: Tsk, tsk! (Gets up and adjusts his hat)
Girl #1: (Sweetly) I hope I am not intruding.
Queen: (Quickly) Of course not, dear. (Looks at John) John, why don't you take the estimable queen for the first dance.
Girl #1: It's Air-i-veil-rill-lis-dir-e-bull.
King: (Grabs his head) I would rather die then have a daughter-in-law with a bull in her name! (Queen elbows him in the ribs) Ouch!
John: (Sighs) May I have this dance Air-a-
Girl #1: It's Air-i-veil-
King: (Angrily) Never mind, just dance! (Girl #1 grabs John's arms and drags him onto the floor, then proceeds to swing dance with him. Jerome comes trotting back into the room with a pile of blocks. He starts to build a tower) That's my boy!
Queen: (Furious) Jerome, you put those blocks away right now, or you will live to regret it!
Jerome: (starts throwing them back into the box) Okay, okay! (Girl #2 and #3 come charging into the room, fighting for the front row)
Master Won: Announcing her grandness Princess Celenia of the Northern Shores and her equal grandness Princess Hilda of Flagrin.
Girl #3: What is is that hussy doing? (Points at girl #1 and John. Girl #1 is jerking John around in a dance that doesn't have any rhythm and is completely wrong)
John: Ouch, you stepped on my foot!
Girl #1: (Scoffs) Man up, will you!
John: Ugh!
Girl #2: Yahoo highness? (Starts towards the dancing couple)
Elise: (yelling) John, look out for Princess Yahoo tootles!
Queen: (Scolding voice) Hush! (Boys #2 and #3 rush out onto the floor and grab girls #2 and #3 before they can reach John)
John: (sighs with relief) Phew! (Lady Miranda and her two daughters enter)
Master Won: Announcing her ladyship, the grand Lady Miranda and her two adorable daughters- (Stares at card) Well- A-hem, the most cleverest of all clever beauties, the Lady Blanche.
Blanche: (Giggles) That is me.
Master Won: (Pained voice) And the most beauteous of beautiful clever people, the Lady Hazel!
Hazel: (Loudly) That would be me everyone! ME!
John: ugh! (He finishes his dance with Girl #1 and staggers away. Hazel corners him.
Hazel: You ready for that dance you promised?
John: (Warily) I promised you a dance?
Hazel: Sure did honey!
John: (Groaning) If you will excuse me, I believe I will get a drink first. (Hurries off. Hazel turns to the audience)
Hazel: Wow! His highness is an idiot! He fell for my little plot! And what's more, he doesn't remember coming to my house! That's good, because that would be so awkward. (John comes back and takes her hand. They start to awkwardly dance)
Elise: (To Jerome) Come on! (Grabs his hand)
Jerome: What are you doing?
Elise: (Grinning) I don't like miss light up the room with the ugliest of uglies, lets go sabotage that dance!
Jerome: (Grinning) Okay!
Hazel: (To John) Oh highness, we dance so divinly together. Do you not just feel as if we are connected.
John: (Nods) I do feel that, my lady!
Hazel: (Giggles) Oh how exciting!
John: (Seriously) But it's mostly because your foot keeps connecting with my foot, and I cannot move without dragging you-
Hazel: (Angry) Oh your highness, how cruel! (Starts to sniffle)
Elise: (To Jerome) Come on! (Spins him around, so they are right behind John and Hazel)
Lady Miranda: (To Master Won) I must hear their conversation!
Master Won: (Extends his arm) Nothing simpler! (They waltz to the other side of John and Hazel)
Hazel: (Cheesy smile) But you did feel a connection!
Elise and Jerome: Huh? (Lean closer)
Lady Miranda: Oh joy! (Leans closer)
Master Won: (Frowns) I would have preferred him to take up with your other daughter.
Lady Miranda: Well, Hazel is better then nothing!
John: (To Hazel) Yes, I suppose you could say that.
Hazel: Ooooo!
John: (Looks pained) Well, um- you do brighten up the room!
Lady Miranda: (Happy) He likes her!
Master Won: Well- I'm not sure about that)
Elise: Oh no I think he likes her!
Jerome: Lets sab-o-tote them!
Elise: Sabotage!
Jerome: Yeah! (Unnoticed by everyone, Cinderella enters. She looks around, sees John dancing with Hazel and shuffles to the back wall looking sad. Queen notices her. She gets up and go's over to her)
Queen: Good morning, my dear.
Cinderella: (Without looking up) Good morning.
Queen: You danced with my son yesterday.
Cinderella: (Looks up and gasps) Oh your majesty! (Curtsies)
Queen: (Curtsies back) Did you enjoy the last ball my dear?
Cinderella: Oh yes, your majesty. Your son is a real nice young man.
Queen: (Proudly) I know! He is the future of our kingdom!
Cinderella: That girl he is dancing with now-
Queen: (Disgusted) Don't speak to me about that horrible looking creature!
Cinderella: (Smiles slightly) Do you have a bride picked out for him.
Queen: (Happily) Of course, the princess Shelwona of Iske. There is a whole list in her favor. She is the sole owner of the diamond mines. She is a princess. She is witty. She is charming. She is beautiful!
Cinderella: (Forcing a smile) Where is she?
Queen: (Looks around) Um- (Girl #4 enters the room, looking down her nose at everyone.” There she is. (Cinderella's eyes bulge)
Girl #4: Someone announce me, now!
Master Won: (Still dancing) Princess Shel-something or other from the desert Iske!
Girl #4: Ugh! (Stamps her feet)
Queen: I believe I just changed my mind.
Elise: (To Jerome) Ready?
Jerome: Ready! (Which ever one is taller, grabs the other, and spins them into John and Hazel)
Hazel: (Screams and tries to clutch at John, he ducks away) Oh mercy me!
Jerome: Sorry!
Elise: So sorry! (John slinks over to his mother then sees Cinderella. He smiles at her)
John: Mother, have you met Lady Cinderella?
Queen: We were just getting acquainted. (Looks at Cinderella) What an odd name, is there a story behind it?
Cinderella: Of course not- I mean of course. (Looks flustered)
John: We haven't finished our chess game, want to finish it?
Queen: (Confused) Chess?
John: If you will excuse us mother? (Takes Cinderella's arm and the two of them walk off stage. Jerome and Elise tiptoe after them. Curtains close. John and Cinderella come out in front of the curtain. John takes out the chess game)
Cinderella: Where were we?
John: (Thinks) Let me see, I moved your bishop twice and your rookie once since you left.
Cinderella: Lets just start over!
John: Good idea. (They start setting up the chess board. Jerome and Elise peer onto the stage)
Elise: I think he likes her.
Jerome: What about the girl in the woods.
Elise: But she isn't a princess.
Jerome: Neither is this one.
Elise: Oh right. (Elise leans closer and accidentally falls flat on her face)
Cinderella: Oh my.
John: Hello Elise.
Elise: (Standing up) Can I play?
John: Chess? It's a two person game.
Jerome: (Running in) Lets play tag. (Hits John on the shoulder) You're it! (Runs off)
John: (Looks at Cinderella) Want to play tag?
Cinderella: Alright.

Elise: Yay! John's it!

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Paper dolls

It's been awhile since I last posted paper dolls. Mostly because I haven't made any in awhile. But here are the paper dolls.

Name: Alexander Raymond
Nickname: Pal
Age: 10
Book: Life of the Criminal Mozart
Meet Pal: I sneaked out the back door, my arms laden with loot, when I discovered that my way was blocked by a little kid of ten or eleven.
"Step back buddy and drop 'em cookies!" he ordered, "This is a stickup!" I dropped the cookies and made my hands into fists.
"You ain't touching 'em cookies, I stole 'em unfair and square!"
"No one says no to Pal!" he yelled, then he let out a bloodcurdling war cry and rushed me.

Name: Alexandria Raymond
Nickname: Apple
Age: 10
Book: Life of the Criminal Mozart
Meet Apple: She was one tough lady, but I wasn't giving up. She had the secret information I needed to track down the evil Marmalade thief.
"Go away, Mozart!" she said.
"Come on Apple!" I pleeded, "Be a sport!" She glowered at me, then ran towards her house screaming.
"Mom? Oh mommy, he's calling me names again!"

 Name: Arthur Disinvegas
Age: 15
Book: The Red Lion
Meet Arthur: Ecclesio looked back at the cripple. He looked sad, but he was dressed in a blue page boy uniform. Who would train a cripple to be a warrior? Arthur noticed Ecclesio staring at him. The two boys stared at each other.
"Look at their eyes!" Venturus shouted. The others stared at him in surprise, except for Ecclesio. Arthur's dark blue eyes, had the same silver specks in them that Ecclesio's dark brown eyes had.

As seen in "Raiders in the Winter"
Name: Winter Farsight
Age: 20
Book: Sky and Companions
Meet Winter: Winter whipped his sword out and jumped between his two younger companions.
"Only over my dead body will you touch one hair of their bodies!" he shouted.
"Precisely what I mean to do!" Redjack sneered.

Name: Joan
Book: The Royal Heart
(Book not started)


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Cinderella play, act two, scene 1

 John's costume

 Cinderella's costume

Act Three
Scene One
The Ballroom scene 1. Two thrones are at one end of the room. The king and queen are seated in them. Both are in elaborate costumes. Jerome is leaning on the king's throne. Elise is leaning on the queen's throne. John is standing to their right looking bored. Master Won is standing by the stage entrance announcing the new arrivals.

Master Won: Presenting the Desert tribe themed ball. (Everyone claps. Several boys come in and group themselves around the room) I present- (Takes a card from a lady and stares at it) The Queen Are-a-val-real-liz-deer-able.
Girl #1: (Leans over and whispers) It is pronounced Air-i-veil-rill-lis-dir-e-bull.
Master Won: (Loudly) Ar-i-veil-rill-lis-dir-e-bul!
King: (To John) This one has a charming name.
Queen: Sure does!
Elise: (Laughs) You could nickname her Are-a-air.
John: (Frowns) Maybe.
Master Won: (Reading another card) I present Princess Celenia of the Northern Shores!
Girl #2: Tootles ya'll.
Elise: That one is so gross!
John: I know.
Master Won: (reading) Presenting Princess Hilda of Flagrin.
Girl #3: (Waves an ax in the air) Who is for an ax throw?
Elise: That one is a monster!
Jerome: I like her! She throws axes!
John: (Shudders) Ugh! (Stepmother and stepsisters enter the room. Blanche is dressed gorgeously in her costume. Hazel is an eyesore. They hand their cards to Master Won)
Master Won: (Reading) Presenting the estimable Lady Miranda and her two lovely daughters.
Hazel: (Whispers in his ear) I am the very lovely gorgeous and utterly beautiful Lady Hazel.
Blanche: (Whispers in his other ear) And I am the very clever most sophisticated Lady Blanche.
Master Won: (Loud voice) The very lovely, gorgeous and utterly beautiful Lady Hazel. (Gestures at Hazel) And the very clever and most sophisticated Lady Blanche. (Gestures at Blanche)
Hazel: (Kisses her hand to the room) Good afternoon to you most pleasant people.
Elise: Ick!
Blanche: (Runs after Hazel) We should be saying goodnight, haha!
Elise: Disgusting.
John: (looks at his parents) Do I have to marry any of those people?
King: (Shudders) No!
Queen: Of course dear.
Jerome: (Loud voice) Marry the girl with the ax.
Girl #3: (Shouts) We could have so much fun your-
John: NO!
Jerome: Aw come on.
Girl #3: You'll come to my way of think, princey boy.
John: (Shudders) I hope not.
Queen: (Scolds) Be nice, John.
Master Won: (Reading) Announcing the very rich princess Shelwona of Iske.
Queen: (Pats the king's hand) That is the one darling.
King: (shudders) Are you sure?
Girl #4: (Stalks up to the thrones and curtsies) So pleased to make thy acquaintances.
Queen: What a charming princess.
Elise: (Curtsies and mimics the princess) So pleased to make thy acquaintance.
Girl #4: (Frowns) I do beg thy pardon most sweetly.
Elise: (Smugly) Thy humble pardon is granted.
Girl #4: (Glowers) I am so glad to hear that, of course.
Queen: Princess, this is my son John.
John: (Bows) Pleased to make thy- your aquain- Um- pleased to meet you.
Girl #4: (Extends her hand to him and laughs delicately) You are to funny your highness.
John: (Unhappy) Er- thanks. (Barely touches her hand before pulling away. Music starts)
Queen: Let the dancing begin.
John: (Bows to his mother) May I have this first dance. (Elise snickers)
Queen: (Upset) But- oh alright. (They waltz until the music stops)
King: (Grinning) Let the second dance begin)
John: (Turns back to his mother) May I have this dance?
Queen: (Annoyed) Very well.
Girls: (Groan) Oh come on.
Boys: (Laugh) Such a polite prince. So charming. Lets hope he keeps dancing with his mother. (Second waltz is finished)
Queen: (To John) Don't you dare ask me to dance again.
John: (Turns to Elise) May I have this dance.
Elise: (Laughs) Alright.
Queen: Ugh!
Jerome: (To the king) He is smart.
King: (Gloomily) Not for long. (Elise and John dance. Lady Miranda approaches Master Won and taps him on the shoulder)
Lady Miranda: Excuse me my good sir.
Master Won: (Low bow) What can I do for such a charming woman? (Cinderella slips into the room past him. He fails to see her. She starts towards the crowd. Master Won turns and jumps in front of her) I did not quite catch your name.
Cinderella: (Gasps) Oh- um- Lady Cinderella.
Master Won: (Hesitantly) Presenting the Princess- uh Lady Cinderella.
Cinderella: No, I am not a-
Master Won: Charmed lady. (Turns back to Lady Miranda who is frowning suspiciously at Cinderella. John and Elise go back to the throne)
Elise: I like how that one tried to sneak past Master Won.
Girl #4: I do beg thy pardon?
Elise: Pardon granted.
Jerome: That one looks nicer. (Points at girl #3)
John: Excuse me. (Walks over to Cinderella)
Cinderella: (Surprised) John?
John: (Confused) Have we met?
Cinderella: (Sadly) If we had then surely you would remember it.
John: (Flustered) Oh, of course. May I have this dance.
Cinderella: (Surprised) Of course- I mean, I would be honored. (Music starts playing and they start dancing)
Queen: Finally.
Lady Miranda: (Stomps her foot) Ugh! (Runs over to Hazel and Blanche) Get in there you two!
Blanche: Mama, you do realize that we positively need a partner to show our faces on the floor?
Hazel: (Tosses her head) That girl is not even dressed as a proper tribes woman. The prince will toss her out on her ear.
Lady Miranda: (Angrily) You fools, that is the boy that Ella brought to our house!
Blanche: (Frowns) That girl looks a bit like Ella too.
Lady Miranda: What rubbish! Where would she have gotten that gown?
Hazel: (Gasps) I bet she stole it! (Lady Miranda turns to Boy #1 and #2)
Lady Miranda: May I present my daughters Haz-
Hazel: The thoroughly beautiful Hazel.
Boy #1: (Laughs) What rubbish!
Blanche: The incredibly clever Blanche.
Boy #1: Care to dance.
Boy #2: (Looks at Hazel) Alright your beautifulness, lets dance. (Hazel grabs him and spins him around into the room. He lets out a yell)
Hazel: Yoo Hoo Highness?
John: (To Cinderella) Dance away from them!
Cinderella: (Nervously) I am! (They waltz to the other side of the room.
Blanche: (Grabs boy #1) Lets go! (Spins him quickly towards John and Cinderella.
Boy #1: Hey. (The three couples waltz around the room in a large circle)
King: I am getting dizzy!
Jerome: (Whoops) Go John!
Queen: Shh!
Elise: John is winning!
Lady Miranda: (Stomps her foot) UGH! (Hurries over to Master Won) We need a little more tact!
Master Won: (Takes her arm) Permit me! (The waltz in front of John and Cinderella forcing them to stop moving away from the stepsisters and their partners)
John: (Groans) Oh no!
Hazel: (Crashes into them) Oopsies dasieo! (Falls into John's arms. He pushes her to her feet)
John: Excuse me!
Hazel: (Clasps hands) Oh your highness, you are so strong!
John: (Angrily) Thank you!
Blanche: (Rams into Hazel) Outta my way! (John grabs Cinderella's hand, and pulls her towards the door)
John: Lets go!
Hazel: (Shoves Blanche) Get away from me!
Boy #1 and #2: Oh man. This is so annoying. What rotten luck. Worst partners ever. I'm outta here! (They walk off. Curtains close. John and Cinderella come out in front of the curtain)
John: Sorry about that.
Cinderella: (Upset) It was not your fault! They were- well eager.
John: They were rude! (Bends over and picks up a box) Do you play chess?
Cinderella: (Surprised) Don't you want to dance?
John: (Shudders) Never!
Cinderella: (Smiles) Very well, you could teach me to play chess instead.
John: (dismayed) Did you want to dance?
Cinderella: (Shakes her head) Not with the very Beauteous Lady Hazel and the incredibly intelligent Lady Blanche in the same room.
John: Oh good. (They sit down and start playing for awhile. Clock starts striking midnight)
Cinderella: (Gasps) Uh-oh, what time is it?
John: (Thinks) Probably midnight.
Cinderella: (Screams) Oh no! (Gets to her feet and runs off)

John: (Blinks) What? Alright your move. (Leans over and moves one of Cinderella's pieces. (Lights dim.

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The Diary of an Uncharming prince synopsis

Today, I plotted out the next Prince Charming Diary. I'm going to give it a few surprising twists. Like the prince living with the dwarfs and the return of Rapunzel and Joseph. :D


Jerome of King's Retreat Island is the youngest prince, and at age eighteen he is battling with depression over the death of his mother. His way of combating his misery is to get lots of attention for himself. Unfortunately his father and closet brother, John are both away fighting pirates. His other brothers have their own families to care for and don't even live at home anymore. This leaves only Jerome's pesky younger sister Elise, who argues all the time, and John's fiance Ella Marie. While Ella tries her best to help Jerome, he is just waiting for the excuse to explode. His new teachers, the dwarf and the fairy are the last straws. Jerome runs away. Ironically, it is a fairy who shows him where to get work and a dwarf who employs him. Seven dwarf brothers live together and Jerome joins their silent company as an unwanted chatterbox. Then one day the oddest girl Jerome has ever seen shows up at the cottage. She introduces herself as Tar Feather. Tar is the only girl who has ever left Jerome completely speechless. But he soon discovers that this odd girl has someone after her blood. Jerome and the dwarfs decide to protect Tar, whether she likes it or not. But Jerome may have just jumped in over his head. Is he about to lose another person dear to him?


Thursday, October 12, 2017

Cinderella play Act Two

 Act Two
Scene 1
The scene is a market square. There are random stalls with people sitting behind them. In the center is a platform with a step going up to it. Cinderella, Blanche and Hazel enter. Cinderella is carrying a basket heaped with junk. The stepsisters are squabbling over a various items.

Hazel: (Holds up a chunky necklace) Oh look, mine!
Blanche: (Grabs at the necklace) I want that!
Hazel: (Holds the necklace up) I had it first! (Blanche claws at Hazel. Both start screaming)
Cinderella: (Looks pained) Sisters?
Stall tender: Mornin' Miss Ella.
Cinderella: Good Morning, Stephen.
Stall Tender #2: Mornin' sweetheart
Cinderella: Good Morning, Gaston.
Stall Tender #2: What are you beautiful sisters looking for today.
Stall Tender #3: You make me sick!
Stall Tender #1: I see only one beautiful lady, and that is my woman! (His wife looks up from her sewing)
Wife: What?
Stall Tender #1: Nothing! (A trumpet blasts)
Blanche: (Jumps) Eek! (The necklace snaps) Uh-oh! (Blanche shoves the necklace in Cinderella's hands) She broke it! (Runs off)
Stall Tender #2: (Frowns at Cinderella) You have to pay for it!
Cinderella: (Upset) But I- (Master Won and servants swagger onto the stage. Lead servant is carrying a trumpet)
Master Won: (Pompously) Hear ye, hear ye! (Unrolls scroll) His royal Highness Prince John, (Crowd cheers. Master Won holds up his free hand for silence) shall be hosting three royal balls in his honor. From the young and beautiful ladies that shall attend said balls, his highness shall chose a bride! (Trumpet blast)
Hazel: (Dramatically) Imagine, me a princess! (Minces around the square)
Blanche: (Pushes her and twirls past) No me! Me the most beauteous princess of them all!
Wife: (Snorts) You beauteous? HA! (Hazel starts pointing at Blanche and laughing)
Master Won: (Makes a disgusted face) I hope to see all of your ugly (coughs) lovely faces at the ball! (Another trumpet blast, then Master Won and company walk off)
Cinderella: (Pays for the necklace) Did he say the prince is having a ball?
Stall Tender 2#: It is so exciting! (Pushes back his hair) There will be so many beautiful girls there! (Smiles) The prince can only have one!
Cinderella: (Disinterested) I am sure it will be nice. (Turns to go. Hazel and Blanche grab her arms)
Blanche: Cindy, did you hear? (squeals) A ball! I shall be a princess! (squeezes Cinderella's arm and twirls her in a circle)
Hazel: (Huffs as Blanche twirls her and Cinderella) Slow down Ashes! Tell your ugly stepsister that I shall be the princess! (Hazel and Blanche drag Cinderella off stage, shouting and giggling)
Cinderella: (Shouting) Slow down you two!

Scene 2
Castle room. John, Jerome and Elise are standing in front of the queen. Master Won is overseeing the decorating of the ball room. Banners of curved swords and palm trees are the decorations.

John: (Groans) Mother, why palm trees.
Queen: (Looks at John) Son, are they not the perfect touch?
John: (Raises both eyebrows) Well-
Jerome: If we had about ten more we could make a tent!
Elise: (Snorts) That is so stupid!
Jerome: No it is not!
Elise: Is so!
Jerome: Is not!
Queen: (Clutches at her head) Enough!
John: (Concerned) Are you alright? (Takes a step closer to his mother)
Queen: (forces a smile) Of course. (King enters the room. He glances around. Stares at the decorations and coughs. He frowns)
John: (Fakes a cough) A-hem. Good morning father. (King turns around. Sees his family. He sits down on his throne)
King: (Pats queen's hand) Dear, I cannot make it to the second ball.
Queen: (Frowns and sits up straighter) I beg your pardon, my lord?
King: (Nervously) I have to go fight the pirates.
Jerome: We're having a pirate ball father!
King: I know.
Queen: (Sniffs) Oh darling. (Sniffs again) You must be there, fore John's sake. (She dabs her eyes with a handkerchief)
John: (Gasps) But-
King: There, there. (Pats the queen's hand again) I can make it.
Queen: (Queen smiles)Oh good! (She gets up and leaves the room)
Jerome: Bye father. (Runs after Queen)
Elise: (Curtsies) Excuse me father. (Hurries after Queen and Jerome)
King: (Slouches in his throne) Blasted pirates!
John: (worried) Father, why are we having a pirate ball? Does mother know you hate them?
King: (Snorts) You telling her?
John: (Shoulders slump and shoves his hands in his belt) No!
King: (Angrily) My father was killed by pirates! Now I have to dress up as one of the rotten creatures!
John: We could call it a sea theme ball.
King: Same thing!
Queen: (Peers into the room) Is something wrong?
King and John: (in unison) No!

Scene 3
Outside Cinderella's house. It is a dimly lit stage. Cinderella comes onstage, wearing a long plain gown. She pauses and fixes her sleeve.

Cinderella: Gaston said all the men will be there as well as the girls. Surely John will be there. (Smiles)
Blanche: (Offstage) I can just see him now. Tall handsome- (Walks on stage in a turban and exaggerated gown), charming, young, witty. (Hazel and Lady Miranda follow her onto the stage)
Lady Miranda: (Simpers) Of course darlings. One of you will charm his ring onto your tiny delicate little finger. (Notices Cinderella) What is this?
Cinderella: (Clasps her hands) I want to see my friend John again, please stepmother.
Lady Miranda: (Angrily) And make a laughingstock out of me? (Slaps her stick into the palm of her hand)
Cinderella: (Winces) I will not even speak to the Prince!
Hazel: MOTHER?
Blanche: Her dress is not even desert themed.
Cinderella: (pleading) Oh please, stepmother.
Lady Miranda: (Angry) NO! Take off that ugly dress and get out of my sight.
Cinderella: (Hopefully) I can walk, and pretend I do not know you.
Blanche: (Grabs Cinderella's sleeve) In these rags! (Rips the sleeve) They will not even let you inside!
Hazel: (Yanks Cinderella's necklace off) You have no jewelry.
Lady Miranda: (Smiles coldly) I am afraid not! Anyone as ugly as you, has no business being near the palace.
Cinderella: (Gasps, then recoils) This was my mother's dress! (Sobs)
Lady Miranda: (Angry again) All the more reason to destroy!
Cinderella: (Sobs) Cruel! (Turns and runs to the corner of the stage and gets down in a heap on the floor)
Lady Miranda: (Smiles triumphantly) Come my sweet girls, we have a prince to ensnare! (They sweep out of the room)
Hazel: Did you see her! The dope was crying for that rotten mouse catcher.
Cinderella: (Still crying) Why? Why? What have I done? Oh mother. (Fairy Godmother bounds into the room, pauses, then leaves) I cannot do this anymore! Oh why can I never please them? Why are they so cruel? (Sobs some more)
Fairy (Offstage) Rise and shine ducky!
Cinderella: (Sits up and wipes her face) Who said that? (She looks around. Fairy enters, now dressed in a ragged cloak)
Fairy: Totters and tates my dearie, why are ye crying'? Do ye want to look all red an' puffy at the ball?
Cinderella: (Sniffs) I am not going. (Wipes her eyes)
Fairy: (Snorts) What rubbish is this? All the damsels, those in distress and those otherwise, have been invited.
Cinderella: (Looks down at her torn dress) My stepmother has forbidden me too go.
Fairy: (Cocks her head) Have ye failed to clean out the waist? Have ye failed to serve her tea? Have ye failed some important task?
Cinderella: (Sighs) No! But my dress is torn.
Fairy: No problem ducklin' I shall patch it up!
Cinderella: (Laughs) It is far to late for that! The ball will be starting soon. Besides the dress will never look nice again.
Fairy: (Mysteriously) With magic, anything is possible!
Cinderella: (Smiles) Of course, but there is no such thing as magic!
Fairy: Nonsense! I have just enough magic in the tip of my toes to make you a dress!
Cinderella: (Laughing) And I shall have my own private ball here! Just you and me!
Fairy: (snorts) What? And not see your John?
Cinderella: He is not my- (Gasps) How do you know about him?
Fairy: Because I am your hairy dogfather! (Smiles happily)
Cinderella: (Confused) What?
Fairy: Oopsies! (Giggles) I mean fairy Godmother!
Cinderella: (Laughs) No you are not!
Fairy: (Annoyed) That is not a nice thing to say, my girl! I was told you were nice! Now I just suppose I know more about my profession then you would!
Cinderella: (Apologetically) I am so sorry. Are you talking differently?
Fairy: I guess non-believers must see to believe! (Throws wand in the air. Cinderella catches it)
Cinderella: What? (Fairy starts spinning. Her cloak falls off and her dress falls down) Oh my! You are my fairy godmother.
Fairy: (Takes wand from Cinderella) Of course! Well, I am anyone that needs me at the moment's fairy godmother. But that fits you right now.
Cinderella: (Laughs) Can you fix my dress, fairy godmother?
Fairy: (Nods) Of course. (Waves her wand and sings) Oh light shine and change, give what is deserved! (Points wand at Cinderella. The girl starts spinning. Fancier dress is revealed. She stops spinning)
Cinderella: (Gasps) Oh fairy Godmother, it is beautiful!
Fairy: (Nods) Now mind you, I would imagine a pair of glass slippers would have been just the touch.
Cinderella: (Shakes her head) No! (Lifts up her left foot) These will do just fine.
Fairy: (Sighs) Boring!
Cinderella: (Looks around) I suppose I should start walking-
Fairy: (Gasps) Walk? Not on your life. (Looks around) Ah, that pumpkin will do.
Cinderella: (Turns around) That pumpkin? (Points at a small orange pumpkin)
Fairy: (Twirls her wand) Of course! (Points wand at pumpkin) Light Shine and change, make a carriage bright. (Steps in front of the pumpkin, blocking the audience's view. When she steps back, the pumpkin is gone and there is a small miniature carriage) Ta da!
Cinderella: (Coughs) A-hem. It is a little small.
Fairy: (Looks at Cinderella) Don't wait for every thing to be perfect, dearie.
Cinderella: But-
Fairy: It will grow on you, child.
Cinderella: (Skeptical) Really? (Fairy frowns, then gives the carriage a push. It slides off stage)
Fairy: Even after seeing you refuse to believe. Go, my dear. (Cinderella starts to walk off stage, but jumps backwards in surprise)
Cinderella: Oh Heavens! (Looks at the Fairy)
Fairy: (Proudly) I told you that it would grow on you! (Smirks and taps her face with her wand)
Cinderella: Thank you! (Hugs fairy)
Fairy: (Surprised) My! (Pulls away and coughs) A-hem, that's alright.
Cinderella: (Suddenly concerned) But what about Lady Miranda and the girls? (Looks down at her dress) Her ladyship will send me home.
Fairy: (Scoffs) What total rubbish, my dear! (Waves her wand) Light Shine and change, hide what is real. (Taps Cinderella on the head)
Cinderella: (Gasps) Oh? What did you just do?
Fairy: (Proudly) No one at the ball will recognize you now, my dear. You are quite safe from her ladyship.
Cinderella: (Worried) What about John?
Fairy: (Frowns) John? The boy in the woods?
Cinderella: (Stares) You know him?
Fairy: (Grins) I know everyone you know, my dear. Your John has a sister, I just happen to be her Fairy Godmother too.
Cinderella: (Surprised) Oh!
Fairy: (Waves) Tootles! (Dances off stage)
Cinderella: (Waves back) Goodbye. (Gasps) Oh, fairy Godmother, what about John? (Looks around, but the fairy is gone) Oh well. (Walks off stage)

Prince Charming's Diary, part 12

Prince Charming's Diary
Prince John

Day 34
Today I officially joined Master Won's traveling circus. Believe me, when I say it was even worse being involved in the troupe, then just watching. When “eligible” maidens failed to fit the shoe, they threw themselves at my feet, clutching at my boots and howling. It was positively disgusting. One girl said she was the mystery princess but her feet had swollen overnight. Cinderella was not a princess. Another one said she had accidentally tried the shoe on the wrong foot. She had already tried it on both feet. I heard one stupid excuse after another. All I had to do was look at their faces. None of them looked remotely like Cinderella. The only girl I had seen who resembled her at all was Ella Marie. Wait a minute, Ella Marie and Cinderella not only look alike, but act alike too. Maybe they are sisters. They can NOT be the same person, can they? Wouldn't I have recognized her? Something seems very wrong here.

Day 35
This morning, as I sat yawning in my chair, I had the horror to see one of Ella's horrible sisters. She approached me in a hideous gown that made by eyes burn. Yellow, orange and pink should never be on the same outfit, in my humble opinion. In fact they should never even be in the same room together.
“Your highness!” she cooed and barged to the front of the line. I hate pushy people!
“Go away!” I mouthed. She snatched the shoe from Master Won and crammed it on her foot. Master Won tapped his fingers together and pinched his lips tightly. I dropped my head into my hands and groaned. The girl began to huff and puff. The shoe would not slide onto her foot. She dropped to the ground and began to roll around. I took a secret satisfaction in the way her dress was turning out. Muddy! But she was really annoying me. I glanced at Master Won.
“Get rid of her!” I hissed. Master Won signaled to the guards. She was forcefully removed.
“It is mine!” she screamed, “Give it back!”
“No!” I said angrily, “Also, when you greet your mother for me, be sure to tell her to get a cat! Mice in the kitchen are truly horrific!” she shut up. Cannot say I blame her. She was probably trying to forget that unfortunate kitchen experience.

Day 36
As I saw the lines of girls this afternoon, I wanted to scream. Instead I grabbed Master Won by the jerkin.
“Get a hold of yourself man!” I cried, “You are killing me!” Master Won slid out of my grasp and smoothed down his clothes.
“You should return home, your highness.” He said soothingly, “In my country we would say you were exhausted.”
“We say that here!” I grumbled. Master Won bowed. I hesitated, then an idea popped into my mind. If it worked, it might speed everything up.
“I will go home and rest.” I said, “Meanwhile you go from house to house, skip the town lineups. It's the same girls coming over and over again.”
“As you wish.” he said with a low bow. I went to fetch my things, also to avoid the girls.

Day 37
Yesterday I agreed to go home. But I did not. All I had to do was disguise myself as a peasant and follow the circus. I do not trust Won and I want to steal the shoe, preferably to shatter it. But first I need to study it. It has got to be magic. My family has a history of magic. Jaden turned into a frog, Justin killed a dragon fairy and James turned into a beast. I believe Joseph was mortal enemies with some kind of witch at one point too. It figures that would have some magic in my life too. Even if it is only a girls silly high heeled shoe.

Day 38
I am not sure what Master Won has been doing in the country manors, but he seems to be enjoying himself. We have made a large loop and are back in the village near the castle again. I have to hide. People recognize me, more then I would have expected. I suppose that is Master Won's doing.

Day 39
Master Won reached Ella's house today. There was no sign of Ella Marie of course. Lady Miranda opened the door and curtsied. She smiled evilly. I was watching from behind the wall. Just looking at her, sent shivers up and down my back.
“This way gentlemen.” she cooed, and she led the group into the house. Only two guards remained behind. They stationed themselves on either side of the door. I climbed over the garden wall and confronted them. They pointed their spears at me. I mentally kicked myself because of my disguise. I pulled my hat off and glared at them. Immediately they started bowing and nodding. They were still bowing as I rushed into the house.

Lady Miranda and Master Won were talking in the parlor. The same sister I had seen a few days ago, was repeating the same actions on the floor. Her other sister was kicking her. I am surprised that they are not ashamed to be pursuing me, after the rotten way they treated me on my first visit. I tiptoed past the door and ran for the steps. Now was my chance to find Ella. I had taken about three steps when the sound of shattering reached my ears. Had someone had broken the slipper? I ran back downstairs.

“We are at an understanding then, madame.” I heard Master Won say. I peered around the room. Now the second sister was trying on the shoe. She had knocked over a table that had a china plate on it. It was the plate, not the shoe that had broken.
“You get the new slipper, I shall dispose of this one.” Lady Miranda said smoothly. A cold shiver ran down my back. Master Won and that creepy lady were making sinister plans. Plans that involved a new shoe. One that would probably fit one of Lady Miranda's daughters.
“Of course if the real girl is ever found, we will see that she is gotten rid of.” Master Won said calmly. I turned and bolted for the stairs. I needed to see Ella again. I had to sort out this mess, also to save her from the traitors. I was never going to marry one of those rotten girls.

The further up the steps the more creaky and rattly they got. They also sagged and swayed. No one should have ever had to climb those steps. They were dangerous. I went to the top of the tower and found my way barred by a closed door. I tried to open it, but it was locked. I banged on it.
“Ella?” I cried. There was no answer. I turned to go, feeling dejected. I would check the cellar next.
“John?” a familiar voice cried suddenly. I froze in the point of walking down the steps. I was not sure if the voice was familiar because it was Ella or Cinderella. I was thoroughly confused on that subject, by now. Someone had obviously used some kind of Magic. I could see why Justin and James hated fairies. They were so confusing.
“Ella?” I whispered, there was a short pause.
“John, you have to get of here.” the girl wailed, “My stepmother will kill you.”

“Sorry lady, you have to try on the dumb shoe!” I cried and slammed my shoulder into the door. It was painful, but the it shivered slightly. I rammed into it again and again. By the fourth time it had broken open. I tumbled into the room. Ella came running, as I fell flat on my face. “You are Cinderella.” I gasped.
“My fairy Godmother made it so no one would recognize me at the ball.” she sobbed.
“What?” I gaped. Well, this would prove James and Justin's theories about fairies hating us.
“Never mind.” she said and helped me to my feet.
“Quick, go down and try the shoe on.” I cried, as I rubbed my bruised shoulder. Now it was her turn to stare at me.
“Just go!” I cried, and gave her a gentle push. She ran down the steps. I followed at a much slower pace. People who can bust down doors like I just did and still run after that are obviously faking somewhere.

I had gone about halfway down the treacherous steps when I heard Ella speaking to Master Won and Lady Miranda.
“I have not tried on the shoe.” she said quietly.
“Cinders cannot do it!” one of the evil stepsisters shrieked. I winced.
“You try on a shoe.” Lady Miranda sneered, “I suppose this slipper belongs to you?”
“No!” Ella replied.
“Glad to know you have a streak of honesty.” the other sister sneered.
“May I try on the shoe?” Ella asked firmly.
“What shoe?” Master Won demanded. For the second time in five minutes I heard the sound of shattering glass. “Oopsies!” Master Won sneered. He was lucky that my fingers could not reach his neck at the moment.
“That was my fairy Godmother's slipper!” Ella cried. I forgot about my bruises and ran the rest of the way down the swaying steps.

As I reached the foot of the stairs, I discovered Master Won was just telling his guards to grab Ella. The shoe was smashed all over the parlor floor. I burst into the room. Everyone grew silent. Master Won forced a smile.
“Unfortunately the priceless slipper was destroyed so I am afraid we must send this maiden away.” he said weekly. I stared at the shattered fragments in dismay.
“This might help.” Ella said. She pulled another slipper out of her pocket. I nearly kissed her.
“What? No!” Lady Miranda gasped, “Give that to me!” she made a grab for the shoe. I slid between her and Ella.
“It is mine!” the taller stepsister squealed.
“MINE!” her sister screeched. Both lunged at Ella. I drew my short sword. Peasants did not carry swords so I did not have mine. The sisters drew back with loud shrieks. Then one bent over, snatched up a stool and hurled it at me. I ducked. I could not fight girls. The other one leaped towards my throat.
“Get him Hazel!” the taller one screeched, and clapped her hands. I spun away from her, right into Master Won's sword.

“Ella, put on the blasted shoe!” I yelled, then I glared at Master Won, “Sorry, but you are so banished.” I moved my head to include lady Miranda in my glare, “You too!” She drew a knife. Blast! There was only one way to go. I parried Won's sword with my only short sword. Then we started dueling. He danced out of my reach, then jabbed over the top of my blade. With the extended length of his long arms and sword he could reach me easily, but I could not reach him. I swayed to the side, and leaped in. He jerked around and tried to get me. I kicked at his hand. He yelled and dropped his sword. I rushed to finish him. The next thing I knew a horrible burning pain shot through my stomach. Won had a knife. I staggered backwards, clutching at a bleeding hole in my stomach. I stared at the dripping blade in his hands with surprise. So this was how my life would end? What a waste!
“Now you die!” Won jeered, I fell to my knees.
“Do not drip on the carpet!” Lady Miranda screeched.

Suddenly a glass slipper came flying through the air and smashed into Won's face. He let out a yell and stumbled. I staggered to my feet, snatching up my short sword in process.
“Come and fight like a man?” I cried. With one hand, I clutched at my wound, and with the other, I clenched the short sword. Won shook his head as if to clear the daze left my the shoe hitting him in the face. Hazel made another grab at me.
“Oh no you do not!” Ella snapped. She grabbed Hazel by the collar and spun her around.
“Let go, Cinders!” the other sister squealed and grabbed Ella's hair. Won hurled himself at me. I blocked his blow. He let out a stream of curses as he rained blow after blow down upon me. Gasping for breath, I parried them. But he was driving me into a corner.
“If any of you get blood on the carpet, I will slice you into mincemeat!” Lady Miranda snarled. I leaped backwards, and slammed into the wall.
“Got you!” Won chortled. I leaned against the wall, then kicked Won in the ribs.
“Wha-?” he gasped and went flying backwards. He did a back roll then came up on his feet, his sword still in his hands. For a dancing instructor, he certainly could wield a sword fairly well. I kicked a tabled at him. He spun to the side. I rushed forward. He threw the bloody knife at me. I caught it. Did a spin and froze.

Master Won had grabbed Ella, and had his knife press against her neck. Both Hazel and what is the other one's name, were lying on the floor, more or less unconscious. There was also a tea tray and Lady Miranda was standing on a chair howling.
“You know what happens next?” Won growled. I glanced around, then lowered my short sword.
“Yes.” I mumbled.
“Excellent!” the ex-dancing instructor said. I started to approach me. I kicked a a pile of shattered glass in his direction. He tried to sidestep it, just as Ella grabbed his arm and hoisted herself upwards, so her feet were not touching the floor. This threw Won off balance. I leaped over Hazel and slammed my shoulder into Won. He toppled over. I caught Ella and pulled her to her feet.
“Saved, I guess.” I said.
“I think you might be right.” she replied seriously.

Day 40

And then I married Ella and everyone lived happily ever after....I wish. There was a big mess. Jadan, Justin and James are really mad at me. I told them I was going to marry Cinderella. But her fairy Godmother is the same fairy that cursed all of them or in Justin's case, tricked him. To bad for them. I have no grudge against this fairy, except that she thought it funny to make it so I would not recognize Ella at the ball. But I guess everything turned out alright in the end. I banished both Lady Miranda and Master Won. Public enemies one and two! Tomorrow I leave for the shore. I will join father in his endeavor to kill piracy. When I come back, I shall marry Ella.

The End