Wednesday, July 5, 2017

More paper dolls

Hello everyone, more paper dolls, instead of part two of John's diary. :)

 Agnes, an outlaw, from "The Golden Arrow." A "Robin Hood" retelling.

 Ash, a ranger's apprentice, from "A Ranger's Quest."

 Bark, the heroine's foster brother/cousin, from "Sky and Companions" series.

 Bartholomew Forester, nephew of one of the hero's from "Prairie School."

 Dill Clearwater, heroine's cousin, from "Sky and Companions." 

 Dominic Corkilin, from "The Dragon-Slayer Trilogy." But this is an older version of him that appears in the "Sky and Companions" series. (Yes, I do a lot of a crossovers)

 Dominic Gardener, from "The Gardener Children" series. The interesting thing about the Gardeners is that they have twenty-one kids, and their neighbors have nineteen.

 Evan, from "Burnt." He is Elsa and Ana's brother. (I call "Burnt" a nonfanfiction.)

 Luthia from "Misgard." She's kind of like Tuariel.

 Milo from "Return of the Dragon-Killers." I don't remember if he was the king's son or nephew.

 Samuel Gardener, from "Gardener Children." He is Dominic Gardener's twin brother.

Stephen Bright from "Fading Roses," a Snow White retelling with a bit of "Cheaper by the Dozen" thrown in. Stephen is part of the twelve kid family. Those of you who have read "Warrior Princess" book one, Polly is in this book as well as "The Night Thief."