Monday, September 4, 2017

More paper dolls.

It's been awhile since I have uploaded any paper dolls. Mostly because I have been really slow with them.

Don't ask why his boots aren't both. Whispers: I forgot. Expecto is from "The Red Lion." he is the villain. Some of you might remember that story. I was writing it like five years ago, so it wasn't the best. Anyway, Expecto is the adopted son of the king. He his the hero's real uncle and the foster brother of the hero's mentor. I know confusing.

Hero from "The Shadow Warriors" series. Louis is being trained by Honstino to be a Shadow Warrior. People think the Shadow Warriors are evil, but they are really a secret society dedicated to protecting the Seven Kingdoms. Louis is the son of some king. I haven't worked out the details because no one finds out until one of the later books.

Hmm... he didn't turn out good at all. Millin is from "The Immortal Guardian Chronicles." He is the best friend of the hero, and one of the Immortal people.

Warrior slave, princess, queen, mother, and warrior! Sif is a Mindonite, they girls don't cut their hair until they get married. It's supposed to be part of the wedding ceremony, unfortunately Sif didn't get a proper ceremony. She was kidnapped while still a small child she spent the next several hundred years as a slave in a hidden kingdom, before escaping.


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