Monday, September 11, 2017

Prince Charming's Diary, part 10

Prince Charming's Diary
Prince John

Day 23
As soon as Master Won called us into a conference, I knew I was going to regret it. All the guests had gone home, including Kane and my brothers, so only my parents, Jerome, Elise and myself attended. I have never been so happy to see anyone leave as when Princess Shella-ohImustreallyrememberhername left. UGH! What a horrible person. She would only make a good wife for an ogre.
“This mysterious princess is obviously magical!” Master Won said. I raised my eyebrows. Why could people not understand plain facts?
“She is not a princess.” I said, but no one seemed to hear. This was going to be a disaster. I did the only thing I could think of under the circumstances. I rolled my eyes. Master Won held up one of Cinderella's ridiculous ankle breaker glass shoes. I sat up straighter. What could a silly shoe do? I shivered. They looked even worse close up.
“How beautiful.” Elise sighed. Both Jerome and I stared at her.
“Have you inspected this elegant specimen?” Master Won asked. Elegant specimen? HA!
“Yes, from the top of the stairs.” I said out loud. Master Won ignored my crack. Father frowned.
“No lines.” the dance instructor continued, “Perfectly smooth!”
“Magic!” Elise breathed.
“No a good glassblower!” Jerome laughed, “Shoemakers cannot make things with anything but leather. So therefore-”
“Jerome, please be silent.” father said sternly. Jerome shut his mouth.
“As I was saying,” Master Won continued.
“Get on with it.” father growled, “Some of actually have work-”
“Dear.” Mother said quickly. This time father shut his mouth. But it was obvious that he could not care less about the shoe. I was only slightly annoyed. The future of the kingdom could rest upon this stupid show. It would be a good idea if he showed at least a little interest.
“This magic slipper will fit only one foot.” Master Won said triumphantly. I frowned. What was he getting at? “I will put together a search. The maiden who fits the slipper will become the prince's bride.” Master Won finished with a smirk. I winced. How Vulgate!
“Really?” I asked in disgust.
“What an excellent plan.” Mother sighed, as she clasped her hands. I wondered if perhaps the illness had touched her mind a bit.
“How romantic!” Elise cooed, “Oh Johnny, you are so lucky!”
“Do not call me that!” I growled.
“How utterly stupid!” Jerome said. I could not agree more.

Day 24
Why does no one ever listen to me? I do not want to marry Lady Cinderella or Princess Shellandburgerwhatshername, or any other flighty, silly, foolish, rich princess! I want to marry Ella Marie! Master Won has started preparing for the silly hunt. No one is going to want to try on the slipper. Particularly not, if about three hundred women have done it before them. I get the shivers just thinking about it. Disgusting. As for me, I am waiting for the opportune moment to go see Ella. I would go now, expect fathers wants help with his new plan to attack the pirates. It seems the pirate ball as made him even more angry with them, and he has been think about them non stop since. Well, at least he has motivation. I need some too. I am scared to see Ella, because she might not care for me the same way I care for her.

Day 25
I am so miserable. Mother called me into her chamber, this morning, and went on and on about how I was the only one left to inherit the kingdom. This is not entirely true. Even if Joseph was cut off, Jerome is still here. But that was not all. Mother said I was cruel, because I would not supply her with a grandson of a noble blood. I feel so pathetic. I now feel as if it would be selfish to go see Ella. I spent the day sparring with Jerome and battling my conscience.

Day 26
I finally crushed my conscience and returned to the forest. I convinced myself that just going to see her would not cheat mother out of her noble heir. But now I am more miserable. I looked everywhere for Ella. I fear that it has been so long since I have come that she is not longer waiting for me. I went home in tears. I should just let mother arrange my marriage.


I am a fool! I could have just gone to Ella's house! Now it is too dark and I will have wait until morning to go. Oh could just kick myself, hard! UGH! How could I have done that! I am so stupid!

To Be Continued

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