Sunday, July 16, 2017

Some drawings from "The Last Defender"

I got tired of scanning, so there are only a couple of drawings from Pippin's very belated birthday book

 I made this bigger so you could read the words.
Basically you weren't cool unless you were descended from "Longsword" in this book.

 Sebastian, the main character, is a troublemaker. He isn't a Longsword. In this picture he's going to scare Lady Tofu Longsword and her friend, by shooting the warning shield.

 Sebastian Reinhart

 Lady Tofu Longsword and her friend, who is also a Longsword. Judging by the look on Lady Tofu's face, anyone could guess that Sebastian is in big trouble.

 Lady Tofu Longsword, the most important lady on Corkin Island.

 Lord Tofu is very bored, he lets his wife tell him what is a suitable punishment for Sebastian.

 Lord Tofu Longsword, lord of Corkin Island.

 Sebastian being taught the ancient language (which turned out to be a fake), by Sir Arthur Longsword, his new master.

 Sir Arthur Longsword, who doesn't care if someone is a Longsword, but does care if they are kids or women.

 Sebastian cleaning Arthur's house.

 Lady Danielle Longsword. She was awarded that title because she married a Longsword. She is the ally's mother. I liked her picture better then his.

Sir Carrak Longsword, Arthur's brother.

Sadly, that is all because as I said before, I got tired of scanning, there was over fifty pages. Ugh!


  1. That sounds like a really cool book! Great drawings:)


    1. Thank you!
      It's about Robert Corkilin's ancestor.