Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Prince Charming's Diary, part 8

Prince Charming's Diary
Prince John

Day 18
The ship decorations were nice. I liked the rock formations around the pond in the garden. They made one think of mysterious treasure caves. But believe me, I have seen father's sea reports. Pirate attacks! Pirates attacks! Pirate attacks! Plus dead people! Why on Royaume would mother want to have a pirate themed ball? What is it with women thinking pirates are exotic and romantic? They are not! They are greedy evil thieves!

Belle is feeling sick so James stayed with her in their chamber, and I taught their ugly offspring how to dance. Ugh! What a nightmare! I do not care if the child is only three, or is it two? I do not remember, but she should know how to dance!

Only seven hours until the ball. I am not looking foreword to dressing up in my pirate costume. I know father does not care about honoring pirates anymore then I do. He tried to tell mother that he would be away for the second ball, but she cried and he said he could make it back. If my future wife ever forces any of our future children to have a themed ball, I shall most certainly, most probably maybe, at least I will try to let them chose the themas themselves. Well, I did spend the next seven hours making a general nuisance of myself.

“Your Highness, you should practice your half step!” Master Won said, as he materialized behind me, after I ditched my niece on Elise. I scowled. No one ever danced the half step. It was a stupid little dance, which made the dancer look like a fashionable fool. Nevertheless I practiced until the guests began to arrive. To further add to my lists of complaints, I shall describe some of our silly costumes. I was wearing clothes, I only wear when I inspect the stables, before they are cleaned, over see the cleaning of the gerdrobe or go berrying with my nieces and nephews. The boots were the same ones I wore, when I helped one of Elise's pet pigs get out of a tree. I was covered in mud when I finished. Not just the boots.
“I look terrible!” I told Belle, as she showed me how to adjust my weird hat. It looked like someone had crushed one side of it.
“You look like a pirate.” She snickered. I did not take that as a compliment.

Once more I stood between my parents thrones and tried not to meet the gaze of any of the princess, as they curtsied and simpered at me. I only smiled at one. Elaine's little sister, or forgot her name, something that starts with V I think. But she is like five, and not even interested in marrying me. I cannot say the same for the other princess. I did not see Lady Cinderella, but I did see Lady Miranda. She did not have Ella Marie with her, unfortunately. But she did have her two horrible other daughters with her. Let me see, someone introduced them to me as the very charming Hazel and beauteous Blanche. Neither title applied to them in the slightest. Both acted like they had never met me before. But I knew full well, that both of them remembered the way they had treated me, at their house.
“Ooo, you are so charming, your highness!” Hazel, or maybe it was Blanche said.
“I wish I could say the same about you.” I said sternly. For the first time I did not even feel a little shy. I felt angry. Her jaw dropped so low I could see clear down her throat.

About this time Lady Cinderella came in. Her dress looked ridiculous, and she admitted as much. She was wearing some kind of black leather vest thing over a baggy sleeved dress and long brown skirt. She looked like someone who worked in a cheep tavern. I laughed at her clothes and she laughed at mine. It was not awkward at all. But at least she was not dressed like Elise. Elise was wearing a sleeveless flowered gown that was split up to the waist in both the back and the front. Under that she was wearing breeches and high heeled leather boots. She was also wearing the same kind of shirt as Cinderella. I danced every dance with Cinderella. It was fun, but she seemed scared of Lady Mildred. I did not blame her. Lady Mildred scared me too. She glowered at us.

Day 19
The same thing happened as last time. The clock struck midnight and Lady Cinderella took off. I do not think I wont to marry someone who disappears every time the clock strikes midnight. I like Lady Cinderella, but not as much as Ella Marie. Tomorrow is the last ball, so I shall visit her the day after that. I really wish she would come to the ball. Maybe, just maybe I will visit her later today and ask her to come. Who cares if she is not dressed like a peacock. Peacocks are stupid anyway.

I spotted Joseph from all the way across the room, even though he was wearing a ridiculous bearded mask. Who did he think he was? A fearsome pirate?
“Hello, Joseph.” I whispered, as I joined him.
“Wha-who me?” he yelped, “Come on John, admit you cannot recognize me.”
“Sorry.” I said. I felt like laughing, who could not recognize Joseph? Then I told him about my problem with Lady Cinderella, Ella Marie, and that mother wanted me to marry a princess. Probably Shelwhatshername.
“To bad, that is your problem!” he said unsympathetically. That is the last time I tell him anything. But I guess he was mad because I recognized him. To bad. He annoyed me and I annoyed him. What are twins for if not annoying each other.

To Be continued

Costumes for the Pirate Themed ball

 John, looking grouchy. He obviously thinks a proper hat should have a flat brim, but this hat is turned up, like someone stepped on it.

Elise. I actually hour her dress thingy turned.

Lady Cinderella. As John said, her dress is ridiculous.

Joseph. Just because I have it. Unfortunately, he is not wearing the bearded mask. I drew this before I thought up the mask.

The Queen. I like her hat..

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

"Man of Shadow" Drawings.

I have finally finished the "Man of Shadow" drawings. They look much better in real life, because I didn't darken them with pen, and the scanner doesn't pick pencil up very well. 

Beware, this spoils a lot of stuff for the story. All the Stickers backstories have more or less been made up on the spot.

 James Casper.
Originally called James Cowin, in "Thunder in the Academy" Jim changed his last name. The Cowins were his adopted family. Casper was the name his real father used. Jim never got the chance to ask him if that was even his real last name. Jim spent two years searching for his real dad, then gave up and got a job at the Shadow Enterprise in Chicago.

 Shadow Man
Jim's alter ego. Chicago's own superhero. Actually, he isn't a superhero, he's a Justice Hero. They aren't the same thing. Back when he was in Herbermiester's Academy for the Gifted, Jim got an F- on his supervillain/hero suit. The suit is just a black cloak, cap, jeans, sweat shirt, sneakers and a stocking mask. It might look alright from the distance, but up close it looks weird.

 Elizabeth Bolshim.
Liz wants to think she is normal. Unfortunately, normal people don't work at the Shadow Enterprise. Liz is favorite topic is Justice Heroes. She can rant about them for like, forever. Her parents didn't approve, especially since Justice Heroes have a habit of dying off. Previously, before working for the Enterprise, Liz lived with her parents and grandparents in the White house, where one of her relatives is the president. I haven't done the backstories for a lot of these people yet.

The Shadow Enterprise was loosing money, the co-workers were afraid that this other corporation would buy them out. Liz came up with the idea for a Justice Hero comic book about Shadow Man. Not surprisingly, Jim disliked the idea.

 Justin Mardrin.
I know this name has been spelled with an e before, but now it's officially with an i. Some of you will know this person as Jane's brother. (He was in "Rubbish Inventor", except, he was about nineteen then). Jane would be ten in this book.

At fourteen, Justin Mardrin is the youngest worker at the Enterprise. Like Jim, he loves his caps. Justin's family lives in Wisconsin, but in the summer, Mr. Mardrin has a special top secret government job, in Chicago. Justin  likes to stay with his dad, in Chicago, so he can work at the enterprise. Sometimes Jane or one of the other Mardrin siblings goes along too.

 Matthew Radrigo.
Sour faced grump, often called Moody, Matthew, has worked at the Shadow Enterprise for a very long time. He is the tallest worker and favors black. Justin modeled the Shadow Man in their comic strip after Moody, which Jim thought was really funny. 

Moody's talent is martial arts. He also carries a concealed knife with him. A knife he knows how to throw.

Bunny Rice.
Although, she is twenty-one, Bunny, who is more often called Pink, is very tiny. Pink favors fluffy pink dresses. Her golden blond curls, pale face, rosy cheeks and big blue eyes, make her resemble a china doll. She, like Moody, has worked at the Enterprise for a long time.

Pink may be small. She may look helpless, but she brings the word, road rage, to a whole new level. Heaven forbid that you are in a car with Pink, in Chicago, during rush hour!

 Nicole Brians.
Nicole, has a strange fashion sense. She loves orange, stripes, polka dots, and heels. Just imagine how that would look. She also is in the habit of blowing multi-colored gum, and is not above dying her hair. Her hair is really black, but she likes it auburn.

Boss, wasn't pleased to discover that Nicole has a concealed weapon permit and carries a gun to work at the Enterprise.

 Edmund Flick.
Edmund mostly acts normal, but like Liz, he isn't completely normal. Edmund, is the photographer for the Enterprise, and cameras are his pride and joy. Unfortunately, he used his best and most expensive camera to steal a quick picture of Shadow Man. This little episode ended with his camera being smashed on the road, eight stories below his feet. He was standing on the roof.

Edmund, who is sometimes called the Flick, takes his job to a whole new level of seriousness. Braking and entering, is something that Edmund will do if it means a great story or even just a great picture. The police don't like him much.

Andrew Rasidi.
Nicknamed Boss, by his co-workers, Andrew is the go between for the Enterprise workers and the their mysterious boss who they call King. Andrew, is a very small for man, but with a big sarcastic temper. (Think the Inconceivable dwarf from the "Princess Bride". 

Even thought, Boss is a bit cowardly, and his co-workers annoy him, he cannot bare the thought of being left out of an exciting showdown. He volunteers to go on the rescue mission and use his phone to call backup. He never got the chance to call 911 because Pink's method for picking up a string of cops was foolproof.

The Mysterious man who stays hidden in his office. Who is he?

One of the original Justice Heroes. Moth is Jim's father, an alien from Venus. Jim was born on Venus too, but after a year he was moved to earth and raised there, with no knowledge of his nationality. When the other Justice Heroes were kidnapped and hauled off to the Star Ship, Moth managed to escape.

Steven Radrigo.
Moody's no good persnickety sixteen year old cousin. Member of Stickers. Steven was previously, one of Jim's classmates at Herbermiesters.

Steven's alter ego. When he was really small, Steven's parents died, and his aunt and uncle (Moody's parents) took him in. They were mean to him and made him feel like they really couldn't afford him and had to give up everything fun so they could scratch up enough money for them to keep him out of an orphanage. When Steven accidentally injured his eyes in a science experiment, he was afraid to tell his relatives, because they would yell at him, and say they couldn't afford it. Then he was approached by Igor Shelmen/Snakeman, who said he could get him a free operation. Steven expected. When he woke up after the operation, he found that he had laser beams in his eyes, and he would never be normal again. Once he accidentally burnt down his uncle's barn, his relatives kicked him out, and put him in Herbermiesters where surprisingly he got scholership. Of course, that had been Igor's plan all along, and Sarah Neils had no trouble convincing Steven to use his new power for evil.

Thomas Harson.
Thomas ties with Steven in being the youngest member of Stickers. Thomas like the rest of the Stickers gang went to school at Herbermiesters.

Thomas' dad died when he was still a baby. His mother had no time for him. So his grandfather took him into his castle in the Highlands of Scotland. (None of the family was Scottish) The grandfather was a proud member of the Mad Scientist Club. So Thomas spent thirteen years among crazy people, where he became obsessed with poison. He designed a glove that was dipped in poison and had claws, if you were scratched with it, you would die within minutes. After his grandfather died, Thomas went to Herbermiesters for two years. His mother disowned him after finding out he was giving her two options, let him be a villain or a Mad scientist.

Igor Valentine.
Igor, is the oldest member of the Stickers and the youngest of twelve brothers. By the time Jim started school at the Academy, Igor was already graduated and fighting superheroes. His archenemy was the Mask. Unfortunately neither got a chance to have grand final battle.

Igor was intelligent, unfortunately his brothers were all way more intelligent then him. His mother was his father's second wife, so actually his eleven brothers were really his stepbrothers. Igor spent sixteen years being snubbed by his scientific family, he didn't mind so much, until his mother died, and his friends all decided he wasn't cool, then he felt alone and miserable. Mr. Valentine detested seeing someone drag himself around complaining, so he was pleased when his boss Cornwallis asked him to send one of his sons to Herbermiesters and find out what was going on there. Igor went, but only needed two days to decide, that he wasn't reporting anything. At Herbermiesters, they may have been teaching him to be a villain, but no one treated him like garbage. Igor desinged a hover skate board and was able to fly with it. His headphones gave him teleporting power. This was all stuff he wouldn't have been allowed to do at Cornwallis.

 Calvin Carver.
Calvin was an orphan, a pet of Igor Shelmen (who isn't the same person as Igor Valentine, I'll just call him Snakeman). Snakeman dug Calvin out of an orphanage to use as an experiment, before putting him in Herbermiesters.

Calvin spent five years dreaming about being taken out of the orphanage and adopted by a loving family. Unfortunately, Snakeman had other ideas in his mind when he adopted Calvin. After a few horrific experiments, Calvin's hands had been altered, so they could morph into meat cleavers. Calvin hated it. But with a little counselling from his teachers at Herbermiesters and Sarah, he was convinced that it was the world's fault, so he should take his anger out on the world.

 Kaman Howard.
Kaman had three sisters and a baby brother, he had loving parents, who both had high paying jobs. They were rich. They were high society. What went wrong?

Kinkajou Killer.
Kaman's parents were scientists. They had fun and worked, but always made time for their children. Kaman, himself loved working with animals. His parents gave him a Kinkajou, which was his favorite. But one day, while his parents were conducting an experiment, Kaman's kinkajou got loose. He chased it into his parents lab and crashed into their tester. The next thing Kaman knew, he was flying. His parents panicked. They didn't want a genetically modified kid. People would think they had done experiments on him. They considered sending Kaman to Cornwallis, but decided it was to close, so they sent him to Herbermiesters, because it was all the way in England and the wouldn't have to see him. Kaman was very bitter about this betrayal and killed his Kinkajou, which his parents sent with him. The Herbermiesters were pleased with Kaman's anger, and used it to inflame his desire to make others suffer as well.

 Evan Mountjoy.
Evan was a normal American, who loved junk. He didn't care about superheroes or supervillains, and he lived in Texas.

Evan loved getting in trouble, loved inventing junk, and loved keep out signs, which he always disobeyed. One day, while exploring backstage during a Mad Scientist show, which he had decided was boring, Evan peeked inside a curtained off area. The Mad Scientist was mad alright. He took one look at Evan and threw a bottle of flaming Shag Acid. (Some futuristic acid) While trying to protect his face, Evan flung his hands in front of it. The bottle smashed against his fists, and burnt his hands. The hands were twisted and deformed into ugly claws. In a panic, Evan ran away. Cornwallis agents rescued him, thinking he was one of Snakeman's experiments. Evan rigged up an eavesdropping device, and misunderstood the Cornwallis agents. He thought they were going to dissect him. Once more he ran away. This time, Herbermiesters picked him up and convinced him that they would protect him from the world.

 Roger Thompson.
Roger was ordinary. He was from Wisconsin. He was kidnapped.

When he turned nine, Snakeman, kidnapped Roger to use as an experiment. Snakeman was in the middle of the Jekyll experiment, and realized that to complete it, the victim would have to take the liquid with full consent. Roger was not only gullible, but he wasn't afraid of strangers, which turned out to be a big problem. Roger took the medicine, and was given the ability to turn into a wolfish Mr. Hyde. That wasn't exactly what Snakeman wanted, so he put Roger into Herbermiesters where he would be trained to be on the villains side. Snakeman didn't want a big wolf creature as an enemy. Neither did Sarah. She was quick to recruit him into the Stickers club.

 Sarah Neils.
The evil leader of Stickers. The one that came up with all the ridiculous names for her gang.

 Star Villainess.
Sarah, perfected the power of hypnotizing people, then had her hands fireized. That meant that she could hold and sustain a flame without burning herself. I'm not sure what her backstory is yet.

 Professor Q.
Born David Jemson, Q changed his name, when he faked his own death. He was a genus who was always misunderstood because he was different. Cornwallis paid Q's father a lot of money to attend Cornwallis Institute. But poor Q, was disappointed to learn that he was just as much an outsider among the smart perople, as he was among normal people. Q is also the founder of DATH. Some of you will know what that is, and maybe get confused as to weather or not this person is bad or good.

 Governor of Chicago.
By 4010 Chicago is so big, she has her own governor.

 Jane Mardrin.
Ten year old Jane Mardrin. Justin's younger sister.

 Captain Thunder.
Leader of the Young Justice Heroes. Also Jim's best friend and classmate from Herbermiesters.

Young Justice Hero. Another Herbermiester attendee that turned out good.

 Shooting Star.
Young Justice Hero. She also attended Herbermiesters.

 Shadow Man Comic book.

 Shadow Man.
Shadow Man is the fastest runner in the Galaxy. He can run faster then race cars.

The Moth's power is flight.

 Shadow Enterprise.

 Liz and Jim.

 Moody's Knife.

 Nicole's gun.

 Pink's Car.
Pink's tiny little car fit nine people in it, even though it was only supposed to fit five. It was a tight fit.

 Jim's car.
I can see why Jim hated this car. But it was free, so he kept it. He didn't really care when someone put a bomb in it, except he was afraid Liz would get hurt if he hung around her any mroe.

A weird futuristic lamp. The Governor hits Liz on the head with this and she lands in the hospital.

 Fire Hydrant.
Jim parked in front of this fire hydrant and Jane gave him a scolding for that.