Monday, September 11, 2017

Sky Heavenview randomness

 Book Eleven (I think) of the "Sky and Companions" series.
More then a year has passed since Sky came home from her previous adventure, when Sky gets a letter. Upon being told she cannot leave for another adventure by both her foster parents and the mayor, and angry Sky, steals the mayor's secret talking horse and escapes into a tunnel. The problem is, that the horse is more in control then her and they are heading to an island of cannibalistic Island Eaters.

 Sky as an Adventurer.

Sky before she started adventuring.



  1. I can't wait for the next sky books especially this one it sounds really funny!


    1. Well, I finished the next two. But I'm not sure if it's funny! :D

    2. I'm still just mad Sky and Winter aren't getting together for ages. Cruel Eowyn! *sniff* I guess I'll have to go read a happy book to cheer myself up.


    3. Calm down Lizzy, she is only nineteen and he is only twenty. She admits he is the perfect match for her in this book. :D

    4. Wait, really?! Ahh, now that's more like it. I'm happy now :)


    5. But it's because the mayor said this one bully was perfect for her and she started describing the perfect perfect person, and realized that the description fit Winter. But she doesn't see Winter again for the rest of that book.