Friday, September 1, 2017

"The Ranger's Bow: In My Enemies Land" drawings

These are some of the drawings from the second book in "The Ranger's Bow" series. I think I wrote this last year, as a Christmas or Birthday present for my sister, Galadriel.

 The Raiders captured Buck and his friend Christine, along with a couple other Nimrodites.

Buck is the nickname for Prince Francis Andrew Daniel Stephen Joseph Peter Meldrum. He lived in the palace with his uncle the King until he was twelve. Then his other uncle Ranger Kif, took him to live with the Rangers. He was not with them long before he was captured by the Raiders.

I think she is nine. She lived in Ocean City (I think) she was part of Buck's army anyway, and she got captured with him.

Buck's new master has a really bratty kid, about Buck's age.

 The Seller.
Once while running an errand for his master, Buck came across a man selling weapons. Among the wares, he discovered his father's bow. How had the man gotten it? Well someone stole it.

Young captain of a Raider ship. Nairk is actually the raider that captured Buck. He is also the person who was taking Buck back to Nimrode in the end of this book.

Boswel's sister. She didn't like Buck, but she did like Narik, so she helped Buck escape. She ends up marrying Hyacinth who is from the "Sky and Companions" series.

Boswel and Skara's father. Buck's master.

The Ranger's Bow and Quiver full of arrows.

Narik the raider, Dan the ranger's apprentice, Buck the prince ranger's apprentice and Christine. All of the them are waiting for the Pirates to attack them, right before the book ends. I know, CLIFFHANGER!


I have more Prince Diary read to post, except I have taken to writing it in a notebook, so I'm waiting for Galadriel to type it.

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