Friday, July 7, 2017

Random drawings

Another bunch of random drawings, while I procrastinate on the "Prince Diary." I'm  pretty sure, I posted some of these before.

 The second cover (not finished) for "Warrior Princesses of Fairy Land" which I changed to "Beyond the Sunset."
From left to right
Top Row: Warren the younger elf prince, Jack the fairy Godmother's eldest son, Polly Towers/Rapunzel.
Middle Row: Blanche White/Snow White, Erick the older elf prince, Cassandra Rell/Cinderella.
Bottom row: the beast and Belle.

 The original cover for "Beyond the Sunset."
Cassandra, Belle, and Polly just stole the glass coffin right out from under Prince Erick's nose, and used it as a boat in the raging river. Polly's hair worked just fine for a seat belt/safety rope.

 Random drawing for the futuristic diary of Brent Kay. WW7 I believe.

The cover for "Thunder in the Academy" but without the title.
James Cowin is wearing the baseball hat. He's an alien from Venus, and run super fast and mess with people's minds. He is called Shadow Man. Frederick Dulzer is wearing the mask that covers the top half of his face. It would take to long to say what his suit does, but his main thing is electric bolts from his gloves. He is known as Captain Thunder. Agnes Remy has the shooting star on her tunic. She has a teleport and anti-gravity bracelet. She is called Shooting Star.  Mr. Smith/Johnathon Alvarez Smith Dulzer/the Mask is Frederick's uncle, and one of the old Justice Heroes. He can shift into any kind of animal. There is just one hitch, it's always green. Emmy is in front of James. She is a wannabe ballet dancer, and that's what she does annoys and dances her enemies to death. She is known as the Butterfly.

 The beast, from "The Beast Diary."

 Cover for, you'll never guess, "The Night Thief."
Rose Benson and Wolfgang Drew are on the cover, and of course Rose's colonel style house.

 Ecclesio shooting the King's assassin in the frozen country of Nodymiun.
From: "The Red Lion, The King's Assassin."

 Cover for "The Last Defender." Dragon, Sebastian, Gordon, and Arthur are on the cover. In this book, Sebastian and Gordon set off on a quest to loot a dragon's cave, so they can be rich. Instead of becoming rich, they wake up a dragon, which destroys their village. Of course everything turns out right, especially when Sebastian ends up becoming king.

 Cover for "The Last Shot." A western book. Alexander Fuller and Josephine Brian are on the cover. At twenty-four Josephine considers herself a hardened friendless old maid.

Cover for "The Destroyer." The destroyer, or Mr. Destruction or whatever his name was (it was in French and I don't remember the translation.) is at the top of the picture. William Martin, is just below him. George Keenan, is the other boy, and Jack Tagore is the loony detective in the hat.

 Cover for "The Fading Light." A little match girl retelling. 
From left to right: Mary, Nellie and Danny Seri. Nellie is the little match girl that dies. I detest it when the main character dies.

 Cover for "The Cloaked Raider." Stephen Gathron is the cloaked raider. His two crazy companions are the twins Bedwalk and Bedvera Gellison. (My brother came up with the name Bedwalk, his twin had to have similar name, hence, Bedvera.)
In this book, the three of them are raiding their enemies and driving them insane, until they are challenged to attack a fortress (just the three of them, but the mentor tags along later) and they take up the offer.

 Cover for "The Beast Diary."
The Beast and Belle, the merchant's daughter are on the cover.
James is a prince who is greedy, selfish, rude and vain. Belle is his prisoner who he is determined to marry so he become a man again. The only thing is, even if the beast was not so ugly, how can a girl marry a creature who rates her just below the gold! (You'll only get that line if you read the story. :D)

 Cover for "The Seven Daggers of Iske."
Back row: Mary, Prisca and Marcellus.
Front row: Gemma, Eusebius, and Felecity.
Prince Eusebius is determined to clear his mother's name. He doesn't believe she stole the seven daggers. So he inlists the help of a bunch of runaway slaves to track down the daggers and the thief or thieves. Every one of the slaves has the price they are willing to pay, and none of them are asking for freedom!

 Edited cover for "Planet of DEATH."
Derek and Rose are on the top.
Angus Cruthers/Scarface, Jason Hunter and Jane Mardren are on the bottom row.
Jason is thrilled to land a job at DATH, but realizes to late that he has made a mistake in his job choice. Jane, Rose and an alien called Dick have been ejected into deep space with no hope of return. Angus, Derek and all the other soldiers and aliens are trapped on planet Moldrin which is covered in radiation, they also have no hope of escape.

 The Time capsule, which will revert history and make it so Jane Mardren never existed. Whoops, Jason may have messed it up a bit.

Cover for "Protectors of the Kingdom."
Ald the wizard, Dan and Steve the boys, Elvin the red bearded man, Beechun the tree spirit, Grant (the man that looks like Bard) Morte the white fairy assassin, and Silvia the fairy queen.
Dan and Steve are ordinary boys, stepbrothers. At least they thought so. Then a wizard shows up in their village, fire comes out of the sky, they discover Steve's mother is a fairy queen, and Dan's father is something else and things are just about to get crazy.

 Old cover for "Planet of Death." Jane Mardren, and Jason Hunter are in the front, Angus Crutthers is in the back.
 Cover for "Lord Nobody," book one of "The Master of Time."
Peaking out from behind the door: Professor Pigwart, and Detective Gupe (called Teeth) on account of his buckteeth)
People in front of the door: Cyborg Hotfoot Bonebags, Jill Rice, Nottheoneto Nobody, Tegar, and Brooklyn Rice.
Bonebags is a twelve year old cyborg who has gone haywire. Nobody and Tegar, two alien police detectives are after him, when they run into two school girls, a professor, and a detective and gain them as bothersome companions. By following the trail left in three very famous paintings they track down the cyborg. But while looking for a Da Vinci painting Tegar is kidnapped, and they soon realize that it is him and their future selves leaving the clues. To follow them, they have to go back in time, by using an ingenious time door. Unfortunately when they catch up to Tegar in 44 BC he no longer looks like a happy young thirteen year old boy. He looks like a bitter middle aged man.

 Design for Captain Thunder's justice hero suit. Each of the buttons on his belt does something, but it would take to long to say.

 Design for the Shooting Star's Justice hero suit.

 Design for Shadow Man's Justice hero suit. Although the mask is wrong in this picture. He also got an  F minus for this design.

 Cover for "Flying Colors." a historical fiction novel. 
From left to right: Michael Smith, John O'Brien and Carlo Spinner. Three fictional marines in ww2 who were present at the battle of Iwo Jima.

 Cover for "Ghost Island."
Back row: Philip X.P. Marston, and James
Front row: Miranda Rayburn, William Preston, and Alice Keller.
Philip, James and William are on a ship that is attacked by pirates, and they end up as castaways on a ghostly island. I don't remember where Miranda and Alice came from, I wrote this book a year ago.

 Cover for "Burnt" my nonfanfiction. (I don't like "Frozen" and I don't recommend it, but it was fun writing a sequel)
Olaf and Elsa of course. Rowana (Hans' younger sister) and Lief (Kristoff and Ana's son) are behind them.  Elsa is fighting her brother Evan. (Yes I said brother). She thinks he and Rowana kidnapped her nephew (they did, but that's not the point).

Picture I drew for my little brother Kili. He used to be obsessed with Charlie Brown and Edmund. (Edmund from Narnia) So I believe this was a birthday present. Snoop and Charlie Brown fighting along side Edmund. It's called "The Chronicles of the Peanuts War."


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